Hold UP!
Now read this...
The Clinton Foundation “began acting as an agent of foreign governments ‘early in its life’ and throughout its existence. As such, the foundation should’ve registered under FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act),” he said. “Ultimately, the Foundation and
its auditors conceded in formal submissions that it did operate as a (foreign) agent, therefore the foundation is not entitled to its 501c3 tax-exempt privileges as outlined in IRS 170 (c)2.”
Doyle, who was also outlining a litany of violations by the foundation, noted that currently there are approximately 1.75 million nonprofits in the United States that annually generate nearly 2 trillion dollars, which is 9 percent of the U.S. GDP.
“Whose minding the store, looking out for the donors and minding the rule of law,” said Doyle. (A financial bounty hunter) Who testified today. HUBER did not show up at today's hearing and RESIGNED from the CF investigation.
“On that note, we followed the money so we made extensive spreadsheets of their revenues and expenses, we analyzed their income statements and we did a macro-review of all the donors, which its a very (jumbled) sort of foundation,” said Doyle. “Less than 1/10th
of one-percent of the donors gave 80 percent of the money. So we follow the money.”

Moynihan added that the foundation “did pursue programs and activities for which it had neither sought nor achieved permission to undertake.”
John Moynihan and Lawerence W. Doyle, both graduates of the Catholic Jesuit College of the Holy Cross and former expert forensic government investigators, gave their shocking testimony before congress
based on a nearly two-year investigation into the foundation’s work both nationally and internationally.
This is @SaraCarterDC story.
I'm just tweeting it for the many who can't go view the site due to work, restrictions, etc.,
Stay with me there is MUCH more...
Back to John Moynihan and Lawerence W. Doyle
They were assisted by three other highly trained experts in taxation law & financial forensic investigations. The forensic investigators stressed that they obtained all the documentation on the foundation legally and through Freedom
of Information Request Acts from the IRS and other agencies.

Former Utah U.S. Attorney General John Huber, who resigned when he was appointed by former Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate the Clinton Foundation and the issues surrounding
the approval to sell 20 percent of U.S. Uranium assets to Russia, declined to attend the hearing. Chairman Mark Meadows, R-NC, who oversaw the hearing stated that it was disappointment that Huber declined, leaving Congress in the dark regarding the DOJ’s investigation.
Investigations into the Clinton Foundation have always been plagued by politics but Moynihan wanted to make clear in his opening statement that this investigation was one of many his firm has conducted on nonprofits and had nothing to do with politics.
Doyle and Moynihan have amassed 6,000 documents in their nearly two-year investigation through their private firm MDA Analytics LLC. The documents were turned over more than a year and a half ago to the IRS, according to John Solomon, who
first published the report last week in The Hill.

“The investigation clearly demonstrates that the foundation was not a charitable organization per say, but in point of fact was a closely held family partnership,” said Doyle, who formerly worked on Wall Street and has been
involved with finance for the last ten years conducting investigations. “As such it was governed in a fashion in which it sought in large measure to advance the personal interests of its principles as detailed within the financial analysis of this submission and
further confirmed within the supporting documentation and evidence section.”

At the onset of the hearing, Moynihan wanted to make perfectly clear that the intention to look into the Clinton Foundation was not political but based on their work with the firm.
“At this point I’d like to answer two questions, who are we? We are apolitical,” Moynihan told the committee. “We have no party affiliation to this whatsoever, No one has financed us…
we are forensic investigators that approached this effort in a nonpartisan profession, objective, and independent way…we follow facts, that’s all.”
“We have never been partisan,” he added, speaking on behalf of all five members of his group testifying to Congress. “We come from law enforcement and wall street where each of us has dedicated our entire lives and praised the rule of law doing the right thing pursuing facts.
we follow facts. that’s all.”

“None of this is our opinion,” he went on state. “I emphasize none of this is our opinion. These are not our facts. They are not your facts. They are the facts of the Clinton Foundation.
If you'd like to read the full story.

I will continue to tweet the key findings from today's hearing. I'm curious as to WHY this isn't breaking news? Because it's the Clinton's!
(Cont') He disclosed the reason his firm decided to take on the Clinton Foundation and the fact that they paid for the investigation out of their “own pockets.”

“Are you doing this for money,” said Moynihan to the committee. “Yes, this is how we make a living.”
Moynihan and Doyle swapped back and forth between there testimony and opening statement, making it clear they were working as a team. But the most shocking statements came from Moynihan’s statement as he read the laundry list of violations by the Clinton Foundation.
Moynihan stated “Foreign agent,” as he began to read from a long list of violations discovered during the course of their investigation.
“On that note, we followed the money so we made extensive spreadsheets of their revenues and expenses, we analyzed their income statements and we did a macro-review of all the donors, which its a very (jumbled) sort of foundation,” said Doyle.
“Less than 1/10th of one-percent of the donors gave 80 percent of the money. So we follow the money.”
Moynihan added that the foundation “did pursue programs and activities for which it had neither sought nor achieved permission to undertake.”

Particularly, he noted the case of the Clinton Presidential Library in 2004. He noted that the foundation’s role before
and after the library was built was a misrepresentation to donors “of the approval organizational tax status to raise funds for the presidential library programs therein. In these pursuits, the foundation failed
the organizational and operational task 501c3 internal revenue code 7.25.3.”

Additionally, Doyle stated that the foundation’s intentional “misuse of donated public funds.” He stated that the foundation “falsely attested that it received funds and used them for charitable
purposes which were in fact not the case. Rather the foundation pursued in an array of activities both domestically and abroad.”
“Some may be deemed philanthropic, albeit unimproved, while other much larger in scope are properly characterized as profit-oriented and taxable undertakings of private enterprise again failing the operational tests philanthropy referenced above,” Doyle said.
Philip Hackney, a tax law professor at Louisiana State University, who is a former Exempt Organizations lawyer at the IRS, and Tom Fitton, president of the conservative government watchdog group Judicial Watch also testified at the hearing. Judicial Watch has been at the
forefront of fighting the Clinton Foundation in court to access documents requested by FOIA. Hackney and Fitton testified during the first panel of the hearing.
Why did Huber not show today?
There you go.
The Clinton Foundation is a fraud. They weren't even operating legally as a 501C3.
This woman wanted to be our President? Just how criminally careless is she? This woman is either dumb a rock or believed she was ABOVE the LAW
that she could do as she pleases and it's clear. She has done as she pleased.

She exposed every secret known to her as Secretary of State under the Obama Administration to be remotely viewed by China 24-7 and now this?
She wiped her makeshift server clean with Bleach Bit while the server was under subpoena. Then beat her cell phones with a hammer! All the while she's operating as a Foreign Agent? Hold on a minute. This is ILLEGAL as it gets.
I don't know what concerns me most about this entire story. The fact that The Clinton Foundation was illegally operating under a 501c3 or the fact we now learn Huber recused himself from this case?
No one is above the law. This is something I've always known. However, its clear Hillary Clinton, her foundation, HER #FBI, her #DOJ are above the law and this needs to be addressed. This is outrageous information.
It appears HRC is still in control if you take a peek at who is under attack right now via MSM. Not a mention of this story. It is all about alleged crimes @realDonaldTrump may have committed.
The media is the enemy of the people with the exception of a few good ones like @SaraCarterDC & @jsolomonReports.
My list of trusted journalists is very slim.
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