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What Did Jesus Write On The Sand When The Woman That Was Caught In Adultery Was Brought To Him?

The story is recorded for us in John 8:1-11.

A woman that was caught in Adultery was brought to Jesus by the scribes and Pharisees.

They wanted to hear his opinion before meteing the law of Moses on her; which says anyone caught in Adultery should be stoned.
But instead of giving them an immediate response; the master stooped and wrote some words on the ground!!!
When they continued asking, he lifted his head and said ,"he without sin should cast the first stone".

After saying that,He stooped and continued writing. They got pricked by the question,threw their stones and left the woman alone with Jesus.
Beautiful story.

But what Exactly what Jesus writing on the ground.

If we read verse 3 again, you Will notice that Jesus wasn't writing on the ground before they came.
Infact,they kept bombarding him with the question before he raised his head to answer them.

And right after that,he continued writing on the ground.

Obviously,he was writing something.
His audiences weren't blind.They could see what he wrote. What was it or what did it mean?
Whatever he was writing, was a message to them.

They understood it; coupled with what he said. And left the woman!.

So what was Jesus writing? I will tell you.

But before I do that,let me explain something very important...

That's not a typo. Stay with me.

In other words, even though God had you in mind when the Bible was been written,you were not the initial audience it was written to.

Because of that,to understand the Bible & interpret any difficult text is to FIRST ask; what does it mean to THEM.And not what does it mean to me
that can come after you have accurately deciphered what it means to the initial/original audience.

For example,somewhere in revelations, Jesus said "You are neither hot nor cold,you are lukewarm, therefore I will spit you out of my mouth "
What does that mean?

Well for most western readers of the Bible, Jesus is saying it's better to be a fire brand Christian or a known sinner than a Christian who is one foot in and out:.

But that isn't true.

Hot and Cold are both positive in that text.
I have a thread that answers succinctly explains that verse correctly . Link will be posted at the end of this thread.
One more example before we start putting all the pieces together.

Few days ago, I Tweeted "the holy ghost has given me a bad idea. And that 2019 will be mad lit".

Interestingly, it was an experiment, which worked very well.

While,the holy ghost did Give me an idea that
morning while I was fellowshipping with him,the tweet itself was to prove something: the original audience of a message are the ones who understands the message better.

How could I have said "the holy ghost gave me a BAD idea and that 2019,on the basis of the BAD idea
the holy ghost gave me,it will a MAD year ".

Does the holy ghost give bad ideas? No.

But my audience understood what I meant!!!.

Now supposing 100 years from now,someone in another dispensation of time, stumbles on that tweet and goes about claiming I said
The holy ghost gives BAD ideas. Will he or she be correct? NO.

But this is what many of us do with our Bible, we read whatever we like into it.

If you are going to understand the Bible, then you must ask yourself...
(1)who is talking?
(2)who is or she talking to?
(3)What does it mean to them?(with this,things like cultural settings are taken into consideration). E.g. why did Jesus curse the fig tree?

It wasn't just a show of power.

I must ask myself "what does a fig tree mean to the children of isreal"
If u don't do that,u will have unnecessary bias for the Bible like some do because they think

"Paul is misogynist.God supports Rape. God hates women".

They are reading a 2000+ year old book written to a primarily Jewish audience & interpreting it with a western mindset.Horrible
Now let's revert to the question we want to answer.

Who wrote on the floor? Jesus. Who was Jesus?

A rabbi. He "ministered " on earth as a Rabbi,not a pastor, not an evangelist but a Rabbi.

So he did some things that might seem unconventional to us but not to those who
were his listeners at that time.

Rabbis are known for something called "Remez". Which means to hint.

This was one way Rabbis taught in those days.

They would use just a passage of a scripture,assuming that their audience knowledge of the scriptures would allow them
deduce the fuller meaning of the teaching. And Jesus who possessed a brilliant understanding of the scriptures and strong teaching skills used this often.

For example, the children shouted "Hosanna" to Jesus at the temple and it got the chief priests and scribes angry
What was Jesus' response?

"Have you not heard that out of the mouth of babes thou has ordained praise".

Jesus didn't finish the passage, but his listeners knew what he was saying
The passage which was culled from Psalm 8:2, Concludes with "That thou might silence the enemy".

In other words, Jesus was saying they were enemies of God without really saying it.

Examples of Remez abound in the Bible, but I'm sure you get the point.

If you were in Isreal, instead of saying "Give me a clue", you could say "Give me a Remez".

So To understand the "Remez " of the writing of the ground in Chapter 8 of the book of John,you would
have to start reading from John 7.

Let me summarize.

In verse 38, Jesus stood and said " Anyone who is thirsty should come and drink and out of his belly shall flow rivers of living waters".
But they didn't come, because they didn't believe. In fact, a fight broke out.

So Jesus left.
The very next day, Jesus went back to that same temple.

Verse 2 of John 8 says "and he came AGAIN into the temple".

Emphasis on Again.

The same place where they rejected him, the LIVING WATER
When he got there, the incidence occurred .

The scribes brought this woman to Jesus.

This same scribes that rejected him the fountain of living water a day earlier.

They wanted to put him in a corner.
Master "The LAW says anyone who is caught in Adultery should be stoned. What do you have to say ?

Jesus (must have chuckled and thought to himself you guys are quoting the LAW.Really?) he stooped and REMEZ.

Are u ready to know what Jesus wrote & what it means. Ready?Next tweet
Jeremiah 17:13 "Lord,you are the hope of Isreal and all WHO FORSAKE YOU will have their names WRITTEN IN THE DUST because they have FORSAKEN the FOUNTAIN OF LIVING WATER".
Boom!!! Remez.

When they saw his continuous writing on the ground - knowing the law themselves- they got his message.

They dropped their stones and left.
I hope this has blessed you.

I will appreciate if you can subscribe to my new YouTube channel, Where we have some of these teachings in animation Videos. You will be love it. Share too…
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