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I will soon, sum up the achievements of BJP Government under PM Narendra Modi as The Story Of #ResurgentIndia when the People witnessed first time the Governance committed in Speed, Scale and Spectrum in Transforming India #5_साल_50_निर्णय #IndiaSurging
#DirectBenefitTransferScheme is a huge Transformational step in removal of middlemen who were encroaching like vultures on d monetary help rendered by Government to d poor. The Scheme ensures direct transfer into d Bank account of beneficiaries. #ResurgentIndia #IndiaSurging
Another transformational step has been serving d Banking Needs of d unbanked by opening 33.30Crore #JanDhanAccounts accounting for 55% of d new accounts opened globally from 2014-17. Besides launching of #IndiaPostPaymentBank Bank at doorstep of poor #ResurgentIndia #IndiaSurging
Development For All gets credibility with Government embarking on Food Security in all the 36 States/Union Territories as against 11 States in May 2014 and thus covering more than 80 Crore people. @ResurgentIndia #IndiaSurging #5_साल_50_निर्णय
The #SwachhBharatMission task has been daunting but a revolutionary step in right direction by building 9.45 Crore Toilets with over 5.33 lakh villages in 25 States & UTs declared Open Defecation Free bringing a Sanitation Coverage to 96.7% from 38% #ResurgentIndia #IndiaSurging
Again very essential steps have been #JanSurakshaYojana providing Insurance to poor at Rs12 per yr under #PMSurakshaBimaYojana, at Rs 330 per yr under #PMJeevanJyotiBimaYojana etc, & #AtalPensionYojana for unorganized sector workers #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Continuation of #PMJDY for widening d financial inclusion of d poor, underprivileged & marginalised by raising overdraft limit with no condition upto Rs2000, age limit relaxation, accidental insurance cover raised from 1Lac to 2Lacs #ResurgentIndia #IndiaSurging #5_साल_50_निर्णय
With launching of #IndiaPostPaymentBank delivering Doorstep Banking to d unbanked helped over 12 Lakh IPPB accounts with a balance of over Rs13 Cr with facility of bill & utility payments, etc. Also 3 fold payhike of GraminDakSevaks #ResurgentIndia #IndiaSurging #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Multi pronged efforts in Doubling d Farmers' Incomes with focus on proper irrigation, providing high quality seeds & nutrients, proper warehousing & cold storage for harvest, besides crop insurance & creation of national FarmMarket. #ResurgentIndia #IndiaSurging #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Government's commitment in standing with Farmers in distress by providing timely relief, Full MSP, assistance of Rs 4 Lacs to d family of deceased, enhanced Budgetary Allocations, Tax Incentives, 2000 Cr for Agri Infrastructure, etc #ResurgentIndia #IndiaSurging #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Greater access to d Neem coated fertilisers saw reduction in pest diseases and improved productions due to better soil health. Higher buffer stocks, with Bank supports to clear d fertiliser subsidy helped lower d Farmer's distress. ##ResurgentIndia #IndiaSurging #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Putting Farmers First does not mean populist measures like waiving of Loans, but providing support by way of trading platforms like e-NAM to avail right prices for d produce besides offering subsidies in transportation & logistics. #ResurgentIndia #IndiaSurging #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Concern for Farmers - Allocation Of Rs 50,000 Crores for Irrigation : Ensuring Return Over Cost Of Production, Raising MSP, Providing More Budget In Micro Irrigation, Facilitation Of Solar Water Pumps To Achieve More Crop Per Drop. #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
"Farmers First" warrants Higher Remunerative Prices for Produce under #PMAnnadataAaySamrakshanAbhiyan - To cover Oil Seeds,direct payment of difference between MSP & Selling Price, besides Private Sector participation in Procurement #ResurgentIndia #IndiaSurging #5_साल_50_निर्णय
With interests of Farmers First engaging the Modi Government, we see that Agricultural Growth has gathered a New Momentum with higher yields and expected more production(4.55% in 2018-19 from 3.8% in 2017-18) #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
No Development Without Realising India's Full Potential Thru Women Led Development & Welfare of Women. Facilitation of Welfare Measures For Expectant Mothers Through #26WeeksPaidMaternityLeave, #PoshanAbhiyan to tackle Malnutrition #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Socially Empowering Women - #BetiBachaoBetiPadao #TripleTalaqBill Are Some Of The Steps Govt Has Taken, Causing Higher Birth Rates, Higher Enrollment of Girls in Schools, Muslim Women able to perform Haj without Male Guardian, etc. #ResurgentIndia #IndiaSurging #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Steps taken to enhance Health Of Women by raising the Target of providing LPG Connections to 8 Crore Women from 5.8 Crore Target through #PradhanMantriUjjwalaYojana besides bringing #EaseOfLiving by abolishing unhealthy fuels. #ResurgentIndia #IndiaSurging #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Women Led Development thru upgradation & supplementing skills by Free Loans To Women Entrepreneurs - Benefited 9 Crore Women from Mudra & Stand Up India Schemes. Securing Women against Violence by Ordinance On #DeathPenaltyToRapists #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Commitment To Social Justice By Empowerment Of Rights Of Persons/Victims With Varying Disabilities - Providing Free Education, Reservation In Higher Institutions, Invoking Penalties For Offences Against Persons With Disabilities. #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Commitment To Social Justice Through Social Inclusion - Historic Budget Allocation - Welfare Of SC/ST Communities Rs 95,000 Crore. Welfare Of OBCs Raise of 41% Budget. Also Enhancing Scholarships, Measures for Access to Govt Offices #ResurgentIndia #IndiaSurging #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Measures like Strongest Amendments to SC/ST Act In Government's "Commitment To Social Justice" Through Rights Of Victims And Witnesses. Also Connecting Young India To Institutions BabaSaheb Ambedkar has been associated with. #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
The Government awake to d role of 27 Lakh Anganwadi Workers & Helpers in d Development Of Society, raised their monthly honorariums. Govt also helped 1.06 Cr ASHA Facilitators with Benefit Package besides covering them under #PMSBY #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
In its commitment in bringing #EaseOfLiving to d common man, Modi Govt embarked on a #PMJanArogyaYojana on 23rd Sept 2018 for UniversalHealthCoverage for a HealthyIndia under #AyushmanBharat with #HealthInsuranceCover Up to Rs 5Lacs #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Affordable & Quality Healthcare Medicines at More than 4300 Stores opened under at Subsidised rates of 50% to 90%, #AmritPharmacies for Cancer Drugs/Cardiac Stents- Rates Subsidised by 85%. #FreeDialysis To Poor under #PMNDP #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
To ensure a #HealthyIndia Govt brought #StandardisationOfAlliedHealthcareProfessionsBill2018 benefiting 8-9 Lakh HealthcareProfessionals. Plans for Leprosy Elimination by 2018, TB by 2025. Mission Indradhanush covering 551 Districts #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Securing Future of India by empowering Youth Of India, Govt has taken steps in Harnessing Yuva Shakti by overhauling School Education & by building #AtalTinkeringLabs, Ramps for Divyang Students & make stakeholders accountable too. #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Harnessing Youth Power- Empowering thru Education- launching 7 IITs, 7 IIMs, 14 IIITs,1 NIT, 2 IISER, 103 KVs, & 62 NavodayaVidyalas. Besides #PMResearchFellowshipScholarships worth Rs 70,000 Cr. 2 Lac/annum for PhDs Research, etc. #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
14392 #StartUps registered for Tax Relief for 3 consecutive yrs out of 7 years block. 14.64 Crores #MudraLoans sanctioned since April 2015. Budget Allocation raised to 3 Lakh Cr up by 20% than previous year in 2018 to fund, unfunded #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
The Path To Empowering People Of India would be Incomplete and Hollow unless Modi Government had not taken steps for providing all d necessary Climate of Transparency, Sources & Resources for "New Infrastructure for #NewIndia" #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Greater Transformation under Modi Govt- Over 1.85 Kms Of Rural Roads. Average Speed of Road Construction 134 Kms/day in 17-18, to 69 Kms/day in 13-14. Web of National Higway Construction - 120543 Kms on 17-18 to 92351 Kms in 13-14. #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Railway Modernisation & Expansion fast paced in MODI Government - 50% Increase In Track Renewal. 9524 Kms #BroadGauge Line Commissioned. 62% Reduction in #TrainAccidents with use of more Upgraded & Modern Safety Measures in place. #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
All round momentum in infrastructure enabled Affordable AirTravel for Common man too with #UDAAN adding 34 Airports, operational in smaller cities & India becoming 3rd largest AviationMarket. Inland Waterways Boosting Connectivity. #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Remember all this progress would not have seen d day, had there been no Transparency under Modi Govt & instead Scams & Corruption as witnessed in Cong Rule as admitted by RajivGandhi when not even 25 paise out 1Re would reach masses #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Have to admit that a War against Corruption & Corrupt has taken deep roots after Modi launched onslaught on it. SITs formed to probe Corrupt Ecosystem Cong seeded. #Demonetisation has given it a huge blow & hence Opposition on feet. #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Defaulters who had a free run to dupe Banks by availing Loans after Loans under Cong are on the run. Mallya fighting against extradition to India, #Michel in Judicial custody, may name Middlemen. 11 Fugitives brought in last 4 Yrs. #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Aspiring #NewIndia witness to 1.25 Cr Houses built under #PMJAY Loans up to Rs 9 Lakh & Rs 12 Lakh get Interest Subvention 4% & 3%. 100 UrbanCentres chosen as SmartCities to improve quality of Living with sustainable urban planning. #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
How can we forget the Scale Of Transformation #EaseOfLiving brought in by Modi Government thru Digitisation & a paperless Economy bringing in convenience in our daily lives while #Demonetisation helped in Formalization of Economy. #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
As the BJP Government under Modi took on to finish Redtapism, the Nation witnessed unprecedented spread of long struck developmental projects of Highways, Power Projects, Bridges, Airports, etc. coming to fruition with extra speed. #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Not alone Roads & Rail-Lines being laid, but efforts by Modi Govt for 100% Electrification of Broad Gauge, reducing Carbon footprint by using alternate sources of energy/fuel besides generating Direct Employment of 20.4 Cr mandays. #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Telecom Sector not lagging behind in engaging Government attention, getting an unprecedented boost with 5 fold jump in FDI inflow. Broad Band Connectivity 1Gbps to Gram Panchayat by 2020, 10 Gbps by 2022 & 50 Mbps to citizens. #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
And watch how Formalization of Economy helped in expansion of d Tax Base with unprecedented Growth Of Income Tax Returns filed in last 4 Yrs, Higher Tax Compliance over d last 3 Yrs - from 3.79 Cr in 2013-14 to 6.86 Cr in 2017-18. #ResurgentIndia ##SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
The intent of d Governance visible - Powering Billion Aspirations, as Every Village being Electified - Universal Household Electrification by March 2019, 8 More States already achieved 100% Target, total 15 States under Saubhagya. #ResurgentIndia ##SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Can we ignore d Role of Bold Reforms Revolutionary which have been a catalyst in bringing #EaseOfLiving through Accelerated Growrh to fulfil Aspirations of 1.35 Billion Indians. We see faster movement of goods, produce & essentials. #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
While d Banking Reforms & Labour Reforms, fuel d Growth Wave, #GST unburdens d Common man from being Taxed at multiple points, it boosts #EaseOfLiving by GST not exceeding 18% for 99% of d items d Common man needs in his daily life. #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Commendable Key initiatives like easier credit, wider market, better technology, etc by Modi Govt have led to Growth of MSMEs, and have thus given a New Momentum as seen in tbe increasef Rate in the Sale Of Commercial Vehicles too. #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
The manufacturing growth showing a very steady rise from 5.3% 2017-18 to 10.45% 2018-19 besides GDP Growth from 5.95% 2017-18 to 7.6% 2018-19 reflects in significant rise in Key Performance Indicators Rankings. #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय #EaseOfDoingBusiness
And can we ignore World Recognition & Applause of India becoming a Global Growth Engine. India truly becoming Envy of many countries as it leaves France behind in Growth, thus rewriting India's Growth Story of a #NewIndia . #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
World watches d Scale Of Transformation brought out by Modi Govt in providing Social Security thru Financial Inclusion & Holistic Development addressing areas - Sanitation, Housing, Providing of Common Service Centres, Connectivity. #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
As India's thrust gains a priority in reducing d carbon footprint by investing in more Environment Friendly & Cheaper Fuels, the World sees d Emergence of #NewIndia under dynamic leadership of Modi Govt with Yoga too on world Stage. #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
India turning into a Manufacturing Hub for Mobiles, with Strong Macro Economic Fundamentals defining #NewIndia with an ever increasing Tax Base shows the New Momentum India's Growth has achieved - A Historic Transformation. #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
Have no hesitation in saying India under Modi Govt is undergoing a renaissance in Development & Growth, while at d same time fighting Cronyism & Corruption & bringing in Sanitation, Financial Inclusion, Introducing More Reforms. #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय
The World also saw a #NewIndia under Narendra Modi making many strides in its Defence preparednes by launching of #SurgicalStrike, #Arihant & #GSAT-7A securing its borders & in countering misadventures by its Enemies. #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय 🇮🇳
A Recognition And A Commendation by the World Community For The Might Of #NewIndia is a Moment of Pride For Its Prime Minister Narendra Modi Representing The Heart And Soul Of 1.25 Billion People. @BJP4India #ResurgentIndia #SurgingIndia #5_साल_50_निर्णय 🇮🇳
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