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Please follow this thread. This one thread will expose Communism like never before 👇👇👇👇
Che never fought for any country..he fought for communism. Communism is transnational. They dont believe in concept of nationhood
Mao use to sleep with underage girls
Che frequented brothels
Castro was womaniser
All of them hated GAYS & free speech
After fall of Nazis,Communist Red army raped 10,000 Germans in Berlin alone. Oppressed became Oppressors and yet only Hitler was bad man..So much for their women empowerment rhetoric
This thread will expose so called Communist feminists like
@kavita_krishnan & @shabanaAzmi
Communist politburo in China comprises of 24 men and a single woman
Communist Central Committee in China has just 4% women
Only four women ever served in the Soviet Union Politburo
Women make up only 7 percent of the Cuban Communist Party’s ruling Politburo
Women’s representation remains low in key bodies of the Vietnamese Communist Party: the Politburo (two out of 16), the Central Committee and the Secretariat.
There has never been a woman in the Laos Communist Politburo
Communist ruled Venezuela is a killing field for women. Crimes against women is rampant and prostitution is a booming business .Only 15% women in Parliament
All communist countries were run by men; female leaders, like Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir, would have been unthinkable.
The communists never fully reformed domestic patriarchy.
Communist countries remain much more patriarchal than their Western counterparts to this day.
The benefit of revolution is that even our prostitutes are graduates'- Fidel Castro
The Cuba Che and Castro built has become a Global brothel, one in which women are exploited for sex tourism.
In 1958, Cuba had more than 20,000 prostitutes
Fidel Castro slept with 35,000 women
Communist ideologue Chairman Mao was a hedonistic megalomaniac. He asked Chinese people to embrace hardship but himself lived an opulent lifestyle
He claimed he needed the waters of yin---or vaginal secretions---to supplement his own declining yang---or male essence
It was reported that Mao slept with underage girls and got beautiful poor peasant girls to sleep with him in his palatial bedroom. Mao's sex drive seem to increase as he got older. In the 1960s, Li said, he often went to bed with three, four or five women simultaneously
CPIML Politburo . Is this true @kavita_krishnan ROFL ROFL and you talk abt Dalit empowerment.
10 Brahmins
3 Kayastha
2 Baidya
1 Dalit
Karl Marx was a lazy bum.He was quite jealous of rich and productive men of his times.He lived in filth and neglected his own kids. He wrote long pages on worker struggles but he never worked a single day his life
#KanhaiyyaKumar #ShehlaRAshid #KavitaKrishnan #RahulGandhi
Marx said you are nothing but matter. And if you are nothing but matter, then what does it matter whether you live or die? So it was very easy for Stalin to kill millions of people in Russia.
Marx was wrong on many counts. He predicted that revolutions will take place across capitalist countries. But historically all so called revolutions happened in less developed countries
Capitalism unlike communism is a dynamic process. It evolved every time it faced crises
"My goal in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism.". Karl Marx
Natural resources have no intrinsic value; their sole purpose is to serve humans.- Karl Marx
Marx was an adulterer fathered a son from a housemaid.
Under Marx Communism nobody is rich to make you poor
just make people more rich. Let poverty disappear, and there will be no communism left. - OSHO
This is how Communism kills Families. Communism hates family unit bcos revolution needs free supply of manpower. If you are engaged in family affair's you will have no time for revolution activities
In short, your child belongs to Commune
Why Communism or Socialism is bad for environment
When people don’t own the means of production, they have no incentives to protect the environment! After all, in a capitalist society, if there’s an oil spill, we know whose asses to kick.
Wealth is extension of person's individuality. You take away private wealth, his or her individuality dies. Thats why Communism is anti Freedom. Communism is actually state capitalism. State will own ur wealth,house,land etc
If we allow Socialism to run full course, it will lead to communism
If we allow Communism to run full course, it will lead to anarchism and naxalism
Communism was packaged as liberalism in India to lure Youngistan who wanted to break away from shackles of orthodoxy & conservatism in 1960's. Those who wanted to dine&wine got attracted to ideology not knowing its real motive of overthrowing democracy #Naxalbari
Anyone who opposes Communism is a fascist. But communism itself is a fascist ideology bcos Communism is anti democracy.
Forced association and a mechanical comradeship would end in a world-wide fiasco
Aurobindo on Communism
Communist saw homosexuality as decadence of ruling rich class.They called it as a manifestation of "moral decadence of the bourgeoisie"
Fidel Castro on Homosexuality
"Deviation of that nature clashes with the concept we have of what a militant Communist must be". ROFL
Communist Mao Zedang castrated all Gays & Lesbians
Communist Stalin re-criminalized homosexuality in 1933
But burn Manusmirti
This is where it all started. Kanu Sanyal and Charu Mazumdar were founders of Naxal movement in India. Kanu Sanyal was founder of CPIML of @kavita_krishnan
He waged armed rebellion against Indian state. In 2010,his body was found hanging at his house
The father of Indian Naxalite movement was one Charu Mazumdar. He was not an Adivasi. He was born in a rich landlord famiiy from Siliguri.
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