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Don't ask what I was trying to look up, but check out what I found in the bowels of Amazon.
Super Strength Mammary!
The ideal body type? Able to beat men senseless with just your breasts.
My breasts can bench 220, bro.
I especially like how they're for "cross-dressing men and trans women"
Even mention crossdressers first, wow.
Also I'd never want to gatekeep anyone from, uh, cross-dressing, but I think if you're taking breast enlargement pills, that's not "just" cross-dressing.
Crossdressing is wearing the "wrong" clothes for your gender, for sexual reasons, no?
But if you're taking supplements to change your body, that seems more like you're not exactly a cis man.
Maybe you still mostly identify as male, sure... There are men with breasts, after all.
But it no longer strictly counts as cross-dressing, in my opinion.
Anyway, it's two herbs and "bovine Mammary"
Is this just ground up cow udders? Huh. So it's basically a hamburger pill?
Also yes, you can cross-dress for reasons other than sexual ones and reasons other than "you haven't come out (even to yourself) as trans yet". Sorry, that was an oversimplification.
as for why I was looking these up, I was trying to make a joke about dextro- vs. levo- HRT drugs and them not being a racemic mixture causing uneven breast growth, but I thought I remembered hearing that certain hormones vs. others affected breast growth more than others.
so I tried to research that for a single tweet and got really useless results and this weirdness. IT WASN'T EVEN THAT FUNNY OF A JOKE
anyway, despite talking about the silliness of putting "male crossdressers" first on the label, I don't really think it's a good idea to discourage people who see themselves as male and engage in crossdressing.
even if they're going outside the bounds of what I'd consider to be "crossdressing" as a fetish or just an interest.
Not only because, as hobbies/fetishes go, crossdressing is pretty innocuous. Wearing the "wrong" clothes and makeup? Go nuts! Have fun.
but also cause I think it's a bad idea in the larger sense to discourage any sort of gender non-conformity while allowing "full" trans people to exist.
Because if you have a binary view of "there are 100% cis men, and there are 100% trans women", you discourage baby steps.
cause not every trans woman was born feeling they were "in the wrong body". Not everyone knew at age 6 they wanted to be a princess, not a prince. Lots of people didn't know, suppressed, or just ignored any signs they might be trans.
and "cross-dressing" is a relatively safe and private way to explore that sort of thing.
I know more than one trans woman who started out thinking she was just a man who had a cross-dressing fetish, before realizing that it wasn't the sexual part she was into.
So I personally think it's bad to discourage and mock cross-dressing, as it'll further isolate and stigmatize any kind of gender non-conformity, and keep trans women from realizing they're trans. They'll stay in the closet, even to themselves.
and if they decide that they aren't trans, and it IS just a sex thing?
Not to sound overly sex-positive here, but great! who cares?
People do lots of weird stuff in the bedroom, putting on "wrong" clothes is at the very bottom rung of the weird or harmful scales.
although I of course have to mention that this is kinda overly forward thinking: I'm kinda presuming acceptance of trans women here. the idea of crossdressing as a fetish has historically been used to attack and dismiss trans women.
the image of a "man in a dress" always being a humiliation or sex thing is a long established trope in comedy and it's damaging to trans women. They just want to live their life as themselves, and not get dismissed as just a sexual fetishist.
and "dismissed" sounds way more innocuous than it should, really. if it's just a sex thing, then they're not gonna get supported (or supported as much) when they get fired or kicked out of housing, or assaulted, etc.
that, I think, is well known. Sorry if I'm saying things everyone knows, but I think it's important to make it clear on a thread like this which could sound too pro-crossdressing.
I'm just saying, it's not as black and white as it seems, but it's not as grey, either.
Trans women are women, not male crossdressers.
But at the same time, if cis men want to cross dress? that's fine. They might be trans, and they should be allowed to experiment.
(even if they aren't trans in the end)
and if you want to see someone who isn't just a (hopefully) informed bystander talk about this sort of crossdressing vs trans woman issue, check out @ContraPoints video on Autogynephilia. It's both informative and hilarious:

(and if saying "trans women are women, not sex perverts" is too "SJW" for you, you're entirely welcome to unfollow & block me. That's really the bare minimum of respect they deserve, people!)
(although the two aren't mutually exclusive. There are definitely trans women who are big sex perverts... just like there are cis men & cis women & trans men who are big sex perverts. Humans often like sex, and they often like it weird. cis/trans? doesn't really matter)
(it's just that the trans women who ARE big sex perverts aren't big sex perverts in the "are men pretending to be women for sexual reasons" way. And I don't mean to imply that)
I'll shut up now. I just wanted to share a picture I saw while trying to make a joke THAT WASN'T VERY FUNNY TO START WITH and now it's a big long thread about trans rights and sex positivity and I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE BUYING 3D PRINTER FILAMENT AN HOUR AGO
it's almost like I have wildly uncontrolled ADHD!
oh right, I do.
also, if you DO want bigger breasts, please don't buy this shit. Talk to doctors and surgeons. This is herbal placebo, and it's both uncontrolled by the FDA and enriching the kind of scammers who sell this shit. This will do nothing at best.
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