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@BarbaraRedgate, frustrated, proud sister of @GenFlynn, points out how DS players executed illegal plan 2 spy on, ambush & trap him-all while LYING 2 destroy a good man & a true patriot -Fear of/Conceal what FLYNNKNOWS
😡We feel your frustration #WeStandWithFlynn #IStandWithFlynn
Read Defense Motion on Sentencing ~ includes @GenFlynn background, character, military service, awards, decorations & 50 glowing letters of support from top military, friends & family…
@BarbaraRedgate @JosephJFlynn1 #IStandWithFlynn
NOTE: on 01/24/17-1st Tue aft prez inaugeration, McCabe phoned Flynn 2say he needed 2sit down w/2 agents 2talk abt his communications w/Russian reps-In less than 2hrs in walks Peter Strzok & another agent-McCabe & agents “decided the agents would not warn @GenFlynn that it was..
..a crime 2 lie during an FBI interview because they wanted Flynn 2b relaxed, & they were concerned that giving the warnings might adversely affect the rapport”-One agent reported that Flynn was “unguarded” during the interview & “clearly saw the FBI agents as allies” = TRICKERY
See thread by former FBI agent Valiant_defender @vabelle2010 (RobynGritz) who met her mentor, @GenFlynn in 2005 - they are both victims of FBI/DOJ smear campaigns.

@BarbaraRedgate @JosephJFlynn1 @mflynnJR #IStandWithFlynn
@bhweingarten,contributor @FDRLST: Read the letters2 Judge Sullivan in his sentencing memo-They r a testament 2the fact this man has led a life of courage, humility, selflessness, skill & love of country…

@GenFlynn @BarbaraRedgate
Judge who'll sentence Flynn on 12/18/18 wants 2 see FBI report prepared 7mos after interview where he now admits lying ~Orders: Govt respond2 Def Sentencing Motion AND submit any memos & 302s by 3pm 12/14/18~But we may not see if filed under seal
See thread by @Techno_Fog re: New Court Order in the Flynn case (12/12/2018):
1) The parties are ordered to file ALL FBI 302 forms.
2) The Special Counsel is ordered to file its reply to Flynn's sentencing memo by 12/14/2018.
The Order also requires the submission of the 1/24/2017 Memo - likely written by McCabe - detailing his conversation with Flynn.
~~ Was McCabe was creating a self-serving paper trail...?
💥@GenFlynn Counter-Punch?
@TrumpTkay: "It seems @GenFlynn and his lawyers subtly ambushed both the FBI and SC in his memo. It's highly probable that Judge Sullivan throws out this case if he sees something fictitious with Mccabe's memo"
~~other comments:
See thread by @drawandstrike
Judge clearly wants2know Y aftr interview, agents tell Comey Flynn didn't lie, yet 7mos ltr Perjury charge🔺NOTE FBI Spl Agt Pientka hs already bn interviewd extensively by Horowitz/Huber abt this/how he created 302 form aftwds
A MUST READ: General Michael T. Flynn - The Greatest Spook of All Time
by Thomas Wictor
Behind the scenes Trump's Master Spooks are destroying the enemies of the Republic, using astonishing tradecraft. Their assault has been devastating.
REX explains:…
🚨WSJ !! : The Flynn Entrapment--A court filing shows the ugly tactics employed by Comey’s FBI ~~says Trump has an obligation 2 former aides like Michael Flynn & 2 the public 2 declassify & disclose the FBI docs related to the FBI’s Russia probe" #DECLASS
@drawandstrike: Reminder: both @ChuckRoss / @DailyCaller & me / @EpochTimes called attention to the fact McCabe was being investigated for a leak about @GenFlynn *the same day* that DOJ report was released back on October 15th.
@BarbaraRedgate: One thing that people/so-called reporters ask-why did he lie?
Did Anyone Ever consider.....

BY 3PM ON 12/14/18 ⏰TICK-TOCK
Judge Sullivan sentencing Flynn on 12/18/18 wants 2 see FBI report prepared 7mos AFTER his interview where he then admits 2 lying + Orders: Govt respond 2 Def Sentencing Motion AND submit ANY MEMOS & 302s by 3pm 12/14/18
💥THIS IS HUGE! Judge Sentencing General Flynn Demands to See FBI 302 Documents on Flynn Ambush Interview…
VIDEO: ⁩@DevinNunes on FOX ~ Spying Unmasking Lying Leakers advised NSA @GenFlynn NOT TO HAVE A LAWYER PRESENT to Ensure Execution Of Ambush/Perjury Trap
Judge Overseeing @GenFlynn Sentencing Dismissed Similar Case in 2009 Due to Fraudulent 302 Documents and DOJ "Misconduct"…
@MFlynnJR @BarbaraRedgate @JosephJFlynn1 #IStandWithFlynn
Thread by @mflynnJR ~ “Comey then dropped this bombshell: Admitted he bypassed normal WH protocol when he sent 2 FBI agents 2interrogate Flynn. [It’s] something I probably wouldn’t hv done or wouldn’t hv gotten away with in a more organized admin” ~~ DIRTY
💥THIS IS HUGE–> PLEASE PASS THIS ON! John Solomon: DIA Holds Doc to Exonerate @GenFlynn-Has Refused to Release/DeClass for 18 mos! @POTUS never told about this!…
VID @seanhannity Show:
John Solomon: In May '17 there ws a doc id'd 2 a small # of ppl in the US govt.-In possession of DIA.-For 18 mos an effort to resist declassifying that doc which contains extraordinary exculpatory info abt @GenFlynn ...
@GenFlynn docs submitted by Mueller today-shows Flynn KNEW they had his conversations
Mueller's office responded to claims by @GenFlynn's lawyers that the FBI might have tricked him into lying to them-Claims by the time agents talked to him, he'd been lying to everybody for 2 weeks
See @bradheath thread & more ss:
Robert Mueller: No 'coercion' in Michael Flynn FBI interview; urges court to reject attempt to downplay crime…
See interesting thread by @KimStrassel:
Fascinating that the 302 referenced in the Flynn filing is actually an August interview of Peter Strzok--recounting the Flynn meeting. Though this raises the question... where is the original Flynn 302?
Flynn case: FBI policy "is that the notes must be placed in the system in a 1-A file within five days of the interview,” said Jeff Danik, former FBI SAC. “Anything beyond five business days is a problem, eight months is a disaster.”
FBI Violated Policy in Flynn’s Case, Judge Demands All Exculpatory Evidence…
@seanmdav: Its not just the missing Flynn 302 that raises red flags-Its the fact that the Strzok 302 interview-the sole basis for the Flynn charge-was conducted just 4 days after Lisa Page was fired&days b4 Strzok himself was fired by Mueller.
@almostjingo replying to @seanmdav
Wait he was fired late July? He was hired around July 13th so was the sole purpose just to get this testimony? Something doesn’t add up about these dates.
Notice they don’t make the Flynn statement official record until AFTER Strzok is fired.
Strzok is hired by Mueller 7/13 he gives this statement about Flynn on 7/19 it’s drafted on 7/20 but not made “official” until 8/22.
FBI Docs Reveal: “Flynn Was Not Lying or Did Not Think He Was Lying”
Highly redacted docs, notes, apparent discrepancies w/302s-Imperative Judge Sullivan req all comms betw ALL agents, the workflow chart, which wld show 100% when 302s were created/approved…
Flynn's 302 Doc:
-Not taken from his interview w/prosecutors.
-Is Strzok's account of that interview.
-Recorded nearly 7 mos after Flynn's interview.
-Drafted by FBI Dir Andrew McCabe.
-Assistance by Robert Mueller (not yet appointed SC).
Mueller Fails to Submit Agent Pientka's 302 from the Jan 2017 interview of Flynn, as requested by Judge Sullivan-Instead submits notes from an internal July 19, 2017 interview w/Strzok ~ 🧐 Where did Joe Pientka’s FD-302 notes go?…
The docs Mueller released DO indicate there WAS a 302 written by Strzok. NOTE it states "THEY documented," which means multiple authors (Peter Strzok + Agent Pientka). This ss states the existence of a contemporaneous 302s
@TheLastRefuge2: James Comey indicated in recent testimony he read the FD-302 written by Joe Pientka from the January 24th, 2017, Flynn interview. But somehow it's now lost and not in today's filing? #Sketchy…
@RepMarkMeadows: This letter frm @ChuckGrassley on 8/25/17 is critically important, asking 4 declass of DIA docs on @GenFlynn. Judge Sullivan should review these docs in-camera. The secrecy helps no one.
🤔So the mysterious August 22 2017 302 was not from the original FBI Flynn interview but from an FBI interview with Strzok about, among other things, the original January 24 2017 Flynn interview. But where is the 302 from that original interview⁉️ #SketchyAsHell
@Jim_Jordan: "Did James Comey set up Michael Flynn?"
Pretty damn obvious!!
VIDEO: Jordan on @SeanHannity
@vabelle2010 Ex-FBI agent Robyn Gritz: @GenFlynn INTERVIEW IMPROPER.
FBI’s DIOG: 4purposes of Miranda, an interview refers2 express questiong &any words or actions that r reasonably likely 2elicit an incriminating response-regardless of custodial status
1 of 2) -- So this is what @Comey told the House last week about agents who interviewed Flynn: "the conclusion of the investigators was he was obviously lying..."
2 of 2) And here is what the Strzok 302 just filed to Judge Sullivan says: Both agents "had the impression at the time that Flynn was not lying or did not think he was lying."
So remind me again so many folk treat everything @Comey says as gospel truth?
Strzok-Page Texts Were Wiped Before Inspector General Could Review Them…
VID: Hear @Comey Admit To Giving Orders For Execution Of @GenFlynn Ambush/Trap--Says it's something he wouldn't hv done or gotten away with in "a more organized invest/admin"- but thought "it's early enough (in Trump admin), let's just send guys over"
So Where's the 302, Bob? Endgame Nears for Mueller by Rex…
Former FBI SSA Robyn Gritz’s Letter To Judge Sullivan in Support Of Flynn…
Rod Rosenstein WILL NOT ALLOW @GenFlynn Interrogator Joe Pientka To Testify Despite His Reported Willingness to Defend Flynn--McCabe altered Strzok's 302 then destroyed it /1 of 2…
re above tweet: Gregg Jarrett discussed this development on Lou Dobbs Tonight
VIDEO /2 of 2
Flynn Filing Points To Mueller Team Hiding Exculpatory Evidence…
VIDEO: SHOCKING-Mueller Defies Judge Sullivan & In Contempt by not turning over 1st 302 FBI Interview Docs--gives background of @GenFlynn trap & much more
💥Mueller Destroyed Messages From Peter Strzok's iPhone; OIG Recovers 19,000 New "FBI Lovebird" Texts…
@realDonaldTrump: Wow, 19,000 Texts between Lisa Page and her lover, Peter S of the FBI, in charge of the Russia Hoax, were just reported as being wiped clean and gone. Such a big story that will never be covered by the Fake News. Witch Hunt!
They had to sit Strzok down 6 mos later for an all new FD 302 form so they could walk him through how he supposedly caught Flynn in a lie in that interview six months previously because they couldn't talk Pientka into altering the original 302
@paulsperry_: 🐍Obama hated @GenFlynn and having him helming NSC and threatening his precious Iran deal could not be tolerated. So his holdover Yates framed him and got him fired ...
@RepMattGaetz: Flynn shd b pardoned bc he's not b'g called 2account any bad actions he commit'd w/malice-its a consequence of not remember'g or stating sumthing in a different context. Even Comey said there was no indica of lying when Flynn orig met w/...
@gatewaypundit: Jonathan Turley on Mike Flynn:
"It Was a Canned Hunt" - "They Put Him in a Cage and Shot Him" (VIDEO) @MFlynnJR @GenFlynn @BarbaraRedgate @JosephJFlynn1…
Barbara (Flynn) Redgate @BarbaraRedgate:
Please Watch~ @JudgeJeanine 's EPIC Opening Statement on @GenFlynn
For those who support @GenFlynn
#ClearFlynnNow Rally - 9:30am EST on Tues, Dec 18, 2018
District Court of DC, 333 Constitution Ave, NW in DC
OIG Report of Investigation - Recovery of Text Messages From Certain FBI Mobile Devices dated 12/11/18…
@paulsperry_~B4 @GenFlynn is sentenced on Wed, its worth noting that the man is a genuine hero:
~Jumped off a 40ft cliff 2rescue 2 drowning soldiers in Grenada
~Pulled 2 children out from rolling car in R.I. as a teen
~Earned Bronze Stars in Iraq & Afghan
@almostjingo ~ In 2012 @GenFlynn provided 🐍Obama admin w/the intel of exactly what was happening in Syria yet that same admin decided to ARM TERRORIST / jihadis & create an Islamic emirate in Syria = the ISIS caliphate.
🐍Obama & HRC are traitors
Full Vdeo & Transcript: @GenFlynn on ISIL - Discussion about the rise of ISIL, the War on Terror, torture and how to deal with Iran ~ incredible insight !…
@drawandstrike ~Here's what Mueller, Comey & McCabe *didn't* want anybody 2see-They've already had2 provide DOCUMENTATION that Flynn *wasn't* told what the REAL purpose of this meet'g was; Didn't tell him it was a criminal matter, didn't advise of rights
@ZoeTillman~On the eve of Michael Flynn's sentencing hearing tomorrow, the judge has ordered Mueller's office to publicly file a redacted version of the 302 (interview notes) that an FBI agent prepared after Flynn's Jan. 24, 2017 interview — the one he later admitted lying at
@drawandstrike~Mueller team tried to HIDE the original FD-302 made by Pientka shortly after Jan 24 2017 by filing it under seal. Sullivan read it & said nuh-UH. You can leave redacted what you redacted, but you gotta file it on the PUBLIC docket right now
Highly Classified DIA letter recently revealed&said 2prove Flynn's innocence?
Does it shows Flynn ws help'g DIA/FBI setup a counterintel op 2nab Turks who hv extensive ties2 Clinton/Obama &their partisans in the DOJ/FBI caught wind of it & went after Flynn…
@TheLastRefuge2~I just uploaded Joe Pientka and Peter Strzok - Interview of Michael Flynn - Redacted FD 302 to @Scribd ~~
Mueller's letter to Judge Sullivan dated 12-17-18…
@Techno_Fog~SEE This thread!
Let's go through the new Flynn FBI 302, dated 2/15/2017.
It starts with either the Agents or McCabe telling Flynn the "nature of the interview." The 302 neglects to mention what the nature of the interview was.
@TheLastRefuge2~Mueller team likely lying to court (see cover letter). Then compare w/Page&Strzok text messages dated in Feb "launch 302"; which more likely reflects truth:
💥 Will judge notice? Has judge seen text messages? 💥

@BarbaraRedgate @mflynnJR
@TheLastRefuge2~Because between Jan 24th & Feb 14th, they (mostly McCabe) were deliberating the narrative 2b written into the 302 official entry. On Feb 14th McCabe approved the specific wording ["launch on f 302"]. On Feb 15th it was entered officially
@TheLastRefuge2~The deliberation period ends w/this set of text messages between Strzok & Page on Feb 14th. The official entry date for the 302 was Feb 15th, the next day. Brandon Van Grack (SC) is misleading the court.
@TheLastRefuge2~What the Mueller Team dont want the Judge 2notice is the McCabe organized team "deliberation" that ws tak'g place betwn 1/24 & 2/14 4specific wording of the 302-Thats Y the bogus "inadvertent" story is in the cover letter-Its clear as day
@Barnes_Law~"It's completely a coincidence we have 2 identical drafts at 3 diff dates; not @ all bc we re-edited orig version. Also, a coincidence we didnt record it, asked 4 no lawyer 2b present, lost orig handwritten notes &hide 1 of the agents involved"
@Barnes_Law~Old trick of corrupt agents (caught Yates agents do'g it in an Atlanta case): the intervw summary mixes witness' answers 2match diff q's-Hence Flynn answrs a pre-sanctions q, but the 302 places his answer in a post-sanctions context 2 mislead
@almostjingo~Flynn told both White House Counsel and Chief of staff at least twice that @FBI agents told him he would NOT be charged. A memo from counsel describes these events in detail.
Is that the part that’s redacted?
@SaraCarterDC~The only person who has credibility and could shed light on this matter is Pientka. He’s the only person the FBI, DOJ and Mueller investigation has purposefully muzzled…
@Barnes_Law~DRAFT labeling is 2achieve 2items: 1st, 2hide it under a/c work product privilege frm disclosure; &2nd 2edit it as "needed" 4a "corrected" version. Welcome 2 the world of the corrupt FBI agents (honest&honorable agents dont pull this nonsense)
@ByronYork~At long last, read the Michael Flynn 302. Together with all we know, seems pretty clear there was a fundamentally different assessment of Flynn case pre-Mueller and post-Mueller.
Flynn hearing debrief: Fireworks from Judge Sullivan who seemed to encourage Flynn to withdraw his guilty plea because he feels the charges are so serious; Ends in a continuance.
The Real Story of the Flynn Hearing-according to WSJ…
Alan Dershowitz: Michael Flynn now has three options to stay out of prison…
@Barnes_Law ~Alternative take.-Judge Sullivan doesnt want 2b made an unwilling participant in a man b'g convicted of a crime he didnt do. Procedurally, only safe route 4 Judge is if Flynn withdrew plea. Judge suspects Flynn plead 2 dodge non-Russia charges
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