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1) This is my Q thread for December 21, 2018

Q posts can be found here:

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My theme: The 16 Year Plan To Destroy America
2) Q began the day by poking fun at the mainstream media (MSM) and their hypocritical stances that always oppose the President.
3) After POTUS announced his intent to bring our troops home from Syria, Hillary Clinton couldn't resist taking a shot at him.
4) Q asking why ISIS expanded during the Hillary and Obama's time in office.
Why did Obama decimate the military?
Why did he create rules of engagement that required his approval?
Why did he install America-hating people like John Brennan as heads of our intelligence agencies?
5) What was the 16 year plan to destroy America?

It's found in this post by Q from January of 2018.

I'll explain it below.
6) This is the top section of the post above.

The 16-year plan to destroy America begins below the red line.

We'll look at it one section at a time.
7) The 16-year plan to destroy America allowed 8 years for Obama and 8 Years for Hillary to accomplish certain goals.

Globalism's goal is to eradicate international borders, creating a borderless, global community. That necessitates the destruction of individual nation states.
8) Since America has stood in the way of globalism by virtue of it's well defined international borders, a plan was developed to weaken our nation and bring it under the rule of globalists.
9) Our military plays a key role in protecting our national sovereignty and borders. Under Obama, the military would be weakened and compromised.

Below is how they planned to do it.
10) Install rogue operators into the military & destroy it from within
Leak classified intel (via HRC server)
Have key military officers killed/removed from power
Cut funding, undermine military command, take down good guys (Flynn)
Valerie Jarret (sniffer) detects who is targeted
11) SAP Selloff?

It has been alleged that the Obama administration illegally sold SAPs (Special Access Programs) to foreign nations.

In July of 2016, an anon FBI agent showed up on #4chan and did something similar to Q, providing clues about Hillary Clinton's crimes.
12) FBI anon said Hillary obtained SAPs and had them on her unsecured server.

4chan link:…
13 More info on Hillary's server and SAPs:…
14) The anonymous FBI agent claimed that Hillary sold SAPs to foreign donors, making her guilty of treason.…
15) In the next section, #Qanon continues laying out the plan to undermine and destroy the military.
16) Q says the leak by Edward Snowden of the NSA's PRISM program was designed to undermine military intelligence.

(The NSA is part of the Defense Department.)

The leak reduced NSA's ability to identify the bad guys like MS 13, ISIS, etc.…
17) Snowden's leak damaged the NSA & gave the CI_A an advantage

There's a war going on between the NSA and its civilian counterpart, the CI_A. They compete for resources and have competing agendas.
(Snowden was trained by the CI_A and inserted into the NSA)
18) Q said the current long-term goal is to shut down the CI_A because it's too corrupt to be cleaned.

CI_A ops will be transferred to NSA

(I would imagine Gina Haspel is aware of the plan or she would not have been chosen to be the CI_A director.)
19) Obama and Hillary planned to decrease the effectiveness of military intelligence while giving more power to the CI_A.

John Brennan's development of the supercomputer the HAMR was part of their attempt to gain superiority over the NSA.…
20) Another step was weakening the GOP base by harassing them through the IRS and creating a negative image of conservatives by the mockingbird media.…
21) Open borders are intended to help increase Democrat voter numbers and bring in MS 13 and ISIS operatives wh cause further decay of society. (They can also be used as disposable assains.)
22) Obama turned a blind eye to North Korea's development of nuclear weapons.
It was strategic.
Ditto for Iran.
Allowing rogue nations to possess WMDs would create war and international tension, aiding in the removal of international borders.…
23) The money that Obama sent to Iran was to help accelerate their development of weapons of mass destruction.
An important step in the 16-year plan.…
24) Blind-eye Iran [fund and supply]

Q suggested Obama supplied uranium to Iran & Syria, covertly, as part of the Uranium One sale and that the missile strikes on Syria were a cover story (perhaps allowing us to get needed evidence.)
25) Continuing with the next section:

Obama turned a blind eye to things he shouldn't have.
I don't know the meaning of [CLAS 23-41]
26) Staging a favorable Supreme Court (SC) was an important part of the plan.

(187) is the California penal code for murder.

Having it tattooed on your body is part of being accepted in some gangs.
27) What Supreme Court (SC) Judge was murdered (187)?
(AS) = Antonin Scalia.
It's not just tin-foil hat conspiracy.
Many people raised their eyebrows when an autopsy was not done.
Among them was CNN.…
28) Continuing:

The Uranium One transfer funded and supplied Iran and North Korea's nuclear weapons program and depleted supplies for the U.S.
29) Obama's neglect of NASA was strategic.
It allowed our military to be rendered ineffective, allow the bad guys to take down our satellites, and put into orbit weapons of mass destruction including EMP (electromagnetic pulse) weapons.…
30) One report estimated that an EMP attack on the US could kill 90% of our population in one year.

Thankfully, POTUS is taking action to mitigate the threat of EMP weapons.…
31) Obama's work would set the stage for Hillary's term as POTUS where she would continue the plan.

More wars (including WW III), eliminate the last patriots in the military, crash the economy, open the borders, insert the right Supreme Court judges & repeal the 2nd amendment.
32) Next:
Strengthen control over the Supreme Court.
Get rid of electoral college & switch to popular vote to elect POTUS (easier to control with Soros voting machines)
Continue defunding military
Close overseas bases (Germany first)
Destroy conservative press/citizen journalists
33) Fortunately, Hillary lost.
President Trump is reversing the evil that was done to destroy our country.
34) Now that I've covered the 16-year plan to destroy America, I'd like to finish Q's original post.
35) Q included a link to an article about the 197 military officers who were forced out by Obama during a 5-year span.…
36) Obama demonstrated little respect for the military and harbored a desire to weaken our armed forces.
37) YouTube video of this thread.
38) Podcast video of this thread:…
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