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Let's get started! 😎
I hope you've all been keeping up with today's news! We know MSM sure hasn't covered it!

This will be my QThread for Dec. 13th
2. ICYMI: The CF Hearing was today
Full video here:

Alt. Link:…
3. @tracybeanz did a fantastic LIVE thread during the hearing. Read here:
4. There were MANY explosive bombshells today. One being, Bounty Hunters testified that the CF operated as a FOREIGN AGENT.

Define Enemy Combatant.…
5. @karli_bonne caught a great moment from today's hearing. Hear the [BOOM] here:
7. ICYMI: POTUS' Interview
8. Anons on the chans are responding to today's testimony:
9. Anons are going wild on the chans regarding today's testimony: 😎
10. Anon gives insight and spells out the ramifications of today's testimony. More Anons react:
11. More reactions from Anons:
12. It was revealed today that Huber could not be there to testify because there is an open and ACTIVE investigation into the CF. Huber would not have been legally allowed to answer ANY questions regarding the CF - due to the ongoing investigation. Boom! WINNING!
13. ICYMI: Also released today is the OIG report into the recovery of texts from certain mobile devices of Strzok/Page.…
14. IG report: FBI can't recover missing texts from Strzok, Page after devices were wiped clean at the request of .... MUELLER!

Read more:…
15. Leading up to & during CF Hearing today, there were reports of bomb threats not only all over the US, but Canada as well! This was their FF to sway the MSM narrative today to ensure NOBODY was talking about the CF Hearing and the explosive…
16. Anons on the chans reacting to the FF happening everywhere today:
17. It was also reported today by @SaraCarterDC that the FBI violated policy in @GenFlynn's case - the Judge now demands all exculpatory evidence.…
18. ICYMI: @BarbaraRedgate posted a video of Devin Nunes' reaction to #GenFlynn's Interview
19. Anons respond to the news re: the Flynn investigation
20. #IStandWithGenFlynn ⭐️⭐️⭐️
21. Right before the oversight committee adjourned today, Meadows asked: "Are you saying $400 Million to $2.5 BILLION may be subject to taxation and was improperly used by the Clinton Foundation?"

Doyle: "Correct"

22. I'm noticing a lot of posts from folks that were underwhelmed by today's hearing. A lot of people are not understanding how YUUGE today was, and how much damning evidence we learned re: the crimes of the Clinton Foundation.
23. The CF did NOT operate as a charitable foundation. Instead, it operated as a FOREIGN AGENT against the US. CF also committed numerous fraudulent taxation crimes - which just that alone would be almost life in prison as a punishment.
24. The Clinton Foundation committed treason as an ENEMY COMBATANT! Meaning the ongoing FBI investigation will NOT likely be submitted to a typical Grand Jury, but rather this will be tried in a Military Tribunal as an enemy of the state!
25. Today was merely "outing" the evidence in front of Congress and getting each whistleblower on the record.

This was planned.
POTUS signed numerous EO's long ago in preparation for this very day. Read full thread & EOs here:
27. FBI misses deadline to provide documents to Judiciary Committee probing whistleblower raid last month at Cain's residence.…
28. Moves and countermoves.
Immediately following the hearing into the CF today, [they] made their countermove. 🙄
29. There's been a lot of chatter on the chans today regarding the Q&A with Q last night.

After some time to analyze, I find it awfully odd that Q chose those specific questions to answer out of hundreds to choose from.
30. Many of the questions he chose to answer, were regarding stories that recently have received a lot of attention. Maybe too much attention for Q's liking.

Was some of Q's answers meant to pull back the narrative? Were we pushing forward to fast? I'm beginning to believe so.
31. Q answered "no" that JFKJr was not alive. Would Q really state in this forum that he WAS? I don't think so. Did he really mean "Jr is dead, but his new identity isn't"? <pull back narrative>

Anon believes he has found the mirror where Q said different.. hmm
32. @DIXIEDOODLE12 also had a valid point today re: the Jr drop: Is this merely conditioning the public for his return?
33. Anon gives insight into why Q stated that Snowden is a TRAITOR.
34. ICYMI: POTUS cancelled the WH Press Christmas Party today. This Anon believes they know why: 😏
35. Anon gives incredible insight into 'Theatre of War' and how Q is writing the script:
36. Anon gives fantastic rundown of the possible objectives and timing:
37. Flashback! Oldie but goody!

Ben, we need an update! 😎
38. Well damn! 😎
Great catch Anon! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
39. POTUS made a tweet today and instead of using the word "basis" he spelt 'bases'. This Anon believes he has found the missing 'I' in a past drop: Future proves past
40. Anon digs up a past drop that shows we're getting close to the 1 year anniversary: The Day of Days 😎
42. ICYMI: Newly elected Muslim congresswoman neglected to disclose the funding she received from Soros.…
43. Thought you were being censored? You were right! 7.8 MILLION videos were removed from YT in the latest quarter.…
44. #FLOTUS was on Hannity last night. Watch here:
45. Intriguing timeline isn't it 😎
46. We're doing phenomenal Anons!
The increase in "QAnon" chatter throughout the MSM and validated accounts is a clear tell that they are petrified at what we will uncover!

The increase in traffic on the chans and archive sites show more and more people are WAKING UP! Winning 😎
48. BREAKING: This is HUGE!
John Solomon: FBI holds document to exonerate @GenFlynn and they are REFUSING to release it!…
49. It was reported yesterday that POTUS was eyeing Gingrich as his new WH Chief of Staff. Today, it's reported that POTUS is considering Kushner for the position. Disinfo everywhere!
50. NBC did an Interview with the Commander at GITMO 12 days ago. In the video within this article, you can clearly hear the Commander say he was told to "Standby to receive new guests".…
53. Treasons Greetings! 😎
54. While we're on the subject of treasonous leaders, many people are still unaware that numerous countries, including Canada, signed the UN Migration Pact this week; signing away the sovereignty of their countries. Many Canadians have gone to the chans to voice their concern:
55. After backlash from locals near the border where migrants are flooding into Quebec, Trudeau announced yesterday that he will pay a one-time $25,000 pymt. Hush money! Which has now set precedence for all other future crossways! How much will that cost?…
57. Three days ago, Q posted a photo from Antarctica and said "the world is watching". Yesterday, 2 techs were found dead at an Antarctica science station. Coincidence?…
58. Tonight, Dept of Defense posted that planes, ships, subs, missiles and radar were 'increasingly' being shipped to the Arctic. By 2022, it will be the stronghold of the WORLD.…
59. ICYMI: 36 defendants have been found guilty for their roles in an international Thai sex trafficking ring.…
60. ICYMI: After an indictment was unsealed today, 2 defendants have been charged with multiple counts related to Interstate prostitution and a sex trafficking enterprise.…
61. Everything that HRC has been involved in has turned into a crime. Including one of her latest "non-profit" organizations that she launched shortly after her defeat, to be apart of 'The Resistance'. Now, that organization is under scrutiny as well.…
62. We are waiting for the day 😎
63. DOD doesn't mince words. 😎
This came up as a recommended article, within the article posted by DOD (above): "That'll do, Sully, that'll do."
64. There's been quite a bit of chatter on the chans still regarding the GHWB funeral, and what was in the envelopes. Especially after the Q&A with Q when he stated "it was our promise to counter". Anons are stirring many different theories including why VP Pence got one too:
65. Trey Gowdy announced yesterday that he met POTUS on Monday. The two previously stated publicly they had never met.

Trey for AG? 👌🏼

One Anon believes it could be other position possibilities:
66. Techy Anon gives further insight into the stress test on the system last night by Q. Chans are running smooth today! Some additions must have been put in place following the failed test.
67. Surprise, Surprise!
"Comey's remarks about the Trump dossier are not credible." says former FBI official adding, Comey is “throwing the entire rest of the FBI under the bus”.…
68. Comey sure has a lot to say to the media, but under oath, during testimony he "can't recall" 🤐

Comey now states that his decision to send agents to interview #GenFlynn at the WH was not standard.…
69. Everyone wanted to know where Huber was today? Our fellow Patriot @prayingmedic found him! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
What are the odds Huber would be here? Just wrapping up the loose ends prior to [their] arrivals 😎
71. Recap of CF: Pay to Play
72. F O R E I G N A G E N T ‼️
73. Clinton's: Foreign Agent's
👉🏼Military Tribunals coming soon!
74. Thank you everyone! 🙏🏻😘🤗
That completes today's Qthread.

As always, we will finish by thanking our courageous #POTUS, his family, the Q Team, and our military warriors for fighting for us everyday! Thank you! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 #WWG1WGA 🌎#QAnon
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