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I don't care where you are in life.

This thread WILL BENEFIT you.

I'll talk about:
Actions to take
Books to read
Mindsets to adopt


Merry Christmas To You All :)

So sit back

And read on
1. Inside First

While it's okay to make SHORT-TERM sacrifices in health to get ahead when you're young,

Make your health your priority.

It affects LITERALLY EVERY other aspect of your life.

In everything that you do, YOU are the common denominator.

So treat yourself well
1a. Sleep

You hear about it so often because it REALLY is that important.

Enough sleep reduces/prevents virtually every illness, more energy, less weight, stable mood, etc.

Not enough is the opposite.

Next will be some ways to improve sleep:
1a1 Block blue light - Best bet is to remove any source of electronics 1 hour before bed.

Turn on night mode/night shift, or download F.lux on your PC >>

buy special glasses (I prefer @GUNNAROptiks ) >>>

Lower screen brightness!
1a2 Sleep Schedule
should be sleeping at same TIME/DURATION EVERYDAY

couple apps (iOS) that make that easier:

1. @sleepcycle alarm clock
2. @AutoSleepApp + @AutoWakeApp - They track ur cycles during sleep, wake you up in lightest cycle
3. Alarmy (if you keep hitting snooze)
7 Sleep Routine

Have the same "wind down" routine as well before bed

1. Brush teeth.
2. Wash face
3. Turn off phone
4. Read

Personally, I use this time to plan the next day. Write it out on paper.

Allows subconscious to prepare for tasks set tomorrow - it works!
8. Water

We're mostly made up of it, and you're dehydrated.
Overhydration is such a rare problem I don't even worry about it.

Just drink more water, please.

Your skin, waistline, and head will thank you.
9. Easy ways to drink more water

- a glass of water by your bed to drink next morning
- every time you're hungry
- before, during, after a meal
- always have a water bottle when you're out
- ask for water at restaurants
- a gallon jug (overkill, but go off)
10. Sun

You need it. Regulate sleep cycle, lift mood, energizes you

- At least 10 minutes a day
- Window light doesn't count
11. Meditation

Too many benefits to list.

Easiest way to get started:

- Download @Headspace (iOS / Android)
- Use student discount to get a year for $10
12. Therapy

If you need it, go get it.

Bad breakups, stress, etc.

Not a bad thing to ask for help/guidance

Most colleges offer free sessions for students so take adv. of that.

Read about my first time:
13. Smile/Laughter/Human Contact

You need all three, multiples a day.

You're very unlikely to be unhappy if you have these 3 frequently.

Happier people = healthier people
14. (continued)
ways to smile, laugh, or around people more:

-Limit social media, actually be social
- watch comedy to laugh (w/ or w/o friends)
- Think of one thing you're thankful for every day
- Get involved in clubs/groups (offline)
- Spend time w/ dogs
- Follow passions
15. Stay Moving

We were meant to MOVE.

- Exercise 3-5 days (cardio/weights)
- Take stairs over elevator
- Park farther from work/school/etc.
- Bike to work/school if possible
16. Diet
Diets don't work, lifestyles do.

If moving/working out regularly, don't limit healthy food you're eating.

DO cut out junk food.

Trying to lose weight? Calories out > Calories In

Create a calorie deficit by carb reduction

LISTEN to your body first, however.
17. (cont.)

what I mean by listening to your body:

Like if YOU KNOW you need xxg of carbs a day, don't try to do zero carbs or go below that.

This goes beyond food, sleep too (and others)

Trial and error, stick with what works best for you.

@AJA_Cortes is the MAN for this.
18 Planning

Now that you've got your finely tuned car ready, where will it take you?

The next several tweets will cover what are the more important concepts of goal setting and planning objectives.

#lifetip #lifehacks #lifehack #productivity
19. 4 Quadrants
4 Quadrants of Planning
Basically all tasks fall into four quadrants
- Q1 urgent/important (putting out a fire)
- Q2 not urgent/important (studying for a test)
- Q3 urgent/unimportant (THAT email)
- Q4 not urgent/unimportant (checking phone every 3 seconds)
20. (Cont.)
So basically spend time maximizing quadrant 2 (high ROI) activities.

Ask yourself this question to find out what your Q2 activities are:

"What actions could I be taking to advance my personal, social, or professional life?"

Focus on your answer.
21. Working backwards
Now that you have your end goals, you can plan stepping stones to achieve them.

End goal: get jacked
- lose 30 lbs + 7-10% body fat
- eat out less
- Work out more
- Etc. Etc.
22. Backwards principle
If you can't figure how what these stepping stones are trying asking yourself:

"What should I NOT do"?

do the opposite.

Ex: I wanted to graduated college:

- I should NOT take less than 12 credits
- I should NOT party every weekend
- Etc.
24. Budget method
24 hours everyday.
- 8 for sleeping
- 8 for work
- 2 for eating
- 3 for relaxation (1 hour is working out)
- 2 for misc.
- 1 for self (passion/side hustle/work for self)

Make everything you need to do fit. Adjust to fit your specific needs.
26.Time Voids
These are chunks of time where nothing happens; it just disappears

For a couple days-week, record everything that you do and the time.

You'll quickly see if it's Netflix, or laying around, or whatever is sucking precious time from you.

Time you can't get back
25. (Cont.)
The 1 hour for yourself is to get ahead.

Use it for your side hustle, passion, to pray, etc.

It's your creative free time. It should be productive, but YOU decide.

Read a book
Buy a course
( this got out of order but you get the point)
27. Subtraction
FASTEST way to improve something is to remove inefficiencies

Prioritize removing all toxic traits, people, habits FIRST before trying to add something else.

To get rid of cancer EVERY single cell has to be removed. You can't better until that happens.
28. (Cont.)
Cutting toxic people out
This is probably the most painful yet rewarding

- you ARE the avg. of 5 people you hangout the most
- Increase your average
- you DON'T owe them an explanation, do inform
- Be civil and mature however
29. How to:
- if not close, just stop communicating (least painful)
- "you've been nothing but toxic to me" (direct af)
- "we've been growing apart and I think it's for the better (gentle)

These are courtesies. blocking them works too.

Yourself, first.

30. Habits
- read book Power of Habit by Charles duhigg
- Tl;dr Essentially, habits are 3 steps (cue, routine, reward)
- change habit, change routine
- Ex: if you game when bored, exercise instead (only routine changes, cue is still being bored and reward is fun)
31. Habit (Cont.)
- keystone habits are well, key
- any habit that sets off chain reaction of other good habits

People that exercise also tend to sleep better, eat better, make more $, etc.

Protect/cultivate these at all costs!!
32. Self awareness
Know these about yourself:
- personality type (the 4 letter kind i.e, ENTJ)
- Love languages
- Attachment type
- anatomy of love:
- Enneagram
- Answer these questions:
33. (Cont)
Once you know all of them, write it down. STUDY IT.

You'll see:
weak points are in relationships,
why you think certain ways,
why ur attracted to certain people, etc.
Strengths, passions, habits (career/biz)

Know yourself intimately.
34. Mindsets
If health is your hardware, mindsets are your software.

The next tweets will talk about both negative mindsets to get rid of, and positive ones to adopt.

Being self aware will help you with this as you already kinda know which ones you have and don’t have
35. Cont.
Negative mindsets
If you want more comprehensive, read to the end.

I'll list them here and go in-depth in tweets coming.
- victim identity
- Perfectionism
- Fear mindset
- Pessimism I
- Depression
36. Victim Identity

These are people that say things like:
"everyone is out to get me" + "you can't trust anyone"

It's a manifestation of the quote "no expectations, no disappointment"

Rather lay low and be a victim then to get up and fight their situation
37. (cont.)

Way to fix it:

take responsibility for your actions
be okay not being the victim (there are perks like validation and not having to "try")
Forgive - yourself and anyone else involved
Gratitude - thankful for what you have and wanting to change
38. Perfectionism
Everyone knows, so I'll jump right into ways to get out of this mindset.

Realize progress > perfection
Become outcome independent - focus on the process instead (more on what that is later)
Get out of your head and focus on benefit it'll bring others
39. Outcome independence
Quick side note - this is HUGE

Not caring about the outcome is POWERFUL.

It allows you to have more leverage when dating, in business, in pretty much any situation that involves two or more parties.

easiest way to do this? (read on)
40. cont

Keep your end goal in mind.

Realize that any one client, relationship, etc. isn't going to devastate your life.

Take the no, and move onto the next potential yes.

If you/your good/service is as great as you claim, ACT like it.

41. cont.

"But Nigel, what if I DO need that job?"

Well, don't act like it. And get to work on a F-U fund.

This is a concept where you have 6-12 months of living expenses stashed away.

Crappy boss? F-U. Toxic relationship? F-U.

More reason to start saving!
42. Fear Mindset
(back to mindsets)

So this kinda ties in with risk. Pretty much being so scared

that it ends up crippling how much enjoyment you get out of the few decades of life you have.

Calculating risk, and mitigating it are the best ways to get out of this.
43. cont

Other ways:
- accept it, but don't allow it to grow - acknowledge your thinking but don't ponder on it. It'll stop growing and die off.
- take smaller risks, and build up to bigger risks
-realize you'll die one day (so make the most of each day)
44. Pessimism
The glass half empty. We all know this. Here are some ways I use to stay optimistic
- focus on upsides, not downsides
- Remove negative words from vocabulary
- Surround with optimistic people
- Realize how small your problem is in the longterm (1,5 yrs)
45. Depression
If you have a chemical imbalance in your brain, this doesn’t refer to you.

But a lot of “depressed” people really have the feeling of a lack of control in their lives.

Something uncontrollable happened, and they refuse to accept it.
46. (cont)
I know personal stories of people that were depressed in high school but got better in college.

Simply because they believed they were FINALLY in control of their lives.

thing is though...

They just gave something else permission. Control was always theirs.
47. (cont)

So here are the ways I would say to get over depression:
- Realize where your control lays (what I eat, do daily, etc.) and where it doesn't (traffic, weather, etc.)
- Take charge of what you can control, let go of the rest.
- Again, be grateful (powerful stuff)
48. Positive Mindsets
I’m only going to talk about two. But if you incorporate these two, you’ll see 2019 become an exponential year of success.


They are:
-Growth mindset
-Law of serendipity
49. Growth Mindset
It’s a mindset where you ask “how can I grow/learn from this”?

They approach every situation in life like this,
as well as take it on their own to invest into their growth (in their free time)!

Change is constant. Make sure that change is positive.
50. Law of Serendipity
heard “every no brings you closer to yes”?

That’s Law of serendipity.
In order to discover something, you’ve got to be looking.

I included this because sometimes you’re going to be discouraged with a growth mindset.

Just keep on, it'll pay off.
51. Must Read Books

Books have an incredible knowledge/cost ratio. A MUST for growth. Here are MUST READS for ANYONE:

- 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
-The Power of Habit
-80/20 Principle
- 48 Laws Of Power
- Think and Grow Rich
- 12 Rules For Life
52. (cont)

- Principles - Ray Dalio
- Subtle Art of not giving a fuck
- men are from mars, women are from venus
- mans search for meaning
- how to win friends & influence people
- @wallstplayboys efficiency -
- Rich Dad, Poor Dad

(find on amazon)
53. Learn HOW to Learn

This is something I recently have picked up, which affects how fast you can grow, learn, and apply new information.

OF ALL the things schools "teach" us...

They don't teach us HOW to learn.

what a joke lol
54. (cont)


This online course -
Thinking, Fast and slow -
@joserosado Unfuck Your Learning -

Absorb these, and you should be set. Jose's got a bonus until end of this year focusing on biz!
55. Skills –
I’m partial but I really think everyone should learn how to copywrite.

Taking the selling aspect out of it,

you learn how to put yourself in other people's shoes,

and best communicate to them in a way that motivates them to act in your favor.
56. Resources
@SCHM7DT Brain Dead Simple Copy -
Anything Ben Settle -
@Ecommandy FFCC Course –
This book will teach you how to write better -

Copped all above, recommend it all.
57. #Crypto/ #Investments
This will be a short one:
-Open @coinbase account -
-50/50 split between #BTC/#ETH
I’ll talk next about investing in #stocks
58. Stocks
Again, fast:
-Download Stock App, I like @M1_Finance -
-Pick your allocation (either a index fund or what you believe will succeed LONG TERM)
-Put aside $X every Xweek/month
59. Ending (for now)
And that’s it! I will continually add to this list, but take knowledge from these tweets and I PROMISE

You will set up your immediate/long term future on a better trajectory 😊
60. Extra
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