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Resisted arrest. Assaulted a police officer with a deadly weapon. Did *not* get summarily executed without due process.

I wonder why? 🤔
(NB: police are *supposed* to arrest folks without killing them. I don't want this one dead, I want the others alive 😉)
I'm definitely prejudiced against police summarily executing people without due process. Sad that you are not tbh.

I know you don't know how science works, but this tweet is still funny nonetheless

That response never really works with police apologists. They just go "of course they are, I'm no racist!"


You can't be a True Conservative unless you worship Government employees. Everyone else is a hippie pinko Commie cop-hater. Fact.

There's an old libertarian cartoon, that's basically the words "People are terrible, so we need a Government made up of" written in a circle

The "credible threats get shot" take always reminds me of that
Don't forget Charles Kinsey. Unarmed, flat on the ground with arms outstretched and palms in the air. Definitely had to be shot, for officers' safety.

Or Lyndo Jones. Unarmed, but engaged in the heinous crime of "stealing" his own truck.
Or EJ Bradford Jr. Veteran, caretaker for his father who was a cop, shot 3x in the back for wantonly directing panicked shoppers to safety when someone else shot up a mall.
Or Akai Gurley, feloniously sitting on the stairs minding his own business. Absolutely had to be killed. I mean who minds their own business these days?
Clearly criticizing police means you're off your meds

In common law jurisdictions, yes. What this @BankableInsight moron doesn't realize is that's not how murder is defined in Texas, where it's "intentionally or knowingly caus[ing] the death of an individual"

No malice aforethought required

This has been a recurring theme today for some reason 🤔
Nah, just got blocked because someone didn't like being found out their law degree was from Wiki U

You're not making the point you think you're making.

Try again. Do better.

🤡: "You're totally wrong, but I can't tell you why because I'd be wasting my time even though I tweeted you, replied to my own tweet, then tweeted you again before tweeting you a third time."
I see you're part of the "The Second Amendment is for Whites Only" school. Thanks for admitting it I guess? ::shrug::

Jerry Smith Jr.
Ricardo Hayes
Sean Williams
Antwon Rose
Diante Yarber
Stephon Clark
Johnnie Rush
DeMarko Anderson
Ulysses Wilkerson
Leonard Thomas

We're sure you've got excuses for all of them

I thought the guy's @ looked familiar. @AsherLangton had him pegged a year ago.

The downside to @Popehat's growing bipartisan fame is all the MAGAt CHUDs queuing up in my mentions when he RTs me 😂
"Buying" as in actually believing it? Nah

"Buying" as in repeating the bullsh*t to forestall any meaningful introspection on how stuff like that happens? Absolutely



(That was the actual response to Sirloin btw, @TheEdMix. Had it coming because he was obese. Would've had a heart attack anyway.)
What would the apologists do then, though? 😱

I mean realistically you should've known we'd reach this point. The guy has "Christian" in his bio but spends his nights making excuses for Saul killing folks.

Nothing says John 13:34 like "the fat guy deserved to die"
Asked and answered back in 2017. You seem to have a playbook of stock responses.

A full copy/paste actually. It's impressive.

Y'all please do an intervention if you see me repeating the same tweets verbatim next year
You may want to brush up on what the word means first

Probably. He doesn't strike me as particularly sharp.

Wait wait, you mean the guy randomly accusing other people of being dishonest is being dishonest? 🤔 But it says "Christian" in his bio!

Fairly certain summarily executing / tasing / beating / framing people without due process "alienates communities from the people who are supposed to be protecting them"

🤡: "It's not *their* fault for violating constitutional rights! It's *your* fault for complaining about it!"

Where did I do that? Feel free to quote me

🤡: "You're a fool for promoting [mischaracterization] of [this well-studied phenomenon that is empirically true]!"
You're against prejudiced police conduct, but then argue prejudiced police conduct doesn't exist.

It's like being against unicorns. It doesn't merit a gold star or a pat on the back.

You seem like a subject matter expert on dumb things, I'll have to defer to your wisdom

No, it's just useful emoji shorthand. Clowns are at least mildly amusing rather than logically inept, immune to facts, and generally sad.

Of course you don't say it outright, then it would be obvious. You just explain away every single individual case. You're like Parry, but without repeating tweets.


Charleena Lyles
Shukri Ali
Deborah Danner
Rekia Boyd
Mya Hall
Miriam Carey
Aiyana Stanley-Jones

And that's just off the top of my head

🤡: "PlEaSe LiSt ThE uNaRmEd BlAcK wOmEn ShOt, KiLlEd By PoLiCe. i'Ll WaIt."…
Y'all MAGAts crack me up being so uninformed on a subject that you assume everyone else is too…
No f*cking clue. Mostly drivebys who feel compelled to voice their uninformed opinions.

Dunning-Kruger is real


The sad part is he's convinced he's owning the libs

What part of "A key finding of the study is that nearly 60 percent of black women killed by police were unarmed at the time of the interaction" did you not understand?

You already got curb-stomped a few tweets ago. You just don't realize it.

lol at least you acknowledge you're immune to facts. "There are all kinds of studies!" 😂 Didn't take long.

🤡: "What about X? ::two more tweets in three minutes:: I HEAR CRICKETS!"

👴🏼: "::study thoroughly documenting X, with numerous citations to data::"

🤡: "Yeah well I bet there are studies showing Hillary would have won in 2016!"
Remember, there is no floor for these people. It's literally always possible to get dumber.

Come for the scandalous news stories, stay for the MAGAts!

I'm also fairly certain there was never a study showing Clinton would win the 2016 election, because that's not how studies work

But, you know, universities are Communist indoctrination camps and such

ok I'll accept this premise: please share the "counter study" that shows 60% of black women were *not* unarmed when summarily executed by the police

Unlikely he actually served. It's just SOP to throw that in a bio so they can pretend to have credibility.

It's weird, I read your tweet and I don't see a "counter study" in it 🤔

Don't see a "counter study" in this one either. Just your weird obsession with my dick.

When you think you've got a winning argument and then realize you don't
25 minutes later, still no "counter studies." But he has figured out how to upload a random picture he found online.

Negative, too busy scouring FB for a pic of a Marine uniform

His response has been a combination of talking about my 🍆, his inability to comprehend @BrandonLBradfor, and insisting to everyone who will listen that he's a Marine. He doesn't actually address the argument.

Supposedly he's telling the rest of us to f*ck off. But picked that particular picture online to make the point.

He's not good at this.

Because his service in the Marines constituted watching Full Metal Jacket a couple times and he thought R Lee Ermey was funny when he said it

Kid posts a picture of someone giving the finger to an outdated camo pattern BDU that hasn't been used in nearly two decades, then when someone responds "hey you obviously know how to use Google" he explains he can't use Google to find "counter studies"

Except that's exactly what they were called when they were using the blob pattern with nametapes. Camoflauge utility uniforms didn't have "US Marines" over the breast.

And the combat utility uniform didn't come out until post-9/11 with the digi camo
Still waiting on a "counter study," Master Chief.

You wore a uniform from 1994-98 that didn't go into service until 2002?

I'm impressed

Dunning-Kruger is Real, Part 2

And still no "counter study" to the finding that 60% of black women killed by police are unarmed

It's a reference to Halo big guy. As that's about the extent of your military experience.

I take it you didn't actually read the article you took a screenshot of?

👴🏼: "This woman would've been killed if she were black."

🤡: "Give me the names of unarmed black women killed by police! I'll wait!"

👴🏼: "::list::"

👴🏼: "::study showing 60% of black women killed are unarmed::"

🤡: "Where here's a study showing police kill more whites!"

I thought the breast plates were added in 1991 to comply with NATO regs?

It'S nOt A wEaPoN iF yOu JuSt HoLd It

No he meant literally. José Rodriguez was very dead after Lonnie Swartz shot him in the back.

In lieu of using Google to find one of these supposedly prevalent "counter studies" he insisted exist

He finally admits he wants Government employees held to a lower standard than everyone else

You still don't know what that word means. But luckily for both of us your "don't hold cops accountable unless they're *grossly* negligent!" commentary is right here in the thread for folks to decide for themselves

There may be more too, but tbh we cover so many stories on the podcast each week they all kinda run together in my brain

What does that have to do with 60% of black women killed by police being unarmed?

He knows exactly what it means: a lower standard of accountability

Already sent it to you mid-thread, genius

Of course. Sadly I have to work tomorrow so I won't really have the time to play along much more

No, you didn't miss it. You responded several times, long before anyone else replied to you. Nice try though.

You may want to brush up on what "statistical records" are

He was smart enough to know "statistical records," but not enough to know "liar" and "knave" are redundant


I get the impression you have to say that a lot

I did not know there was a Will Farrell riff on the Matrix, I need to go find it 😂

➡️ "even though his dad has a background in law enforcement" (…)

➡️ "Witnesses said Mr. Bradford, who was legally carrying a handgun, was directing shoppers to safety." (…)

Sorry, I don't have an InfoWars subscription

Just created his account this month with as many tweets and likes as he's got already? I'm gonna guess he doesn't have either degree and is paid to be here

You're grounded. Go to your room and think about what you've done.

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