In the following threads I'll try to discuss the links between Dravidian-Missionary Nexus, expose the links between the so called NGOs and #BreakingIndia Brigade, how they plan to derail all developmental projects mostly in the State of #TamilNadu
While in reality most of know that there's much more to the #Tuticorin protests, much of it was not highlighted by the Left leaning Media. The Church seems to have led the media by the nose in helping build a Congress-Communist narrative that dragged the Namo Govt into this
The coverage by the national media of the protests in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, against Vedanta’s copper smelting plant has been injudicious, based on hearsay and without application of mind. A narrative has been parroted without critical Examination. It's true that few were shot
But unfortunate is that no one bothered to ask why the Police had to open fire on the protestors. These protestors outnumbered the police force by a huge number at the collectorate; they assaulted police personnel physically, pelted them with stones, ...
...tore the clothes of female law enforcers and molested them, indulged in wanton acts of arson including setting fire to public property and indulged in an orgy of violence that threatened the safety of innocent people.
Now, instead of asking what forces were behind this, ppl like Rahul Gandhi, MK Stalin were quick to attack the Prime Minister, BJP, RSS, the Edapadi Govt and making wild, defamatory charges like calling Narendra Modi as murderer, etc. It helped them sling mud at the Modi regime
No one ever thought the negative effects of closing such a huge plant, what it'll do to the employees dependent on it & how this will affect our country's Economy, copper production capacity. Neither the Congress, the DMK or anyone took interest finding out who were behind this
The most provocative statement on the situation came from Congress chief Rahul Gandhi. Apropos of nothing in particular, he blamed the RSS for the Tuticorin row, keeping in tune with his politics which begins and ends with RSS-baiting. Rahul’s anti-Hindu bias is understandable...
but accusing the Sangh of being a terrorist organization is beyond the pale. Congress-Communist cabal by baseless charges against the RSS instead of engaging in an ideological debate has ensured that the Sangh has come to represent Hindu sentiment nationwide.
As a corollary, opposition to the RSS is considered ‘opposition to communalism’ & support of Islamic & Christian communalism is termed ‘secularism’ by this cabal. In the Tuticorin case, however, there seems to be more to it than just the reflexive blame-the-Sangh approach;
a concerted attempt by the Church in those parts,supported by Gandhi and the so-called secular media, to drag the Sangh into the row is evident. The districts of Tirunelveli, Tuticorin, Kanyakumari in TamilNadu have the highest number of Christians, the Church has great influence
The Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project in Tirunelveli, which was developed in collaboration with Russia, also saw a lot of protests. America’s disdain for this project was quite evident. The then PM Manmohan Singh publicly blamed US-funded institutions for the protests ...
The then Union Minister V Narayanasamy alleged that Bishop Yavon Ambrose of Tuticorin received Rs 54 crore & was the key figure behind the protests. Many Christian institutions such as People’s Education for Action and liberation,Good Vision were on the HM’s radar as instigators
The Home Secretary had announced that bank accounts of four such NGOs were sealed, as money was transferred from overseas to fund national protests and incite disruption.
The Christian population in Tuticorin is close to 30 per cent and the Church has a deep impact on residents
The plan to expand the Sterlite copper plant was brought forward as a new addition to the scope of already on-going disputes. Before the Sterlite plant was closed, it was producing four lakh tons of copper annually.
Under the proposed expansion, which would have happened if not for the violent protests and subsequent deaths in police firing, Sterlite would have produced 8 lakh tons of copper annually. If this project had gone through, almost all of India’s copper needs would have been met
According to TN Police, the Tuticorin protest has a clear foreign influence. Samarendra Das of the ‘Foil Vedanta Group’ flew in from london and secretly met Sterlite protesters and assured them that he would fully support the continuation of the protests.…
As a coincidence, after the Tuticorin violence John McDonnell, a prominent leader of the Opposition labour Party in the UK, declared that Vedanta is a rogue company and demanded it be removed from the london Stock Exchange. Now his links with this brigade needs to be investigated
Pastor Mohan Lazarus in his speeches said without any scientific backing, that #Sterlite is a toxic factory. He said that the Church is praying to shut down the factory. The Kundankulam protests saw the participation of Bishop Yvon Ambroise,SP Udayakumar, while Sterlite had Mohan
The anti-development attitude of the Church, their Nexus with the Breaking-India Maoist, LTTE sympathisers is quite evident from these instances. The Vatican sponsored churches want to derail the growth progress of the State as well as the Nation. When locals are rendered jobless
it becomes easier for the missionaries to harvest on the hungry unemployed Youth.
The role of church & western NGOs in destabilization activities in India is clearly evident. There is a misconception that only the Muslim radicals resort to terrorism.However, the truth is that the Christian evangelists are equally guilty of encouraging terrorism in India
The Christian involvement in aiding various insurgent, militant groups in the North-East started right from the time of India's emergence as an independent nation in 1947. Christian missionaries closely linked with militant tribal groups in Tripura, the Maoist movement.
In South, missionaries are found closely linked with pro-LTTE elements in TN. Church activists, Maoists are found jointly supporting the NGO-sponsored agitation against all mega-development projects in India as part of a western conspiracy to stall India's economic progress.
The church's involvement in such destabilization activities was never seen as blatantly as in the case of agitation against the #Kudankulam nuclear power plant in #TamilNadu & the #Tuticorin #Sterlite Factory
The Church deploys it's agenda mostly through misinformation campaigns. For example let us take Koodankulam Nuclear Plant protest and let us compare it with the recent Sterlite protests too. There's a clear role played by the Church, how it misleads the locals. Look at these
Abrahamic religions and the violence, expansionism and advocacy of conversion are nothing that can be kept hidden or denied. “Spreading the Good” has led to purging of territories and their wealth and excommunicating natives and their unique cultures.
Current fears associated with the repetition of past colonial crimes needs to be empathized in view of the objective of both Christianity,Islam competing for world hegemony. The Church is Christianity’s first soldier. LTTE was simply a pawn of the Church
They wanted to advance a Pan-Christian political agenda that aims to create a satellite Christian autonomous state out of Tamil Nadu & North Sri Lanka(in a Sudan style divide). LTTE’s demise does not mean that ambition is over. There are various other #BreakingIndia Forces
Across the globe, the separatist secessionist and political insurgement movements are either backed by the Church or followers of Islamic fundamentalism. The 1991 Rwanda genocide an example of Vaticans role in financing the genocide. 
India was divided as Aryan(Brahmin) and Non-Brahmin(Dravidian) & Hindi-Tamil. In Sri Lanka, the Church divided people as Sinhalese-Tamils, infiltrated the State through Sinhala Christian/Tamil Christians to purposely segregate the majority Buddhists.
The Church uses to perfection tenets of democracy to control impoverished nations in both Africa and Asia. The strategy is simple – communities are turned against each other and they step in as referee with the solutions.
Tamil Nadu’s #Dravidian Movement meant it wanted to be led by Britain while it was Christian import Chelvanayagam that called for a “Greater Dravida Nadu” connecting India,Sri Lanka – the exact plan of the Church. LTTE was a mere pawn in this.
LTTE was simply a mercenary outfit given tacit approval to kill innocent people so long as it would buy time until the creation of that $Pan-Christian state” with the necessary numbers of converted Christians on both sides of the Palk Strait.
Many wonder why the West is angered that Sri Lanka has eliminated the LTTE. That anger stems from destroying their investment – the armed forces have managed to dislodge the LTTE from the Eelaam-Church nexus, the robot the West was using to create a Christian foothold in Asia...
that would combine a future separate Tamil Nadu and the geopolitically important nation of Sri Lanka. We can now understand why LTTE didn’t accept the solutions offered because the LTTE were merely interim beneficiaries to a greater plan.
Whether Prabakaran was aware of it was immaterial because he was dependent on these alliances for his own survival – his supremacy was limited to what stood within the Church agenda.LTTE was first the robot of India but with the killing of Rajiv Gandhi in 1991...contd
it prostituted itself to become the pawn of Christian West to facilitate the Christian agenda in Asia.Prabakaran became Christian. Most of LTTE’s top tier leaders were also Christian or hid their Christian identity with Hindu names. The cadres were almost all low-caste Hindus.
LTTE had many ties to the Church.
For example, most of the top cadre of the LTTE were apparently Christians:

*Prabhakaran aka Pirapaharan (Christian convert, a lapsed Methodist)

*S.P. Tamil Selvam – Christian

*Balraj (Balasegaram Kandiah) – Christian

*Pottu Amman (Christian)
Prabhakaran’s son Charles Anthony – Christian

Anton Balasingham – a Roman Catholic and LTTE’s self-declared “theoretician”.

Soosai (Thillaiyampalam Sivanesan) – Christian

Thenmozhi Rajaratnam (nickname Dhanu), Rajiv Gandhi’s suicide bomber assassin was a Christian

Tamil Hindus need to realize they were or are not part of any Eelam being promoted in either Tamil Nadu or Sri Lanka. There are enough clues for the Tamil Hindus to realize this. Tamil Hindus need to open their eyes and think.
a) Prabakaran, LTTE did not speak on behalf of Tamils discriminated in other parts of the world also shows LTTE’s lack of real concern for Tamils except to establish the end goal of a separate state for Christian West. That separate state was not meant for Tamil Hindus.
b)Prabakaran killed the entire moderate thinking Tamil Hindu leaders, politicians, academics & people respected in society. His actions never showed any evidence that LTTE was interested in protecting & fostering Tamil Hindu culture. He made a mockery of Hindus, Hindu culture.
c)Nations of the West were always supportive of the LTTE, enough to allow London to be openly known as its international head-quarters.

Church clergy openly supports LTTE

*Father Jagat Gasper Raj

* S. Jebanesan, Bishop of the Church of South India (CSI)

*Frs. Singarayer, etc
Prof. (Fr.) Joseph Chandrakanthan, from the Department of Theology at the University of Toronto, Canada is also pro-separatist pro-LTTE

Rev. Dick Wootton of Uniting Church, Melbourne, Australia

Rajappu Joseph Bishop of Mannar, declared open the “Embassy of the Tamil Eelam”
The entire Tamil clergy of the country supported the LTTE and obviously still do whilst the Sinhala Catholic and Christian clergy along with influential evangelical elites also support the same cause.
LTTE Voice of Tigers tied up with Radio Veritas, a Catholic broadcasting station run by Asian Catholic Bishops Conference based in Philippines. The Tamil Service of the Radio Veritas is run by the Tamil Catholics of Tamil Nadu. Voice of Tigers had a “coordinating office”
There is little debate that the strategy of the Church is to turn Tamil Nadu into a Christian state. Investments made in communication networks, journalism and other mass communication, television networks, schools, buying acres of land....
putting up prayer houses close to Hindu temples, establishing foreign Christian missionaries, presence of NGOs, financing various projects is clear evidence.
If not so much, the Church’s investments include using human weaknesses to plant Christians into ruling families
When the Church has money they know how to use it – the target audience invariably becomes self-serving politicians, the vulnerable, the ambitious and the greedy. Through them the damage is artfully executed .There are some 3000 Churches/parachurches in and around Chennai..
46 Bible colleges, 23 Christian media centers, 122 Christian magazines in English,Tamil, 114 church planting missions According to few surveys, articles. The Church sponsors rallies, posters,conventions etc.They broadcast via satellite/cable channels of GOD TV, Miracle TV, Shalom
Angel TV, Jeevan TV and web-based telecasts like Jesus Calls,etc. These Christian channels are relayed to 216 cities across India to an audience of 21million.
The Church’s successes in India include Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland & the coastal states of Kerala, Karnataka, TN, AP.
South of Cuddalore every fishing hamlet along Tamil Nadu’s vast coastline is almost 100% Christian with the Church getting Tamil Nadu fishermen to intrude into Sri Lankan waters with a gameplan to exert pressure on both Delhi and Sri Lanka and to provoke both countries

The strategy of evangelists have been adopting is to continuously provoke people who do not agree to their line of thinking to the point of provoking attack and thereafter accusing them of intolerance, fanaticism & being communal.
The increase of mosques, churches in Hindu majority India & Buddhist hinterland Sri Lanka is one such example. Of course biased coverage is backed by reports that claim religious freedom is deteriorating due to Hindu, RW Organizations in India & Buddhist racists in Sri Lanka.
What we see before us the application of Dominionism –where Christians believe they have a God-given right to rule all earthly institutions. This has turned into a political agenda rather than a theological one which is why there are numbers of Christians who do not accept this
Most Christians are ignorant of these pan-Christian geo-regional plans. This new wave of Christian-Islamism at a political level are dangerous because it eats into the emotions of people and devastates their rational thinking.
The situation in South Asia is that there is a plan to destroy Hindu control in Tamil Nadu and Buddhist control in Sri Lanka. Pro-Christian politicians, self-serving non-Christian politicians are being influenced to legally, constitutionally change provisions
It is important to view India’s stance on Sri Lanka in btw 2004-14 under the Italian leadership of the Congress.

The dangers India faces is the gullibility of political parties in Tamil Nadu to Christian strategies
LTTE might have been started as a solution, Freedom cause of the Eelam Tamils. Maybe their fight, cause was noble enough in the beginning for which they had the support from India which they later lost because of the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.
In today's economic scenario, fast paced growth & development, pro-LTTE sympathisers, Political parties with Secessionist views backed by missionaries are a growing threat to both India & Sri Lanka.
The stalling of all developmental projects, closing of major industrial hubs...
the demands of such groups poses a grave danger to the Economy of the country& survival of thousands of employees dependent on such industries for livelihood.When majority of the people are rendered jobless it'll enable the missionaries to harvest Innocents as part of their goals
I guess this video adds more weight to these Tweets.

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