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Let's talk about border security, and the border wall that Mexico definitely isn't paying for. (Because we lack the ability to compel them to do so)

Fact #1: If we wanted to build an effective wall, we'd need to build it about 42,000 feet (13,000 meters) tall, because 70% of people who immigrate illegally come via airplane, and overstay their visa.

Fact #2: Airplanes fly in the sky.

Fact #3: More people are leaving than arriving. Yes, some people do arrive illegally, but our net number is dropping.

Fact #4: The vast majority just come here to make some money doing low-skill labor, and then go home to their families.

Fact #5: Immigrants aren't bringing AIDS with them. (Good fucking God. Racism much?)

Fact #6: No, ISIS is not a concern inside these migrant caravans. ISIS is an expeditionary Islamic caliphate based in the Middle East.

Fact #7: Central America is not in the Middle East.
Fact #8: (Many*) Americans don't understand why people are fleeing the violence of Honduras, Guatemala, and other Central American nations.

We created a lucrative black market because of our "War On Drugs." Our policies and covert operations created this problem.
Fact #9: We will continue to have a problem with people fleeing violence until we fundamentally change our drug policies in the United States. As long as this multi-billion dollar black market exists, the poorest citizens of Central America will continue to suffer.
Fact #10: Declaring political asylum is *legal* immigration. Arriving at the US border and asking for an asylum hearing is part of our legal process. We do this because we realize many people would die if they stayed in their former homes.
Fact #11: The people who cross deserts, walking sometimes hundreds, if not thousands of miles, are doing so because they are desperate. They just want their children to live safe, healthy lives.

Fact #12: Teargassing children is fucked.
Fact #13: The child in this photo is wearing a training diaper. If you defend teargassing children in diapers, *little* children -- everything about you is so morally and deeply fucked, I cannot even begin to put into words how fucked up you are.
Fact #14: Native born Americans commit *way more crime* than immigrants, legal or illegal. If you're using crime as your fulcrum, you're completely off base.

You're more likely to be murdered by a dude born in Michigan than a dude born in Mexico.

Fact #15: This is super, SUPER important.

Experts on border security don't recommend building a wall. They don't think it anywhere near cost effective, or even good at stopping illegal crossings. Our border is too big, and rope is a thing that exists.
Fact #16: Walls are actually fairly easy to climb, using about $15 worth of materials. Border security experts know this. They even test for it.

Fact #17: People climbing over walls is a story that tends to repeat itself.
Fact #18: There is actually an expo on border security every year. You won't find many wall companies there, because the people who do this for a living know that walls suck.
Fact #19: We don't have a way to address land rights issues needed to build a wall. It's just... something so fucking insurmountable, it's stupid to even discuss it.

Fact #20: We already have many natural geographic barriers that pose a huge challenge in border crossings.
Fact #21: Experts think a mix of drones with infrared cameras, ground sensors, and border patrol agents going into intercept illigal immigrants would be a more cost-effective, and efficient method.

Fact #22: These solutions have much lower maintenance costs than a massive wall.
Fact #23: We already have walls in basically every place that it's viable to have walls.

Fact #24: Over the past 10 years, 651 miles of mixed walls/wires/barriers/etc have been erected along the land boundary between the United States and Mexico.
Fact #25: The 651 miles of barriers we have constructed in the past decade are really the last remaining amount of feasible wall-building we can do. The other places have terrain that is too steep, or water/river barriers where building fences/walls can't be done.
Fact #26: Walls don't float, so we can't build walls on lakes and rivers.

Fact #27: Swimming across the Rio Grande is something even Olympic swimmers wouldn't want to attempt. There are undercurrents that can simply suck you under.

Fact #28: We already had an effective immigration policy under President Obama.

From 2008 to 2016, the undocumented immigrant population in the U.S. fell from 12.4 million to under just under 10 million. Apprehensions dropped, and deportations rose.
Fact #29: Illegal immigration simply isn't really a problem we're facing as a nation. It's an imagined problem. @FoxNews just pipes in their brand of racism and nonsense, because racists love to demonize brown people for our problems.

It's our most deeply partisan issue.
Fact #30: 75% of Republicans polled by Pew said that illegal immigration is a "big problem" -- which in fact, by every measurable statistic, it's one of our country's least pressing issues.

Fact #31: Republican don't respond to facts. (See: "change, climate")
Fact #32: Mexico will not being paying for the wall. Language clearly stating this is *literally* built into the language of our new trade deal with Mexico and Canada. We don't even have the ability to impose taxes for a border wall.

Fact #33: Trump lied about this.
Fact #34: Trump ran for President promising a 1,000 mile border wall. He hasn't delivered on that in any way, shape or form.

Fact #35: Trump is attempting to take credit for portions of the wall built in the past decade, when Obama was President.

Fact #36: Obama isn't Trump.
Fact #37: Under Trump, the only new development along our border is 70 miles of concertina wire, installed by the military.

Fact #38: Since Spring 2017, 19 different border structures were marked for improvement. Only one of those structures has been completed.
Trump: “In San Diego, illegal traffic dropped 92% once the wall was up.”

Fact #39: The wall near the Tijuana/San Diego crossing was completed in 1993. Illegal Crossings have dropped 92% percent at one crossing, since 1993.

Fact #40: Trump has not been President since 1993.
Trump: “In El Paso, illegal traffic dropped 72 percent then ultimately 95 percent once the wall was up.”

Fact #41: The wall in El Paso was built in 1993. llegal crossings dropped 72% by 1994, and are now down and 95%.

Fact #42: Bill Clinton was the President in 1993.
Trump: “In Tucson, Arizona, illegal traffic dropped 92 percent. Yuma, it dropped illegal traffic 95 percent to 96 percent.”

Fact #43: The Tucson wall was built in 2000.

Fact #44: The Yuma wall was built in 2005.

Fact #45: Trump signed zero policies into law between 2000-2005.
Trump: "People are pouring into our country, including terrorists. We have terrorists. But we caught 10 terrorists. These are over the last very short period of time -- 10."

Fact #46: I tried fact checking this, like really hard. I have no idea what the fuck he's talking about.
Fact #47: The State Department says...

"At year’s end there was no credible evidence indicating that international terrorist groups have established bases in Mexico, worked with Mexican drug cartels, or sent operatives via Mexico into the United States."…
Fact #48: Donald Trump appears to have cited a State Department report that says approximately 10 terrorists arrive per day in the United States. That's an estimate.

Fact #49: Terrorists don't usually tell you they're terrorists when passing through customs.
Fact #50: Trump's border wall is an incredibly stupid, and financially irresponsible idea, supported entirely by lies and bullshit. That's because President Trump is an incredibly stupid and financially irresponsible man, supported by lies and bullshit.

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