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It's 12:12!

This will be my QThread for Dec 12th

We are watching. We are AWAKE!
The world will soon know the truth!
2. Today WE DID IT! We hit the 200,000 mark on Q_Map! As of 3:30 pm EST, 202,947 ACTIVE Online! 🙌🏼
3. New drop 2590

Australian, Cardinal PELL, has been found guilty of sexual abuse. Victorian County Court has issued a GAG order; media outlets are banned from reporting this!

Cardinal PELL, is currently the Financial Chief of the Vatican!

Timestamp 11:11 - I see you Q 😎
4. Article: Daily Mail linked from Q…
5. Article from The Age, Q linked:
The site seems to have crashed since Q linked this. I'll link anyways for when it comes back online.

Nope.. we're not making a mark 😎…
6. Article from: Perth Now, Q linked…
7. New drop 2591

Q links post from @TrumpHotels w/ a video of the Xmas transformation of the Trump Chicago elevator.

5 sec into video: a Q stocking!

Q says: Trolling the fake news media is fun! 😎<Enemy of the PEOPLE>

8. New drop 2592

Q links drop 2591 again and points out that there is a T stocking too! Right next to Q. Coincidence?

The more you know! 😎
9. New drop 2593

One of our fellow Patriots @Q_ANONBaby got a shoutout from Q & POTUS! Well done! 👏🏼👏🏼

Only hours after posting, POTUS mimics within his own post, adding "for National Security" which is imperative to state for orders to enable Army Corp Engineers to build wall.
10. New drop 2594

Anon posts that PELL was the Vatican Treasurer (Chief of Finances).

Q responds: 3rd in the pecking order! Define (animals) pecking.
11. New drop 2595

Q & POTUS are having a lot of fun trolling the fake news media today 😂

Q is telling us this many coincidences within one video is mathematically impossible. This is another nod to Anons, while trolling the fake news that attacks us.
12. New drop 2596

Q links post from @tnewtondunn re: the breaking news earlier today that MAY will resign as PM of U.K.

Q says: 'Tis the season of treason!

Never stop fighting!

Q, please don't forget TRUDEAU! 😎
13. New drop 2597

Anon posts discovery within the movie White Squall, Q eluded to recently within the 'Scott Free' posts.

An 'O' changed to Q!

Q responds: Confirmed!
More to find, happy hunting!
14. New drop 2598

Anon finds Santa is holding a hammer and photo signed "QA", within the video posted from Trump Hotel.

Q confirms. QAnon bringing the hammer! Q tells us there is still more to find. Happy Hunting!
15. New drop 2599

Anon finds the 'Baker' in the video is wearing a frog! What a nod to the board bakers and Anons on the Chans! 👏🏼👏🏼

Q says: PEPE the Baker?
Think about POTUS' tweets re: Pepe
Trolling the fake news is SO MUCH FUN!

😂😂😂 We love you Q! ❤️🤗
16. New drop 2600

Q links article from @SaraCarterDC re: Clinton Foundation PUBLIC hearing tomorrow Dec. 13th.

THREE whistleblowers are scheduled to testify, revealing explosive information on the CF.…
17. Lots to decode tonight folks!
WE are the news now!

I often wonder if 'journalists' have realized that when their 4am DS narrative stops, and TRUTH cleanses our media again, THEY will be the ones the public doesn't trust! THEY have lied to us for years! Will any have jobs?
18. Anons are very happy to see Q on the boards again today! 😁
19. More Anons are responding to Q:
20. Anon finds that Narrator within video posted from Q says 'night and day', as well as 'dark to light'.

Q says "Dark to Light" often 😎
21. Gag orders should NEVER be used to protect the guilty!
22. Three Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers To Testify About Tax Crimes, Pay-For-Play…
23. My oh my, how GITMO has changed since DJT became POTUS 😎 Coincidence?
25. Q is back again! On FIRE!
We'll get to decodes shortly. 😎

New drop 2601
Q links thread from @paul_serran about Huber.
Q says: Goodbye Rosenstein

Q links oversight page showing CF Hearing still scheduled for 2pm tmrw. Where's Huber? Under protection!…
26. Here is the thread re: Huber that was posted by @paul_serran and Q directly linked! ThankQ for acknowledging so many of our outstanding researchers Q! 😍Well done Paul! Great work! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
27. New drop 2602

Anon posts that the news this week is what has caused [them] to become unhinged.

Q confirms. PANIC IS GOOD!

We have them just where we want them! What happens when you corner an animal? IT SCREAMS and becomes vicious! Those that squeal the loudest! 😉
28. New drop 2603
Q posts 2601 again and says:
What if there's another prosecutor (assigned by Sessions) with the same mandate? Not long now! HISTORY BOOKS!

Largest investigation in history!
29. New drop 2604
Anon responds and asks if Huber is just a fake out.

Q clears that up: No! Use logic.
HUBER will bring [Pain].
New variables meant new countermoves - WARFARE #GameTheory Securing the Senate & Special Counsel meant everything! Justice! Trust yourself Anons!
30. In drop 2595, Q said "Think Elf on the Shelf. Can you find the next one?"

🤣 Q and POTUS are trolling the fake news again after [they] reported Pence as the "Elf on the Shelf" during the meeting w/ POTUS in the Oval Office yesterday. Nancy & Chucky were OWNED by POTUS! 👏🏼👏🏼
31. Body language does NOT lie 😉
32. POTUS: Look at it Chucky!

Chucky: I can't. I just can't.
33. Nothing can stop what is coming.
NOTHING! We have it all! 😎
34. Anons are trying to distinguish what the other letters on the Christmas stockings in the video represent. Some Anons believe the B's may be Breitbart and the other Bannon/Barlow.

35. Anons are very curious regarding some events currently occurring:
36. Q just posted a Q&A on the boards! Drops are flooding in now! Folks, at this rate - we may never get to all the information tonight 😂😂

GO Q! 😎

Active online Users!
37. Drop 2605

Q&A time .. let's go!
38. Drop 2606

Anon asks: How do you know the future?

Q responds: Control

Q has control, therefore he is CREATING the future 😎
39. New drop 2607

Anon asks: Is Seth alive?

Q answers: No
40. New drop 2608

Anon asks: What we're in the envelopes (at the GHWB funeral)?

Q responds: Our promise to Counter
41. New drop 2609

Anon asks: Is there a plan in place for after Trump?

Q: YES! 😎
42. New drop 2610

Anon asks: Will voter fraud be exposed before January?

Q responds: No.
>> Voter Fraud report due Dec 22nd

Q states 2019 will bring Voter ID (based on Intel - Fraud Report)

Election 2020 is and will be safe!
43. New drop 2611

Anon asks: Is JFKJr alive?

Q responds: No 😢
44. New drop 2612

Anon asks: What about Snowden?

Q says: He's negotiating for his return. He's a TRAITOR. His mission was to harm the NSA!
45. New drop 2613

Q states a new Server and Bandwidth has been added for improved performance.

To handle the increase in traffic? 😎
46. New drop 2614

Anon asks: Shoukd we prep for shutdown?

Q tells us: Reports of power grid attacks should be disregarded. We are safeguarded by a "Black Eye".
47. New drop 2615

Anon points out that POTUS' post has a 0 delta marker.

Q clears it up: It wasn't intended.
Separated by 2.
48. New drop 2616

Anon asks if Internet structure is being safeguarded.

Anon responds: NSA has full control if needed 😎
49. New drop 2617

Anon asks: Will Melania confirm anything on Hannity tonight?

Q says: Only her beauty and love of country! ❤️
50. Our gorgeous #FLOTUS ❤️🇺🇸
51. New drop 2618

Anon asks: Do we have the Gold?

Q says: Yes. Gold will destroy the Federal Reserve
52. New drop 2619

Anon mentions GOOG's 10-Q filing brought up the other day. Assumes 1st and 2nd quarter reports are of importance.

Q confirms. 2019 1st & 2nd quarters should be closely evaluated. Q will help us. Senate will also investigate in 2019.
53. New drop 2620

Anon asks if the Voter Fraud in California will be brought up.

Q responds: Yes.

Q told us to watch Cali. That was deliberate. EYES were watching the vote!
54. New drop 2621

Anon asks: Is the Earth flat?

Q responds: No
55. New drop 2622

Anon asks: Will GITMO be used for citizens (DS)?

Q responds: THREE detention centers are being prepped. Monitor the funding.
56. New drop 2623

Anon wants to know what/who the Wizards and Warlocks are.

Q states: 'Guardians' of Intelligence
57. New drop 2624

End. Stress test failed.
58. Well that was a fury of drops, Q!

Drop 2624, <stress test failed>

It's very likely Q was testing the new server/bandwidth in place. Possibly in preparation for tomorrow's drops? Is this the pre-cursor to pushing us straight into critical mass!? 😎

Treasons Greetings! 🎄
59. Q dropped tonight: What if there's another prosecutor assigned by Sessions, with the same Mandate as Huber?

Anon discovers F0X article from March, speaking about this. There IS another prosecutor that Huber is overseeing.…
60. Feinstein trying to get ahead of the storm coming tomorrow. Nervous Dianne? [ PANIC ]
61. ICYMI: Jim Jordan completely destroyed GOOG CEO yesterday over trying to meddle in the elections.
62. Monopoly Man returned yesterday to troll the CEO of GOOG as he testified 😎😂
63. GOOG testified they had "no plans to launch" a new search engine. Q pointed out - What if they already gave access to China? China then launches.

Anon has done some great research into China, and why Chongqing is important to watch! But we knew that 😎
64. Anon confirms that tonight's blast of drops was a stress test to the servers. <Test Failed>

I presume there will be work done tonight to get the kinks out, in preparation for tomorrow.
65. Anon caught a SS: At one point tonight Q_Map was above 211,000 Active Users! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
66. Vincent Fusca, the man Anons believe to be JFKJr, has mysteriously deleted ALL tweets from his account immediately following Q answering 'no' to whether he was alive.

Chatter on the boards that it's a double meaning. Anons feel Q would never state he is alive this way.
67. I feel something in the air too! 😎
68. PANIC!
69. Thank you POTUS! 🙏🏻 Why should taxpayers PAY for their crimes!…?
70. POTUS was having quite the time aboard AF1 today! 😁
72. THIS IS HUGE! Judge Sentencing General Flynn Demands to See FBI 302 Documents on Flynn's Ambush Interview…
73. Flynn says FBI 'advised' him NOT to have a Lawyer present during his questioning!…
74. As of 10:15 pm EST tonight, we have increased Q_Map to 224,000!

Patriots, be very proud! These are substantial increases daily! What happens when momentum accelerates daily? 😎

Thanks @PeterWallbott ! 🙏🏻
75. Former Congressional Staffer Sentenced to Prison for Extensive Fraud and Election Crimes Scheme…
76. Tallahassee City Commissioner and Political Consultant Charged in Racketeering Conspiracy…
77. E X P O S E D
78. Hmm.. prosecutor out of Tennessee, appointed by Sessions, named Donald Q.…
79. Anons give insight into the Wizards & Warlocks: The Guardians of Intelligence
80. Anons give interesting insight into one definition of (animals) "pecking": New World Vultures?
81. Your daily reminder!
82. BREAKING: Canadian Embassy in Beijing has increased security after Foreign Affairs has confirmed a 2nd Canadian is now MISSING in Beijing.
83. Anon discovers that Sessions appointed 17 current and formal Prosecutors in January.…
84. Many Anons have asked Q to address the UN Migration Pact that was signed yesterday.
85. Yesterday, the Leaders of 164 Nations, including Trudeau, signed away the Sovereignty of their Country, without approval from the citizens of their Country. In fact, most people are completely unaware this even happened.
86. Canada is WAKING UP!

Yellow vests in Canada? You better believe it!…
88. Yellow marks the letter Q in the International Alphabet Flags. Coincidence?
89. Anon gives opinion into possibilities when POTUS restructures the Federal Reserve:
90. Q defined? This Anon thinks so!
91. As always Anons, be vigilant! Stay together, stay STRONG! [They] are cornered and squealing! People who have nothing left to lose will do ANYTHING. See something, say something! Expect more attacks.
92. I see no problem with Q having some fun and lightening the mood! Q trolled fake news all damn day, it was glorious! 😂😎👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Reminder: Q always tells us, we have more than we know. We don't need NEW info daily.. we already have it all! Future has proved past a lot lately!
93. Absolutely, Q has earned the right to troll the fake news! 😎

Lots of chatter on the boards still about WHO and WHEN will finally ask the question "Who is Q?"
94. Triple-dog-dare Acosta to ask! 😂 I see it going something like this during a presser:

Acosta: "Who is Q?"

Sarah Sanders: "Im sorry Jim, you know I can't comment on ongoing military investigations." 😂🙏🏻😎
95. THIS! 👇🏼👇🏼
96. What a bunch of BS!
Q, please help us! We need these Globalists GONE yesterday! 😒

97. Anon believes they have decoded what D5 really meant. As we discussed a few days ago, something likely did occur and we just weren't aware - or so we thought! What was in the envelopes? Contents? Date?

Q told us tonight it was "our promise to counter".
98. A look back to past drops from this day one year ago:
99. More past drops from 1 year ago:
101. UNTIL NOW! Nobody is above the law. Not even the Clinton's.

We still have so much information to unpack, but tomorrow is YUUUGE! I'm going to wrap up this thread and we'll continue tomorrow Patriots 😎

PUBLIC Hearing begins: 2:00pm
102. As always, I will complete this thread by thanking #POTUS, his beautiful family, the Q Team, and our brave military warriors that have all chosen to stand up, in service for humanity, and courageously lead the world to peace and prosperity again! 🙏🏻 #WWG1WGA 🌎 #QAnon
103. Thank you everyone for your support! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Apologies that I wasn't responding as quickly tonight. I was in Q_map and the chans while posting in a fury lol.

Big day tmrw: See something, say something! [They] will do anything to stop this hearing!

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