just had a talk with someone in my leftist server and i figure it acts as good praxis, so here it is in thread form: (a threadreader link is in a reply to this tweet)

"The Revolution, or How I Stopped Worrying and Loved Everything" (0/22)
The one thing that sucks about leftist thought and marxist analysis of everything we love that was produced under capitalism is that it's very easy to begin to believe that everything sucks always and there's no way of fixing it.
It's the "We're doomed, why bother" phase i struggled through when first learning all this stuff. Learning how capitalist economics exploits everyone in everything all the time, no matter how hard you try to be conscientious of that stuff, really gets to you. And it should (2/22)
But that doesn't mean that it's wrong to feel so passionately about something that was made under the capitalist mode of production. Love of a thing is good. No other animal does it quite like we do, it's unique. It's awesome in the true sense of the word. (3/22)
It's awesome that we can care so much about a thing, or a concept, or anything at all--whether it be books, movies, TV, music, art, the spoken word, photography; it can be anything at all. Capitalism, in its ceaseless vampirism, steals that from us (4/22)
We're forced to work bullshit jobs for bullshit pay, which often isn't calculated to give us enough to live off of effectively), so we're worrying about rent or getting food or affording medicine and healthcare. (5/22)
And even if we're payed alright, you're never payed the *true* value of your labor. Capitalism constantly gives us the short end of the stick.
So, as a lower class, we've been taking the L for over 2 centuries now. That kinda wears us down. It's "always been that way" (6/22)
John Leguizamo called the anger he felt after learning of the suppression of his ancestors "conquest resentment," and I think it's a similar thing here. We've all got some unconscious weight we're carrying with us, and it doesn't matter if you're a leftist or not. (7/22)
Everyone sees it in the small injustices we face each day, whether it be the amount left on our paycheck after taxes (even though taxes aren't the issue there), or how Flint, MI still doesn't have clean water. We've got the short end of the stick, and we know it. (8/22)
I've struggled with depression. I've had that dick-ish voice that lives in the back of my head that calls me worthless and useless and constantly understates my value to the world at large. It tried to convince me to kill myself. (9/22)
Therapy didn't work, and I never got on antidepressants because my depression convinced me I didn't deserve them.
But one day, I woke up with the realization that the voice in the back of my head was an asshole. I don't like it when assholes win, so... (10/22)
I vowed that I'd kick my depression by staying alive out of spite. I was angry at this personification of my mental illness, and I transformed that anger into an energy to continue living. Now, why'd I dive into my mental health history? (11/22)
I saw that my depression was sucking the passion I felt for things from me, like a vampire, and there's no economic system more compared to vampires than capitalism. (12/22)
So, following that same train of thought, we must feel such a powerful feeling of passion for these things we love, and we must despise anything that threatens to drain that love from the world. Capitalism alienates people from their labor, but also from their passions (13/22)
The more time an artist is forced to work at a job that sucks their passion out of them, the less time they have to focus on the things they actually love to do in their free time. Capitalism threatens our hobbies and passions and favorite things by its very nature. (14/22)
And we get that same talk: "Don't pick unprofitable hobbies."
If hearing that doesn't infuriate you, it really should. The moment we're forced to monetize our hobbies is the moment we degrade it and chain it to the methods of capitalism. Capitalism Kills Art. (15/22)
You either don't have enough time to do it because of your job or you have to do it constantly at the risk of facing poverty because you made it your job.
Leftist economics aims to liberate us from the chains of wage labor. (16/22)
We're able to be creative so far beyond even the next-most intelligent animal. Far and away, humans are more capable than dolphins or chimps. Why do we subject ourselves to an economic system which forces us to sell ourselves short to employers in order to get the basics? (17/22)
So we must learn to love the things we do to get away from it all--the hobbies and interests that we can't monetize without ruining. If capitalism, by its very nature, drains these things of meaning and passion, then we should embrace these things out of spite. (18/22)
Removing the chains of capitalism from art and our hobbies frees those things to become more than they could ever possibly be if we didn't. Leftists don't just fight for the liberation of people. We fight for the liberation of everything we hold dear, everything we do out of love
Fighting for the liberation of art, science, literature, movies, music, television, etc, etc, etc, etc. is equally as noble as fighting for the liberation of every person, because without these things we don't have anything. Removing the industry around these things... (20/22)
lets those things become uncaged and set free from the basic and demeaning purpose of profit. We'd see the world more colorful and more beautiful than it ever was before, because everyone is more free to express themselves without fear of losing that which makes it great. (21/22)
These things we love to do inspire us and give us hope, and to steal from Star Wars, "revolutions are built on hope."
So a good leftist must love as hard as they possibly can and hold onto the things that make this world beautiful, in spite of the economics that make it ugly.
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