Hey folks so tonight is tarot night I've been super spotty with it recently but illness and stress are a thing 😥

But I'll be back at it again 9pm till 1am GMT Tonight.

We'll be continuing with part 4 of the crystals of Steven universe thread.

Part three link

Good evening guys gals and nonbinary pals it's 9pm and that means I'm live with #tarot reading until 1am GMT

While I'm waiting for customers I'll be here continuing to discuss the crystals of Steven universe.

Our first gem is Padparadscha who first appears in the episode “off colours” and is part of the team of the same name. She is adorable and I love her.

Padparadscha sapphire irl is extremely rare and the name comes from the Sinhalese for “lotus blossom flower”
Padparadscha are commonly found in Sri Lanka but are also found in Madagascar and Tanzania and can range from a salmon color with a pinkish hue to an orange yellowish hue.

They are often not evenly colored, having color zones.
An excellent stone for following the heart's desires and uncovering the wisdoms of the heart.

Zodiac association with virgo and fragrances include pepper juniper and jasmine.
This next gem has only really been mentioned once( Lars of the stars, s05e11 a group of sixty seven elite citrines are mentioned as having been guarding Emerald's ship) but it's one of my favourite crystals and I'm excited about potentially seeing one in show, Citrine.
Irl there are two kinds of Citrine the naturally occurring kind and the heat treated kind.

Naturally occurring citrine is quartz that has come into contact with heat whilst it was still in the ground.
It's the first time this evening folks that I remind you that I'm live right now for tarot readings until 1am GMT

See tweet for details

They come in a variety of transparent shades from yellows to dark honey mustard browns to almost completely brown. Some may have rainbows and sparkles within from fractures interacting with light.

It's relatively rare compared to heat treated citrine.
A good stone for dealing with stress over money and unhealthy habits surround spending whether overspending or gambling/unnecessary risk taking etc.

Zodiac association is gemini and scents associated are almond lemon balm and orange.
Heat treated citrine is actually just heat treated amethyst or smoky quartz. It's colours tend to be yellows/gold's with whitish/transparent quartz patches.
A very common crystal it's good at breaking cycles of worry and guilt over the past also a great changer of luck, for that reason also quite good at inspiration works too.

Zodiac association is gemini and scents associated with it are lemongrass lime Bergamot and marigold.
Next crystal is zircon. In show we have seen 2 kinds of zircon blue and yellow

( while this is confusing because she's clearly green but oh well)

blue was acting as legal defense of Steven on homeworld “yellow” acting as prosecution.
It's that time again lovelies.

I'm live from now until 1am GMT for #tarotreading

See tweet below for details
Irl there are 6 types of zircon







See now why it's weird the crewniverse decided to call a clearly green zircon yellow.

We'll start with the zircons we haven't seen on screen
Brown zircon is a silicate/neosilicate zirconium that comes in brown to golden brown shades.

It's a stone known for bringing stability to periods of extended trauma to allow healing to begin.
brown zircons stability bringing qualities also make it known for increasing trust in a relationship or for helping find a more permanent home or community.

So much stability also means it has a lot of protective energies too making it great for wards against liars and thieves.
Fragrance associated with brown zircon are wintergreen carnations and chamomile. Star sign association Leo and Capricorn
Clear zircon also know matura diamonds it's a zirconium silicate that should not be confused with cubic zirconia.

Most often a form a heat treated brown zircon it can sometimes be found naturally it is a clear colourless crystal.
It's the final time tonight folks where I remind you that for the next hour I'm offering #tarot readings

See tweet for details
It's thought to bring clarity to situations especially helping to aid sleep troubles.

Some of the oldest known minerals that's been dated in the world clear zircon are great for works dealing reconnecting with the past and dealing with unresolved generational traumas.
Fragrance associated with clear zircon are apple blossom cherry blossom Lily of the Valley and zodiac associations aries Taurus and Sagittarius
Well folks that's me done for the evening I'm calling it for the evening.

I hope you've enjoyed yourself
And as always

I've been roo you've been awesome and this has been #readingswithroo
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