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Over the last several days, I have been following something that has shaken me to my very core. The anger I have felt as a result as caused me to question a LOT of things politically, including my stance as a liberal.
Perhaps a little questioning of the political and social stances I hold is healthy. Most people's views change with time, their individual morals/ethics, and plain old self-interest.
I've been a liberal now about 10 years, after having been raised a Rush Limbaugh-listening, Fox News-watching member of the Right. I left that cesspool of fanaticism before the outright hostility towards Blacks and other minorities started.

Also, they killed an abortion doctor.
When it comes to my views on what it means to be a Black man in America, I've always been very conflicted--and at times, very confused. I've always known and understood the existence of racism and its many different forms, but never experienced it the way others may have.
But with the exception of a few people I follow on here, I have NEVER been fully on board with the progressivist, hyper-sensitive version of anti-racism, referred to these days as being "woke."
I'm talking about this buzzword-filled, college campus-birthed version of anti-racism, which so many Black folks have taken to with a quickness on here.
While some of the points this "wokeness" has raised over the years have been very valid, I've never trusted it because there has always been this lingering stench of what has felt like performance art.
As I started to observe "wokeness" more closely over the years, I noticed this rather odd "relationship" with white liberals some "woke" Black people on here began to express a desire for.
"Woke" Blacks always seem to wink at white liberals/progressives. For many of them, "allyship" and checking of privilege means giving them well-paying, highly-visible platforms to keep the "conversation" going ad nauseum.
This is the main reason for my distrust of "woke" Black people. They've turned anti-racism into a fucking profit sector. Nothing about it seems genuine anymore, especially when you've got more than a few Blue Checks with CashApp or PayPal links in their bios.

But I digress.
This transactional relationship, however, has begun to take a new shape. "Woke" Blacks take up the cause of EVERY oppressed minority group white liberals care about before even remotely considering their own.
They do this shit for what some have called the "white gaze." A LOT of "woke" Blacks desperately crave social status and the attention of white liberals, and are willing to do just about anything to get it. It validates their existence, and eases the pain of their self-hatred.
I've always been aware of these things, and have (wisely) kept my distance. The desire for a pat on the head from white liberals these "woke" fuckers have makes me sick.

But nothing could prepare me for the horror I found over the weekend.
The New York Theater Workshop has a brand-new play a LOT of "woke" people are talking about. It is perhaps the most blatant, frankly obscene expression of thirst for the white gaze I have ever seen in my entire life.

Its title?

"Slave Play", written by one Jeremy O. Harris.
"Slave Play" is *allegedly* a satire about the relationship of Black slaves and their white owners, with a VERY heavy focus on the sexual dynamics of said relationship.

It is downright disgusting, and a horrible trivializing of what slavery actually was.
Here is a review in Vox, describing many of the frankly horrible things "Slave Play" depicts.

And white liberals apparently can't get enough of this.…
A Black woman twerking for a slave master to Rihanna's "Work."

A white woman engaging in "buck breaking", raping a Black male slave with a dildo.

Playing R. Kelly on a fiddle.

And all done for the mirth and merriment of all.
I don't find a single fucking thing funny about this. Some have said this was a look into what the definition of consent is within the context of slavery.

Google ANY slave narrative you can think of. Black male slaves were CASTRATED, beaten with whips, and degraded. Female slaves were raped, often REPEATEDLY, under threat of the whip. If ANY slave got out of line, they were beaten and/or lynched.
There is absolutely NO context in which SLAVES could possibly have ANY type of individual agency, or consent to being raped. THAT WAS THE POINT of slavery. You were at the mercy of the slave owner's whims.
I've talked a LOT of shit about Ta-Nehisi Coates over the years, but this was one of the most important--and thorough--historical accounts of slavery and its concurrent effects on generations of Black people. There was NO SUCH FUCKING THING as consent.…
So, let me get this straight.

Black people were ripped from various parts of Africa. Stacked like so much cargo in slave ships and transported through the Middle Passage, with sick captives thrown into the fucking ocean.

No, I'm not done.
Once here in America, these slaves are bought and sold by barbaric white slave masters. Forced to pick cotton and undergo CENTURIES of racial terrorism.

I could go on and on.
These same Blue Checks walked around for YEARS going nuts on anyone who DARED tell people to "get over" slavery.

And here this Jeremy Harris--MFer not even out of college yet--has the audacity to dare people to LAUGH about this shit???
When I first heard of "Slave Play", I was enraged. Like, blinding.

But this morning, I read this piece Jeremy O. Harris wrote back in 2016.

Not only do I understand him more, I also understand his motivation.

And it disgusts me to my very essence.…
Let me make this very clear. I could care less about his sexuality. That's not the reason for my disgust with him.

I despise Jeremy Harris because of his fervent worship of, devotion to and psychopathic desire for the white gaze.

It is, for lack of a better term, perverted.
There are LOTS of "woke" Blacks out there with sycophantic desires for the white gaze. But it's something about the graphic nature in which Harris expresses the intensity of his need for white acceptance. It lacks all pretense of self-respect or dignity.
This severe, pathological need for white acceptance makes me sick. His need for the white gaze is such that he'd debase and sell out his own for temporary gain, even if it meant making mockery of the "Original Sin" of this country.

That is horrifying.
Ultimately, my words on here will mean nothing. "Slave Play" will be heralded by white liberals (and "woke" Blue Checks) as revolutionary, provocative and deep, and Harris will be regarded as a young, bold genius, and a hero of the Black struggle.

I will NOT partake in this.
He'll never be viewed this way writ large, but I see Jeremy O. Harris as an menace to Blackness itself. May "Slave Play" come back to haunt him and ANY Black person associated with this monstrosity.

That's it. I'm done.
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