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1/ The trans agenda.
2/ You've probably noticed the trans agenda being shoved down your throat for the past two years. It's difficult to find any mainstream media where it's not being pushed in one way or another.

The obvious question is: why? Why transgenderism in particular?
3/ The answer is, surprisingly, nothing to do with giving trans people the same rights as everyone else. If it was, we wouldn't have nonsense like this in respectable publications.

No. The reason is far more sinister.
4/ The real reason is to prepare us for the unbelievable truth: that many of the elites are secretly transgender. Actresses, models, senior government officials, royalty, heads of state and their partners - all are in on this game. Not all are transitioned of course but many are.
5/ But that still doesn't answer the question: why? Why be a transgender? And why keep it a secret?

The answer is in a 1920s book you've probably never heard of: The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P Hall.
6/ In the chapter Qabbalistic Keys To The Creation Of Man, Hall asserts that Adam was created androgynous. Actually there were four Adams and they were all androgynous but I won't get too much into the details here.

Yeah well, so what?
7/ The problem is this book is a bible for the people who run the world: the elite freemasons. Masonry is something I've studied for a long time and I'm now fairly sure that it's a secret society WITHIN a secret society, and probably more than one.
8/ Top level masons worship Lucifer. Hall's book describes Adam falling down at the feet of the serpent who is transformed into an angelic being claiming to be God & the other masonic bible Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike also makes this perfectly clear.
9/ Q told us the elites worship Satan. Strangely enough, the elites are all 33rd degree and up masons too. What a coincidence.

10/ You don't get to progress to the very top unless you swear the oath and play the androgynous game.

Let's see some examples.
11/ This is a famous BBC presenter. If you can't see this is a man wearing makeup, then I'm afraid I can't help you.
12/ But she's just had a baby!

Uh huh.
13/ Male hips, shoulders that are wider than her hips, no cue angle and the Adonis belt.

This person did not give birth.
14/ Here's another famous person who is secretly transgender for the purposes of deception.

GQ is even hinting to us with ironic quotemarks because they're in on the joke.

15/ What about the former AG? He didn't age that well as I recall. In fact it's quite hard to tell the difference between him and Will.
16/ Here's the, er, wife of a prominent Democratic senator. Looks like a bloke with a wig on to me.
17/ The head of the IMF. You can't see it in this photo but his Adam's apple is pretty prominent. Also he's very tall and has wide, square shoulders that are larger than his hips. Because he's a man.
18/ And let's not forget the most famous example of all.
19/ The big picture is the destruction of the human race. These people hate us and love to deceive us because their master is the father of lies.
20/ I'm not even going to get started on Hollywood or the music industry but the same principle applies. The concept of sacred male cult prostitutes is alive and well and beamed into your home daily, along with the worship of the androgynous.
21/ You can play the game for yourself by noting that women do not have shoulders wider than their hips, brow bones, massive skulls, ring fingers longer than their forefingers or deep set eyes.

Ignore the silicone and the makeup - it's there to distract you.
22/ This person, perhaps the most famous musician in the world, is a boy with makeup on. See if you can find pictures of his hands and note the ring finger length.

Makeapp helps us out quite a bit here.
23/ Here's another world famous person who wants us to believe he's actually a female supermodel.

I think not. Women do not have MASSIVE hands like that Cara. Or is it Carl?
24/ This boy here played the lead role in the latest Tomb Raider. I can tell it's a boy because it has a straight torso, male hips, an Adonis belt, wide shoulders and male abs. We should have all gone to the movie, pointed and laughed and then walked out.
25/ Please don't take my word for any of this. Do your own research. It is very difficult to admit to yourself that you have been deceived by these sick evil bastards. It will take a while.

Or you could just listen to them in their own words:
26/ Jessica Alba has also confessed in public:
27/ Beyonce was caught wearing a fake baby bump on live TV. Why would she do that? Is it because men don't give birth and she needed to keep up appearances? I don't know - haven't made up my mind about her yet.
28/ Here's an interesting video on Ariana Grande including a really revealing video of him as a small boy with a wig on being shown off by his parents:

Nearly all these people are transitioned from birth. The elites play a long game.
29/ Ever wondered why so many actresses end up adopting?

Yeah. Because men don't give birth.
30/ Hollywood has been deceiving us with this since early on. Exhibit A: Greta Garbo who would often speak about when she 'was a small boy.'

But it's equally disturbing to go through all First Ladies from Michael on back and notice a few things that aren't quite right.
31/ None of this is new of course. As @HHMountebank just reminded me, the historian Josephus describes a strange trans incident in Book 9 ch. 10 of his Wars.

The book of Enoch claims one of the Nephilim taught the sons of men to dress as women.
@HHMountebank 32/ My point is that the androgynous is just another facet of Luciferianism pushed on us by the elites and it goes back millenia.

I think the best way to fight it is to mercilessly mock it. We could probably start with this cover. Time is NEVER going to live this down. Never.
33/ The logical next step since we've already had a secret trans person as a leading Bond girl. Probably more than one.
34/ Good morning America! When I was 10 I dreamed of being a Spitfire pilot while playing with my friends in our treehouse. I didn't appear on stage to be sexualized by adults in a New York bar.

Are you noticing a somewhat desperate acceleration of this agenda yet?
35/ YouTube took down the whole channel of the investigator with the Ariana Grande video. Here's a mirror:

36/ Enemies of the people, pushing their masters' sick agenda instead of reporting what anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see for themselves:

Would you state your name for this tribunal please?

Michael L. Robinson, sir.

You used to go by another name, is that correct?

Yes colonel.

Could you tell us what it was please?

38/ But is straight up lying about its own gender.

"As a mother..."

Yeah, right. Not a good start to a campaign that's supposed to 'introduce children to objective, impartial news.'

39/ Apart from that UN Ambassador stuff, your involvement in what went on in Haiti, the private video of you admitting to participating in a satanic ceremony not to mention your male hipbones, forearms and knees - no, no skeletons at all.

40/ The Big. Square. Jaw. The large skull. The brow ridges. The wide bony shoulders. The general feeling that something is not quite right.

Because it's not.
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