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Thread: Kevin Spacey: The Cabal’s Loose End
1. #KevinSpacey (KS) was an A list actor w/ many leading & supporting roles in Hollywood films & television. I believe he has participated in some very evil acts with many important figures in Washington DC and Hollywood. Kevin Spacey is one of the biggest cabal liabilities ever.
2. Kevin spacey was an A list actor with many leading and supporting roles in Hollywood films and television. #KevinSpacey…
3. KS’s infamous and highest budget project was House of Cards, which aired on Netflix with an IMDB score of 8.9 and immeditely recieved orders for additional seasons upon the initial positive reception by critics and public alike. #KevinSpacey
4. KS played the role of Frank Underwood, a politician who would inflict harm or death upon anyone who got in his way politically or physically. He would eventually become President of the United States after leaving a wake of destruction in DC. #KevinSpacey
5. KS would never finish his role as Frank Underwood. In October 2017, actor Anthony Rapp featured in a Buzzfeed interview dilvulged a secret he had been hiding from the world. #KevinSpacey…
6. “1986, Spacey befriended Rapp while they both performed on Broadway, invited Rapp over to his apartment for a party & at the end of the night picked Rapp up, placed him on his bed, & climbed on top of him, making a sexual advance.“ Rapp was 14yrs old, KS was 26. #KevinSpacey
7. “Rapp (46), told no one about his experience & he has never spoken with KS. Rapp's frustration, anger, and incredulity with the sexual boundary he said Spacey crossed with him grew as well. Seeing Spacey now, “My stomach churns,” #KevinSpacey
8. “Representatives for Spacey, now 58, did not respond to numerous phone calls, emails.” Spacey did respond on Twitter.
(KS in stage outfit at age 26 during time of the 1986 incident)
9. KS Twitter Response, Absolute lack of remorse, a sick man. #KevinSpacey
10. Remember, this happened right after the #HarveyWeinstein scandals were unfolding and the #Metoo movement was ramping up. #KevinSpacey…
11. Was the cabal sacrifising two of its A list film producers to mitigate the risk of their own scandals being exposed in the future? #KevinSpacey
12. Before this KS scandal broke, he had just filmed season 5 of his show, House of Cards. This would be the last season he would ever film because the show killed off his role due to the sexual assault of a minor scandal brewing. #KevinSpacey…
13. In season 5, KS’s character Frank Underwood visits a location called the Elysian Fields,” which according to Greek mythology refers to a “paradise which heroes are sent to be buried.” This was a homage to the infamous Bohemian Grove. #KevinSpacey
14. In this episode the elite, including Frank Underwood congregate in the Northern California forests to feast & enjoy anything they desire. Nothing is off the table. Near the end of the deal making, feasting & fornication they set out to worship an effigy of an owl w/ rituals.
15. Clip of Ep with Sacrifice
16. While many can write this off as just a tv show plot, those in the “know”, realize it is much more. This is based off the Bohemian Grove which many elite members of the world & United States have attended for years.…
17. “The Bohemian Club, a San Francisco-based private club that has counted a number of US presidents among its members, is a controversial group.”The grounds are dotted with camps bearing strange names — "Mandalay," "Lost Angels," "Isle of Aves," & "Silverado Squatters." Owl 👇
18. “And, during the first weekend of the summer encampment, robed figures sacrifice an effigy as part of a ritual meant to banish all worries from the gathered members.”-Bohemian Grove 👇*Info Wars & Alex Jones I do not trust, but an interesting video.
19. Many are catching onto this secret organization filled with many members of our government. While I do not know if these members have bad intentions, it is still very poor optics to say the least. Our Republic must be transparent.
20. The reason for the inclusion of this elite gathering is to show how far KS’s Netflix series went to depict Washington DC. I believe KS identified himself as a loose end when he allowed this to air. There were rumblings of very angry elite members who fought against the show.
21. So the question is: Did they sacrifice an A list actor #KevinSpacey to distance themselves from this loose end by taking advantage of the Weinstein #Metoo environment to have Rapp finally divulge his secret to the friendly BuzzFeed “news” of the Trump Steele dossier fame?
22. The public took note of KS and his alledged crimes. His last and hopefully finally film, Billionaire Boys Club, grossed only 2.2 million dollars and a Rotten Tomatoes score of 8%. This rotten man’s career was dead in the water, but was the cabal’s message received by KS?
23. A better question: What does KS know about the cabal? They obviously wanted to keep him quiet by creating a firestorm of credible & false claims in the mainstream media. #KevinSpacey…
24. “London's Met Police is probing six allegations against the Oscar-winning actor, 59, after more men have come forward.
Scotland Yard told Sun Online they received three more allegations of sexual assault from February to April this year.” #KevinSpacey
25. Will #KevinSpacey admit to his alleged sexual crimes against this growing list? Tony Montana, Daniel Beal, Roberto Cavazos, Harry Dreyfuss (we will circle back to this one), Anonymous artist who claims he had a relationship as a 14-year-old boy..............
26. Kris Nixon, Former production assistant on House of Cards, 23-year-old actor in London, Heather Unruh's son, Man at the National Theatre, as many as 20 accusers @ Old Vic Theater.
To read their stories 👇…
27. A curious mind would ask why now? Why after all these years would these stories come out? Answer: The cabal has a firewall literally. If you talk in Hollywood or political circles you will be threatened. This may be a ban of employment or maybe an unexpected suicide.
28. I know many in Hollywood have been exposed to have similar evil predilections, but #KevinSpacey ‘s deserved demise seems different. Most of his accusers were kept silent until now. What changed? Was KS on the verge of disclosing to the public the evil deeds he was part of?
29. I believe #KevinSpacey was part of the very inner circle of the cabal which is reserved for the most trusted individuals who have proven themselves worthy by witnessing & performing evil acts amongst their members with innocent victims in the name of progress & enlightenment.
30. Many know about Enty Lawyer who writes Blind Items on the famous people in Hollywood because he is an Ex-Entertainment Lawyer with many well informed friends in all circles. He was onto Weinstein before anyone. If you do not, read this 👇…
30. On December 18, 2018 Enty Posted this strange Blind Item Titled, Don’t Help: A Church Blind. It took the internet by storm because it vaguely described a situation where the church & Hollywood A listers were involved together in illicit activites & someone was talking.
31. Dont Help: The church Blind
It isn't just The Church who has got involved, although their property runs right up to the search area. The Church though doesn't want anyone nosing anywhere near their property so have joined forces with what feels like a half dozen or so shady >
32. > organizations involved in everything from gold smuggling to sanctions busting. I think one of the more shocking things these groups have done is unite some very strange bedfellows. When you have The Mogul joining forces with that rich conservative family who donates a >
33. > ton, you know something is going on. The Mogul, along with several other A+ list directors and producers including a permanent A+ list director who has a bunch of sequels in the pipeline and a female A list director and another permanent A list director who did a lot of >
34. > superhero movies have previously been given access to the top secret area so they can be more realistic with their films in return for positive publicity about the place. As far as I know, they are not into gold smuggling or sanctions busting. What is also interesting is >
35. > most of this information leaking out is not coming from the Hollywood side. The Church and the others that are shadowy will take care of the situation themselves. Don't be surprised if this recluse of a suspect ends up dead in a way that very much looks like suicide. >
36. > That said, they probably would be willing to take him out any way they can at this point. They want no more digging.
-Enty Lawyer Blind Item Dec 18, 2018
37. So this is a lot to unpack. Who are these individuals involved? Many have theorized who they are. I would like to focus on the last part for now. The leaker is not part of Hollywood and a recluse of a suspect, now who fits that description? #KevinSpacey
38. An Interesting Line:
“The Church and the others that are shadowy will take care of the situation themselves. Don't be surprised if this recluse of a suspect ends up dead in a way that very much looks like suicide.”
Did the cabal try to arkanside #KevinSpacey this week?
39. I believe with this breaking news of his pending assault charges #KevinSpacey lost it & turned on his handlers who in return tried to arkanside him for what he knew even before all of this became mainstream. He is their loose end.…
40. As well all know the #kevinspaceyvideo was released on Christmas Eve day. The MSM posed it as a man who made a video in response to pending allegations & does not take ownership of said crimes. We all know there is a lot more to this!
41. MSM Version- Linear VS Critical Thinking- #ThesePeopleAreStupid Version 5.0…
42. “impersonated Frank Underwood from House of Cards while apparently seeking to counter negative publicity and perceptions around the historic sexual-assault allegations made against him—it’s that he showed best practice for Christmas Day chefs around meat and perishables.”
43. “This important culinary primer aside, the video is not just a fail, it is also a menacing, self-aggrandizing, beyond tone-deaf, egomaniacal fail, which shows exactly how little Spacey has cared to learn about himself, or the gravity of what he has been accused of, and.....
44. the devastating effects of his alleged actions as so eloquently expressed by his accusers, like Anthony Rapp, who claimed Spacey had assaulted him when he was 14.” -The Daily Beast
45. The MSM is focused on the literal surface meaning, instead of contemplating what the man is truly set out to accomplish in this video testimonial. He is literally speaking directly to the cabal & those who would have a lot to lose if he talks. A veiled threat vs their threat.
46. The public has not seen a breakdown like this in a long time. This is the cabal’s worst nightmare. They do not want a messy divorce from someone they trusted to participate in their illicit activities. This is their absolute nightmare & they will do ANYTHING to prevent it.
47. Lets do a break down of the #kevinspaceyvideo, to determine his true message to the cabal. Feel free to comment on your own interpretation of the video. Group effort should always be encouraged! 👊🧐
48. Lets Be Frank: The #kevinspaceyvideo starts out with him in character as Frank Underwood. Like I said before, most will dismiss this as a poor choice & undeniably tone deaf. I think his choice to be the corrupt Frank Underwood was purposeful to convey his dark message.
49. Opening Line: “ I know what you want, oh sure they may have tried to seperate us, but what we have is too strong, too powerful. I mean after all we shared everything you and I. I told you my deepest darkest secrets. I showed you exactly what people are capable of.”
50. KS is describing his cabal initiation into their first circle. They have a few known layers. First KS would have to reach a certain status in the public eye & also amass great wealth. He did this through becoming an A list actor. This alone does not gain you membership.
51. They have trial periods where they must recongnize certain behaviors or interests that align with their own evil ways or you must have enough greed to endure their illicit activities for your own gain. I believe KS is part of the first group.
52. In 1986 he found an unwilling under age victim in his illegal sexual advances. We do not know if this was the first time. Rapp’s account portrays KS as very bold in his actions. This would lead us to believe it was to be expected for younger actors to submit to him.
53. Also Rapp’s story was hidden from the public eye until October 2017. This could have been out of fear & pressure from the Hollywood cabal. We have all heard from young victims of Hollywood’s elite who come forward only after their careers are finished. Talking= No Gigs
54. An excellent documentary on this very subject is below, free of charge. Children are being exploited sexually and financially by some of the Hollywood elite. 👇 Film: #AnOpenSecret
55. We can assume that after Rapp & other victims came forward to their agents or other peers in the industry. Savy or affiliated agents or peers would report this information to a member or minder of the cabal. Then the cabal would convene to decide the fate of the report.
56. Most likely they saw KS as a willing participant in their evil proclivities & motioned forward a vote to indoctrinate him into the first layer of the cabal. This would lead him onto a fast track towards being an A list actor with the benefits of their connections in Hollywood
58. When KS says in the video, “I shared my deepest darkest secrets.” This is a requirement for the first layer. Think of it as the darkest interview with the worst evil known to man at the other end of the table. [They] want to measure your capacity for evil.
59. It is a cabal mental stress test for measuring an attitude of complicity in their own evil desires. “ What is this individual capable of and how far are they willing to take it?”
60. This will determine if the candidate is ready for the next test. Witness and participation in an act. Vote pass or fail. Trust or not to trust. This is easier when you have evidence of their own illegal activities documented as blackmail.
61. KS was their perfect candidate by sharing his darkest secrets w/ a record of acting upon them. In the #kevinspaceyvideo he states, “ I showed you exactly what people are capable of.” This confirms he followed through on whatever illicit act they deemed required for membership
62. KS goes onto say, “I shocked you with my honesty, but mostly I challenged you & made you think & you trusted me even though you knew you shouldn’t.” #KevinSpacey
63. The way I would read this: [They] have a tight group built on trust. Maybe his past transgressions were against other member’s friends or affiliates & they saw him as a loose end at the start. Obviously his honesty enticed them enough to allow him into the first layer.
64. Right at the 41 second mark, it gets very interesting. He takes a drink out of a special mug right before he drops a huge threat to his fellow cabal members. Anons on the boards are doing some fascinating analysis of this.
65. Is #KevinSpacey threatening to expose the cabal if they do not save him or stop exposing their file of blackmail on this evil man? It really does look like that is the case. Remember earlier in the thread we mentioned, Blind Items. This is a new one posted.
66. The cabal is not happy with their loose end. It looks like they are about to drop another scandal onto the front page of every news outlet which would send this into orbit compared to most Hollywood scandals. Netflix stocks are already dropping, they better buckle up fast.
67. Anon Baker Post #1 👇 I do not really have any comment on these but attached as part of investigation. It does mention the standard hotel.
68. Anon Baker Post #2
69. So circle back to the 41 second mark of the #kevinspaceyvideo. He continues: “were not done, no matter what anyone says, and besides I know what you want. You want me back. Of course some believed everything and have been waiting with baited breath to hear me confess it all.”
70. Cont... “They’re just dying to have me declare that everything said is true & I got what I deserved, wouldn’t it be easy if it were all so simple.” (Gives threatening look to the left, off camera) “Only you & I both know it is never that simple, not in politics, not in life.
71. #KevinSpacey is delivering an ultimatum to his fellow cabal members. He knows where the bodies are buried, the crimes commited and those who are involved. He knows how high this syndicate goes up. He is leveraging the political captital he feels he deserves to save himself.
72. As we saw in this picture 👇 KS is holding a mug associated with the queen of England. Does KS have enough political capital to get the attention of royalty?
73. I believe he does. On June 13, 2015 Kevin Spacey was awarded an honorary knighthood in the queen’s birthday honors. Joining Charlie Chaplin, Ben Kingsley, Christopher Lee, Patrick Stewart, Anthony Hopkins and others in the Hollywood circle of filth.…
75. “Kevin Spacey, who is finishing a 10-year run as artistic director at London's Old Vic theater, was awarded an honorary knighthood for his services to culture and British theater.”
76. (This is where it gets really weird and shows how close he is to the British royalty) “Spacey said he was "honored and humbled" by the monarch's recognition and thanked Britons for supporting his work. "I feel like an adopted son," he said.” 👀
77. Are these British levels of the cabal.👉 “Knights are addressed as "sir" or "dame." Recipients of the other honors have no title, but can put the letters after their names. The ranks for the Orders of the British Empire are Commander, Officer and Member, in descending order.”
78. Was #KevinSpacey exaggerating how close he is to the royal family? I do not believe so...look at this 👇🧐…
79. #KevinSpacey was invited to take a tour of the palace after his recent knighthood. It was apparent he felt very comfortable with the royal family because he took great liberties with the rules of palace conduct in the eyes of most reporters.
80. “Kevin Spacey breached Royal protocol when he sat on the Queen's throne during a private tour of Buckingham Palace, it has been alleged. The throne room which features a chair embroidered with EIIR, made for the Queen's coronation in 1953.”
81. “ A source told the Sunday Times: ‘Going anywhere near the throne is a total non-no. If a member of the staff did, it would have resulted in disiplinary action.” Obviously KS feels comfortable with this family. How does this tie into KS’ illicit deeds? 👇 Bombshell I found 💣
82. “The disgraced actor, who is facing numerous allegations of sexual misconduct, was understood to have been invited to the palace for a private tour with Prince Andrew. Buckingham Palace confirmed to the paper that Spacey had been invited for a tour by the Duke of York.”
83. PRINCE ANDREW THE DUKE OF YORK!!! Where have we seen this guy before? 👀 Oh thats right...He made multiple trips on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet to visit Jeff’s evil island to engage in sex with underage minors & other illicit activity.…
84. Prince Andrew is a member of the British royal family. He is the third child and second son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. At the time of his birth, he was 2nd in the line of succession to the British throne; as of November 2018 he is 7th in line.
85. “The connecting thread was Epstein, now 61, a convicted sex offender and one-time friend of Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. The allegation: that Epstein forced another of his teenage victims into sexual encounters with Andrew on three separate occasions.”
86. “The accusation, contained in a court filing first reported by the Guardian and politico has become headline news across the world this week, even as it was forcefully and repeatedly denied by the Palace.”
87. “It has thrown a spotlight on Andrew’s relationship with Epstein & resurfaced questions over whether the disgraced financier used his extraordinary wealth and power to elude justice. Epstein had 16 separate telephone numbers listed for this particular friend Prince Andrew.”
88. “It was first reported in 2015 that a woman named Virginia Roberts came forward to claim tycoon Jeffrey Epstein paid her to have sex with Andrew in 2001, when he was just 17.”
Virginia Roberts interview Dec, 3 2018 by the Miami Herald 👇
89. Strange Side Note: She worked at Mar-a-Lago, owned by President Donald Trump. Also a fascinating timeline 👇…
90. “Roberts claimed that the Duke was among men, including "a former prime minister" & Alan Dershowitz, who had sex with her while she was a teenager. She alleged she was first introduced to and, for £10,000 had sex with the Duke on a trip to London in 2001, when she was 17.”
91. “Flight logs show the Duke and Virginia Roberts were in the same places when she alleges sex happened. The Duke and Roberts were also photographed together with the Duke's arm round Roberts' waist.”
92. “Roberts said she was pressured to have sex with the Duke and "wouldn't have dared object" and feared leaving, as she felt Epstein, through contacts, could have got her "killed or abducted".
93. Many famous individuals or cabal members were part of Jeffrey Epstein’s illicit activities. As mentioned, Alan Dershowitz is mentioned & currently having a “legal threats” battle over social media.…
94. I am not sure how he fits into everything, but he may have been involved. I know he has been a very vocal proponent for some of President Trump’s goals which would anger the cabal. If they had anything on him, they are releasing it now.…
95. I found this very strange, but lawyers do protect bad people all the time. 👇 It is a black eye & does not help us believe Alan Dershowitz is innocent. Also remember the Daily Beast is a cabal tool in the MSM. They wanted this information out there.…
96. Another frequent flyer on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane the “lolita express” was Bill Clinton. So now we have a Prince and a President travelling on a plane to an island to engage in illicit activities.…
97. I feel like this scandal is about to break wide open and is tied directly to the topic of this thread. This article is from November 30, 2018. It is amazing how the dirt is coming to the surface.…
98. “The news, however, is not simply that Clinton is coming to Miami. This sort of fundraiser happens all the time here. What's noteworthy is that Clinton is coming to Miami four days after the Miami Herald published......
99. a stunning investigation into his noted friend, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex criminal who is accused of raping or abusing at least 80 underage girls.”…
100. “The financier also owned a private island where it was alleged he held orgies and abused girls. Epstein's "little black book" included contacts for a smorgasbord of famous people.” The cabal is just realizing Epstein used their own tactic of storing blackmail against them.
101. What if I told you #KevinSpacey , the topic of this thread, was not just friends with Prince Andrew, but also Bill Clinton.
102. “The Clinton’s sure have close relationships with hollywood’s ever growing list of sexual predators. From their cozy friendship with die hard Hillary Clinton supporter Harvey Weinstein......…
103. to Bill’s bromance with #KevinSpacey, for some odd reason the Clinton mafia is deeply connected to the hollywood elite now being systematically being as sexual deviants.”
104. #KevinSpacey was on board Epstein’s private jet with Bill Clinton when it flew from JFK Airport into the Azores before the former President and the actor enjoyed a tour of Africa.” Lets talk about the island now.
105. According to Fox News, Epstein, “Allegedly had a team of traffickers who procured girls as young as 12 to service his friends on “Orgy Island,” an estate on Epstein’s 72-acre island, called Little St. James, in the U.S. Virgin Islands.”
106. “Owned by Jeffery Epstein, Little St. James Island appears to be somewhat of a gathering place and is a well desired hangout among key figureheads, actors and royalty to the likes of former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey and even Prince Andrew.” -Daily Mail
107. “Bill Clinton took at least 26 trips on the Lolita Express, a luxury jet fitted out with beds where prominent elitists allegedly had sex with young girls, ditching his Secret Service detail for 5 of those trips.”…
108. Flight Log aka cabal blackmail, like they are using against #KevinSpacey. Didn’t Chris Tucker go off the deep end and then have a religous revival? Hmmmm 🧐
109. The island has some very interesting stuctures and designs potentially below. #qanon has posted regarding this island several times. Describing a potential underground network where they were able to either get video or sound from cabal’ cell phones who were below.
110. This video gives an indepth analysis of the island. Information by Neon Revolt.
111. Great blog post by Neon Revolt as shown in video if you want to read it. Follow him on Gab as well @ NeonRevolt…
112. MUST WATCH VIDEO on #KevinSpacey and #BillClinton ‘s relationship. WOW, nice work.
113. #BillClinton and #KevinSpacey are very close. This is why I keep circling back to his recent Frank video. He is friends with royalty, a previous president and many other cabal members. He is leveraging his relationships with them to escape justice.
114. Another example of #KevinSpacey ‘s known evil in Hollywood. It even aired on Fox. A Family Guy Ep from way back in 2005.
115. I wonder who appears at mark 4:47 #KevinSpacey
116. #HillaryClinton even got in on the fun with #KevinSpacey
117. #KevinSpacey brings up the #HillaryClinton emails to the delight of the laughing cabal. They believe it is a joke. They do not understand what is coming. I think KS finally does & is lashing out.
118. Now that we have established that #kevinspacey has friends very high up in the cabal ladder, lets continue.
119. For reference again 👇 Lets be Frank: #kevinspaceyvideo
120. Mark 1:15 in video: Remember the last line before 1:15 he faced away from the camera as if talking to someone else, besides general audience. (Now in 1:15 faces us) “But you wouldn’t believe the worst without evidence would you. You wouldn’t rush to judgement without facts..
121. ...would you? Did you? No not you, your smarter than that. Anyways all this presumption made for such an unsatisfying ending and to think it could have been such a memorable send off.” 1:15-1:31 #kevinspaceyvideo
122. Basically in this part of the video he is talking to the public & cabal at once, instead of before just the cabal. Some anons are theorizing he was setup for this current crime. But guilty of the others. #kevinspacey
123. Warning 🔥: Enty lawyer is on fire lately with the old Blind Item drops. Graphic, so please be prepared! It seems as though I was onto something earlier in the thread. THE ISLAND. #kevinspacey
124. How terrible is this 👇 This confirms #kevinspacey is the loose end as I have described. He literally was a liability, so they decided to leak the blackmail they had on him. This blind makes it sound like KS was already interviewed by the Feds for his island trips.
125. Remember Epstein was being investigated by the FBI. This could have brought the house of cards down on some very important cabal members including #kevinspacey . These Blinds & the anon’s work I will post correlate with message he is sending in the video.
126. So did #kevinspacey flip on the cabal to save himself? We saw in the Blind, he may have not flipped during the first investigation, but he may have after the 2nd interview. This is really important. I believe the cabal’s loose end was cut free of their protection. Sacrifice.
127. The cabal will always cut off a limb to save the body, then they will try to bury the limb out of site (arkanside) or bury in the public eye with their lapdog press, with the acused knowing the first threat is still on the table. #kevinspaceyvideo
128. Below is not my work, but fascinating. I saw it on @LisaMei62 ‘s TL, tweet by @JimmyFalk5. It lines up very well with the Blind Items shown above. #kevinspaceyvideo
129. So we left off with us considering the posibility of #kevinspacey cooperating with the Feds and the cabal pulling out every piece of dirt they have on the man.
130. Once again Enty Lawyer drops a huge Blind today confirming what we believe to be true. The key phrase to notice is “no jail time for his latest offense.” He has made deals but this will only reduce a sentence for this crime. His old crimes were to evil to pardon.
131. I believe #kevinspacey is fighting for his life in more ways than one. KS vs cabal arkanside and KS vs Federal Death Penalty sentence. Remember Trump’s Executive Order against human trafficking gives the justic department a lot of new legal powers.…
132. Actual Executive Order 👇…
133. Under our amazing @realDonaldTrump.👇 Thank you for protecting us Sir! #kevinspacey…
134. So when #kevinspacey says this 👇 in the video, we can decode it.
135. #kevinspacey will pay the price for what he has done. (the Feds know what he has done & the cabal knows what he has done= both) Feds made a deal for life in prison vs death penalty. The guy has been part of the some real evil $#!%.
135. It seems like the cabal knows he has flipped & either wants to ruin the deal made or further the public’s disgust with #kevinspacey to limit his legal reach as a future witness against them. If the cabal releases real or manufactured crimes against him, that the Feds......
136. ....were not informed of during their interviews, it could void his deal & make him a very unreliable witness for the prosecution.
We all saw this happen recently 👇…
137. “Im certainly not going to pay the price for the things I did not do” - #kevinspaceyvideo Decode: You will not mess with my deal with the Feds. (directed at cabal) I believe this lines up very well with the truth. Pay for crimes you told feds= deal stands= no death penalty.
138. “ Oh of course they are going to say I am being disrespectful by not playing by the rules, like I ever played by anyones rules before, I never did AND YOU LOVED IT.” Decode: The disrespect is obviously to the cabal by becoming a rat for the Feds.…
139. As you can see above, rats are despised & the cabal is always willing to kill over it even today. Decode cont: Rules are made to be broken, when the cabal has always endorsed this as a way of life. #kevinspacey lives by this. Cabal’s golden rule: Silence.
140. Basically in the cabal they want you to commit evil crimes in the name of enlightenment or progress but never break their rule of silence. I believe when reality hit for #kevinspacey, he did not see things as black & white as this.
141. Mark 2:11 in #kevinspaceyvideo : “ Anyhow, despite all the poppycock, the animosity, the headlines, the impeachment without a trial, despite everything, DESPITE EVEN MY OWN DEATH.”
142. Decode: #kevinspacey is basically saying “I know what you are doing” to the cabal. He knows they would love to kill him, but he is protected as we saw in the earlier blind. They will have to frame him as a poor witness now. They will use their MSM to battle him on everything
143. Lets also consider this theory by the brilliant anons. Is Heather Unruh a cabal asset, set to the task of destroying what little credibility #kevinspacey has left as a government witness? Who is she? Thank you again @JimmyFalk5 for the lead.
144. Unruh worked at WCVB ABC 5 in Boston for 15 years, most recently co-anchoring NewsCenter 5 at 4:30 p.m. and 6 p.m., before announcing her resignation last October,” New England Living reported.
145. Date of departure: October 14, 2017. What happened before this? “Uhruh, who first tweeted about the incident in Nantucket on October 13 👀, said her then 18-year-old son Will Little, was in the same nightclub as Spacey in July last year when the actor plied him with alcohol”
147. Why would she leave her job the day after tweeting this out? Was she an asset who had a new mission to destroy #kevinspacey on behalf of the cabal. Assets often work in the MSM. I will use their own cabal rag against them 👇…
148. #FakeNews why?
149. Who has time to work, when you are on a mission, right? Also she needed to make the Unruh needed to make the round on the talk tv shows to make her point.…
150. “The #weinsteinscandal has emboldened me– #truth time. I was a [name removed] fan until he assaulted a loved one. Time the dominoes fell,”
151. “To #kevinspacey: Shame on you for what you did to my son & shame on you for using your apology to Anthony Rapp to come out as a gay man,” “That was an appalling attempt to distract attention away from what you really are: a sexual predator. Your actions are criminal.”
152. Heath Unruh on our favorite #MegynKelly 🙄
153. Do I have any other Heather Unruh links to assets? YES, I just found this Bombshell 💣: She graduated from DePauw University in 1989, does the school have any ties to assets? YES!
155. She caught the attention of a lot of people....but how does the school tie into everything?....Did she catch the alumni’s eye?
157. November 11, 1977, Greencastle, Ind. - In what he revealed was his first address to a college audience since becoming director of the C*A. (Why did he go to this school first? 🧐) (What is on his sweetshirt? DePauw University, wait WHAT?? 🧐)
158. “Stansfield Turner today defended his agency's past use of scholars' services and indicated that such contacts would continue.” What is the scholar service? Two paths, “Teachers who work as assets & students who become assets”
159. “Admiral Turner told a DePauw convocation it is unreasonable to take the view that a scholar working with the C*A is necessarily bad. "I hope very much to reverse this trend."
160. “Referring to a recent case in which a Brooklyn College political scientist was denied tenure -- reportedly at least in part because of his cooperation with the C*A. Turner called such an attitude "very discouraging and very improper.” #kevinspaceyvideo
161. “He also criticized universities that forbid associations between faculty members and the intelligence community.” 👀
It is safe to say we found a connection...a lot of other asset visitors through the years as well.
162. Uhhh...Did we stumble onto another bombshell 💣??? Where is Depauw University located? #kevinspaceyvideo
163. Bombshell 💣: DePauw University is located in Greencastle, Indiana! 👀 Where have we seen this before??? Oh right #qanon 🔥👀 I know anons were focused on the Army Corps, but what about this university? Thoughts @StormIsUponUs, @LisaMei62, @prayingmedic ? #kevinspaceyvideo
164. I have some 🔥NEW🔥 leads that will be posted sometime tonight. We need to take a closer look at this alleged crime. SETUP?....🧐......has someone bigger than Spacey flipped on the cabal as well?.....Trump connection? I will RT out an alert when done. Thank you for reading!
165. New 12/30/18- So we left off with potential C*A connections to DePauw University and our educated guess that Heather Unruh is an asset trying to frame #kevinspacey as a poor witness against the cabal or to ruin his deal with the Feds for not disclosing other illicit deeds.
166. Would a C*A asset really send her son into the lions den to be devoured by the cabal? Lets take a close look at how this all played out. Because I found some crazy proofs already. 👀🧐
Lets walk through the scene of the alleged crime together, but first the Claim vs Crime.
167. Claim: “Unruh said that #kevinspacey got her 18-year-old son, Will Little (Unruh)👇, drunk at the Club Car restaurant in Nantucket in July of 2016 and forced his hand down her son’s pants.”
168. Crime: Spacey, 59, also referred to in court documents as Kevin Fowler, was charged after a Dec. 20 show-cause hearing with one count of indecent assault and battery on a person 14 or over. Spacey is scheduled to be arraigned in Nantucket District Court on Jan. 7. 👀
169. The arraignment is a hearing in which the defendant is formally charged, their rights read, and a court appointed attorney assigned if the defendant doesn't already have one. Then the defendant can plead either guilty or not guilty of the crime they are being charged with.
170. The Alleged Victim: Will Little (Unruh)- Son of Heather Unruh and Nick Little. Pic #1 👇(Heather Unruh & Nick Little) Pic #2 👇(Will Little)
171. Scene of alleged crime: The Car Club, Nantucket, MA.
The Setup Begins: On July 7, 2016, Will Little was working as a bus boy at the Club Car. (Actual scene from the bar below before remodel, circa 2016) 👇
172. Heather Unruh description of events on July 7, 2016: After his shift, someone introduced Will to #kevinspacey, and the “completely starstruck” then-18-year-old told Spacey he was 21 years old, Unruh said. The actor began buying the teen “a lot of drinks,” she said.
173. “After KS bought her son several drinks, he eventually stuck his hand in her son’s pants and grabbed his genitals without consent in the crowded, dimly lit club. “This was completely unexpected,” Unruh said, adding that her son panicked and froze.”
174. KS went to the men’s room, Unruh said a concerned woman approached her son and asked him if he was okay. She told him to run. Will left the restaurant and ran to his grandmother’s home. He woke his sister & then called their mother, who came to Nantucket the next day.
175. “Mom, Kevin Spacey tried to Rape Me.”…
176. "Nothing could’ve prepared my son for how that sexual assault would make him feel as a man," she said. "It harmed him and it cannot be undone." Scene per Heather Unruh- November 8, 2017.
177. Wait what??? This happened on July 7, 2016. Your son calls you & says #KevinSpacey tried to rape me & you wait for over a year to do anything about it??? 🤦‍♂️ I am sorry to relitigate the case, but I had to do it, even for myself. I needed to see how these new bombshells fit.
178. First step in coverup: “Unruh tweeted on October 13, 2017 in the midst of the first allegations against Harvey Weinstein, that Spacey had “assaulted a loved one.”
179. 2nd step in coverup: November 8, 2017 at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Boston, Unruh sat with her daughter, Kyla & their lawyer, Mitchell Garabedian & came forward with the accusation her son Will Little, 19, had been abused by Spacey, 58, on the island of Nantucket.
180. I know we covered this, but if you missed video, watch it please, it will make more sense when I drop the proofs, that this was setup that I missed before. Boston Hilton Press Conference Nov 8, 2017.
181. So we are suppose to believe these tears from Heather Unruh, loving mom & advocate for her children...decided to wait for over a year to come forward with these allegations. She even decided to give a tweet teaser for these bombshell allegations for maximum exposure. WHY? 🧐
182. “Heather Unruh said on November 8 that it was painful to watch Spacey host the Tony Awards. Unruh told the media, “Now the climate in this country is changing. There’s a shift. The timing was everything.” 👀 Timing is everything- KEY PHRASE 🔥
183. So what had just happened in the news. Remember Anthony Rapp of the Star Trek fame, just outed #KevinSpacey on October 29, 2017. ⏰Timing really is everything⏰…
184. So this leads us finally to Bombshell #1 💣, Was this just a mom looking to do right by her son (no), cash in on Rapp report (maybe), I believe she was activated by the cabal. This video was released on June 22, 2017. 👇👀
185. I believe before this video, #kevinspacey had made a deal with the feds. The cabal found out. I mean how many leaks came out of the 2017 justice department before Sessions announced investigations: A LOT. Did you see how nervous KS was in the video. He knows the minders knew
186. So the old Rapp report was activated by friendly cabal rag Buzzfeed. Then the Heather Unruh story. Lets finally get to why this story is pure lies. What really made this a setup. Wouldn’t the cabal need to know that #KevinSpacey was going to visit the Club Car Bar?
187. So as I have learned in my research, you need to visit a multitude of web sources to piece together the truth. Someone is bound to give away to many details. Lets tear this story apart now with new facts.
188. Bomshell #2 💣: Will told State Police that on July 7, 2016, he was working at the Club Car. Word quickly spread among the staff that Spacey was expected to visit the restaurant that night. At the end of his shift, he asked one of his coworkers to introduce him to the actor.
189. WOW, we have established prior knowledge of #kevinspacey ‘s pending arrival. This is huge. Did KS have a reservation for dinner or other off the menu items (we will get into that later 💣). Regardless, the buzz of his arrival had trickled all the way down to the “bus boy”.
190. Next, the star struck “bus boy” 👉: Will had prior knowledge of the pending star’s arrival. Once #kevinspacey arrived at the Club Car Bar. Will finished his shift & asked a co-worker to be introduced to KS, per Unruh. (Was this a known “date” spot for the elite?)
191. #kevinspacey and Unruh’s son began to chat; Spacey told the 18-year-old that his dog’s name was Boston, and Unruh’s son told Spacey he was studying business in college. At one point, Unruh’s son told Spacey he was 23 years old, according to the report he gave police.”
192. “The drinks continued constantly through the whole night. Things started to get a little fuzzy when Will & KS went over to the piano, LEO wrote in his report. Will said he had at least four or five beers before KS said they should switch to whiskey adding, ‘Let’s get drunk.”
193. I wouldn’t call this part a bombshell, but lets be skeptics or smart investigators. We all saw this picture of the bar. Would an expensive establishment risk their liquor license to serve a minor excessive alcoholic beverages? Maybe if they want that minor served up?
194. “They began singing songs at the piano, he told police. Will said he told Spacey about his girlfriend, who he had been dating for five months at the time, at which point Spacey allegedly told him to stop texting her and began talking about the size of his penis.” 👀 Hmm🧐
195. AWKWARD: Recall the press conference: “There were a few red flags that in hindsight he can see probably should have raised his suspicion & set off alarms, but it wasn’t until, um, KS put his hand inside his pants that he really knew he was in trouble,” Unruh told Snow. 🤦‍♂️
196. WHAT? A few red flags. WOW. “The former anchor said her son did not give his consent.” “It made him incredibly uncomfortable,” she said. “He did try to shift his body because that’s the only thing he knew might help. But KS continued to put his hands back in his pants.”
197. What? Shift his body? Wouldn’t most of us just simply say what the F$%# & then leave right away. Maybe scream, tell your boss/co workers to get this creep off me. What if this was the norm at Club Car Bar? It is going to get even weirder soon.
198. No instead he shifted around & decided it was a perfect opportunity to Snap Chat it or record the encounter on video. The alleged victim’s girlfriend later told investigators that she received a text from Will saying KS was hitting on him, but she didn’t believe him.......
199. ......She then received a Snapchat video showing Spacey touching the front of her boyfriend’s pants "by his crotch," according to the documents. -Police/Court Records…
200. WHAT? Huge Bombshell 💣 Why record the evidence, if this was not a setup by the cabal. Yes today’s youth loves to record or Snap Chat everything, but not during an attempted rape.
201. Then we get into WTF territory, if we were not there already. “Will said the whole thing was embarrassing and has not had a ‘profound emotional effect’ on him. He told his friends about it and makes jokes about it because that is his way,” 🤦‍♂️
202. So this event was so dramatic for Will, he decided to joke about it with friends. Does this sound like someone who was not use to this routine? Does this sound like someone who was not in on the con from the start?
203. “Around 1 a.m., they went outside to smoke a cigarette. Spacey allegedly asked Unruh’s son to come back to the house where he was staying -- a request the alleged victim told police he denied because of Spacey’s previous sexual comment.”
204. “Unruh’s son told police he was uncomfortable and fended off multiple requests from Spacey to come home with him. All he wanted was a picture with the actor, Unruh’s son told police.”
205. Does this sound like something to joke about 👆. How many red flags does it take? Why didn’t they go to the police? Why did he joke about it & his mom sat on this story for over a year?
206. “The next day, Unruh told him to call police, but he delayed because he did not want to get anyone at the bar in trouble.”
207. “Will didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to get in trouble at work or get his work in trouble,” the trooper wrote in his report. “He knows he’s only 18, he’s not supposed to be drinking, and he’s not supposed to be drinking at work.” PLEASE 🤦‍♂️
208. You mean, get an establishment in trouble for endorsing or providing this kind of entertainment for the cabal? Deals were made. Was the Club Car Bar in on it? Why did he video this? When can we see the video? More on the way.....#soon.
209. 🔥New🔥 #KevinSpacey is due in court tomorrow at 11am ET 1.7.19 for his arraignment where he is facing a felony charge of indecent assault & battery charges against Will Little. He must show up to this public 👀hearing. This is getting even stranger.…
210. Before we dive into the new stuff. I did find a few interesting items 💣 of note that are worth our attention. 👇 Thank you for your support and for reading. #WWG1WGA
211. I rewatched the original Heather Unruh video where she described the crimes committed against her son by #kevinspacey for the millionth time. I definitely missed a few things. Where was her husband? Why was he absent? Who is William Nicholas Little Jr? (Husband)
212. As some of you know, in this long AF thread we went over Heather Unruh’s past in great detail, but what about her husband. Why is William Nicholas Little Jr only mentioned in articles with his wife? Did they not want him on film? Potential connections to the cabal? Maybe?
213. “Heather is married to her husband, William Nicholas Little. He works as a Senior Project Manager at CBRE. He has also worked at Dacon Corporation and Colantonio.” (Very little info to go off of...) What is CBRE?
214. “CBRE , a Fortune 500 and S&P 500 company headquartered in Los Angeles, is the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm”
215. *Disclaimer* A company of this size, “the world’s largest” is bound to have a few bad individuals working there but for the majority they are good people who are not involved in anything illicit. I will highlight a couple weird links.
216. From a deal in 2009. “Whitlock, David Rothschild 👀and Mary Christian of CBRE represented the seller.”…
217. Another example closer to William Nicholas Little Jr. He is a project manager at Boston Properties.
“Soros Fund Management, the investment firm founded by billionaire GS, will make a big splash with its brand new headquarters at 250 W. 55th St. on Eighth Ave.”👇 12.3.13
218.”Meanwhile, Al Jazeera, the Middle East based television news network is near a deal to take the building's entire second floor, a 50,000-square-foot space with dramatic 25-foot ceiling heights, along with smaller space higher in the tower as well.”
219. “CBRE has completed a 17,134-square-foot office lease at 5555 E. Van Buren St. in Phoenix, Ariz. The lease marks a relocation of CEMEX Construction Materials’ US headquarters.” (Below 👇)
220. Who is the developer of the building with all of these “special tenants”? “Boston Properties, the building's landlord and developer, began construction of the building in 2008.” “A brokerage team from CBRE Group represents Boston Properties.” William Nicholas Little Jr.
221. *Disclaimer* Keep in mind that in this thread I am just sourcing from, as legit as I can find, MSM articles & trying piece together the true story. This family needs to bring clarity to this situation because they handled this very poorly. The truth removes speculation.
222. I also mentioned before, that there were very unusual circumstance regarding the Club Car. Why was the bouncer (this young guy pictured 👇) introducing stars like #kevinspacey to other young individuals?
223. Why did Joe Pantorno the Club Car owner retire after the alleged event? Was it to hide the evidence or he couldn’t wether the bad press?
224. Link 1 of Note- Was Joe kicked out of town? We have proof he lost his other property. His propery The Rope Walk, had him kicked out once his lease was up as reported by Nantucket Today Restaurant Reporter M.R. Stanton.…
225. Link 2 of Note, New Owners👇- Was transition to hide the evidence or simply to avoid the bad press. One thing is for sure, they were responsible for a serving minor alcohol and broke the law. Was their liquor license investigated?…
226. I know we covered lots of material that happened in the past, but remember #KevinSpacey is headed to court & every detail matters. I believe we are on the precipice of KS exposing the cabal’s inner workings & darkest secrets. There is someone much larger than KS who flipped.
227. Before we lead up to the arraignment, I want to remind you why this #kevinspaceyvideo matters or why I would spend time highlighting this case. The word is watching. The cabal is watching. Exposure is the only cure, followed by Justice. #WWG1WGA 👇
228. Why is #KevinSpcaey so secretive? We know now obviously.....Sightings?…
229. December 28, 2018 #KevinSpacey is seen for the first time since December 2017, on a balcony. A whole year later & the man looks terrible. Some observations 👇
230. Earlier sighting mentioned above. Weird story and a bad look, Nov 7, 2017👇…
231. Dec 28, 2018 “The disgraced double Oscar winner was seen emerging from a rehearsal space and making his way into a waiting minivan while dressed in sagging wind pants, unlaced shoes, a makeshift balaclava & an undershirt that strained to fit over his protruding gut.”
232. Obviously #KevinSpacey is having a bad time, (Deserved), but lets take a closer look. Are we witnessing him getting into an unmarked (no plate) van after a Fed meeting? Covered face, no shoelaces or belt (suicide). Increased weight from all the stress. Driver looks away.
233. On December 30, 2018 #KevinSpacey sends another message to the cabal, which was even more blatant than the original #kevinspaceyvideo. He delivers a ‘Cheese Pizza’ to the press. Let’s break this down. (Link Below)…
234. We can see that he is delivering a ‘Cheese Pizza’, we know that this is a symbol for crimes against children & he is delivering it to the press. Press= Disclosure. Wearing a retired since 2017 hat, a date we believe he started working with the Feds. Cabal taunted?
235. Where is #KevinSpacey hiding out? “He is hiding out in a waterfront mansion in Baltimore that is owned by his manager and constant companion Evan Lowenstein.” Keyword: Baltimore, Close to DC
236. What else do we notice about this location? “The pier home is over 9,000 square-feet and offers five levels, six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and three half-baths.” It is like a castle with a moat. Protect against cabal? 7 Beds for Feds & #KevinSpacey.
237. “A sophisticated living experience rarely available in Baltimore's exclusive gated community.” Gated=Protected, Remember he had to drive to meet press. “home could easily entertain 300 people though it is unlikely Spacey is having over many guests.” Except for the Fed guests
238. More pictures and a very interesting video by Daily Mail on the #KevinSpacey hideout.…
239. It is interesting how stars hide their properties. “Tax records show that the home was purchased by Clear Toaster LLC for $5.65 million after being listed at $6.25 million”. What is Clear Toaster LLC?…
240. “David Bolno, a manager of Clear Toaster, is a partner in Nigro Karlin Segal Feldstein & Bolno, a major accounting and business management firm in entertainment circles; his contact info appears on the tax records for the property.” Hmmm 🧐
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