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I've spent the last 2.5 years in a horrible place and no, I'm not talking about Birmingham - in fact, I love where I live, in the place many seem to fear most, a truly multicultural neighbourhood, it's part of why I fight so hard.
We voted Remain btw
When the referendum came I wasn't paying attention to the world, I was just hanging out with my 3yo child, who was going to start school that autumn.
It was our last Spring of hanging out together.
I read around all the arguments for Leave but in my view the EU is not our enemy
In fact, my experience of the EU has been very positive as previously I worked in Home & Child Safety promotion and before that set up a small business in event services with the help of EU regional development funds.
Plus I have lived in Germany, my friends & family are European
Leaving the EU only needs to drop our National Income by 1% for the costs to outweigh the savings.
Vote Leave were blatantly lying about there being any kind of Brexit Dividend for any of our public services.
This is plain now. Brexit makes us poorer on purpose. Well, most of us
The things that are wrong in the UK are not due to the EU, they're due to our own government.
Giving them even more control seemed a bad idea.
Plain truth to me at that point was that although we definitely need change, Brexit after Austerity was change for the worse esp 4OurNHS
Then I went back to playing with my little girl.

I had her when I was 41 - I wasn't sure I should be a mum because I'd been very unstable in my 20s and spent 6 years on Lithium and had to leave Med School before graduation because I was terrified I might act under a delusion
But I found a way through, and weathered a lot more storms, and by the time I had her I was grounded.
Certain I'd never show my child just how mad I could get.

I even made it through all the sleep-deprived intensity of being a parent of a pre-school kid with my sanity intact.
But Brexit broke me.
Either I'm crazy again, or the everyday people in this country are.
There is no way that Brexit is not going to hurt.
Vote Leave dismissed those warnings as ProjectFear but now we are stockpiling medicines & troops on standby
Who voted for this?
Why are we letting them do this to us, in our own name?
How many more reasons do we need to check that enough of us actually want what Brexit actually means?
How many more #BrexitConcerns do I have to list?
How much more smoke do we need before we stop the fire?
Brexit was sold to people by Vote Leave as being beneficial to our public services & it won't be.
Plain truth is the cost of delivering it outweigh the savings of not paying to be part of the European Union.
Do people just not realise that? UKGov knows it.
So many reasons why we should check that enough of us still want to Leave now it's clearer what Brexit really means.

Better safe than sorry.
Have EUref2 then we can move forward together.
No good reasons for not giving us FinalSay
People can #TellThemAgain
Turns out we don't live in a rational world where sanity & fairness prevails, since people could easily signal they wanted to CheckBrexit by signing up for FinalSay #EUref2…
If the Government or opposition cared, they could suggest this.
But they don't.
2.5 years I've been trying to get a chance to check people really want this future.
It's unbalanced me. Insomniac, obsessive, suicidal.
All the things I hoped my child would never know me as.
But I just can't accept that people are unwillingly to #CheckBrexit
I have too much faith that most of the people of the UK are decent people who would not willingly force a harder future on their neighbours.

May's Deal is worse than our current deal & Hard Brexit will really hurt.
It's not ok to make others suffer without informed consent.
But increasingly, I think I'm wrong & that people in this country just don't care about each other enough to take control of ensuring our own shared future is decided in a fair and open manner

This makes me impossibly sad, as I believed that deep down myUK is kind
I thought maybe people just didn't understand, that the spinning fog of misinformation was too thick (not the people).
I wrote a lot of threads, tried different approaches, thought a lot about doing something dramatic that would make people stop & listen to what's going down here
I thought a lot about doing something very dramatically terminal to get people to listen to my Brexit concerns.
I almost did, several times. I'm not great with helplessness when I'm not in balance. But I'm still here. Still utterly perplexed.
#BrexitIsPersonal #BrexitisCrazy
But please, can someone tell me why are we letting this happen to us?
Without another referendum to confirm enough of us still want BrexitReality we're facing decades of dragging mistrust as the Brexit delusion hits reality.
Better to be sure it's what people still want, surely?
Better safe than sorry.
Look before we Leave.
#CheckBrexit #FinalSay
Me & thousands of others waving flags of caution, calling for a FinalSay but apparently we're not allowed to question Brexit.

If Brexiters were convinced that people still wanted to leave then they'd call for EURef2
This isn't democracy, it's tyranny
But nobody is listening.
It seems nobody cares.

Brexit is privilege preserving itself.
We were better than this once. Now we risk losing our public service safety net.

Brexit is a self-inflicted wound that will never heal.

I don't want to live in CruelBritannia.

Make it stop
If enough people still want to Leave they will vote for Brexit in EURef2 & we will Leave.
A FinalSay is an informed decision.
Plain truth is the promises made by Vote Leave cannot be delivered.
Brexit will damage our NHS at a time when we cannot bear the strain.
I know I've said this many times, many ways, but I don't know if I can take the strain any more either.
Not a dramatic flounce, just out of ideas & energy.
Stuck with a cognitive dissonance I can't resolve.
Brexit is definitely not going to deliver what was promised so... EURef2
Surely more people must know that we've been sold a pig in a poke?
Yet they still can't even take a minute to say "Er, hang on, can we just check we still want Brexit?"
We can't respect a result that was obtained under false pretences.
That's just not cricket.
Yet here we are, stumbling into chaos for the stupidest reason of all. Pride.
Tory Brexit = Cruel Britannia
Labour Brexit = Fool Britannia

I thought the people of OurUK were kinder & smarter.
I don't want to live in this world.
I want to live in AltUK
All my life I've been part of a European fellowship & I'm 47.
My generation & those that came after, we're decimal not imperial.
I am where O Levels became GCSE
We mostly want to RemainEUnited.
Awful cold of the older generation removing part of our identity by making us Brexit
And what of those ~2 Million young people denied a say in their future who can vote now? #OFOC

Lords & near half of Parliament gave 16-18 yr olds a vote, but they were denied by the Tories. People don't expect them to support a future they didn't choose?…
Six years ago & now

I've done my best but she's seen me crying in supermarkets now. That wasn't meant to happen.
2.5 yrs with a broken mum

But people are making a cold choice about her future that divides families, damages public services & reduces her rights
She's been really understanding. She has friends & relations who are EU & we are all hurting from this decision to divide us & make everything harder for no good reason, but today she asked me if Brexit was ever going stop, because she wanted her mum back
So I should stop
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