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1. I think I figured out the enigma
of Flynn sentencing's hearing

Things are not as they appear.

It was a game. Think Poker.
2. WARNING: small minds need not apply.
IQ higher than 140 required.

only for highly sophisticated minds.
3. the Judge starts the hearing by saying:
"The Court takes its responsibility here today, as always, very seriously"

you may think this is just a routine phrase.
It isn't.

The game starts.

double bluff.
4. The Judge makes the attendees think something,
than the opposite of that,
then the opposite of the opposite.
5. "The Judge takes his responsibility here today very seriously" means:

"I will be very serious,
then no, I will joke, fooling everyone,
but then the smartest ones will understand I was just joking,
and I will be serious again"
6. consider also that the Judge is well aware of the Media attention on the hearing: NYT, WaPo, and especially the TV networks: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Fox, etc.
and he knows how stupid the MSM reporters are.

The Judge will fool everyone.

quite a character, I must admit...
7. The KEY POINT of the whole Flynn hearing is this:

The Judge knows that Flynn is innocent, and wants Flynn to withdraw his guilty plea.

Judge: "Flynn, did you make your guilty plea knowingly, voluntarily, intelligently?"
8. and this:
"I cannot recall the Court accepting a guilty plea from someone who maintaned he is not guilty. And I don't intend to start today"

more clear than this...
9. also please notice this word: FULSOME

it will come handy later on.

isn't it weird?
how often do you use this word?

also, FULSOME seems out of context in that sentence...
10. Do you know why the Judge knows Flynn is innocent, and wants to acquit him?

because the Judge KNOWS that the Peter Strzok/Joe Pientka FBI interview with Flynn was a TRAP,
and "fruit of the poisonous tree" reasoning applies.

so, by law, the case must be dismissed.
11. and the Judge knows that the Flynn Trap had been organized
by FBI corrupt Director Comey and by FBI corrupt Deputy McCabe.

do you think the Judge is a total idiot?

I guess he reads The Conservative Tree House, too.
12. besides, please notice that Judge Emmet G. Sullivan had been first appointed by President Ronald Reagan, back in 1984

Ronald Reagan? This should tell you something...

official link:
13. the Judge wanted Flynn to withdraw his guilty plea, and wanted to acquit Flynn.

how did Flynn reply?
"No, I don't want to withdraw my guilty plea"

note: Mr. Kelner is Flynn's lawyer
14. here, and in the above transcript section, you will notice that the Judge gives every opportunity to Flynn's lawyer to withdraw the guilty plea, and:

"Is it your contention that Mr. Flynn was entrapped by the FBI ?"

note: Mr. Kelner is Flynn's lawyer
15. "Do you believe Mr. Flynn's rights were violated
by the fact he did not have a lawyer present for the interview?"

more clear than that...

as written above, the Judge KNOWS that the FBI interview was a TRAP.
16. then... WHY ?

Why Flynn didn't want to withdraw his guilty plea?

is Flynn stupid?

the Judge wants to acquit him,
and Flynn says "no, I don't want to be acquitted"

17. the only possible answer is that SOMETHING is broiling behind the scenes.
something we are not privy to.
something which is related to Mueller, the Special Counsel, and Flynn.
something very, very SECRET.
18. one more thing to notice (VERY IMPORTANT) is that, throughout the hearing, the Mueller's lawyer attitude has been surprisingly mild towards Flynn.
You will notice this later in this THREAD.

the Special Counsel lawyer was Brandon Van Grack.
19. remember that the Special Counsel recommended a "NO JAIL" sentence for Flynn, just some day ago, which was surprising as well.

SOMETHING very, very secret is broiling, behind the scenes...
20. Now comes the fun part.

The Judge acknowledges that Flynn wants to keep his guilty plea,
and he starts his jokes (re: #4 and #5)

the so-called "TREASON" part
21. why does the Judge do it?

multiple reasons:

A. scare Flynn in order to make him withdraw the guilty plea
B. fool the MSM Media and derail them (there is a reason for that)
C. the Judge likes to have some fun (no doubt)

infact, all the MSM Media fell for it...

22. note: all the "accusations" that the Judge makes in this section,
he knows they are all false, even while making them.

what a Joker! - let's see some of these "fake accusations":

Judge to Flynn: "Arguably, you sold your country out"
23. Judge to Flynn: "I'm not hiding my disgust, my disdain for this criminal offense"


how does Flynn reply?
"Yes, Your Honor"
24. Judge: "Treasonous activity"
25. Judge to SC lawyer: "Hypothetically, could he have been charged with Treason?"
26. right after this "JOKES" part, the Judge declares a recess time.

When the Court comes back, the Judge prompty withdraws whatever he said just before (above), and apologizes:

Judge: "I felt terrible about that"

LOL... what a Joker...
27. Judge: "I wasn't suggesting he's committed Treason"

and you can read the rest...

Poker bluff.
(re-read #1 to #6)
before I continue, I want to thank @Techno_Fog for his THREAD about the Flynn hearing (link below)

as I could not find the original hearing transcript, I borrowed Techno Fog's transcript images. I hope he doesn't mind.

29. now notice this:
the Special Counsel lawyer - Mr. Van Grack - states that Flynn had 19 interviews with Mueller Special Counsel.

19 interviews ???
that's a lot!

and for what?
30. answer: Flynn had 19 interviews with Mueller Special Counsel to assist in "several ongoing investigations"

BOOM !!!

there you have it...
31. and now we shall see the FULSOME topic
32. FULSOME is a very rarely used word, and it has 2 meanings:

A. generous in amount, extent, or spirit
B. offensive of good taste

Why did the Judge use this weird word?
33. and it was out of context, too:
Judge: "and with FULSOME and satisfactory advice of counsel"

="with 'generous in amount' and satisfactory advice of his lawyer"
="with 'offensive of good taste' and satisfactory advice of his lawyer"

does it make any sense?
34. wait...
where else have we seen this weird and obsolete word, FULSOME?
35. zooming out:
37. Hey Judge Sullivan, What the H*LL ???

what are you telling us?

and right at the START of the hearing!

are you telling us (and telling someone else)
that you know about Project FULSOME, and the British Intel GCHQ spying on Trump under Hussein obama request?
38. coincidence ?

with a word as rarely used as FULSOME ???

1 chance in 100 Billion.

no way.
and it's not over, yet...

more juice to come
38. as we have seen, the Judge mentioned both FULSOME and TREASON in the hearing.

wait a second...

isn't TREASON the crime that the Conspirators of the GCHQ SpyOperation committed?

Conspirators = obama, HRC, Brennan, Susan Rice, Yates, Comey, McCabe, Strzok & more.
39. Whom is the Judge sending the oblique message to?

please note the Trump tweet below.
dated Sept 5, 2018.

another coincidence?
40. my guess is that FULSOME - in the meaning of "offensive of good taste" - was the nickname they gave to Donald Trump, either inside GCHQ,

or in the communications between John Brennan and the British Intelligence Agency GCHQ Director, Robert Hannigan
41. we know - from texts and doc's - that all these guys LOATHE Trump
- Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, John Brennan, James Comey, Andy McCabe,

were they nicknaming Trump as FULSOME ?
as "offensive of good taste"?

it certainly fits the bill.
was it Brennan who coined the name?
42. yesterday I got a tip from a follower, @ArdentEchoes , whom I thank.

he made me notice this word, right before FULSOME: "intelligently"

isn't GCHQ an "Intelligence" Agency ?
another hint from the Judge?
43. to recap:
in the hearing the Judge made 3 references:

FULSOME = name of the GCHQ Spy Operation
INTELLIGENTly = Intelligence Agency
TREASON = the crime committed by the Conspirators

44. and there is one more:
What did Sally Yates say in her Congressional testimony of May 8, 2017 ?

the hearing was about... you guessed: Mike Flynn

Fake News CNN link:
45. listen here, what EXACTLY Sally Yates said, at the start of her testimony:

video - at 2:20 onwards

source: Time magazine (notable Fake News outlet)
46. FULSOME ???

Yates: “I intend to be as FULSOME and comprehensive as possible”
47. was Sally Yates hinting at Project FULSOME - the British GCHQ SpyOp against Trump ?

was she sending a message to her co-Conspirators maybe, to continue to cover her back?

to John Brennan, perhaps?
to James Clapper?
48. as you noticed, Time magazine even made a full article about the use
of this WEIRD word by Sally Yates


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