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The Story Of Cain...

Who Did he Marry?
His Sister, isn't that Incest?
If Adam, Eve, Abel and Cain were the only humans on earth, why did the Bible say Cain went to the city of Nod to build a city, where did those people come from?

This thread is in response to one of those tweets I see almost everyday here with a singular aim of discrediting the Bible.

Truth is,if you are a Christian critic,this thread won't help you. it might even fuel your hate for the Bible.
That's why this thread is called "LetMeExplainThis"not Let Me Convince you.

I am not trying to convince you, that's not my Job.

Besides,your acceptance or rejection of a truth doesn't invalidate or authenticate truth.

Truth is truth whether you accept it or not
That said, let's get into the meat of today's discussion....

According to the Bible ,God made Adam and Eve. And they gave birth to two sons called "Cain and Abel".
Were they they only sons of Adam and Eve? No.

Adam had other sons including one named "Seth"
Was Cain, Abel and Seth, the only children of Adam ? No!.

According to the Bible ,Adam had other sons and daughters
How many other sons & daughters?

We don't know for sure but according to an article I read in a Jewish newsletter,Adam had 33 boys & 23 girls.

I don't know if that number is accurate (I honestly don't think it is), but I do know Adam must have had at least 20 children.

Remember, Adam lived till 930 years. Also worthy of note is the fact that Adam came into existence as a full grown man.

When he had Seth (his third son), he was 130 years.

Which means he lived another 800 years after Seth
If that's true,which it is, going by the calculation of 3 kids per 130 years, Adam would have had 21 children!

Since they lived longer, it's also possible that Eve's child bearing years was longer too.

Case study: Noah fathered his kids when he was 500yrs old!
Also, Longetivity of years wasn't exclusive to Adam alone. His kids lived hundreds of years too.

E:g - Seth who fathered Enosh,lived till 912 and Enosh died at 905, while his own son - Kenan- lived a total of 840 years.

Are you beginning to get the point ?
When Adam died,there were probably over hundred people in the world.
So why weren't all these clearly stated in the Bible?

Because God didn't need to.

The purpose of the Bible is not to prove the existence of God. A lot of Christians still don't understand this.

The purpose of the Bible is to credit or discredit science.
The purpose of your mathematics text book is not to teach you English language.

The purpose of the Bible is to show the fall of man,his need for a saviour and God's redemptive plan for mankind. Simple.
Paul said "the creation shows there is a God,but some have refused to acknowledge him as God ".

If there is a building ,there is a builder. If there is a painting,there is a painter.

A builder doesn't need to erect a new structure or write a book to prove his existence
The entire Bible is About Jesus ; not science, not creation. Just Jesus.

That's why God used just two chapters( Gen 1 and 2) to talk about the story of The creation but 50 chapters to narrate the story of Joseph.

Why? Because the latter points more to the purpose of the Bible
With that out of the way, let's answer the next question:

Why did the Bible say Cain went to the Land of NOD to build a city, if they (Adam,Eve, Cain and Abel) were the only humans on earth?
Good question. But before I answer, let me tell you about...

PROLEPSIS is a figure of speech that speaks of a future event as though it has already happened.

It is the representation of a thing as existing before it actually does or.

Read the above definition again.
With PROLEPSIS you say something that will happen as though it has already happened even though it still hasn't happened.

E:g - As soon As he walked into the room,he was a dead man.

Did he enter the room as a dead man? No.

Moses used this figure of speech a lot.

A few examples,

Proleptically speaking,in Exodus 10;29 . Moses said to Pharaoh,"you will not see my face again"
But guess what? In Exodus 11,the very next chapter, Moses stood before Pharoah.

So was he lieing in the previous chapter? No. He was been "proleptic "
Another example of Prolepsis can be found in Genesis 3:20.

Adam called his wife EVE because she WAS the mother of all living.

But at this time she didn't have a child. Why did the writer say she WAS (NOT would be) the mother of all living? Prolepsis.
Another place where prolepsis was used is John 11:1-2.

Verse two says " it was that Mary which anointed Jesus with the ointment".
above passage states that Mary “anointed” the Lord, and “wiped” his feet. Since those verbs are in the past tense, that would seem to imply that Mary had already performed those actions, at this point in Scripture.

However, that is not the case – Mary did not perform those
actions until about three months after the events described.

So, in order to be “technically correct”, the passage could read: “Mary is the one who would anoint the Lord, and would wipe his feet, three
But in PROLEPSIS, a writer will speak of an event as though it has already happened because he knows it will happen or at the time the author wrote the passage it has already happened (like the example above)
So from the writer/author perspective, it has happened even though from the readers perspective it hasn't.
With this in mind,let's revisit Gen 4:16-17.

It says "Cain went from the presence of the Lord. Dwelt in the Land of Nod,knew his wife there and built a city called Enoch "
Cain didn't get married in the city of NOD.

He "knew "his wife there. Biblically way of saying they had sexual intercourse in NOD.

Which means Cain married/met his wife before he went to NOD.

...Cain and Abel weren't the only ones in the earth when he killed his brother!!!
That's why Cain said to God "Now that you have made me a wanderer,if ANYONE finds me, they will kill me".
Who were the "WHOEVER "? His other siblings.

You shouldnt be if you have been following and thinking alongside.

But that's beside the point...

The word "NOD " is Hebrew for "exile,fugitive, wanderer.

This corresponds to what God had told him earlier that he (Cain) will be a wanderer on the earth.
So Cain didn't go to an "Actual place" called NOD.

That's why there is no other place where the word NOD was mentioned again in the Bible.

Every where Cain went could be called the "Land of the wanderer ". Because that's what he was doing.
It's like asking someone, "Where are you going to ?" And he responds "wandering".

He is not going to an actual place called "wandering ".
After Cain "knew" his wife in NOD ,which was just on the east side of Eden (Where his other siblings and their kids were) and since all the people on earth were his siblings, he named the city Enoch.
In today's language,the verse could read

"And Cain took his wife away from the other members of his family to the east side of Eden, which he later named after his first child - Enoch".
Also, at the time this happened, there were probably 500 to 1000 people living on earth - his extended family (his siblings and their grown up kids)...

How? Because he wandered. That must have taken tens or hundreds of years (and all these while his siblings were procreating).
Don't have the idea that immediately Cain killed his brother,he got married and named a city after his child.

The Bible shortened time events.

The length of time between events is not always properly represented in the Way the story is narrated in the Bible.
That two events were written next to each other in the Bible doesn't mean they happened immediately after each other. Sometimes there are hundreds of years between them.

The story of Cain is one of such.
Who Did Cain Get Married To?

We weren't told in the Bible, but I can give a Good guess : his sister or (most likely) one of his nieces.
But isn't it Against the Law to marry one's sibling/niece ?

Not at that time. There was no law, so there was no sin.

Since no law was given to them, it was not wrong for them to marry their own siblings.

The law against intermarriage was not recognized until the Law came.
There were other people who married their siblings; Sarah was Abraham half sister ,

Moses' father married his father sister.
Since the entire generation came from an original pair then it is absolutely unavoidable that siblings would have to get married to each other (or to their nieces & nephews).

I hope it's clear now,if it isn't, ask questions.

And forgive my typos,I did this thread in a hurry

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