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1) This is my Q thread for December 11, 2018

Q posts can be found here:

Android apps:

My theme: At What Point Do People Wake Up?
2) Many people are wondering at what point the rest of the world will wake up and see the truth we've discovered.
The diffusion of innovation theory explains the process new ideas like Q must go through before they become accepted by the majority.
3) One year ago, Q was only known to a handful of people. Today's people around the globe are standing side by side to spread Q's message of freedom and unity.

From the yellow vests in France to the South Pole, people are waking up.
4) Q and the President have been coordinating with posts and tweets.

A few days ago, Air Force 1 flew under the call sign Q 0 (Q+)
A tweet by POTUS about Scott Free leads you to the company the produced the film "White Squall" where the phrase "WWG1WGA" comes from.
5) Q and the President are providing intel drops to help us see what's happening behind the scenes without violating national security laws.

The "coincidences" help verify the source of the information.
6) POTUS has been on 4chan longer than most people realize. This graphic shows a couple of interactions he had with the anons in July of 2016.
7) Here's an explanation of the above graphic.

On July 29th, 2016, Patriotic Pepe Tweeted a meme.
8) The President retweeted the meme.

(The current tweet doesn't show the meme because Patriotic Pepe's account is no longer active.)

9) Pepe reported back to the anons on 4chan that Trump retweeted him.

Link to 4chan thread:…
10) Just after midnight on the 30th, when he had sent the tweet, Donald Trump responded to Pepe and the anons.
11) At 02:35, an anon responded by asking Trump to tweet again but this time using the word "amazing."

Link to thread:…
12) At 5:53, Trump tweeted again.
The tweet had the word "amazing' in it.

Link: .
13) Comparison graphic.
14) Knowing that the hammer is about to drop, John Podesta's friends are trying to get ahead of the Clinton Foundation news by writing articles clearing him of any involvement in the "pizzagate conspiracy."

Podesta sent out this tweet:
15) Q posted a link to Podesta's tweet and confirmed he's trying to get ahead of the news that will come after John Huber testifies on Thursday about the Clinton Foundation.
16) An anon updated the graphic (which was retweeted by POTUS) to include former CI_A chief John Brennan.
17) Q responded.
18) Former head clown John Brennan has been lashing out at POTUS on Twitter.
Tony Shaffer saw through Brennan's projection and pointed out that he's the one who should be frightened.

19) Q posted a link to Shaffer's tweet and said once the public becomes aware, it's game over.
20) Exactly one year ago today, A Bangladeshi man detonated a pipe bomb in a Manhattan subway.…
21) Q posted this graphic showing how he warned us in advance.
22) Full graphic.
25) Q posted a link to a @GrrrGraphics cartoon illustrating the problems Emanuel Maron is having in France.

The world is waking up.

26) Q informed us that the President and his people know that the Federal Reserve plans to stall the economy by unnecessarily raising interest rates.

The banksters know that killing the economy would hurt Trump's chances for reelection.
27) During an April question and answer session, Q suggested that Trump had plans to restructure the Fed.
28) Samantha Power has a lot to answer for as a possible accomplice to crimes that were allegedly committed during the Obama administration.

Naturally, she too is lashing out at POTUS.

29) Q responded to her tweet.
30) An anon posted a graphic showing a request for a tweet and the President fulfilling the request.
31) Q responded noting that the time interval between the posted tweet and the one before it was 17 minutes.
32) Graphic showing the time interval.
33) On November 29, the Daily Caller broke a story about the FBI's raid on the home of a Clinton Foundation whistleblower.…
34) Since news of the raid was made public, people have understandably been angry and confused.
35) On December 10th, whistleblower Nate Cain posted this tweet.

36) Q responded that because the whistleblower's name was made public, the FBI had no choice but to obtain the documents Cain possessed so they and he could be safeguarded. (What would happen if the documents fell into the hands of the Clintons?)
37) Q wrote above:
[post OIG WB status + doc handover protocols]

The whistleblower [WB] had given the documents to the Office of Inspector General [OIG] but protocols required the OIG to obtain more (perhaps the original) documents.
38) The Daily Caller submitted a request to have the FBI search warrant (and related documents) used against the whistleblower unsealed.

This is a US Attorney's motion asking for the Daily Caller's request be denied.…
39) Q suggested the whistleblower's name was intentionally revealed and the moves being made now are designed to protect him. The FBI search warrant and the related lawsuit will force information to be made public that could not be divulged any other way.

Moves and countermoves.
40) This morning, the President Tweeted about the possibility of having the military build the southern border wall if Congress fails to approve the money.

41) Fox News filed this report on the battle over the border wall.…
42) Q posted the above links and a prior drop and reminded us that we've known about this for some time.
43) Q reposted an anon's link to a message from Kelly Anne Conway that was tweeted by the White House.
44) Video from the above post.

45) An anon posted part of an article from The Hill about Chuck Schumer and Nacy Pelosi's battle with POTUS over the border wall.
47) Q said POTUS knew his enemies would never relent on their opposition to the wall so a plan was made long ago to build it with the military.

Thanks to @intheMatrixxx for the graphic!
48) Prior drops about Red Castle / Green Castle were given as clues of what would come but the full picture could not be revealed. The public had to see Congress advocate for the abolishment of ICE, open borders, etc,
49) Q posted a link to an article by ABC News that explores the question of military commissions and tribunals.…
50) Q reminded us to keep in mind the exchange Lindsey Graham had with Justice Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing.
51) This is the exchange Graham and Kavanaugh had during the Senate confirmation hearing.
52) So-called experts have been filling social media with opinions saying POTUS is in danger of being indicted or impeached.

Mark Levin wrote an article explaining the idiocy of these reports…
53) Q posted a link to Levin's article and a link to the Senate page explaining the impeachment process, noting that two-thirds of the Senate must vote in favor to successfully impeach an elected official.…
54) What are the odds that the Senate would vote to impeach POTUS?

55) Q posted a link to an article about a shooting in France and asked how the French leader might quell civil unrest.
58) Q has been telling us for nearly a year that thousands of sealed indictments have been accumulating on US court dockets.

Skeptics have called that claim crazy.
59) Sara Carter' dropped a bombshell on tonight's Hannity show.

"Lots of sealed indictments."
62) An anon posted a link to a story about a fire in a GOOGLE facility in China.

63) In today's congressional hearing, Google CEO Sundar Pichai denied allegations that Google had developed a censored search engine (Dragonfly) for China.…
64) The backstory on Google's secret Dragonfly search engine project.…
65) Q suggested Google may have already delivered the search engine and now it needs to destroy the evidence.

Will China "magically" launch their own brand new (censored) search engine?
66) Q said we should have a close look at Google's upcoming financial statements (10-Q).

Help will be provided?

Nice! 😎
67) An anon posted a link to Alphabet (Google's parent company) 10-Q page.

68) @maga_swaga posted a screenshot showing the sale of Alphabet stock by Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

69) Image
70) Q responded.
71) Since 2015, the NSA, Military generals, the Freedom Caucus, POTUS and patriots around the world have been fighting to set us free from tyranny.
72) The world is changing.
73) An Australian jury found Cardinal Pell guilty on five charges of “historical child sexual offenses” that go back decades.…
74) Q posted links to 3 news stories about the Australian court's gag order preventing the Australian press from reporting the story.………
75) Q wanted to give us a laugh so he posted a link to a @TrumpHotels video.
77) The video.
80 At 11:24 last night, our friend @Q_ANONBaby asked a good question (Q).
81) POTUS liked his tweet, enough to repost a slightly altered version of it this morning.
82) Q posted links to both tweets pointing out the role the wall plays in National Security.
83) An anon noted that Cardinal Pell, who was convicted of sex abuse was the Vatican's treasurer.
84) Q responded.

"Pecking order" describes higher and lower places in a hierarchy.

Was Cardinal Pell sacrificed by those higher than him in the pecking order?
85) Teresa May has lost enough support that she will step down before the next election.
86) Q posted a link to the above tweet and noted that May, Macron and Merkel are all losing control of their governments.
87) Q gave more clues about things to look for in the @TrumpHotels video.
88) The Trump/Q connection in the stocking display has an ulterior motive—trolling the fake news media.

When will they ask the Q?
89) An anon noticed that the "Q" stocking was modified from an "O" stocking,

The anon also pointed out that Q zero = Q+
(We know that Q+ is POTUS)
90) Q responded.
91) An anon found a few more things hidden in the holiday display:
A hammer and a QA (QAnon) signature.
92) Hammer time is approaching.
93) Q confirmed the anon's findings.
94) An anon spotted a frog on the baker's outfit.
95) A closer look.
96) Q confirmed.
97) Q posted a link to Paul Serran's excellent thread on @USAttyHuber
98) Q also posted a link to the calendar showing the list of witnesses testifying in today's Clinton Foundation hearing.

Conspicuously absent from the list is @USAttyHuber…
99) Rod Rosenstein is no longer overseeing the Special Counsel's (SC) investigation. It's under the oversight of Matt Whitaker.

Why isn't John Huber's name on the list of witnesses?
100) An important question to ask since Sara Carter's report said John Huber would be testifying at today's hearing.…
101) Doubting pundits and deep states shills must be feeling a little worried today.
102) Attacks have increased because we're over the target.
103) I never considered the possibility that another US Attorney would be working on the prosecution of the deep state, and that the second attorney's investigation would be unknown to any of us.
104) If there is a second US Attorney working on the prosecution of the deep state, and their identity is unknown, that creates a massive problem for the bad guys.
105) This anon asked if Huber was a head fake (a ploy to distract the deep state.)
106) Congress whined about a second Special Counsel forcing Jeff Sessions to reveal Huber's mission. If that's all there is to the plan and we know it, so does the deep state. Huber's investigation is real. He'll drop the hammer. But it seems he won't be the only one.
107) Q hosted a question & answer session.
108) Although Q has said "disinformation is necessary," the Q & A's are an opportunity to get answers without worrying about disinformation.

Q isn't trying to fake out the deep state during a Q & A. He's selecting only those questions that can be answered truthfully.
109) Q is not psychic.
He's able to correctly predict (some) future events because he's inside the circle of power that has control over them.
110) Seth Rich is not alive.
111) During George HW Bush's funeral, a number of people received a small envelope.
112) There's been much speculation about what was in the envelopes.

Q said it was a promise to counter their move which canceled the Clinton Foundation hearing.
113) Trust the long-term plan.
114) This year's elections provided an opportunity to push for verified voter ID to prevent future voter fraud.
115) For the benefit of those who are new, this question and its answer deserve a backstory.
116) In July of this year, Q posted on the 4th and then didn't post again until the 24th.

In the days when Q went silent, an anon who went by the name "R anon" claimed that Q was done posting and that he was taking over the mission.
117) R anon's main goal was to convince Q's followers that JFK Jr had faked his death and that he was secretly working with POTUS.
118) The idea spread like wildfire. People got behind R anon and began researching to see if they could find evidence proving that JFK Jr was still alive.
119) When Q came back, an anon asked him to confirm whether R anon was on the team.

Q denied that R was on the team.
120) That should have ended the matter.

But people had invested enormous amounts of time and energy into their research and they believed their evidence was convincing.

In the months since then, the belief that JFK Jr was alive gained more followers.
121) I know that some people have concerns about Q's answer to this question. Some have looked at the website that hosts Q posts and noted the "Jr" was not underlined in JFK Jr. and they've taken it as a sign that this may not have been a real post from Q.
122) Some of the websites that host Q posts have code written into them that can provide suggested decodes for acronyms and initials.

If you hover over an underlined term, a popup window displays suggested decodes.

The underlined text is not a part of Q's original post.
123) If you choose to believe JFK Jr is alive, it doesn't matter to me personally.

I would, however, point out that truth doesn't bend to our will. We bend to the truth.

Thanks @Jordan_Sather_
124) We're bound to disagree from time to time and we all make mistakes but know that we only have your best interest at heart.

Thanks, @M2Madness
125) This is my last and final discussion on JFK Jr (unless Q brings it up again). That includes private messages. I'll respect your right to believe what you want. Please respect my right.
126) Edward Snowden is a murky figure in the Q story. We know he was inserted by the C_IA into the NSA to destroy their credibility but at times, it seems like Q is trying to get him to change.

I take this as confirmation that POTUS is negotiating to get Snowden extradited.
127) Rumors that Julian Assange is in the US are false.
128) Q & A is a way to test the system to identify areas that need improvement.
129) It sounds as if the power grid is safe from a catastrophic shutdown.
(I don't know what the "Black Eye" is.)
130) It sounds as if the NSA has at least a theoretical ability to override an internet shutdown but the word "possible" makes me wonder if it's a tested and reliable way to get it done.
131) An anon asked about a zero minute difference between POTUS and Q posts.

Q could have claimed it was intentional but his integrity caused him to admit it was not intentional... because LARPs are full of integrity.

(I don't know what separated by 2 means)
132) A FLOTUS question.
133) Q has hinted previously that the Federal Reserve will be restructured and more recently that they're attempting to sabotage POTUS by increasing interest rates. Last night, Q hinted that our gold supply will destroy the FED.
134) According to the latest OIG report on gold:

The Federal Reserve bank of New York holds 99% of the gold bars & coins held by Fractional Reserve Banks.
Statutory value = $568 million
Market value $15.9 billion…
125) Q provided clarification on a previous drop about monitoring Google's financial reports. The 2018 year-end (YE) and first and second quarter reports of next year should be monitored. The Senate will investigate in 2019.
126) Q's previous drop about watching for voter fraud in California was a heads up to us to look for news about its exposure.
127) Sorry flat-earthers.
128) If you monitor the Federal Bureau of Prisons and Defense Department spending, you should be able to find locations where extra capacity is being built for upcoming detention and prosecution.

(Q has provided info on Gitmo expansion in previous drops.)
129) Federal Bureau of Prisons website.
130) Who are the Wizards and Warlocks?
131) More on the Wizards and Warlocks.
132) The end.
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