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Trump is taken aback at the level to which the country has been sold out by embedded groups w/in govt, particularly w/regard to Chinese influence
I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. -@POTUS

Do Your Job or be in breach of contract. #Declassify All.
9/12/18 @POTUS signed "EO on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election". The order empowers the admin. to impose sanctions on foreign govts & individuals who manipulate U.S. elections; UK, AUS & #DeepState
Witch Hunt? - The #Coup Plot & "Insurance Policy" Come To Light!

Trump Unloads on FBI After Reading About Counterintel Inquiry Into Whether He Worked on Russia’s Behalf truepundit.com/trump-unloads-…

#Treason #MisprisionOfTreason
Taking down the #911BushClintonObamaCrimeSyndicate
Trump Puts Schumer and Pelosi in a Brilliant Vise Grip

Govt shutdown presents @POTUS an opportunity to cut the bureaucracy & save taxpayers $billions.

As of today SES execs loyal to the Democrats become vulnerable to the Reduction in Force, (RIF) monster americanthinker.com/articles/2019/…
Death Of Russiagate? Mueller Team Tied To Mifsud's Network

This is collusion between rouge US intel, UK & Mueller fabricating evidence of Trump-Russia collusion

#Coup on @POTUS is #WarOnYou

#Mifsud @HillaryClinton #MI6 #911BushClintonObamaCrimeSyndicate
63. As IP said 6 months ago. Mifsud isn't a Russian agent, but a Western intelligence asset. Mifsud served as a ploy in a gambit developed by @JohnBrennan & UK intel. Mueller inherited & developed the #Mifsud narrative into the collusion soap opera of today.

64. British & US Interests Worked Together to Fabricate a Collusion Scandal pushed by the leftest #FakeNews MSM 24/7 to subvert a US Presidency @POTUS, & in doing so, intentionally raised tensions between the West & a nuclear-armed power.

#Coup #Treason #MisprisionOfTreason
Will Owners Of Backpage Bring Down The Dems?
In 2012 James Larkin & Mike Lacey, sold Village Voice, keeping Backpage, sex trafficking site, 4 themselves. Aft Larkin became a mega-donor to @HillaryClinton & the Dems. Then their CEO Carl Ferrer turned State’s Evidence against them.
66. Clinton's 2016 Strategy Revealed: Overwhelm FBI With Trump-Russia Narrative Until Something Stuck

@POTUS #Coup is #WarOnYou! #AwanContra is #IranContra + #UraniumOne - #DarkWeapons & #DrugsForWeapons
Taking down the #911BushClintonObamaCrimeSyndicate
67. The #Coup: Again - Normal FBI investigations are handled at the field office level. The #CF, @HillaryClinton emails, #UraniumOne & "make crime" Russian @POTUS collusion "matters" where all brought in house by @JamesComey & Andy McCabe; sanctioned by Loretta Lynch.
68. Brennan collected unofficial foreign intel on Trump, gave it to the FBI to start the co-intelligence probe. Fall 2016, He spread false allegations to Congress & Intel comm & publicly promoted Russia-collusion

Nellie Ohr Testimony Confirms Work @ CIA

69. When asked if the FBI accessed Clinton Foundation emails as part of the Clinton private server investigation, Strzok said, “We were not.” Strzok Reveals DOJ & FBI Had Deal NOT to Investigate Her Emails.“

Filter Team” Worked to Limit Search on Servers
70. The #Coup

Strzok threw the #ClintonFoundation -#CF under the bus when he said they had access to HRC's server, of which he agreed there was classified information on...(pg119) - @M2Madness

71. The Coup On @POTUS is #WarOnYou

CONFIRMED: Obama’s CIA, DOJ and FBI Started Targeting the Trump Campaign in 2015 – Long Before What #Comey Claimed (July 2016)!

#Treason #HangByTheNeckUntilDead #LongRope

72. The Globalist #Coup On @POTUS

Sir Richard Dearlove, Stefan Halper, Joseph Mifsud & Alexander Downer #MI6 #GCHQ #FiveEyes & #FBI is #WarOnYou
73. Globalist #Coup On @POTUS is #WarOnYou

"Ukraine opens probe into foreign effort to influence US election to help Hillary Clinton" - @jsolomonReports

If you want truth on @HillaryClinton's Ukrainians & Russian Mobsters see: Lee Stranahan @stranahan
74. Why the WW Globalist #Coup On @POTUS? -To cover up the #WarOnYou: Congress running Drugs for weapons - #OperationCassandra #AwanBrothers, #UraniumOne: WW dark weapons, human & organ trafficking, & Tech ex-filtration (Mueller) - much to hide. #PDD62 #DTRA #FBI #JTTF #G4S #MS13
75. #MAGA Alert: Globalist #Coup On @POTUS; #FoxNews is not our friend.

See Lee Stranahan @stranahan lay out what CONTROLLED OPPOSITION #Bongino @JSolomonReports @SaraACarter R HIDING from U.

Rupert Murdoch is a #NeoCon Marxist who wants ww Socialism!
76. In 72. The Globalist #Coup On @POTUS we named foreign collaborators.

""Sitting Ambassadors" Participated In Plot To 'Take Trump Down': Mark Meadows -NC "

Who: Susan Rice, Samantha Power, potentially Victoria Nuland who helped take down Ukraine. zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-2…
77. Trump-Russia 2.0: Dossier-Tied Firm Pitching Journalists Daily on Collusion

Globalist #Coup On @POTUS

78. "Russian Collusion" Takeaway

If after 2 years of Investigation they found no evidence @realDonaldTrump colluded with Russia, then what was used to obtain the FISA warrants?

#Coup On @POTUS

"The conclusion of Russiagate, Part I – cold, hard reality"
79. #CrossfireHurricane and A Wrap Up Smear.

September 23, 2016 "Hillary for America Statement on Bombshell Report About Trump Aide's Chilling Ties To Kremlin"

80. Here’s The Full Story of How Obama, Hillary and Brennan Carried Out The Crime of the Century

A #Coup on @POTUS
81. RussiaGate: "Why Did This Ever Start In The First Place?"

#Coup on @POTUS

18 U.S. Code 2385. Advocating Overthrow of Government.
18 U.S. Code 2384. Seditious Conspiracy.
18 U.S. Code § 2382 - Misprision of treason
18 U.S. Code 2381. Treason.

82. Was John Brennan The Russia Lie Ringleader?

#Coup on @POTUS
18 U.S. Code 2381, #Treason
83. #Coup on @Potus

@Comey, #Clapper & #Halper's Crown #PrivyCounsel go between, @JohnBrennan MUST ALL BE SILENCED

Not deplatforming or taking their #1stAmendmentRights

I mean a door that falls open on a platform, dropping them to #HangByTheNeckUntilDead

See: @JohnBarnwell888
84. #Coup on @POTUS

Like we said a year or more ago. - @JohnBarnwell888

SPYGATE - British Coup against Trump - INTEGRITY INITIATIVE
85, #Coup on @POTUS @realDonaldTrump

Well there you have it, after two and a half years, the Attorney General agrees!
86. #Coup on @POTUS @realDonaldTrump

Unaccountable Media Faced With Dilemma In Next Phase Of Deep-State-Gate

18 U.S. Code § 2382 - #Misprision. #MisprisionOfTreason

87. The Attempted #Coup on @POTUS @realDonaldTrump

Why the President was right when he said: "“This was an attempted coup, this was an attempted take down of a president."

88. Assange & The Attempted #Coup on @POTUS

Trump 2016: "I love Wikileaks!"

Hey @drawandstrike, after 2.5 yrs saying there were spies in Trump's campaign & the @WhiteHouse, the day we're proved right you exposed your fraud in calling @GeorgWebb names.

89. #Coup on @POTUS

@GeorgePapa19; MI6, FiveEyes, Brennan CIA/ Comey FBI had you & @CarterWPage wired, day 1.

Page, an FBI informant turns into a Russian Spy, FISA target?

Mifsud Halper & Downer were mentors, handlers & or drop points?

Yes, it goes to the top in UK & here.
90. Rise & Repeat # 5 of This Thread
@POTUS knows this is a #Coup & cover-up of unimaginable crimes against humanity.

It's a #SpyRingInCongress/ #SpyRingInTheWhiteHouse selling US Out.

It's #DrugsForWeapons #HumanTrafficking #opioidcrisis

It's a #Globalist #DeepState #WarOnYou
91, #Coup: #MuellerReport confirms @carterwpage was an #FBI UCE; wired up in NY, working counter intel B4 becoming a SURVEILLANCE RABBIT & #FISA worthy 'Russian Spy' in Trump's campaign. Wired up; day one? @ChuckRossDC Says @GeorgePapa19 may be Israeli spy!

Boss @ChicagosMayor?
92. #Coup Kamphuis Lamo develop Secure Drop for Manning set up of Assange thru PressAssociation@jabber.ccc.de

Assange has a falling out w/ Daniel DomScheit. W/State Support he forms Guccifer 2.0 & DC Leaks to do Intercepts. Same people hacking DNC DCCC
93. #Coup, Mueller Report:
@carterwpage was #FBI UCE, a SPY, wired & working the Podobnyy case 2012-16. Then he's a #FISA worthy 'Russian Spy' in @POUTS campaign? @GeorgePapa19 is Mossad SPY in campaign, for who? @ChicagosMayor? Know the #BlackHats. @SaraCarterDC Is NeoCon Cover!
94. Remember @POTUS knows the #Coup was to cover up unimaginable crimes.

As reported B4 coup plotters & their media accomplices are not going to stop. In red, military psyop, #QAnon raises post release questions regarding the coup & culpability. #Misprision #Sedition #Treason
96. #Coup on #POTUS - As I said over a year ago @JohnBrennan Colluded with Foreign Spies, UK, in #CrossfireHurricain to Spy on citizen Trump and the President @realDonaldTrump
97. @JohnBrennan Colluded w/ #MI6, #GCHQ, #5Eyes, the Crown's #PrivyCouncil, Pakistani #ISI & Russian Mobsters, outside 5 Eyes normal channels, to collect unofficial & unconfirmed foreign intel & turned it over to the #FBI, launching their counter intel investigation.

98. Boom! Trump Accuses UK of Helping Obama Admin Spy on His Campaign, As Gateway Pundit Reported in May 2018

As I reported: #Coup on @POTUS is war on America, the #WarOnYou!
Joseph Mifsud, Alexander Downer, Stefan Halper, Richard Dearlove. more to come!
99. #Coup on @POTUS
Rudy Giuliani: “Keep Your Eye on Ukraine. That’s Where a Lot of Dirty Work Was Done” (VIDEO) - Funded by Soros!


Are Victoria Nuland and Carl Bildt next in the cross-hairs? Did the same crew "Intercept" @wikileaks; Julian Assange?
100. #Coup on @Potus

March 2016: "CIA Director Brennan Made Secret Trip to Moscow"

“But he didn't visit the Foreign Ministry. I know for sure that he met with the Federal Security Service (the successor agency to the Soviet KGB), and someone else.” themoscowtimes.com/2016/03/28/cia…
101. @JohnBrennan Clappr & Comey to be indicted for 4 yrs of $FISA court fraud! Iillegally Spied on Am. Citizens, all Republican Candidates & Trump. They buried @HillaryClinton's crimes & attempted #Coup on @POTUS
Listen to Joe D. @ [11:00]
It's happening.
102. The Death of Andrew Marshal, Dir. of DoD's Office of Net Assessment Exposed 100 Years of Patent Theft.

As reported: many involved in Exfiltration of Am. Weapons & Cyber Tech, to the Enemy, are those who failed in the #Coup on @POTUS; the #WarOnYou!

103. Trump Makes Post-Mueller Vow To Release "Devastating" #FISA Docs
@POTUS renewed his vow to declassify the "devastating" documents related to the Russia probe "& much more"

They tried a #Coup - I'm glad I waited until the investigation was complete.

104. #Coup
#Ukrainian Lawmaker Admits in Recording That Government Agency Linked to #Soros Was Helping #HillaryClinton in 2016 Election!

As things continue to unravel for the Dembats I believe we will see more & more Soros's involvement. - @Can2geterdone
105. In a failed #Coup on @POTUS, & well before the Election Pres. Obama, his State Dept, DOJ & FBI knew of Russian attempts to infiltrate Trump's champaign. They did not warn @realDonaldTrump, & in direct violation of their Oath, did nothing to defend the Constitution! #Traitors
106. The Crown's Privy Council #Coup on @POTUS

80) #Crowngate: Tavistock & the Overthrow of Donald J. Trump, Pt. II The Tavistock Institute: Propaganda, Mind Control and Censorship in Social Media: Facebook #SpyGate

@JohnBarnwell888's HISTORIC THREAD:

107. #Coup on @POTUS & Crimes Against Humanity
No examination of servers, questioning Assange, or meeting w/ Dr. Binney
Sans UK, Ukraine, RU Mob, the report is a blueprint for disruption.

"Major Mueller Report Omissions Suggest Incompetence Or A Coverup!" zerohedge.com/news/2019-05-0…
108. -94 repeat

Remember, @POTUS knows the #Coup was to cover up unimaginable crimes.

As reported, Coup plotters & their media accomplices aren't going to stop. Military psyop, #QAnon raised questions regarding the coup & culpability (in red) #Misprision #Sedition #Treason
109. Obama had an elaborate illegal spying circle in place for YEARS, with enablers in the FBI IRS and CIA, LONG before he deployed it against the Trump campaign. - @StormIsUponUs

#Coup on @POTUS

110, 'Russia 'collusion' & its bastard child 'obstruction' have sought to divert attention from Obama's efforts @ CIA, FBI, DOJ, NSC to use the powers of govt to 1st ensure that Trump was not elected & then, failing, ruin his presidency.' -@PoliticalShort amgreatness.com/2019/05/05/the…
111. #Coup on @realDonaldTrump

Comey Obstruction - @caholcom53
112. Judicial Watch Uncovers More Classified Emails in Hillary Clinton’s Unsecured Email System

Weaponized public servants in the #Coup on @POTUS is the #WarOnYou!

113. "I Will Not Yield" - In Epic Rant, Jim Jordan Accuses Dems Of Sweeping 'Spygate' Coverup

"He's going to get to the bottom of everything, he's going to find out how and why this investigation started in the first place."
114. Did Mueller Pay Fusion GPS & Steele To Assist His Anti-Trump Probe?

Given remarks in .94 & .108, add to the list Dmitri Alperovitch & Glenn Simpson. It's quizzical he'd employ Fusion but not question Simpson or Dimitri, of DNC fantasy hack fame. thefederalist.com/2019/05/09/rob…
115. #Coup: 1-8-2017; "The Russian hack is a lie." Sans evidence, congress's report found no hack. Regardless, it laid out the notion. AND the Leftist/ NeoCon media was given their Fake News marching orders to drum 24/7

4 probes later it continues today.

116. The #Coup

Whitney: Judgment Day Looms For John Brennan zerohedge.com/news/2019-05-1…
117, #Coup on @POTUS

2. As suggested: co-conspirators are bailing & Comey stands alone w/ his punchlines failing.

118. May 16 #Coup on @POTUS - Comey the clown fights back.

COMEY TURNS ON BRENNAN: Fired FBI Chief Claims Brennan Pushed Junk Dossier in IC Report (VIDEO) thegatewaypundit.com/2019/05/comey-…
119. The Coup:

"Treason!" - Barr Finds "Government Power Was Used To Spy On American Citizens

Video: zerohedge.com/news/2019-05-1…
120. #Coup
Nunes: We sent 8 criminal referrals to the DOJ, likely we're will have more, maybe later this week...I'm pretty sure once you track down the information we have put together...It would be impossible for people not to be prosecuted. Many people.
121. Coup on @POTUS: The UK; Espionage, Treason!

"Nunes presses Trump to ask Theresa May about British govt’s role in Steele dossier. Demands info on Mifsud from government agencies!"

In the barrel: Privy Council, Brennan, 5Eyes, MI6, AU, FBI, RU Mob

122. The Deep State Coup on POTUS is the #WarOnYou

Mueller Knew There Was No Evidence of Trump Russia Collusion From Day One, says Devin Nunes

Video: foxnews.com/politics/muell…
123. DS Coup: As angst floods DC, @POTUS has barely said Treason! IP said; He knows much more! Will probes expose wet works plots? And the real reason for the Intl. Pol. coup; to protect Globalist/ tech transfer, P2P resource capture plots, CF, U1 Drugs 4 Guns, & Human Rat lines?
124. DS Coup: Panic in DC. How do you go to DC & become worth $180 million on 174K salary? Will @POTUS push to expose crimes of State Sponsored manipulation of public perception & cover up of Diplomatic Global-wide crimes unfolding in your neighborhood?
125. Failing Coup Exposed: @AdamSchiff Claimed for 2+ yrs he had proof of @POTUS Russia Conspiracy. See #11: Why are Pelosi, Schiff... calling 4 open #Sedition?

"Schiff Claims Trump 'Conspiring' W/ Barr; Says Investigating Russiagate Origins -Un-American"
126. Coup:

Sound people don't conspire in Treason. When already co-conspirators in a Treasonous band, you either hang together or you hang separately.

Isn't that what the Mueller Report was all about?

All we're asking is; you to live up to your oath.

127. #Coup 'Who organizes a treasonous group Of Conspirators To Takedown a President? How abt a treasonous group of co-conspirators already selling out that nation’s uranium? This isn't difficult' -@GeorgWebb

Mueller Statement, Butina #UraniumOne & Trump
128 Megatons to Megawatts, Uranium One, The Iran Nuclear Deal & The #Coup To COVER UP!

From Gibson Island, MD To Iran & Astana: The Globalist #WarOnYou

Declassify It All!

Butina's Uranium One Drops For Mikerin - Land Or By Sea? Mueller and Mikerin Know.
129. Which RU GRU officers effected 2016's election? Will the FBI make arrest? Mueller opens his report w/ Krylova & Bogacheva, it's most redacted.
Why were terabytes of Butina's evidence suppressed?

Judge Chutkan covered up Butina's role in Uranium One
130. The #Coup: Well yes, over a year ago I said @carterwpage was a Spy, a Surveillance Rabbit to spy on all the people he made contact with in @POTUS Trumps campaign; #FISA

This post provides color on what the criminals, @JohnBrennan & @Comey were up to.
131. The #Coup: "Now it's been exposed that I was an informant for both the CIA and FBI." - @carterwpage

Patriots, isn't this fun: The coup on @POTUS is #WarOnYou. exposed!

132. The UK: Coup on @POTUS
UK Intel & Obama's Deep State Tried to Stop Trump in 2016 - UK Did More to Interfere on US Election than Russia

Stefan Halper, Alexander Downer, Sir Andrew Wood, Sir Alex Younger, Robert Hannigan, Joseph Mifsud, Bruce Ohr, MI6
133. #Coup: Mueller Caught In Another Deception. He omitted the fact Konstantin Kilimnik was working as an informant & intermediary between American Diplomats & Ukraine. No run-of-the-mill source, the FBI knew well before Mueller's investigation concluded. zerohedge.com/news/2019-06-0…
134. #Globalist Coup on @POTUS

DoJ Bloodhounds On the Scent Of John Brennan

Confirmation? #68. Brennan collected foreign intel, gave it to FBI starting the co-intel probe & spread false allegations to Congress & Intel comm. promoting Russia-collusion.

135. @POTUS & The #Globalist Coup
Italy, UK's MI-6 aid the Durham probe of Brennan, Mifsud's Trump Spygate -
Foreign intel/ heads of govts feel used by the Obama WH & John Brennan. From inside Steele will implicate conspiracy on high ranking St. Dept, DOJ, and CIA officials.
136. Inc. J. Kerry, Victoria Nuland, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Comey & Bruce Ohr. Italy fired heads of two Intel agencies. Next UKR.

It was all a set-up. A hoax. An international conspiracy run from the Oval Office to stop constitutional transfer of power
137. Coup

May 28, 2017 I.P.: "Trump Russian Collusion Is A DNC Fabrication"
Guccifer 2.0’s is the DNC! Who is Warren Flood? notionalvalue.blogspot.com/2017/05/fbi-me…

Today: "US Govt's Entire Russia-DNC Hacking Narrative Based On Redacted Draft Of Crowdstrike Report" zerohedge.com/news/2019-06-1…
138. Coup Déjà vu:

On Jan 08, 2017, 12 days before the inauguration, Inflection Point wrote:

"It’s a hack! No, it’s a leak. No; it’s RT, Sputnik and Social Media Trolls … Kek!"

We have the Congressional 'Russian Hacking' report, sans a scintilla of actual evidence."
139 Coup on @POTUS: 1/8/17 continued
'“Russian hack” does not appear in the report & now the “hack” is possibly a leak, though there is no proof of that either.'

"The "Russian hack" is a lie. It's a canard to direct us away from the blatant criminality of Clinton and the DNC."
140. Coup on @POTUS 1/8/17 continued
"It's a political ploy to de-legitimize Trump’s presidency.

On Friday, under the cover of funding for the states to better secure our election process President Obama put national elections under the control of the DHS... yes, the same DHS"..
141. Coup: 1/8/17 continued
'The establishment has been against Trump from the start.'

"The Constitution be damned, it is now in total panic mode.

This speaks volumes to the high crimes and misdemeanors they seek to conceal and may continue to do so."

142. Coup on @POTUS: Yes Sir, These people did Megatons to Megawatts, Uranium One, Iran Nuclear Deal & others; covertly. They took down Ukraine & have worked w/ Foreign powers to overthrow our government.

Call it Treason.

You have the power to protect the Country & Constitution
143. Coup on @POTUS The real collusion and cover up.
144. The Coup: Repeat 1. 'There was no legal basis to begin this investigation of his campaign & the way they carried it forward, & the way info was leaked. … It’s going to show the baselessness of it. I would say the same thing if this were done to HRC' zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-0…
145. The Coup on @POTUS

"Where's The Evidence? Hillary’s Henchmen & The Awan's Hack vs. MSM's Russia Russia Russia"

3/3/17: This story dwarfs Watergate!

"Al-Attar, a Fugitive Terrorist, was directly giving money to those spies (the Awan's)"- @GeorgWebb

@POTUS @GeorgWebb 146. Coup On @POTUS
Mueller Should Be Arrested For Conspiracy To Overthrow POTUS. - PCR

That a person as ethically-challenged as Robert Mueller could breeze through so many confirmations by the US Senate proves how utterly corrupt the US government is. zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-2…
@POTUS @GeorgWebb 148. Coup on @POTUS

ONA ordered to give Senate all records related to CIA/FBI spy Stef Halper's $1 mil contracts!

IG Horowitz to Release Evidence Comey Conducted Co-intel of Trump!

Mueller to Eat Crow on Russian "Interference," as well as "Collusion"? nypost.com/2019/07/23/ask…
@POTUS @GeorgWebb 149. Coup on @POTUS
ON EVE OF MUELLER HEARING: New Report Reveals Mueller Omitted Details on Mifsud & Papadopoulos

Giuliani on Mueller: “What’s Gotta Come Out Is the Counter Intelligence Plot to Frame Trump… If Not I Will Expose it the Next Day” VIDEO
150. Coup on @POTUS
Former FBI Asst. Director: James Comey and His Inner Circle Were Making up Their Own Set of Rules – This Is ‘Seven Days in May’ – As Shady as it Gets (VIDEO)
@POTUS 151. Coup on @POTUS, Critical intel!

'We said: It's an ONA assessment for 2 yrs. Since 1974 w/ Stefan Halper, CIA assessments have been take downs of enemy candidates. Trump must declassify faster than DOJ can seal evidence, It's a race bet. Trump & Barr'
@POTUS 152. #Coup on @POTUS is #WarOnYou.
DECLAS for specific reason (public).
Analyze carefully.
Relevant to future pending events.

@POTUS 153. #Coup on @POTUS; to Cover Up #WarOnYou.
Due to the health concerns of her husband Bob, Ann Cabell Standish Mueller respectfully requests the tonight’s bridge party and “Next False Flag” discussion be moved to the Rockefeller/Kuhn cottage until further notice. - @btaylor_71
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