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#Thread If I were Obama.
If I was Obama on January 5, 2017 sitting in the WH meeting with my AG, FBI, DOJ, Perkins Coie Counsel, WH counsel, ODNI, CIA etc.. with a portfolio of data we manufactured, collated, paid for and collected and an EO I had just singed in Dec of 2016 (1)
An Executive Order that makes it the law of the land "Taking Additional Steps to Address the National Emergency With Respect to Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities" calling our #russia and all the entities we referenced in our "Portfolio" (2)…
A portfolio we had in our hands that was lack luster, circular and completely manufactured... If I was Obama I would gear up and call upon all those "of our unique and comprehensive system of alliances and partnerships" to join me. To join me (3)
Collective comprehensive effort reminding them we must use all tools of American power and their power to provide for the common defense. Reminding them that we provide them including providing effective leadership to our alliances. (4)
Our Comprehensive System of Allies and Partners were reminded them that we provide effective leadership to our alliances and guide them (5)
They came together, we pulled all deadlines and made it on January 17, 2018 #phew So now we have to get a Judge that will be able to examine our profile on Trump and have him find a way to get this done. #ThirdTerm not really just an extension until it's investigated.(6)
So if I was Obama, I would not there is no precedent and I have to provide information substantiated by our comprehensive network of alliances and partners and public opinion showcasing global corporate media reporting (7)
So, as Obama I would understand the challenges of proposing that the President Elect conspired with enemies of our country that I identified in my EO in the most detailed way that corresponds with the "evidence" we have to support our request (8)
Never in our nation's history have election results been nullified by a court. Never has it ever been proposed that a candidate for President would collude with foreign powers to undermine our democracy. As Obama, I can try? (9)
She should have won. Everyone around the world knows that. It's impossible, that he won. Only deplorable , racist Americans would vote for him. The global corporate media, the global tech giants and Hollywood all say so... so it's got to be true! (10)
I took the globally collated, the "evidence" we created, I cashed in every favor around the globe - I gave them the ultimatum to be resolute and unambiguous in our approach to maintain our course. (11)
To isolate, to implicate and illustrate how those countries whose strategic interests are increasingly in tension with ours took it there! They tried to undermine our "democracy". This portfolio was the key, you were either with us or against us. 74 nations strong (12)
Our enemies "tricked" millions of Americans to come to the polls and vote for @realDonaldTrump . It's not like any American that we've conditioned for decades would raise their head and question what is best for the common good. (13)
Surely, ever American by now knows that we know best. I told them so. I told them who to vote for I even told non-Americans who to vote for. They are complacent and listen to everything I saw. The MSM tell them to love me. (14)
I can't go to a District Judge. Such a judge cannot rule on something this important to "National Security" and our right to maintain power. Racists should never run our country, especially by a man who knows all our secrets and has money that can compete with us (15)
I can't go the Supreme Court there is a process for that, nor can I go to a Magistrate, it's not in their scope. "Come on Bauer! What am I paying you for make phone calls figure it out!" I would say if I was Obama (16).
If I was Obama Bauer would tell me "Remember the Judge who claimed the terrorist that killed Americans was really a victim?" We both laugh and nod in agreement. Brennan snorts laughing "Still can't believe we got away with that". Loretta looked uncomfortable- (17)
Sally felt the same - this is all kinds of wrong. "Look if Osama Bin Laden's right hand man is deemed a victim in our courts we can surely get this to fly". Yates looks at Comey hoping he was feeling remorse and he belts says let's bring it to him now.We are way too deep (18)
January 6, 2017. If I were Obama that Judge - the only judge in the land that can appoint judges with no oversight. The only judge that is almost immune to impeachment, the only judge that would have to be Scalia-ed to be removed let me know - I didn't have enough. (19)
If I was Obama I would have all hands on deck!!! He told me what I would need but also told me if I couldn't extend my tenure then I would have to "investigate" this during Trump's short stint and make all of this stick making sure to cover (20)
We must do everything possible to advance an international order that is most conducive to our security, prosperity and values, and we are strengthened in this effort by the solidarity of our alliances. (21)…
If I were Obama, I would make sure every person in the Senate Loyal to our effort to advance an international Order, every person in Congress was activated and worked overtime. (22)…
If I were Obama every person would be frantically aligned to get it done. Everyday he would come back and tell me - No I need more. Darn Brits need to muster more! Australia, do something. Classify it as high as possible in any case this doesn't fly - we can't have this out (23)
If I was Obama, we would all go in front of the Judge, the highest Judge in the land, teh Judge that helped me ensure my educational records, birth certificate and time I lived in Pakistan were sealed. Judge Roberts - He is so dear to me. Michael gets jealous. (24)
We failed. We failed. It's ok. We will be able to complete this in one year ensure this never reaches anyone close to that man. (25)…
Lynch, Brennan would tell me: We will renew the FISA warrant. Yates, stay out of things you seem on edge. Comey would say to me: I control the DOJ we have McCabe, we will activate Rosenstein - He is not smart we will control the flow of info (26)
If I was Obama I would tell my "team". Don't worry, we will impeach him, and she will take the throne. We control every single piece of information he has access to. Anyone working on Covefefe bill? Let's get him out. Why can't people understand freedom causes chaos(27)
IF I WAS CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS I would hope my emails, texts and whereabouts are scrubbed. Because if I was Chief Justice Roberts I would foresee I have a bit of a problem (28)
If I was Comey, Lynch, Obama, Brennan, Clinton Roberts and the rest of the deep state even those incognito I would be scared of partiots that are out there just as deeply embedded into everything like you are. Mueller, have you vetted all your team members? (29)
If I was the deep state I would be concerned that if a story teller gave chilling accurate details derived from public information- could it be CONFABULATION? OR
Could it be that someone(s) that was or is in your orbit could be colluding. They could be colluding on behalf of the PEOPLE that use all the tools of American power to defend our Constitution against Y'ALL Obama are you scared? Ready?(1/1/19)…
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