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1) This is my Q thread for December 20, 2018

Q posts can be found here:

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My theme: [D] Day
2) Q posted a link to an article lampooning those who hoped General Flynn would be cleared of all charges in his hearing on December 18th.

The article takes aim at conspiracy theorists who follow Q and who believe Flynn is part of a secret operation.…
3) As much as I hoped General Flynn would be cleared, God gave me dream the morning of the 17th showing confusion on social media about the hearing. I opted not to make a prediction about it.
4) I don't think it's wise to make public predictions about the day the hammer will drop but Q has been hinting that the day is approaching.

What hints?
See the next tweets.
5) On Jan 1, changes to the Court Martial system take effect.

Why would POTUS make changes to the laws governing Court Martial unless he intended to utilize them?…
6) The 116th Session of Congress is sworn in on Jan 3rd, 2019.
7) Q wrote:
Ongoing investigations…..
"There are a lot of sealed indictments" - SC
"It's all going to come out, U1, Dossier, CF, etc…." - SH
"I have pretty good sources…" - SH
There is a reason why SH, SC, and JS are on stage.
8) We learned from Mr. Doyle and Mr. Moynihan last week that there is an open investigation into the Clinton Foundation (which is likely why John Huber did not testify on the 13th.)…
9) Sara Carter (SC) John Solomon (JS) and Sean Hannity (SH) have the inside scoop on the prosecution of corruption which is why they're center stage.
10) Q seems to be suggesting that we're very close to the appointed time.
The clock is ticking.
When will the 1st alarm ring?
We'll have to wait and see.
11) If Q is a LARP, why is the entire mainstream media complex focusing their attention on him?
Why the coordinated attacks?
Why is WaPo leading the charge?
Logical thinking.
12) As justice and the rule of law are being returned to their rightful places, the rats in DC are panicking.
13) This Video describes what Q's movement is about.
14) Q+ (POTUS) sent this personal message.
15) Some believe the previous post indicates the return of our country will happen on a certain day.

There will be some days that are more memorable than others but I don't know if Q wants us to guess which day it will happen.
16) Some history about D Day:

During World War II, the Battle of Normandy (which lasted from June 1944 to August 1944) resulted in the liberation of Western Europe from Nazi Germany’s control.
17) Operation Overlord began on June 6, 1944 (the day known as D-Day)
when 156,000 American, British and Canadian forces landed on five beaches along a 50-mile stretch of French coastline heavily fortified by German artillery.
18) The invasion was one of the largest amphibious military assaults in history and required extensive planning. Prior to D-Day, the Allies conducted a large-scale deception campaign designed to mislead the Germans about the intended target.
19) By late August 1944, all of northern France had been liberated, and by the following spring, the Allies had defeated the Germans. The Normandy landings have been called the beginning of the end of the war in Europe.
20) Q's operation involves military intelligence.
It may be helpful to look at how the military uses the term D-Day.

D-day indicates the day when an operation or attack is to be initiated when the day is undetermined or when secrecy is required.…
21) Q's operation is leading to the day when corrupt people in government, the media, entertainment and the corporate world will be arrested.

I've had a number of dreams from God that seem to indicate there will be a day (perhaps two or three) when mass arrests will happen.
22) Is Q telling us that [D] Day is the (unknown) day when the arrests will happen?

It's possible but I can't say with certainty.
23) Q explained a year ago that Buzzfeed's source for the Steele dossier was John McCain [no name].

McCain admitted to giving the dossier to the FBI but denied giving it to BuzzFeed.

Newly revealed court documents prove Mccain was Buzzfeed's source.
25) To the skeptics:
How did Q know a year ago that McCain was Buzzfeed's source for the Steele dossier?
26) Paul Ryan received a copy of the dossier before it was published.
Why is he leaving Congress?
Caught red-handed?
Why have top DOJ/FBI officials been fired?
Deep state clean out?
Nothing happening?
Media attacks = over the target.
27) In the December 22, 2017 drop above Q said, "You have the keystone."

The word "keystone" appears in 8 posts.

The first 6 posts tell us to find the keystone or identify what it is.
Here's an example.
28) Q elaborated on the keystone idea breaking it into two words.
28) This anon thought military intelligence/NSA + the power of the Presidency and the patriots who support him = the keystone.
29) Q confirmed the anon's guess by reposting the crumb.
30) Q explained:
Admiral Rogers & NSA (W&W) >>[Wizards & Warlocks]
+ Military
= Keystone
Keystone allows the full picture to painted for patriots.
31) For those who are interested, the previous tweet gives a more concise answer to this question. 👇🏼
32) Q posted a link to an article that denigrated POTUS for having more military flags in the oval office than any other President in history.

We know it's because Trump supports the military like no other President and they support him.
34) The FBI Twitter account announced that Director Chris Wray just completed visits to all 56 FBI field offices.

35) Q asked if Wray's visits (which took 15 months to complete) were just a part of the job or if there was some other purpose.

(With all that is going on in the DOJ & FBI, I'm guessing there was a purpose not obvious to the casual observer.)
36) An anon posted news headlines reporting that Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker was cleared by the DOJ to remain in control of the Mueller investigation.
37) Q told us weeks ago that Acting AG Whitaker would not recuse himself from the Mueller investigation.
38) It was revealed that Democrat operatives created fake Russian social media accounts in an attempt to connect Roy Moore with Russia during his run for the US Senate.…
39) Another application of [D] Day?

Q says that when all their corruption is exposed, the [D]emocrat party will cease to exist.
40) Q posted about Alice (Hillary Clinton) & the Mad Hatter (Marty Torrey).
41) Backstory:

"Alice and Wonderland" was a signature used by Q last year.
(It was the first of Q's signatures that was decoded.)
42) Earlier this year, it was disclosed through FOIA that Marty Torrey referred to himself in emails as "the Hatter" and Hillary Clinton as "Alice."
43) My full thread on Alice and Wonderland. 👇🏼
44) I would assume that since Q gave us a crumb (post) about Hillary and Torrey with no sauce (context), they'll be returning to the headlines again soon.
45) With the announcement that Jim Mattis will be stepping down as Defense Secretary in February, my mind began thinking about who might replace him.
46) It's not a prediction, just a thought.
Who might replace Mattis?
A member of the Council of Wizards and Warlocks?
Someone who knows where the bodies are buried?
Like Mattis, he would need to get a Congressional exemption to serve as Defense Secretary but that is easily done.
47) Right on cue, the former head clown chimed in on President Trump's announcement that Jim Mattis will be stepping down as Defense Secretary.
48) If Brennan seems a little panicky, there's a good reason.
The clock is ticking.
[D] Day is coming.
When will the 1st alarm ring?
49) Q asked if we've noticed a pattern in recent resignations/retirements.
50) Admiral Rogers departed the NSA/Cybercommand only after the world's premier intel agency was safely in the hands of General Paul Nakasone.
51) Jeff Sessions departed DOJ only after it had been cleaned of corrupt people and could be safely turned over to Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker.

(William Barr will be confirmed as the permanent AG in 2019.)
52) General Kelly's primary role was to remove leakers & traitors from the White House.

Once that was done, it was safe (and necessary) to appoint a replacement.
(We're waiting for a full-time replacement to be named.)
53) The main role of Defense Secretary Mattis was overseeing the destruction of ISIS.
That goal has been accomplished and POTUS needs to achieve different goals.
Achieving those goals will require someone with a different skillset & worldview.
54) Syria is a high-risk location for incidents that demand military intervention.
If our troops are not there, we have less chance to be drawn into a battle stemming from false flags or CI_A ops.
55) I would imagine POTUS was thinking along the same lines when he announced a drawdown of troops in Afghanistan.…
56) Of course, Neocons and Military Industrial Complex shills are freaking out about Trump's decision but POTUS is well advised and he's intent on keeping his promise to bring our troops home.
57) Promises Made.
Promises Kept.
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