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So, I've only done ~20% of the global mob history.
And real world work has kept me from rolling out the next big thread.
I now have some time.
What would you like for the holidays?
Born in New Jersey's 3rd Ward in 1904, Abner "Longie" Zwillman got the attention of Meyer Lansky at an early age.
When his father dropped dead in 1918, Longie was forced to provide for his family at the tender age of 14. He started in push cart groceries... /1
2/ But quickly discovered something better to sell - using the local merchants he had been in competition with. Lottery tickets.
By the age of 16, Longie Zwillman controlled the numbers racket of the entire 3rd Ward, and had a crew of hired muscle.
He was perfect for bootlegging.
3/ So Lansky plugged him in. Longie handled whiskey from Canada into New Jersey - first trucks, then ships. Like all the bootleggers, he took the profits & expanded into every other facet of organized crime.
This would eventually lead to the same "fruits of labor" tabloid life..
4/ Extreme wealth, splashy blood bath "hits", shagging Hollywood actresses, & marrying an heiress whose grandfather founded the stock exchange. Typical mob sh*t.
BUT there was something critically different about how Longie used his empire.
It's hard to nail down the "why" of it.
5/ It wasn't his heritage. Lansky & the majority of his crew were all Jewish. Their Canadian booze manufacturers were Jewish. So, Longie was by no means an exception.
Maybe it was where he was located - Newark. But there were movements in NY as well. And other key cities...
6/ Whatever the "why", Longie saw a danger at the time that no other boss saw.
He had a will to fight that danger that no other boss had.
And he spent a decade using his money & "muscle" w/ Senators, Law Enforcement, Businessmen to execute his will.
Longie hunted American Nazis.
7/ And he was great at it.
To understand this man and, more importantly, the men he empowered in the fight against Nazism, you have to transport yourself to that time.
And you have to know that the pre-WWII Nazi movement in America was very real. Very well organized...
8/ With leaders and the most powerful weapon of all.
American Nazi-ism was driven completely by propaganda. All of it.
Using the 1stA as their shield, American Nazis started as "The Friends of New Germany" in 1933 and evolved into "The German-American Bund" by '36.
9/ They took root on our shores - in our land. And grew. Through propaganda.
I'm going to take time with this thread & roll out this history, as carefully as I can. Because, in this history are the very same building blocks of both the enemy's arsenal we're up against today...
10/ & the blueprint of how to fight. Like Longie & the men who rallied 4 America, thanks 2 his money, influence, & will.
We're going to learn the lessons of a mob boss. And it can save us.
Watch this please. And I'll return later to break down the imagery.
11/ Okay. There’s a lot to absorb in that short film, which gives ZERO context.
Let’s begin with the propaganda that the archival footage captured, then get to the film itself. Because there is something brewing, which deserves our clear attention.
12/ Context:
The man at the podium is Fritz Kuhn, charismatic G-A Bund leader.
Yes, those are swastikas imbedded in the banners framing him.
Yes, the giant banner in the middle is of George Washington. And, without it, this rally could not happen.
Washington was a work-around...
13/ You see, a Zwillman-backed effort to reach Congress was working. The Bund was under scrutiny for anti-Americanism. Money & messaging had been traced directly to Germany. These Nazis were foreign agents, spreading propaganda in America on behalf of a hostile foreign power.
14/ It was an attack against our nation.

Kuhn’s predecessor, Hans Spanknoebel (“American Fuhrer” when Bund was still “Friends”), had been charged as an unregistered foreign agent by our DOJ in late ‘33. Spank had already gone into hiding & eventually fled back to Germany.
15/ But the combo of an arrest warrant + Congress viewing Nazis in America as foreign agents was significant. Oh yes. This was the groundwork for FARA. 😉

By the time of Kuhn, there was intense scrutiny on the Bund’s members & messaging: their German citizenship, gross flag...
16/...the whole thing. That’s when the Bund chapter in Newark NJ came up with an idea. In ’38, they organized a rally on George Washington’s birthday, likening our 1st President to Hitler. They would call Jews “communists” & “reds”, knowing that yrs into this propaganda effort...
17/...their base understood what those coded words meant. Every dog whistle was born.

Local politicians asserted that as long as the event was not overtly anti-Semitic & embraced America over Germany, the Bund would receive police protection against any anti-Nazi demonstrators.
18/ They pulled it off. A year later, the Newark rally was replicated in NYC, at Madison Square Garden. So, that’s the context of that short film.

Now I’m leaving out A LOT of history (details & characters) to give a broad context. It’s Twitter. Please forgive. ...
19/ The battles at the time - legal vs. political, local vs. federal - were too complex & intense even for this very long thread. But here’s something to note: Neo-Nazi propaganda correlating G. Washington to fascism continues to this day. And THAT short film, OUT of context...
20/... could easily be propagandized as an American “founding” of Nazi-ism. Which is why I included this tweet from @MollyMcKew above.

The goal of enemy propaganda is to confuse. To muddy the dialogue. To distract from their corruption – from the money...
21/... made off human suffering. To re-frame the narrative, so that you think the good guys are the bad guys, & the bad guys are the heroes – or, at least, something 2B ignored.

Which brings me back to the film. Some of you already caught one of the EPs.
22/ Laura Poitras. I’ll just include this excerpt on her & let you Google for more. She’s been spreading the “bad guy” frame about our intel community for years.…

I make no assumptions on why Poitras backed that short film...
23/... I have no idea why the writer-director went to her company, or what she gave in return. I don’t know these people. And I don’t care to, frankly. I care about what works in fighting disinformation agents & their propaganda war against us.

So, let’s go back to Zwillman...
24/ To that roadmap. Because he went asymetrical on the enemy. And it worked. Boiled down, Zwillman funded two methods for battling the propaganda that a hostile foreign power unleashed on us: Fear & Money.
25/ One tactic of Zwillman’s, which has no place today: he beat the sh*t out of Nazis. Or, his men did. This was to protect their communities, where Zwillman knew L.E. would not. We don’t need violent retaliation today. We have laws that are enforced.
26/ Want 2 “punch” the propagandists? Do it w/ daylight & clarity. That’s what they fear. Call on news outlets to start reporting ON the propaganda instead of spreading it. Support journalists who know the difference. They’re the 1s rejecting access journalism 2 cover corruption.
27/ Some actually know about information warfare, aka propaganda, & have been sounding the alarm for years. Follow & learn from them. Even if the headline is confronting.…

And make sure they have the expertise they claim to...
28/ Pay attention to CONTEXT. Are you being critically informed, or are you being served up some outrage &/or despair?

If the latter, reject it. Cancel subscriptions. Turn the channel. “Unfollow.” Because that delivers the more fatal blow: Money.
29/ I’m all for boycotts. They work. Zwillman funded an effort to keep an active list of stores that carried German-made goods. No one wanted to be on that list. And those that were, felt it. You have to interrupt the enemy’s flow of money if you want to defeat them...
30/ Propaganda might be cheaper than “traditional” warfare, but it can have a high cost. The combo of public shaming + consumer boycotts worked in the ‘30s – & it can now. From boycotting advertisers who support propaganda networks to advancing legislation like the Magnitsky Act,
31/ we can f*ck up the enemy’s money.
There is no victory without it.
And, at this point, anyone pushing a counter-narrative is suspect as hell (especially if they come from sports-betting & somehow know Paul Manafort's kids😏).
F*ck them too.
32/ Stopping the money flow also comes from following it from the enemy to the wallets of their “agents.” I’m not speaking of intelligence agents here – not my field, at all. I just want to know about the money behind the attack on our democracy. Mueller is on this. But...
33/ What about Congress? So many of us are encouraged about the House committees come Jan. But, believe it or not, even the Dems haven’t shown the ability to “Follow The Money” when it comes to today’s propagandists & their tools/weapons for attacking us.…
34/ So, we must keep demanding that they ask about the money. Grill the f*ck out of @Jack, Zuck, & “Lean In”.
Go after paid shills, that use our 4th Estate. How can real journalism survive, if we’re too weak to see beyond the cries of 1stA made by unregistered foreign agents?
35/ If you take money – or receive some other benefit from the enemy to spread their propaganda, you’re not a journalist. Or a news outlet.

It’s time to hold those responsible for pushing propaganda. Here’s how: make them label it...
36/ If they put a registered foreign agent on their cable news panel – or run an article written by one in an op-end, they have to label it as such. On the chyron. Above the headline.
And if they’re promoting a paid shill that is unregistered..?
37/ Well then, we ask how that’s not a FARA violation by the outlet themselves. They make money off that content. If they want to continue spreading propaganda under 1stA protection, fine. But label it.
Tell the truth about it.
So that we know exactly what we’re consuming.
38/ Time for break #2. I’ll return with a take on what Zwillman would have thought about how we got from a mob boss putting his empire on the line to fight Nazis & their propaganda... to this: ⬇️…
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