In just a few moments I'll be continuing on to part 5 of the epic crystals of Steven universe series of threads.

We'll be directly continuing on from part 4 which can be found here
Okay folks I'm live for #tarotreading for the next 4 hrs and will be threading here between readings

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We're continuing with the zircons today and our next is red zircon

Red zircon is a silicate/neosilicate zircon the comes in a range of reds from red orange to dark red and red violet.

Its sometimes known as jacinth.
Red zircon is a stone that's thought to bring blessing after misfortune and vitality after exhaustion.

Because of the revitalisation properties bit was also used as a ward against black death and other plagues.
This stone is excellent for queer folks as another name for it is hyacinth who of course was the lover of Apollo who died when struck in the head with a discus although myths vary on if it was an accident or intervention by the jealous zephyr.
Fragrances associated with red zircon are saffron sage hyacinth and cinnamon star signs are Leo and Sagittarius.
We have yellow zircon which can come in all ranges of yellow including greenish yellow but seriously crewniverse it's driving me nuts why not just call her green zircon? They exist and are a thing what is the context I'm missing & when will we get more episodes? (Jk… mostly.)
Anyway yellow zircon irl is fairly common and I love it because when it's lit properly it can look like electricity trapped in glass.

Good stone for breaking the cycle of abuse and seeing the truth of abusive situations.
It's the first time of the evening that I remind folks I'm live for tarot right now and will be till.1am GMT

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The more golden hues of yellow zircon especially are good at detachment from self seeking and pettiness. Good at encouraging teamwork and progress.

Scents associated with yellow zircon are chamomile lemon and fennel. Star sign is Gemini.
Next we have green zircon that comes in a range of greens from brilliant green through to brownish green and even yellowy green. These zircons can even be cloudy unlike a lot of the others.
A great stone for dealing with jealousy in relationships especially those coming from a place over dependency and concern that can stifle relationships.
A stone with connections to prosperity & abundance making it. Excellent crystal for business & finding people who share in your goals and dreams and want to work towards them.

Scent associations are Clary sage pine basil rosemary & thyme. Zodiac association are virgo & libra.
It's the 2nd time this evening where I remind you that I'm live for #tarotreading for the next 2hrs

#readingsbyroo #tarot

See tweet for details.
Finally in the zircons we have blue zircon a relatively common zircon that is usually from from inclusions that comes in shade of blue from pale blue to intense blue with greenish undertones.
A good stone for helping heal from betrayal and help boosting self esteem as you begin the healing process.

Another name for blue zircon is starlite.
Blue zircon is an excellent stone for reconnecting with ancestors & ancestral lands its a stone of wise women and matriarchs its seen as a stone of wise and true justice as a consequence of that.
prized by the Victorians for brooches and rings particularly around the 1880’s.

Blue zircons Fragrance associations are honey honeysuckle hyacinth lavender and lilac zodiac association is Sagittarius
Next gem is carnelian who is seen briefly as part of the famethyest in the episode “that will be all” (s04e15) and is mentioned  in “beta”(s03e22).
Carnelian like main amethyst is a “defective” quartz and also like amethyst she is shorter in stature although she isn't as short as amethyst. Carnelian appears to have been born in beta kindergarten.

Irl there are 2 kinds of carnelian, red and orange.
For the third and final time tonight I'm on for the next hr ( I'm pushing it for a little bit as I had to take a break)

I'll be live with #tarot if you don't get tonight my last sessions before Christmas will be Saturday 22nd 9pm till 1am ish GMT

Starting with the one I don't think Steven universe carnelian is representative of, orange carnelian is a fairly common form of chalcedony that come is hues of peachy pink orange can get fairly dark in tone.
Traditionally tied to "Feminine" energies due to its ancient Egyptian association with the menstrual blood of the mother Goddess Isis but in modern times more tied to self care and helping overcome things like sexual anxieties and eating disorders.
Scent associations are hibiscus orange rosemary and chamomile star sign associations are virgo and Sagittarius.
Red carnelian is a type of chalcedony that comes in brilliant vibrant reds all the way through to Reddy browns.

Traditionally Seen as the balancing counterpart to orange carnelian it's therefore heavily tied to "masculine" energies.
It's good stone for those wishing to learn how to assert oneself and getting a confidence boost before a performance or presentation at work.
Also an excellent stone at absorbing anger and jealousy put in a house with teens and toddlers to help absorb the random outbursts of those turbulent times in life.

Fragrance association cedar juniper pine and ginger zodiac association is leo.
My friends we're done until Saturday 22nd of December 9pm GMT when we'll be moving onto agates. Trust me when I say there is an wild amount of agates.

Anyway I hope you've enjoyed and as always

You've been awesome I've been Roo and this has been #readingswithroo

Stay safe💜
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