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🤗I want to expound on what I tweeted earlier. It is a fact that when the full scope of the web of atrocities and corruption in our world is seen and realized, it will be profound and life altering in ways that we have not imagined.
🕳The Hive is so deeply entrenched in every aspect of our civilization that, no matter how many times I and others try to emphasize this, the average person out there just cannot put it into perspective as it relates to their own lives.
🕳We see these big names associated with #TheGreatAwakening and naturally file the entire mess away as something far removed from the everyday and ordinary. Something that is happening only among exclusive circles, to strangers who live in a different world than we.
🕳We all do this...even if a scandal occurs in our own town, there is still the protective barrier of emotional detachment; appreciating the enormity of something while still feeling is happening to other people in whom you've not made an emotional investment.
🕳How many horrific things occur, every minute, all around us that we scroll past or walk around, because they do not involve people or situations that we can relate to personally? It's not a bad thing; it's human nature, and perfectly normal.
🕳We can't be all things to all people; that's why there are so many of us and so many varying aspects of a given human populace. We're social beings and we gravitate toward like minds and like interests. And if you're an ancient force of evil on a given planet, you know this.
🕳The only way to truly gain a foothold in a situation where your survival depends on the enslavement of a mass of intelligent minds is to trick them into accepting you as being superior in some way, into surrendering every shred of authority to you. A country, for example.
🕳If you want to control an entire country full of people, you can't just do it from one central location. You've got to infiltrate every single position of power, affluence and opportunity possible. And you've got to make these people believe it is their choice to be slaves.
🕳That's no small feat, especially if you're dealing with an intelligent, bold and ARMED population that greatly outnumbers you. You've got to create the illusion that you're their very best& most powerful ally, while placing your own people into key positions into their camp.
🕳You've got to hijack every possible perceived figure of authority they have; everybody they pay attention to and listen to, admire and trust, aspire to be like...every position of influence over large numbers of people and their perceptions of the world. At a community level.
🕳Who do we trust, admire and view as a source of external authority? Famous actors, athletes, news personalities, politicians, authors, medical experts, sure. People we've invested enough emotional energy in that we don't want to believe any of them are actually monsters.
🕳But...our entire world won't end if we find out that they are. Some folks might get very upset about it, but it's easy to dismiss; everyone knows Hollywood is a slag pool, that D.C. is rife with corruption, the 'elite' of the world are on a whole other level, after all.
🕳What so many of us; not the least of all Q, have been trying to warn of is that when the truth is made known, that protective barrier of separation by degrees is going to dissolve. What is the sealed indictment count, 61k? That is an ongoing count. And it's already enormous.
🕳And spare me, minions of darkness, the bullshit logical fallacies about what the meaning of "sealed" or "indictment" may actually be or not. They're not 'Schroedinger's Indictments', ok, they're definitely there, and alive, and looming like a giant tsunami of Karma. The end.
🕳So who else have we unwittingly given power and authority over us, aside from celebrities and our own elected government officials? Lots of people. Our family physicians, for one example. We literally trust them with our lives and those of our loved ones. Who else?
🕳Employers, certainly. State and local government. Law enforcement. Judiciary bodies. What about daily life? Clergy, for the religious. Friends, co-workers, real life people we go to for advice and inspiration. Counselors. Dieticians. Personal trainers. Lawyers. Accountants.
🕳Bankers, realtors, brokers. Who do we give authority over our children to? Teachers, scout leaders, church leaders, daycare staff, tutors, coaches, doctors and dentists. I could go on and on. We routinely trust and follow the instruction and advice of these people because
🕳we perceive them to be authorities on how one should best conduct one's life. Up to, and including, raising our children. When I tell you this is going to hurt, it is because I mean it. This evil shadow society has survived by weaving itself into every aspect of society.
🕳So, as the inexorable wheel of Karma spins toward its target, be mindful of the warnings. You may wake up one day soon and discover that your next door neighbor of two decades is a Hivite cannibal, or your office mate. Or your pastor. The local police chief. Your psychologist.
🕳Future will prove past, and you will see the truth of what I'm saying soon enough. And I'm speaking of those who are awake and have researched and absorbed the impact of atrocities that have already been uncovered. There are MANY more who will be completely unprepared.
🕳Yes, in many cases, you can postulate that it is their own damn fault. It is. But then, who's fault was it that you were asleep all that time before you finally woke up? If anyone is trying to understand, then we need to close the gap, take their hand and guide them.
🕳I'm not saying we should become tireless servants and spoonfeed all the answers. But give them a starting point. Answer their questions but provide some links. Set a firm boundary that you'll help them, as long as they're willing to do the work. I am also not suggesting that
🕳anyone tolerate tactics or bad behavior; it is entirely possible to be loving and kind, yet committed to being sovereign and taking no shit from anybody, ever. I do it every day. But as satisfying as it is in the moment to rub it in their faces that they were wrong, don't.
🕳If we want to live in a better world, then we have to be the foundation for it. It's that simple. Q and our military and @POTUS are working hard to tear down a fortress of evil and corruption. Once it's gone, we have to rebuild. We can't do that by perpetuating division.
@POTUS 🕳And, because the Hive is operating within every city in the nation, when the arrests and exposures start bleeding over into your own world in shocking ways you did not anticipate, you might just need to lean on others for support. Maybe even those you've disagreed with.
@POTUS 🕳Adulting is going to be tough. Emotions are running high and we're all so weary and battle worn by this point. But when we reach the finish line with far more people standing by us than what we started out with, it will be worth it. /END
#BeThePlan #LeaveNoneBehind #WWG1WGA
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