chanyeol and his four-year-old daughter naeun have been celebrating the last two christmases with no one else but the two of them.

chanyeol is planning to celebrate this year's christmas with naeun's uncles (chanyeol's best friends) but naeun is planning something else.
"daddy~ our christmas break will be in a few days." naeun cheered from the passenger seat while chanyeol was putting on her seatbelt.

"really? that means daddy could finally take you to the arcade." chanyeol told her daughter with the same cheery tone.

"yes & we'll eat a lot!"
"we will." chanyeol promised. the car engine roared & the two were off to naeun's school.

naeun is in kindergarten & she goes to a school a bit far from their house but closer to chanyeol's workplace. as soon as she finishes school, chanyeol picks her up & brings her to his work
chanyeol doesn't have a choice, anyway. he is a solo parent & he doesn't trust anyone he doesn't know well to look after his precious baby girl.

he'd rather do it on his own. if only naeun's mother didn't leave them, things would've been easier.

and maybe even happier.
"what about this coming christmas, dad?" naeun asked while playing with her chanyeol's phone.

"what about it?" chanyeol asked.

"last year, we celebrated the christmas at home with no one else. the year before that, we did too. but at least we visited grandma." naeun pouted.
naeun must have been feeling sad. and bored. she's with chanyeol 24 hours a day, even during holidays. sometimes they spend special occasions with chanyeol's best friends that naeun considers as her uncles, but chanyeol knows that it isn't enough.

he feels the same as naeun.
"do you want to celebrate it with kyungsoo and jongin? so you could play with aciel. then we'll invite sehun and the others too." chanyeol suggested, praying that naeun would just agree & let the christmas topic go.

it took the 4 year old a while before having an answer. "okay."
chanyeol quickly stepped out of the car to go the other side. he quickly unbuckled naeun's seatbelt before making naeun wear her pink coat.

"there are hot packs in your bag, okay? in case it gets a bit colder." chanyeol reminded his daughter.

"okay, daddy. take care~!"
"you too, little princes. i love you. i'll see you later ok?" chanyeol gave naeun's head a light peck. "do well in school."

naeun nodded before running towards the main entrance of the little school. she waved one last good bye to her dad before making her way to her classroom.
chanyeol sighed in relief before returning to his car. now it's time to work his ass off.

as soon as he arrived in his workplace, jongin greeted him. "what's up daddy!"

chanyeol went to his desk. opened his computer, then turned to jongin. "can we celebrate christmas with you?"
jongin contemplated. "well, kyungsoo and i wont be going anywhere so.. i guess it's fine... wait. did naeun..?"

"yeah," chanyeol sighed. "i think she's had enough of my face."

the two laughed as they did started working. "why don't you just date. i think she wants a mom."
"but i dont wanna date. i think i'm fine with just naeun and me." chanyeol admitted.

"why not? dont tell me you're not over naeun's mom yet."

"are you kidding? of course i am over her. i just.. cant see myself with anyone for now. and i dont think naeun's ready for that yet."
"teacher, im done~" naeun said as she handed in her paper to her teacher.

the 26 year old byun baekhyun beamed at his favorite student."ah~ you finished first again! great job, naeunie~"

"thanks, teacher!" naeun smiled. "does that mean i could stay here for a while?"
naeun pointed at the small chair just beside baekhyun's. that is where the other kids sit when baekhyun needs to talk to them personally. baekhyun nodded.

naeun always does that, anyways. she loves hearing stories from baekhyun, and she shares a lot of stories to him as well.
"so.. is there anything you would like to share to teacher baekhyun today?" he asked in a soft, cheery voice.

the other kids were still busy writing their christmas wishes that baekhyun will 'mail' to santa tonight.

"hmm. my dad said we'll celebrate christmas with my uncles."
"well, isnt that a good thing? you said you and your dad always celebrate christmas with just the two of you.."

"it is a good thing. but it feels different. my uncles are all happy because they have people to spend it with," naeun paused before whispering. "like boyfriends."
baekhyun was surprised to hear those from naeun. before he could even speak, naeun continued talking.

"for example, my uncle kyungsoo has uncle jongin. the rest, i'm not really sure but i bet they have people they love too!" naeun sighed. "and my dad doesn't have anyone."
teacher baekhyun understood everything. the uncles that naeun are talking about must have been the friends of his dad.

"that's not true. your dad has someone to love, and that's you." baekhyun smiled.

"i know. but i still want him to have someone to take care of him. hehehe."
"for the mean time, you take care of daddy first, okay?"

"yes, teacher baek! once daddy finds someone, we'll take care of him together." she giggled before standing up.

she was about to go back to her seat but.. "teacher, can i use your phone to send my dad & my uncle a text?"
from: unregistered number

dad, its me naeun. i texted from my teacher's phone. can u pls tell uncle jongdae to pick me up at school today? and pls dont pick me up, let uncle jongdae do that. i also texted him but im not sure if i texted the right number. i love u daddy

"oh, naeun!" baekhyun walked over to the four year old. "your dad is calling, you should answer it."

baekhyun lent his phone to naeun, then he started collecting the papers from the other kids.


"yes, dad! it's me. you were worried that it wasnt me, werent you?"
chanyeol was more than relieved to hear his daughter's voice. "yes & im glad you know that. your teacher's number want registered on my phone.. did she change her number or something?"

"oh! that was my old teacher that you're talking about. this is my new teacher's number."
"oh, right. you had a new one." chanyeol made a mental note to save the new teacher's number. "anyway, i already called your uncle jongdae. said he already got the text & yes, he will pick you up. but why so sudden?"

"nothing~" naeun said.

"naeun.." chanyeol was suspicious.
"i need to go, dad! i'll see you later at home. bye~" naeun said before hanging up.

chanyeol could only shake his head before saving the new teacher's number. "oh i forgot to ask the name."

naeun loves to do weird & crazy things; chanyeol wonders what could be the next.
it was time to go home and jongdae was already waiting outside naeun's school.

naeun was about to leave the classroom, but she returned. "teacher!"

baekhyun looked up from the papers she was checking. "yes naeun? i thought you already left."

"i forgot to ask you something."
"what is it?"

"how are you going to spend your christmas teacher?" the question caught baekhyun by surprise.

"maybe i'll eat outside, watch a movie at he after. why?"

"only that, teacher baekhyun?"

"yes. my parents are going to japan so i wont be able to celebrate with them."
naeun knitted her eyebrows together, thinking thoroughly.

"so you dont have anyone, teacher?"

baekhyun was then again, surprised. "w-what?"

"you have no one else to spend christmas with?" naeun was straight to the point.

"no. i dont think so."

"okay, then teacher. bye~"
naeun ran outside and baekhyun thought it was weird. but naeun's like that. she has a lot of ideas in her mind. crazy & fun ideas.

and maybe that's why baekhyun is so attached to her. he sees himself in naeun. she's like a girl version of him.

baekhyun wanted a child so bad.

"jongdae hyung!" naeun ran to jongdae & gave him a fist bump.

"hey, i told you it should be jongdae oppa or uncle jongdae, not jongdae hyung." the 26 year old architect laughed.

"but sehun hyung liked it when i called him hyung. he said it's cute. dont you agree?"
"ugh, this kid." jongdae whispered. "go get inside the car."

once they were inside, jongdae asked. "where do you wanna go?"

"i wanna eat ice cream~ and jongdae hyung, we are going to have a meeting."

jongdae almost bursted out laughing. "meeting? where did you get that word!"
"i hear it a lot when im with junmyeon hyung. hes always talking about meetings, meetings, meetings." naeun rolled her eyes. "but yes, jongdae hyung! we will have a meeting."

jongdae decided to just go with the flow. "is there anyone else going to this meeting?"

"there's none."
as soon as they were in the ice cream parlor, jongdae ordered for the both of them. she loved strawberry so that's the flavor he ordered for her.

naeun already found a seat & settled there, her hands clasped above the table.

jongdae cant help but smile as soon as she saw her.
naeun is growing up too fast, jongdae knows that one day they wont be able to keep up.

he sat on the vacant seat in front of naeun & they started savouring their ice creams.

"so, what will be the agenda of this meeting?" he asked.

"whats agenda?"

oh. shes still a little kid.
jongdae choked on his brainfreezing chocolate flavored ice cream. "can you repeat that for me?"

"i want you to convince and help daddy use a dating app." naeun answered cooly.

jongdae doesn't know how to react. oh how he wishes jongin's here right now. or sehun, maybe.
"where did you learn about dating apps!" jongdae was clearly baffled. imagine a four year old kid asking you to help her dad use a dating app!

naeun pointed behind jongdae using her lips, and when jongdae turned around, he saw the culprit.

"hi, hyung! hi naeun."

"sehun hyung!"
"ah~! ah! hyung stop now, oh god, that hurts!" sehun groaned since jongdae grabbed him by the ear.

"you deserve that, you brat! look at what you've done. you're corrupting precious naeun's mind!!" jongdae nagged, but at least he released sehun already. sehun rubbed his ear.
"but naeunie only wants the best for her dad. right, naeunie?"

"silly. only chanyeol knows whats best for him!" jongdae said. little girl seemed to understand.

"does it mean i cant help daddy?"

jongdae & sehun looked at each other. how can they ignore the little babys request?
"but why are we going to use a dating app if we could just set chanyeol up with someone?" jongdae asked sehun when naeun was already home.

they hung out in a bar not far from their homes.

"i dont know about that, but there must be a reason." sehun answered. "naeun, that kid."
"naeunie, brush your teeth." chanyeol called for naeun.

he was busy in his small office, finishing the designs for the game's character's clothes.

"i already did, daddy! i'm going to write in my diary, please don't go the the bedroom yet!" naeun shouted from the other room.
"alright! come here once you're done writing in your diary."

chanyeol could only smile at the cuteness of his daughter. naeun is indeed growing up too fast, and in no time, she'll be starting primary school, then high school, university, and then she's gonna move out already.
chanyeol's not ready.

hes not ready to let go of his naeun yet. hes not ready to be left alone yet. he wants more time with her.

on the other hand, naeun was busy writing in her diary. she writes everyday & once chanyeol tried to look for the diary but he wasnt able to find it.
but that was the first & last time he tried to look for the diary. he respected her little daughter's privacy; hes just worried & protective.

he cant keep up with the number of times hes kicked sehun's ass for teaching naeun things. its fine though, sehun knows his limitations.
dec 13

dear diary,

today i talked to teacher baek about christmas. just like dad, he has no one to celebrate with. he uses a dating app, so i asked sehun hyung about it. he told me what's it like but i dont understand at all

but since teacher baekhyun uses it, dad should too
i really like teacher baekhyun. he's a cute teacher & he sings us a song or two everyday. he's also loud and i love loud people.

im sure dad will like him. i wonder if they would meet through the dating app. i hope so. that would be my christmas wish.

i want daddy to he happy.
it was almost 1 in the morning & baek cant sleep yet. he decided to just read the christmas wishes of his little students.

new toys.
the new iphone.
more toys.
that cool shoes endorsed by a kpop group.

those were the usual wishes. but someone's wish caught his attention.
baekhyun cant help but smile as soon as she saw naeun's wishes. that kid is just so pure and full of love.

she looks out for her dad and her uncles, and tries so hard to be mature because there's no one to look after her dad.

"i hope this kid's wishes come true this christmas."
the next day, chanyeol and naeun did their daily routines. after preparing for school and work, chanyeol drove naeun to school.

after dropping her off, chanyeol goes to work. to his surprise, jongdae was there in the office.

"what are you doing here? who allowed you?" he asked.
"i did." minseok answered. he's the ceo of the company chanyeol and jongin are working at. he inherited it from his father.

"uh, these lovebirds." chanyeol grunted, but a playful smile on his lips.

"so.. i heard we'll be having a christmas party at jongin's." jongdae said.
"only those who have someone to bring are allowed." jongin joked.

"ooh! i have minseok hyung."
"i have jongdae."

jongdae and minseok said in unison. chanyeol made a gagging sound.

"hey, chanyeol. stop mocking us when you have no one to bring for the party." jongdae bickered.
"shut up, i have my pretty daughter to bring with me." chanyeol shook his head, smiling.

"oops. naeun's not counted." jongin laughed.

"maybe it's time for you to find a date. you still have less than two weeks to find one." jongdae teased.

"oh, please. i'm not interested."
"you should be," minseok joined in. "there's plenty of fish in the sea."

"i told you, i dont need anyone. i have naeun and you guys." chanyeol said firmly.

jongdae sighed. "but your little naeun wants you to have someone. i think she wants a mom.."

"or a dad." jongin piped in.
chanyeol was surprised to hear it. "did she really—"

"yeah." jongdae smiled. "thats why she wanted me to pick her up yesterday. for us to have a meeting about you getting a christmas date. not just a christmas date, but hopefully someone who you can be with. for a long time."
that night, chanyeol couldnt sleep. he cant get it out of his head anymore. so all this time, naeun wanted him to find a partner.

naeun wasnt very vocal when it comes to the issue between chanyeol & naeun's mom, but hes sure that she misses her a lot.

but shes moved on from it.
naeun knows that her mom & her dad cant be together anymore, & at a very young age she has finally accepted it.

she loves her mom still, of course, but she's more than willing to welcome another person in their lives.

someone that would make her family complete and happy.
chanyeol might've been waiting & wanting for it to happen as well. he's just too busy looking after naeun.

he thought that he'll be fine with just naeun and him. but it's still different to have someone to take care of him and naeun.

someone he could take care of, as well.
chanyeol picked up his phone from his nightstand, unlocking it.

he downloaded the app that jongdae & sehun suggested, and after that he finally created an account.

he didn't use his real name though, since he's only trying out. if things dont work out fine, at least he will be.
lan hour later, he was still swiping & swiping but no one seems to have liked him back.

chanyeol sighed. he knew it wasn't a good idea.

before he could lock his phone & go to bed, he received a notification.

"you have matched with han jinwoo. you may start chatting now!"
han jinwoo, 26
studied at ** university
piano tutor
38km away

chanyeol bit his lip. what happens now? does he have to send him a message? chanyeol hasn't dated or flirted in such a long time and everything's just new to him.

han jinwoo: hi?
han jinwoo: cha seungyeol right?
chanyeol sat up straight. yeah, that's right. it's cha seungyeol in the dating app. he doesnt want to be recognized YET since he's still new to this.

chanyeol: hi, jinwoo. yes. i'm seungyeol.
jinwoo: oh, nice to meet you!
jinwoo: i'm reminded of someone because of your name.
chanyeol: really? who? your ex boyfriend? 😂
jinwoo: ..something like that >< anyways let's not talk about it. how are u??
chanyeol: ㅋㅋ im ok, how about you
jinwoo: im ok too, just a bit tired from work
chanyeol: oh. you're a piano tutor, right?
jinwoo: yes. and you are a what?
chanyeol felt comfortable talking with jinwoo to the point that he didn't realize what time it was.

it was only when a message from sehun came when he saw how late it's gotten.

he told jinwoo to sleep already & promised him they'll talk tomorrow. chanyeol looked forward to it.
the next day, naeun was the one to wake chanyeol up. his alarm went off but he was still deep in his sleep, so naeun had to pinch her daddy's cheeks for him to wake up.

"dad~ i still have school today."

chanyeol quickly sat up as soon as he realized it was late. "oh god–"
the two prepared quickly and ended up skipping breakfast. they went inside his car & chanyeol quickly drove away.

"i'll just text your teacher to buy breakfast for you, alright? i'll just pay her back once i get the chance." chanyeol said.

"alright daddy. and he's a he."
to: naeun's teacher

good morning, this is naeun's dad. i have a favor to ask. can you please naeun something to eat? we had to skip breakfast since we're running late, and my daughter has to eat something. i'll pay you back once i get the chance, maybe later when i pick her up.
from: naeun's teacher

good morning too, mr park. i just bought food for naeun, don't worry. you don't have to pay me back. i treat naeun like my own kid anyways, so please don't worry too much. please eat your breakfast as well, sir.

from: naeun's teacher

naeun is worried. :)
"what happened to your dad, anyways?" baekhyun asked as naeun took a bite of his bread.

it was playtime, but naeun decided to just stay with her teacher baekhyun, watching the other kids play around.

"i dont know. we slept early.. maybe daddy's tired. he should take a rest."
"maybe." baekhyun nodded, thinking about how hard naeun's dad couldve been working for the both of them.

he havent had the chance to meet him yet, since hes a new teacher, but he knows enough about him through naeun's stories.

hes 27, an animator, single parent of a 4 year old.
when chanyeol arrived at the office, not only jongdae was there but sehun too.

"if you're going to bombard me with questions, please wait till i finish a cup of coffee." chanyeol warned the two.

he went to the machine & made himself coffee.

"he slept late." sehun whispered.
jongdae and sehun (even jongin) patiently waited for chanyeol to finish his coffee. the latter took his time.

as soon as he's done, jongdae was quick to ask his questions. "so how was it? you tried it last night didnt you? have you met anyone?"

"it was ok. i did. i did."
the two high fived each other & jongin was smiling. "so, is it a she or a he?" sehun asked.

"i bet 35,000won it's a he." jongin smiled.

"i bet 50,000won it's a she." jongdae said, pulling out his wallet from his coat pocket.

"i bet 0 won, jongin hyung is right." sehun teased.
chanyeol could only shake his head at his silly bestfriends. "he's a he."

chanyeol was then reminded of naeun's teacher. he doesn't want him to pay for naeun's food, but he will. he has to.

"where's my money, man?" jongin laughed so loud he was sushed by the other employees.
chanyeol was outside naeun's school five minutes before dismissal time. when naeun came out, chanyeol quickly hugged his girl.

"hi daddy~"

"hi baby, how was school?"

"it was fun!! teacher gave me this." she showed chanyeol a really big thing wrapped in christmas wrappers.
"woah," chanyeol was surprised. "what could it be?"

naeun shrugged. "i doubt it's a puppy but teacher said that i would definitely like it."

"oh, speaking of your teacher, where is he? can i talk to him? i want to pay him back for his kindness."

"teacher's in a meeting.."
chanyeol was a bit disappointed. he looked forward to finally meet naeun's teacher, but there's still a next time.

"let's go to the office? or do you wanna eat first?" chanyeol asked.

"hmm, office! i wanna open teacher's gift." naeun smiled before getting inside the car.
when they arrived, jongdae wasn't there anymore. "oh, sehun hyung~"

naeun ran up to sehun & hugged him tight.

"where's jongdae?" chanyeol asked. sehun gestured to minseok's office & chanyeol got what he wanted to say right away.

"jongin hyung!" naeun ran to jongin as well.
"how many times have we reminded you that you should call us oppa.. or uncle instead of hyung." jongin laughed before messing naeun's hair.

"but hyung is cuter!" naeun & sehun said in unison. then both of them giggled.

"aaah, naeun isnt chanyeol's. she's sehun's child."
naeun pouted before running back to her daddy. she climbed up & sat on his lap. "no, i'm daddy chanyeol's child, not sehun hyung's."

"hey," jongin pouted too. "i was just joking."

"you should never say that again." chanyeol laughed. "naeunie, arent you gonna open your gift?"
naeun wrapped her little arms around chanyeol's neck before shaking her head. " i should just wait til christmas."

chanyeol hugged his daughter back, ruffling the little one's hair. "did you thank your teacher?"

"i thank him everyday."

"he must be nice, huh."

"he is."
that night, chanyeol talked again with jinwoo. they talked about all sorts of things, like teenagers.

chanyeol had to sleep a bit earlier this time though, and jinwoo understood.

the following day, naeun and chanyeol did their daily routine. it was naeun's last day of school.
when they arrived in front of her school, naeun was quick to spot her teacher.

"oh, dad! there's my teacher." naeun was so excited she unbuckled her seatbelt on her own.

chanyeol and naeun stepped out of the car, and naeun quickly ran to baekhyun. "teacher~!"

baekhyun stooped down & spread his arms as naeun ran to him.

naeun hugged baekhyun like they havent seen each other in a while, but naeun's just like that; and so is baekhyun.

both are really affectionate and soft.

"i am with dad now." naeun said.

"really? where is he?"
baekhyun followed naeun's gaze, and that's when he saw him.

he was staring at him, and baekhyun was unable to read his expression.

his heart suddenly pounded so loud in his chest.

it's him. he's even taller now, more buff, more mature.

but it's still him. it's park chanyeol.
baekhyun stood up, slowly walked a bit closer to chanyeol. the latter smiled.

"so we met again." chanyeol said.

"how long has it been? nine years?" baekhyun smiled. he can't believe his eyes.

"ten, actually." chan let out an awkward laugh.

"you know each other?" naeun asked.
"we were classmates back in middle school." chanyeol told his daughter.

"as much as i want to catch up with you, classes are about to start." baekhyun shyly said.

"oh," chanyeol was brought back to reality. "yeah, yeah. you two take care, alright?"

"yes, daddy!" naeun said.
the two walkes towards the gate, baekhyun sparing a quick glance at chanyeol.

chanyeol went inside his car, still baffled. what the hell just happened??

it's been ten years since he last saw him! that byun baekhyun! the guy he rejected because he only liked girls before. wow.
"oh god, so naeun's teacher is byun baekhyun?! as in.. byun baekhyun?" jongdae blurted out.

they were all crammed inside minseok's office. everyone. kyungsoo was there, chanyeol, jongdae, jongin, sehun, minseok & junmyeon.

"i wasnt expecting this.." was all chanyeol could say.
"why did you even reject him in the first place?" junmyeon shook his head. "he's byun baekhyun. everyone in middle school loved him. girls and boys swoon over him."

"true," minseok butted in. "but you rejected him."

"he must've had poor eyesight." even kyungsoo agrees.
chanyeol glared at everyone. "i only liked girls before."

jongdae rolled his eyes. "dont start with me. you liked kim hanbeom in middle school!"

"w-well yeah, because he had the limited edition nike shoes." chanyeol reasoned out.

"what's the real deal? why did you reject him?"
chanyeol sighed. he never thought this would be brought up again.

"everyone liked him. i admit, i liked him as well." chanyeol said. "and when he confessed, i didn't know how to react. i didn't know what to say."

"you should've told him you like him as well." kyungsoo commented
"i couldve.. but i was so scared that i'll just end up hurting him. like his ex boyfriend, or that kim sujin who dumped him after he took her out on an expensive date." chanyeol sighed.

"but youre not an asshole, hyung." sehun said.

"but i was scared that i'd end up like one."
"but by rejecting him, you ended up like one." jongin said.

chanyeol could only sigh. "i know. so it was weird seeing him again today. i think he didn't know that i'm naeun's father. he was surprised when he saw me."

"was he mad?" jongdae asked.

"he didnt seem mad.. i think."
that night, baekhyun went to the bar with his bestfriend yixing.

it's the last day of classes anyways, so it's fine.

"so you're saying the father of that naeun kid is chanyeol?" yixing said as took a sip from his beer.

"yep. god, i can't believe i didn't find out sooner."
"nothing's ever gonna change even if you found out sooner that he's naeun's dad. he would still be his dad and you would still be attached to naeun." yixing explained.

"you love the kid so much, you even bought her an expensive violin just because she said she want one."
at the same exact moment, chanyeol was sipping beer as well. he was at the balcony, thinking about things he shouldn't be thinking about.

"daddy?" chanyeol turned around to find a little naeun rubbing her eyes. "are you drinking?"

"why are you still awake, naeunie?"
"i should be the one asking you that." naeun pouted. chanyeol smiled, walking up to his dear daughter. he carries her on his arms.

"daddy cant sleep."

"why is that?"

"daddy can't get someone of his mind."

"do i need to get it off daddy's mind for him?"

"maybe.. but not now."
the next day, chanyeol woke up with a terrible headache.

& a message from jinwoo. he almost forgot about jinwoo!

jinwoo: hi, seungyeol! sorry i wasnt able to send a message last night. i went to a party & got a lil drunk.
jinwoo: are you free today? you wanna grab some lunch?
chanyeol contemplated on the offer. it's 9 days before christmas anyways. he needs to have a date for their party. there's no harm in trying.

also.. thinking about baekhyun isn't healthy. especially when he knows he's never going to get another chance.

chanyeol: ok, let's meet
"naeunie," chanyeol called his daughter who was watching her favorite cartoons.


"is it okay if i ask sehun to come over today? daddy's going somewhere.." with that, chanyeol got naeun's full attention.

"where are you going?"

"daddy has work to do." he said.
it's not completely a lie since he still have work until the 23rd, but he's going to work half day to meet up with jinwoo.

he called sehun right away. "sehunie."

"yes, dad~?" sehun joked & chanyeol made a gagging sound.

"ew, gross. i didn't call you for that." chanyeol said.
"can you please come over and babysit naeun? i'm going somewhere."

"please tell me where you're going first." sehun demanded. chanyeol sighed.

sehun is like chanyeol's so. he may be 23 but he's still a baby.

"i'm going out on a date. i'm meeting up with that guy on the app."
"oh my g—"

"please don't tell naeun yet. i want to see for myself first." chanyeol warned.

"okay, hyung. i wont tell, i promise!"

"good. now get your ass over here because i'm leaving in an hour."

as soon as chanyeol hung up, he plopped down beside naeun & hugged her.
chanyeol was so nervous. he's been in his car for 10 minutes now but he still not ready.

jinwoo: i'm omw, seungyeol :)
chanyeol: alright, jinwoo. take your time.

it always felt comfortable with him, but something was off at the moment. it feels weird. or maybe its just him.
it took chanyeol another 5mins before he finally entered the cozy diner. there were a lot of people & he became even more nervous.

just as he was about to go to a vacant table, he saw someone he wasnt expecting to see there

he was gonna pretend not to see him but it's too late.
"chanyeol?" uncertainty was evident in baekhyun's voice, but when chanyeol turned to him and smile, he confirmed that it was indeed chanyeol.

the latter made his way to baekhyun's table. he was sitting there alone, lemonade on his table.

"what brings you here?" chanyeol asked.
baekhyun wanted to laugh so bad but he fought the urge to do so. he smiled instead.

"uh, to eat lunch, i guess?"

"oh," chanyeol realized that his question was plain dumb. "right."

or maybe it wasnt. maybe he was hoping that baekhyun would say he's here to meet up with someone.
"what about you? you're here to grab lunch right?" baekhyun asked, but chanyeol doesn't know how to respond.

as if on cue, chanyeol's phone vibrated. it was a message from jinwoo.

jinwoo: i'm here. white button up shirt with stripe design on the pocket.

chanyeol was doomed.
chanyeol looked around and saw a guy wearing a white button up shirt with stripes design on the pocket.

his heart crashes. he hoped..

"chanyeol? are you alright?" baekhyun asked as soon as he noticed the distressed look on chanyeol's face.

"can i sit here for a minute?"
"y-yeah, i guess." baekhyun nodded, and chanyeol quickly occupied the vacant seat.

"i can't do this.." chanyeol closed his eyes.

"you can't do what?" baekhyun was genuinely worried.


"chanyeol, i don't understand."

"baekhyun, promise me one thing."

"what is it?"
"promise me.. you'll still be here after i talk to that guy."

"what guy? don't tell me you're here to break hearts again.." baekhyun sounded hurt, bitter. but chanyeol was too preoccupied to notice.

"please, promise me." it was a whisper.

baekhyun sighed. "okay, chanyeol."
chanyeol stood up, gathered all his confidence, then walked over to the seat that jinwoo picked.

"hi, are you jinwoo?" chanyeol politely asked.

the good looking dimpled guy smiled and nodded. "yes. you must be seungyeol."

"oh, yes. yes i am. have a seat?"

"thank you."
"so.. want anything? food? drinks?" jinwoo asked but chanyeol politely declined.

"no, thank you. i'm here to tell you something." chanyeol gathered all the courage to tell jinwoo what he has in mind. but before he could even do so..

"i have something to tell you, as well."
"what is it?" chanyeol asked. jinwoo smiled, his dimple showing.

"i'm actually not looking for a boyfriend, or a relationship. when i used the dating app, i was only looking for a friend." jinwoo admitted.

"when i entered, i knew it was you right away." jinwoo added
before chanyeol could even speak, jinwoo spoke again. "you should run after that guy you were with earlier, he's leaving."

jinwoo gestured to the door, and chanyeol saw baekhyun about to go out. he mentally cursed. he can't let him slip away. not again

"go on. run after him."
chanyeol contemplated on his decisions once again. he asked baekhyun to wait for him. he made him promise.

but he left.

is he rejecting him again? for the second time?

"what are you waiting for? go!" jinwoo urged him to do so.

and so he did. he stood.
and he ran after him.
as soon as he's out of the diner, his eyes searched for the guy with the honey colored hair.

and he found him.
carrying a bouquet of white roses.

chanyeol ran to him and hugged him. tight. chanyeol didn't want to let go of him anymore.


"baekhyun, i love you."
"chanyeol.." baekhyun doesn't know what to say. he can feel his cheeks burning, and his heartbeat was racing.

"i thought i was going to lose you again."

"you never lost me." baekhyun replied.

"i did. when i rejected you because i was so damn scared of hurting you. i'm sorry."
"so you're saying.. you liked me back then?"

chanyeol finally let baekhyun go. "yes. i've always liked you. but i was a coward for not telling you." chanyeol looked down. "god, i thought i was gonna lose you again."

"you lost me. but you kind of found me again, which is weird."
"can we talk about this later? tonight? i have to go somewhere important.." baekhyun bit his lip.

chanyeol was a bit hurt that baekhyun sort of ignored his confession. so this is how rejection feels like huh?

baekhyun noticed chanyeol's face so he made an offer. "come with me?"
chanyeol was surpised to find himself in the cemetery. baekhyun stepped out of chanyeol's car, so he did too.

they walked around, and baekhyun stopped in front of a tomb, placed the bouquet of white roses, and sat down.

"hi, hyunie."

chanyeol looked at the name.
byun chanhyun.
"i hope you don't mind that i brought someone with me." baekhyun smiled, touching the tomb with his slim fingers.

"christmas is coming up," baekhyun paused. "it will be my second christmas without you."

chanyeol was silent.

"daddy misses you a lot. do you miss daddy, too?"
"you might be wondering who is he," baekhyun laughed and looked at chanyeol. he was intently looking at baekhyun. a bit confused.

"well.. he was that guy i was telling you about. the guy where you got your name."

chanyeol was surprised.

he named his child after chanyeol & him?
"you should beat him up for me now." baekhyun laughed. "he needs to pay the price for rejecting me."

"okay that was a joke. you dont need to do that." baekhyun went silent for a moment. he started fidgeting and chanyeol just watched him.

"chanyeol, why?" baekhyun turned to him.
"what why?" chanyeol asked, clearly not getting baekhyun.

"why did you say you love me?"

"because i do."

baekhyun smirked. "now, do you really?"

chanyeol has been asking himself the same question for days. and he's sure.

"yes, baekhyun."

"naeun.. she didn't know, did she?"
chanyeol shook his head. "i didn't even know you were naeun's teacher.. she likes you, baek. a lot. she talks about you everytime."

baekhyun smiles. "i like her a lot. she reminds me of myself. and she's just like my chanhyun."

"chanhyun.. he was your child?"

"chanhyun was a blessing. it was christmas day, and when i came out of the house i saw him there. a little baby in a basket." baekhyun recollected.

"it felt like a movie, you know? the parent left a letter as well. told me to take care of the baby and give him a name. so i did."
"i loved chanhyun like my own," baekhyun smiled. "he's a great kid. really cheerful and bright."

"but he was taken away from me a few years later. he was still little. his lungs were weak, he couldn't breathe."


"i'm fine, chanyeol. i just miss him a lot."
"so i'm glad for naeun. i'm happier now because of her."

"naeun loves to make people happy." chanyeol smiled, proud of his daughter.

"i can see that. she's so much like you." baekhyun commented. "bright and cheerful."

"just like your chanhyun."

"just like my chanhyun."
"thanks for going with me today." baekhyun said as soon as they were in front of baekhyun's apartment building.

"no worries, baekhyun. thanks for tagging me along." chanyeol smiled.



baekhyun bit his lip, heart racing. he turned to chanyeol and hugged him.
chanyeol's hand rested on the small back of baekhyun. hes never hugged him before, and now that he is hugging him, he's going crazy.

baekhyun smells like strawberry, sweet & delicate. soft. inviting.

when baekhyun let go, he smiled at chanyeol. "this day was crazy. but thanks."
it was almost dinner time when chanyeol got home. sehun was sitting on the couch, naeun sleeping on his lap.

"oh, she's already asleep?" chanyeol asked.

"i made her eat dinner early, i figured you were gonna be home late.. i didn't expect you to be home this early." sehun said.
"it didnt go well, did it?" sehun asked.

chanyeol blushed at the thought of baekhyun, he ended up smiling.

sehun watched in awe.. & confusion. "wait, so it went well? you did ~it~ without intoxication? wow im surprised!"

chanyeol walked towards sehun to give him a light punch.
"everything went well?" sehun asked, surprised.

chanyeol pursed his lips to prevent himself from smiling big. he nodded.

"oh my god!" sehun gasped, "so.. is jinwoo hyung a pretty flower boy?"

"he is," chanyeol nodded. "but baekhyun will always be the prettiest flower boy."
sehun's eyes widened in shock, his hand on his lips.

"d-did you.. did you have a threesome?!" sehun whispered in disgust, and once again he received a punch from chanyeol.

"no, you idiot! jinwoo was only looking for a friend. he's a nice person." chanyeol smiled.
"what the hell happened?"

"im gonna tell you everything. for now, you go home. thank you for babysitting naeun." chanyeol said as he handed him money.

"no, it's fine hyung. naeun is like a sister to me. i dont mind looking after her for free." sehun politely declined the money.
"shes gonna have someone new to look after her soon, anyway." sehun said as he handed the sleeping naeun to her daddy.

"i hope everything goes well." chanyeol said.

"hope so too. bye hyung! see you soon." sehun said before he finally left chanyeol's

chanyeol smiled to himself.
she tucked naeun to bed. the little girl was sound asleep.

naeun was only two when her mom left them to go back to her country, and chanyeol was left devastated.

but atleast naeun was there to keep him sane. the little daughter he adored so much.

"i love you, little princess."
baek kept tossing & turning on his bed, his hand clutching his chest. he cant stop thinking about chanyeol

the look of desperation in his face when he was begging baekhyun to promise him that he'll wait.

the way he ran after him.
the way he hugged him.
the way he smiled at him.
he wanted to send chanyeol a message but he's too shy to do that.

"ugh, this is frustrating.."

baekhyun threw his phone somewhere in his bed, deciding to just sleep it off. but as soon as his phone vibrated, he scrambled to find his cell.

it was a text from chanyeol.
from: naeun's daddy

sleeping already?

baekhyun bit his lip as he changed chanyeol's contact name on his phone. he then typed a reply.

to: chanyeol :)

not yet.

chanyeol: why not? it's late
baekhyun: i cant sleep
chanyeol: me too..
chanyeol: i cant stop thinking of you.
"oh god, oh god.." baekhyun was going crazy. he kept biting his lip it might bleed anytime.

baekhyun: :)
chanyeol: smiley only? :(
baekhyun: stop it..
chanyeol: r u rejecting me?

baekhyun's eyes widened. of course not! and he doesnt want chanyeol to think that. "uh, this brat."
baekhyun gathered all his courage and dialed chanyeol's number.

it rang only once; chanyeol answered right away.

"hi.." chanyeol's voice was deep, but soft and breathy. "did you call to reject me?"

"i'm not rejecting you." baekhyun hissed.

chanyeol found it amusing. hes cute.
"ohh, i thought you were going to. i thought it was revenge time." chanyeol joked.

"silly you. i already did a long time ago by stealing your hoodie." baekhyun laughed

"wait, what? the red one?!"

"yup!! i stole it because i knew how much you loved it. you were heartbroken."
"i was." chanyeol smiled. "but now that i know that you were the one who stole it, i'm not heartbroken anymore. especially since you stole my heart, too."

baekhyun was blushing deeply because of chanyeol's words. he thanked god that chanyeol can't see him right now.

"i love you, baekhyun. so much. i hope you feel it." chanyeol sincerly said.

baekhyun thought about naeun. and her wishes. "alright, then. if you really love me, then prove it."

"isnt this enough?" chanyeol asked

"i have to be sure, chanyeol."

"alright, precious baby."
it was a saturday, and chanyeol woke naeun up a bit early today.

"naeunie~ good morning." he greeted his baby girl.

"daddy.. good morning." the sleepy four year old greeted back.

"can you help dad choose a nice shirt for today?" chanyeol asked, smiling.


"for work."
naeun pouted. "but dad you dont have work during saturdays."

chanyeol mentally slapped himself. "but dad needs to go the office today."


"we have a meeting."

"so that means sehun hyung will be here again?" naeun asked.

"yes, baby."

"can kyungsoo hyung & aciel go too?"
"please, kyungsoo?" chanyeol pleaded over the phone.

"alright, alright. i'll be there with aciel. just make sure to tell me everything once youre done with 'work'." kyungsoo said before hanging up.

chanyeol turned to his daughter. "alright, kyungsoo & sehun will go. aciel too."
naeun jumped up & down before giving chanyeol the biggest hug. "i love you daddy! now lets go and pick a nice shirt for you."

naeun grabbed her dady's hand, pulling him to their bedroom. naeun opened chanyeol's cabinet, rummaging through his clothes.

"daddy needs a nice shirt~"
"thanks for helping me pick a nice button up. good job, princess." chanyeol beamed at his beautiful daughter.

"no problem, daddy~!" naeun said, kissing chanyeol's cheek.

kyungsoo and sehun arrived with aciel, and naeun was more than happy.

"where the hell are you going?"
kyungsoo asked. chanyeol whispered to him. "im meeting up with someone important."

"someone important? who could it be?" sehun teased.

"just.. don't tell naeun yet. i wanna surprise her." chanyeol said & the two were left with no choice.

chanyeol bid his farewell, then left.
chanyeol bought flowers, yellow tulips for baekhyun.

he was so nervous but, who the hell cares? if its for baek, hes all in.

he stepped out of the car, looked for baekhyun's name in the long list of buzzers.

he pressed the buzzer twice. a few seconds later, his phone buzzed.
baekhyun: chanyeol?
chanyeol: yes, baekhyun?
baekhyun: youre downstairs, aren't you?

chanyeol looked up and saw baekhyun peeking from the window, his phone pressed onto his ear.

chanyeol's phone started ringing. he answered the call and waved at baekhyun, and the latter smiled.
"what are you doing here so early in the morning?" baekhyun asked, trying to tidy up his place a bit.

he grabbed a pink sweater and put it over his white shirt.

"visiting.." chanyeol replied. "and, uhm, i wanna tell you something."

"cant you tell me now?"

"no, baekhyunee."
baekhyun rushed downstairs, opening the gate for chanyeol.

he just stared at him in awe for a few seconds; almost a minute.

chanyeol looked hot in that navy blue button up shirt, his hair pushed back. a bouquet of yellow tulips in his hand. his black sleek sedan behind him.
"hi, baekhyun." chanyeol confidently smiled. "i'm not sure what kind of flowers you like but i brought these yellow tulips because they reminded me of you."

baekhyun's cheeks reddened as soon as he heard those words from chanyeol. the latter handed him the tulips. "thank you."
"you didn't have to.." baekhyun shyly said.

"i promised you, right?" chanyeol asked, to which baekhyun nodded.

"also.. uhm. are you free today?" chanyeol asked once again, now shy. "i have two tickets for the hermoso desastre show today. do you wanna come & see it with me?"
hermoso desastre has always been baekhyun's favorite duo. the violinist and her accompanist are spanish citizens who migrated to korea years ago.

hermoso desastre was every aspiring musician's favorite back in middle school. baekhyun was one of them, and chanyeol knew about it.
he wasn't exactly friends with baekhyun. they were in different classes, but he's byun baekhyun.

everyone knows what he likes.

"so.. you wanna go with me? the show starts in about.. three hours." chanyeol said, looking at his wrist watch.

baekhyun shyly nodded. "sure thing."
baekhyun didn't want chanyeol to wait in his car so he let him in inside his apartment.

as soon as baekhyun opened the door, the fresh strawberry scent greeted chanyeol.

baekhyun's room was neat & tidy, it was bright inside, and it felt comfortable. "nice place."

"thank you."
"you want anything?" baekhyun asked. "water, juice–"

"it's fine, baekhyunee. i'm fine." chanyeol smiled at baekhyun to assure him he's fine.

"alright.. just, sit there for awhile. i'll just take a shower." baekhyun said, picking his outfit from his cabinet.

"okay. i'll wait."
once inside the bathroom, baekhyun exhaled deeply. he's been holding his breath like crazy.

everything feels weird; but in a good way.

yes, he did like chanyeol back in middle school, but this one's different.

it's not the same type of romance. it's different. more mature.
baekhyun took his time showering while chanyeol waited. kyungsoo texted him that he cooked for naeun, since sehun was planning to make naeun eat instant ramen again.

everything was fine back home. the only thing that wont calm down was his heart.

"chanyeol?" baekhyun called.
baek was really embarrassed but hes got no choice but to ask chanyeol to bring him his towel

of all things he could forget.

chanyeol walked towards the bathroom door while baekhyun turned the lights off. he slowly opened the door, chanyeol handing him the towel without looking.
"t-thank you," baekhyun stammered before closing the door shut.

that was embarrassing!

he made the wrong choice in making chanyeol wait inside his apartment. he could've waited inside his car.

baek decided to just shrug it off. it doesnt matter. hes going out on a date.
chanyeol's car smells nice.

that was baekhyun's first thought when he got inside chanyeol's car.

"oh, seatbelt." chanyeol clicked his tongue. "can you put yours on? or do you want me to put it on for you?"

baekhyun quickly scrambled to put his seatbelt on. ugh, park chanyeol!

baekhyun was so focused during the performances that he didn't feel chanyeol staring at him.

chanyeol thought baek looked perfect that day. he always was, but that day was a bit different.

baekhyun looked happier, livelier, more cheerful. chanyeol wanted to keep it that way.
"thank you for today." baekhyun smiled.

they were already in front of baekhyun's apartment building, but he didn't seem like he wanted to step out of chanyeol's car yet.

"i hope you had fun." chanyeol said, looking at baekhyun expectantly.

"i did. i really did, chanyeol."
chanyeol doesn't know what came into him, but he suddenly touched baekhyun's cheek.

he caught the two of them by surprise, but baek didnt make a move to stop chan

chanyeol held baekhyun's cheek & the latter leaned into his touch. it was warm.

he wants to feel that way forever.
"yay~! one more week before christmas!" naeun cheered inside the car.

they were going to church since it's a sunday. naeun was wearing her pink dress under her pink coat. chanyeol was wearing a pastel pink button up as well.

"excited?" chanyeol asked.

"hmm, a bit. but yeah!"
baekhyun was surprised to hear his name getting called by a little voice.

the mass just ended and baek was on his way to grab lunch, but the cute little voice made him look back.

as soon as he saw the little girl in braids, his smile grew wide.

"teacher baekhyun!"

just like naeun, baekhyun was also wearing a pink shirt underneath his cream colored coat.

baekhyun squatted & naeun attacked him with a really, really tight hug.

"ah~ you must have missed teacher baekhyun that much, huh?" the older male teased, and naeun nodded.

"i did!"
"i missed you too, naeunie~" baekhyun told the little girl.

when she finally let go of baekhyun, she pinched his cheeks & giggled. it was enough to make baekhyun flutter.

but the next words made baekhyun even more flushed. "i'm with daddy. do you want to eat lunch with us?"
chanyeol approached the two. just like baekhyun, he was surprise to see him there.

"daddy~ can teacher baekhyun eat with us?" naeun asked, looking up to her dad.

"i-i shouldn't disturb you two. maybe next time." baekhyun politely declined, he was too nervous.

"but teacher.."
"you should spend the rest of the day with your dad." baekhyun smiled apologetically.

naeun looked so sad so baek looked at chan, asking for help.

"teacher, are you going to let naeun be sad for the rest of the day? are you going to allow it?" chanyeol asked in a cute voice.
in the end, baekhyun ended up going with chanyeol and naeun.

chanyeol brought them to a small korean restaurant, not far away from their former school. baekhyun remembered the first time he saw chanyeol. it wasn't on campus.

it was in this place.
he fell for him here.
once they've ordered, naeun excused herself to wash her hands.

baekhyun and chanyeol were given a chance to talk in private.

"i shouldnt have interrupted your—" baekhyun started, but chanyeol cut him off. he placed his hand on top of baekhyun's.

"naeun missed you. i did too."
all throughout their lunch, naeun kept talking and talking.

she's so excited, and she kept mentioning her wishes that only baekhyun knows. when chanyeol asked what are the wishes, naeun covered baekhyun's mouth with her hands.

"don't tell daddy~ it's a secret!"
"hey, why is it a secret? and that's unfair. baekhyunee knows it and i dont?" chanyeol whined, and baekhyun bit his lip when chanyeol said 'baekhyunee'.

thank god, naeun didnt notice.

"daddy will know when santa grants my wishes already. im sure he will!" naeun grinned.
after lunch, naeun wanted to go to the movies. baekhyun tried to escape once again, but chanyeol was enjoying this day.

they look like a theyre out for family day.

also, he feels how happy naeun is. he doesn't want her happiness to disappear just yet.

"dad! lets watch that."
inside the cinema, naeun sat in between chanyeol and baekhyun. they were watching a cartoon movie and naeun was really, really engrossed.

baekhyun felt chanyeol's hand in his shoulder, so he turned to him. chanyeol mouthed, "can i hold your hand?"

so that's what happened.
on their way home, naeun fell asleep. she's tired since they went to the arcade after the movie.

baekhyun & chanyeol were tired, too, but it was worth it.

"thank youfor spending your day with us." chanyeol said. "do you want to spend the rest of your life with naeun & me, too?"
baekhyun knows the answer to that question.

he always had a soft spot for naeun, even when he didn't know yet that she's chanyeol's daughter.

he liked chan back in middle school & he's sure he's never gotten over him. he named his son after chanyeol, too.

he knows what to say.
just as he was about to tell chanyeol what he wanted to say, the car stopped.

when he looked out the window, he saw his apartment building.

"actually, baekhyun, don't answer that yet." chanyeol spoke.

"why not?" baekhyun asked, disappointed.

"just.. not tonight. okay?"
baekhyun nodded. he bid chanyeol goodbye & was about to step out of the car, but chan held his hand.

he stopped, turning to chanyeol. "hmm?"

"dont be sad. i dont wanna hear it now because i want to hear it tomorrow. can you meet me tomorrow? in our school?"

"i think i can."
it was almost two in the morning and baekhyun couldn't sleep. he reread his conversation with chanyeol.

chanyeol: lets meet tmrw at our mid school.

baekhyun: are we allowed to go there??

chanyeol: yes, dont worry.

chanyeol: i wont be able to pick u up, so lets just meet there
the following day, chanyeol went to their middle school around 3 in the afternoon.

jongdae is with naeun right now, and they will be spending the night at kyungsoo's since it's aciel's birthday.

when he arrived there, sehun was already waiting. "hyung, here are the uniforms."
chanyeol stood outside his former classroom. it hasnt changed one bit. everything felt nostalgic

at that exact place, baekhyun ran up to him 11 years ago. chan was the last one to leave the building so there were no other students.

that day, baekhyun confessed.
he rejected him.
it's 4 in the afternoon but baekhyun wasn't there yet. he agreed to go there at 3:30 but he still hasnt texted.

chanyeol became worried that baekhyun might not come.

he was afraid that he's gonna be the one to reject him this time. he was so afraid to lose him again.
5:15. it was starting to get dark & chanyeol was getting impatient. he can't contact baekhyun & now he's plain worried.

he was about to leave the building when he heard rushed footsteps.

and then he saw him. he was running to him like the last time.

he was youthful. ethereal.
baekhyun stopped a few meters a way from chanyeol. he held onto his knees.

he was panting and sweating. but it doesn't matter.

he noticed that just like him, chanyeol was wearing the uniform as well. when baekhyun arrived, sehun gave him a uniform with his name tag on it.
when baekhyun looked up, chanyeol was smiling at him. he has no clue as to why chanyeol wanted to meet here, but now, he knows.

"baekhyun," chanyeol took a step forward. "for the past few days, i couldnt get you out of my head. i know, everything happened too fast.."

"i couldnt even catch up, to be honest. one day, my daughter was just telling stories about her new teacher, then the next, we were already texting each other." chanyeol laughed.

"you're still doubting my feelings for you, dont you? i feel it baek. and its fine. really."
"i admit, i was going too fast. but i promise you, i am sincerely in love with you. i've always been." chanyeol took another step forward.

"maybe, things happened for the better. if i hadn't rejected you, maybe we'd be happy. but we were still young back then. really young."
"we were still immature. we're unsure of what to do & how to handle relationships. if i handt rejected you, i wouldnt have met naeun's mom. there would be no naeun." chanyeol smiled, and baekhyun fought the urge to cry.

"when naeun's mom left, i was so devastated. but.."
"but i got through it because of naeun. and then you came into her life." another step. "you have no idea how much you've made my little princess happy. she loves you. just like how much i love you."

at this point, baekhyun couldn't fight his tears anymore.

"the reason why i'm going to fast is because," another step. now he's face to face with baekhyun. "is because i dont wanna waste time. i'm sure of you. i dont wanna let you go anymore."

"byun baekhyun.. can you be with us this christmas? next year too, and the years after that?"
baekhyun pouted like a baby, lightly punching chanyeol on the chest. "i'm not santa claus, you idiot."

chanyeol laughed. "okay, let me rephrase it then. will you be my christmas date, and then my new year's date, my valentines date, birthday date, everyday date? be mine?"
baek looked up at chan. he stared at his glossy eyes that's full of adoration.

he feels the same. of course he feels the same.

"im more than willing to be your forever date. im more than willing to be naeun's santa as well."

baekhyun tiptoed, crashing his lips onto chanyeol's.
baekhyun's actions surprised chanyeol, but he let himself get lost in the feeling.

he slightly moved his lips, trying to get in sync with baekhyun. and when he finally did, he grabbed him by the waist, his other hand on baekhyun's cheek.

"i love you." he whispered in his lips.
sehun was already falling asleep when the two went down. they were hand in hand, both blushing.

sehun stood up from the bench. "wow, you're down earlier than what i expected."

chanyeol glared at the younger male, so he made a peace sign. "congrats~! im oh sehun by the way."
"his grandparents own this school." chanyeol revealed. "that's why this baby boy doesnt work. he's the inheritor."

they chat for a few more minutes before sehun left to go to kyungsoo. chanyeol & baekhyun went out to eat dinner first before chanyeol dropped him off.
they were in front of baekhyun's apartment but the guy with honey colored hair didn't want to go just yet.

chanyeol placed his head on baekhyun's shoulder, his right hand found baekhyun's. when he did, he intertwined their fingers.

"ive always wanted to do that, baby."
"kiss you, hug you, hold your hand, rest my head on your shoulder, tell you how much i love you." chanyeol smiled to himself. "they used to be a 16yo boy's fantasies. now, they mean a lot more than just that."

"now, everything's genuine. sincere. i want it because i love you."
"i love you too, chanyeol." baekhyun whispered, making chanyeol smile even more.

"i promise, we'll take things slow starting from here, okay? one at a time." chanyeol said.

they stayed there for a few more minutes before baekhyun decided to go inside. "i'll text you, okay?"
chanyeol pulled baekhyun into a hug, kissing his head right after. "i love you, baby."

"i love you too, chanyeol. drive safely, ok?"

"i will."

baekhyun waited for chanyeol to leave before he went inside his apartment. everything felt crazy.

at the same time it all felt right.
when chanyeol arrived at kyungsoo's, naeun quickly ran to him. she gave him a big hug.

when they pulled away though, naeun noticed something. "daddy~ you smell like teacher baekhyun."

junmyeon almost spit out his soda. everyone was silent.

"w-what do you mean?" chanyeol asked.
"teacher baekhyun smells like strawberries. you smell like strawberries right now, daddy." naeun said.

sehun stood up and went to naeun. "that's because daddy went to a strawberry farm."

"how did you know?"

"i was with him."

"but you smell like mint hyung, not strawberries!"
no one dared to speak. everyone was silent.

jongdae clapped his hands once before shouting, "all right kids! line up, uncle jongdae is going to give you money~!"

with that, naeun's eyes sparkled so he ran to jongdae right away. aciel followed soon. minseok and sehun too.
once naeun & aciel were asleep, they settled at the rooftop to drink.

on the table were bottles of liquor; the seven guys were there enjoying their night.

"so, everything went well with you & baek, huh." minseok smiled. "you finally have someone to hug you this christmas."
"naeunie is sad," jongin said. "she thought you're never going to have someone for christmas."

"she still hopes, though." junmyeon butted in.

"when are you gonna tell her?" kyungsoo asked.

"on the 24th." chanyeol replied. "she's gonna ba really happy."

"that's for sure."
dec 23

dear diary

daddy & i went shopping today. we bought gifts for uncles & aciel & grandmas & aunt yoora. we ate korean bbq. we went home & wrapped the gifts

when daddy took a nap, i used his phone because i wanted to text teacher baekhyun. i found his number in dad's phone
– teacher baekhyun's phone number was saved as 'baekhyunee 🍓' in my dad's phone. i remember that one time he called him baekhyunee.

i asked teacher baekhyunee what to do to make my uncles happy. he said that i should sing or dance for them. so i will sing or dance for them!
teacher baekhyunee said that he had already mailed my wishlist to santa and that santa will grant my wish because i am a good kid.

i believe teacher baekhyunee & i miss him. i want him to be my dad but i dont know if he wants too.

dad hasnt found someone yet. thats sad.

24th of december came.

baekhyun was both excited and nervous, but he was more excited. he held puppy in his arms. naeun will love it, and that's for sure.

chanyeol already left naeun at jongin's so she could play with aciel, and chanyeol went to baekhyun's apartment.
baekhyun let the puppy roam around his unit. chanyeol pulled him closer.

"i'm sure naeun will love you even more." chanyeol said, resting his chin on baekhyun's shoulder.

"you can never be so sure." baekhyun joked.

"but i am very, very sure. we do have the same taste, y'know."
it was around 10 in the evening when chanyeol & baekhyun drove to kyungsoo's.

baekhyun & kyungsoo used to go to the same study group way back in middle school, so baek was more than excited to see him again.

"oh, baby. there's a text. can you read it for me?" chanyeol asked.
chanyeol handed his phone to baekhyun who obeyed his order. "oh, it's from sehun."

"what did he say?"

"hyung, naeunie was crying earlier and we dont know why. but she's ok now. junmyeon hyung lulled her to sleep." baekhyun read the text message.

"she must be really sad."
"yeah," baekhyun said. "and you were with me when you should be with her."

chanyeol smiled. "after this day, she'll be with us too. i wont have to leave her to sehun's care. you don't have to worry."

they arrived at kyungsoo's around 11 in the evening. baek was nervous.
chanyeol was the first one to enter the house. everyone was busy finishing the decorations.

"oh, chanyeol's here." minseok said. "where's naeunie's present?"

chanyeol smiled as he gestured baek to walk inside. when he did, almost everyone wanted to scream but sehun sushed them.
"lower your voices, naeun might wake up." sehun said.

"look at the flower boy," junmyeon smiled. "he's gotten prettier."

baekhyun blushed at the compliment. "thank you."

"you still remember us?" jongdae asked.

"how could i forget?" baekhyun beamed at the boys.
"wow, he's really pretty." jongin whispered to kyungsoo.

"i know."

"but my kyungsoo is prettier for me." jongin grinned as he cuddled kyungsoo.

the latter slapped his face away. "ow!"

"how's yixing?" junmyeon asked.

"he's good, he travels a lot these days."
they spent the next few minutes chatting. the guys, especially the younger ones, kept on asking baekhyun questions to get to know him better.


it's almost christmas.

"where's naeun?" chanyeol asked, standing up.

"shes in aciel's room." sehun replied. "lets wake them up."
chanyeol & kyungsoo went to aciel's room. aciel, kyungsoo's baby, was already awake but naeun was still asleep.

chan rubbed her back, planted a chaste kiss on her cheek, before he woke her up

"come here, little princess." chanyeol said as naeun wrapped her arms around his neck.
chanyeol wrapped his arms around naeun, carrying out of the room.

"merry christmas, naeunie." chanyeol greeted her and kissed her cheek again.

"merry christmas dad." naeun wasn't as cheery, especially since she's still sleepy.

"do you wanna see your presents?" chanyeol asked.
naeunie nodded. chanyeol put naeunie down on the sofa, and her uncles gave her a hug. "merry christmas, naeunie~!"

"should we open naeun's gifts first?" sehun suggested.

"we should." everyone agreed.

baek was hiding behind the door, smiling to himself. merry christmas, naeun.
"hmm." chanyeol took out a piece of paper out of his pocket. "santa sent a lot of presents for my little girl this christmas."

"he did?!"

"yes, baby. and the first present from santa is a.. puppy!"

naeun quickly stood up as soon as she heard what her dad just said. "PUPPY?!"
sehun walked up to naeun & handed her the white little pup. "wow~!"

naeun was all smiles, but at the same time, she looked like she wanted to cry. she hugged the puppy tight.

"she's a girl?"

"yes she is." sehun answered.

"i'll call her hyunee~" naeun said, smiling.
everyone was smiling. chanyeol continued to talk. "according to santa, you wanted your uncles to be happy. is that true?"

naeun nodded, remembering the things she wrote on her wishlist.

"let's ask naeunie's uncles if they are happy." chanyeol smiled as he went the guys to ask.
"i am happy."

"we are very happy."

"sehun hyung is the happiest!"

naeun clapped her hands once the six uncles all said they were happy.

now it's time for the final present. the one that naeun prays for everyday. the one she wants to have so bad.

chanyeol took a deep breath.
"for the final present from santa," chanyeol started "this present is very, very special."

"this will make naeunie really happy. but santa asked me to tell you something."

"what did santa say, daddy?"

"santa said you must love & take care of his presents. especially this one."
"i will. i promise." naeun said cutely.

"naeunie?" chanyeol called his daughter. "we've been spending the last two christmases together with just the two of us, right?"

naeun nodded.

"that's never gonna happen again."

on cue, baekhyun showed up. "merry christmas, naeunie~"
naeun was baffled. she blinked a few times, rubbed her eyes, then blinked again.

"t-teacher baekhyunee?" naeun was confused as to why her teacher is there, but when chanyeol took baekhyun's hand, naeun somewhat understood.

"i-is teacher baekhyunee.. daddy?"

chanyeol nodded.
naeun let go of hyunee the puppy to run to both chanyeol and baekhyun. the two bent down so naeun could hug them both.

naeun was so happy she ended up crying while trying to fit both baekhyun and chanyeol in her embrace.

then she moves to hug baekhyun. really, really tight.
"teacher baekhyunee~"

baekhyun hugged naeun as well, gently ruffling her hair. "thank you, naeun."

"no. thank you teacher baekhyunee."

sehun sniffled, jongin hugged kyungsoo, jongdae & minseok rubber their eyes, junmyeon took a picture.

"i love you both." naeun smiled.
that night, naeun wont stop pinching baekhyun's cheeks.

she was seated on baekhyun's lap & wont get off of him. she kept cuddling her new 'dad' & everyone loved the sight.

"you three use the spare room. jongdae & the others could sleep here in the living room." kyungsoo said.
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