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Someone explain to me logically, why people believe that being married is enough reason to give extra chances to an unfaithful partner, that you may not have given, if you were just dating?

What differentiates the relationship?

A recitation of vows? A signed document? Religion?
Because based on my logic, cheating should be taken more seriously in a marriage, based on actual promises being made to each other, legally and even spiritually.
A person breaking their vows after going as far as to legally partner with you, is telling you that he/she doesn't
View your relationship as important.

And I fail to understand why to so many of you, a marriage indicates that a relationship is more special and more deserving of being "preserved".

When cheating after reciting vows, only proves how unspecial it was to your spouse.
By adopting the belief that marriage is a more special relationship deserving of more chances, it becomes super convenient for cheating spouses (mostly men), to consider marriage an easier avenue to get away with it.
Because, they are protected by this belief and the effort you
Will be pressured to make, to be more forgiving, "since it's a marriage"

But since it's a marriage, isn't the real pressure to be applied, the pressure of not engaging in infidelity in the first place?

Why does preserving the marriage, have to fall into the lap of the cheated?
The harm done to your marriage was done by your cheating spouse, you lie to yourself and people lie to you, by believing and encouraging you to believe that your relationship can be preserved, by giving extra chances to the person who ruined it in the first place.
No, you are simply taking that person back, because you are too weak to walk away from your relationship.

It was never fixed nor was anything worked out, you simply just went back to your cheating partner, and for the rest of your time together, you will remain hoping that it
Never happens again, suspicious that it is happening again and angry that it happened before.

"We worked it out after he cheated, and fixed it and we are now in a better place".

Fixed what? Who broke it on purpose? Who had the time of their lives breaking it?
I am not going to sit here and help you lie to yourself.
Conjure up pretty cliche phrases to help you feel noble about "fighting for your marriage" alongside the person who didn't give a fuck about you, enough to not embarrass, humiliate and hurt you.

Cheating spouses,
Mostly men, get away with this shit all the time, because of this stupid upside concept women have been conditioned to accept, of putting marriage on a pedestal for the wrong thing.

A Marriage should be the one place you cannot accept infidelity, yet it is the place most people
Excuse it.

"It's my marriage, how can I just throw it away when it is not a boyfriend, but my HUSBAND".

Throw it away exactly how your partner threw your relationship away, by choosing to be unfaithful when you promised each other not to be.

Like this.
There is nothing I hate more than people fooling themselves, I will much rather folks just admit that they are taking their cheating partners back because they have decided that being cheated on is fine with them and a risk they are prepared to take to be with said person, than
Paint their "forgiveness" as some noble act that helps their relationship flourish, where it was once shattered by "unknown forces".

I remember a friend of mine whose husband cheated, to take him back, suddenly kept alluding to the "Devil" as the thief of her joy.
Her and husband's relationship was being attacked by the devil. To fix her marriage, the blame had to be cast to a third party that couldn't defend itself.
Meanwhile, the true devil got a pass, despite cheating on her steadily with an ex girlfriend, even while she was pregnant.
In summary, two people are responsible for preserving a relationship, and the ONLY preservation technique, is by ensuring that you are not harming the relationship by engaging in activities that will incite pain, mistrust and betrayal.
A call to preserve the relationship,
After one person deliberately shattered it, is not preservation, you are not preserving what has been purposely ruined, you simply are accepting to put up with ruin.
You can call it all the pretty names in the world, but that is simply what it is.
Beaming, while,
Sitting hand in hand in a pile of shit, with the person who shit all over the floor, swatting away at the flies hovering and blaming them for it.
And the rest of the shit dwellers and would be future shit dwellers, congratulating you for being "mature" enough to accept it.
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