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I'm hungover and tired and I have way too many screenshotted tumblr posts so thread number two here we go~
The first one is here

That one has a mix of stuff but this one will mainly be Stories and random stuff, I have separate folders for various categories (I shit you not) that I'll make threads of later

1. Has anyone tried this yet?
2. My contribution is ramen, protein bars, cheese pizza and eggs boiled to a surprise consistency.
3. It's funny when you read it but for reals Why
4. Lyler's gorks
5. I rly like the thing where someone tells you something unsettling and you thank them
6. Definitely into this idea
7. Bees? Bees.
8. Bet she had a husband before Glenn tho
9. Unsettling pasta experience
10. It just occurred to me I've never played candy crush ever in my entire life
11. Educational fidget spinners
13. Hmmm
14. Tags are mine because this shit is honestly wholesome
15. They what now
16. Hhhhhh
17. Honestly sounds like a university level essay written by a man
18. Bog mummy twitter takeover
19. Gran Turismo
20. Again, Tyrone
21. That just makes it more fun to play lmao
22. Future bus drivers
23. Totally here to cheer gen z on and feed them when they need a snack break
24. Sexy boy
25. Science headcanon
26. Sorry friendos i'm no good with the feelies
27. God me too
28. Important
29. Bye kitty
30. Achieving this mindset made my life 37847 times easier, highly recommend
31. Dog heaven = squirrel hell
32. Cats are divas but like, caring divas
33. Pesky demons and their accents
34. 🍦🍦🍦
35. Yeah my name literally means "frost" lmao imagine me with fire powers
36. Fuckin horses man
37. The last sentence is also me @ evolution while reading this post
38. Definitely shouldn't
39. On a related but opposing note, I used to have to argue with bus drivers that YES, I was still young enough to have a child's ticket, I was just tall and had resting bitchface
40. Direct but translated quote from yesterday when @paralleeli tried to show me affection:
"what is this cotton candy bullshit" *holds back tears*
41. Appreciate your DMs
42. Sounds a bit like my little sister tbh
43. SPEAKING OF MY LITTLE SISTER, A TRUE STORY FROM MY TUMBLR (oh yeah, some posts are gonna be in Finnish, deal with it)
44. Speaking Naruto
45. 🤔🔪
46. Adulting stories are always fun
47. Statistically, there are So Many twins in this exact situation
48. I mean, what else would he have said?
49. Monster friendos
50. Tällee hieman asian vierestä hillosipulit on kauheita
51. Dad has priorities
53. Cork power
54. I would say there isn't a slippery slope thing here but I grew up surrounded by hippies and the venn diagram has a lot of overlap

Then again hi i'm a pisces sun gemini rising cancer moon my mercury and mars are in aqu--
55. Me with my siblings' kids
56. My Hero.
57. A Moment™
58. ⚰️
59. Niche discourse
60. At least two different people who don't know each other have (both on several occasions) called me a walking wikipedia
61. I haven't fact checked the first part but the image is funny so idc
62. Kids are so relatable
63. 🐤🐤
64. 🦇💰
65. Nice
66. Can I get a YEEHAW?
67. Pocket birby
68. Half my wardrobe is currently clean but still in the IKEA bag I use for laundry
69. Nice.

Cw: some language towards sex workers
70. Oily Josh.
71. Rest in pieces future historians
72. They bribed the prof to get a C
73. Honestly? Bring this back, especially for teenagers
74. "I gave them some homemade baking, that did not contain poison or illegal substances."
75. Mood.
77. Honestly fuck anyone who thinks old books written by cis dudes have monopoly on using words like art
78. I am easily amused and not ashamed to admit it
79. The last addition sounds sarcastic and might actually be but I unironically agree
80. My aesthetic tbh
81. Damn right
82. Fuckin hate these kinda teachers
83. This is like a Vine in written form
84. This is legitimately unsettling
85. ACAB
86. Oon kai hirvee ihminen tai jtn mut mun mielest muumilimsa ei lopulta oo erityisen hyvää
87. Generational gap
88. Incredible.
89. Yup.
90. Even the name makes her seem like a YA protagonist
91. Why are you people like this
92. 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌
93. Yeah figuring this shit out is impossible for one brain wtf
94. Fuckin str8 ppl i s2g
95. Me.
96. ME.
97. Honestly what the fuck is wrong with these dudes? Also so many start obsessing over this shit as a kid like??? At what point does it go wrong.
98. Shrek 1 and 2 what now
99. Nail me ;) -- oily josh
100. Life goals.
101. Can't say they're wrong
102. People who are rude to customer service workers have a special place in Hell.
103. Amazing
104. Yesh these days jist applying and hoping for the best doesn't cut it
105. We have too much power
106. That's 'cause most of us were raised with the idea we should dream big and then achieve those dreams of being world changing important people and then whoops everything costs money we don't have
107. Definitely some kinda fae
108. What a fucking eternal mood
109. New friend mr milk
110. Wowzers
111. Yeah I have ADHD those will Never be possible for me to achieve
112. Spite is the strongest motivation
113. Sweet love
114. I've never read anything written by Lord Byron but I have read about his dramatic bisexual escapades
115. Thanks, Oily Josh
116. Aw :/
117. I wanna see the rest of that list
118. Me in 20 years probably
119. Sharks are way less dangerous than the average man
120. BLEP
121. I love all the aliens reacting to humans posts
122. Another alien post
123. One of my fav alien posts
124. Just a general "humans are terrifying" post
125. Sometimes the people who seem lawful are the most chaotic
126. "a mild weeb or whatever"
127. Surprise
128. I hate this
129. J-san
130. This and your headphone cord getting caught in something
131. To be fair this shit is way better than just throwing slurs at minorities
132. NEET life
133. Truest shit ever
134. Dad magic
135. :|
136. I know jack shit about my own fucking culture it's a crime
137. Horror story
138. I love her
139. Future historians will appreciate how documented this era is
140. Best motto
141. Less of a motto but still a frequent thought
142. Sorry
143. I rly embraced this in high school I had The Most Awful art student clothes sometimes
144. They beat Oily Josh with that
Yes, I will keep referring to Jesus as Oily Josh for the entirety of this thread.
145. Good to know I guess?
146. Poor Mitch
147. What kinda rich bullshit
148. That's cute
149. For reals
150. When you run out of your fav depression meals
151. 🐴✝️
152. Protip if anyone wants pink cats without causing them harm
153. There is. So much here.
154. No wonder they all quit
155. I--
156. Apparently his full name is Edgar Allan Crow and I love him
157. Um.
158. Quack quack!
159. Goffik discourse
160. Awoo
161. Tumblr user markv5 always bringing us quality russian cat content
162. Hhhhhhhhhhhhh
163. Me too buddy
164. Dream life
165. Friend memes
166. Phenomenal
167. I'd be so down for this
168. Honestly a good point
169. Mood
170. Definitely a role model
171. Adorable
173. Ksdjkfkfnfkfkf
174. These days I speak fluent working class memefucker but as a kid I was the most formal child Finland has ever seen
175. Wholesome
176. When
177. They're all so dumb I want one
178. I should voice my positive thoughts more often
179. 🐭
180. UNIT
181. Tag a friend who'd say this
182. I tried to think of a witty pun for this caption but nope
183. The world is a strange and a wonderful place. I think.
184. Fear.
185. Josh is oiled and ready t-- actually no, let's not
186. 🐈
187. Judeo-Islamic
188. Poor shark friendos :(
189. I want a movie of this
190. Good answer.

Cw: suicide ment
191. Better than any Hollywood romcom
192. Feeling the middle left today
193. I hate people
194. Seems like I have way too much self preservation to do science
195. Hope they found one eventually tho
196. Also science is not a white cis guy thing kthxbye~
197. This just in, daddy kink is still gross as fuck
198. Oily Josh seems like a Slytherin
199. I've read fanfiction with this setting and it was great
200. I'm not a biologist but I still hate the fuckers who think survival of the fittest means "the most violent one wins at life"
201. Oily Josh speaking the truth
202. Last post of the thread, it's been fun.
Someone pointed out that apparently the barcode thing isn't legit so uhh whoops sorry
All my tumblr threads are collected here, I just started a new one!

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