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The FG of Nigeria under the President Buhari led APC Gov’t initiated the @NSIP_NG, one of such Programme is @NHGSFP, it has been successful Since it was initiated with increase in enrollment no. of pupils, Mrs Lucky Okologo is a NHGSFP Cook in Uvwie LG, Delta State #SIPinvests
Mrs. Dolor Felicia is also an @NHGSFP Cook in Uvwie LG of Delta State. She spoke of how she never knew anybody, was only chosen through her friend who recommended her name for the school feeding program. #SIPInvests @NSIP_NG
Esin Regina is a @MarketMoni beneficiary in Warri, Delta State. She thanked the President Buhari Led APC Government for boosting her business with MarketMoni and also urge them to do more because of the success of the programmed. #SIPinvests
Olaniyi Ibrahim from Atiba Local Government in Oyo State is an @npower_ng Beneficiary. #SIPinvests
Mrs Oranye Ifeyinwa is Desk Officer for @NSIP_NG’s Conditional Cash Transfer Office In Anambra West LG. #SIPinvests
Abdulaziz Mohammad is a tailor at Shagari Close, Badarawa area of Kaduna. He said he had only one sewing machine but with the GEEP @MarketMoni loan of N50,000 he has been able to get two more. #SIPInvests
With some beneficiaries of Conditional Cash Transfer at Dukunofia LG. #SIPInvests
Mohammed Barkindo is an @npower_ng Beneficiary from Song LGA of Adamawa State. He said prior to the nPower programme he was single, but it has enable him to be self reliant that he has been able to get married and even own a farm from the proceeds. #SIPInvests
Another @Trader_Moni Beneficiary in Kaduna State is Joseph Onoja, his shop is at Abubakar Gumi Central Market, Kaduna. He talks about how the loan has helped his business. #SIPInvests
Ayuba Sule is a tomato seller at Central Market Kaduna. He is a @Trader_Moni Beneficiary. He expressed his gratitude for the loan because it has improved his business. #SIPinvests
Abubakar Hamza is an @npower_ng Beneficiary from Song LGA of Adamawa State. That nPower touched his life in a positive way that he was able to take care of his parents. #SIPInvests
Hadiza Musa from Yola South LGA of Adamawa State. She is a beneficiary of the @NHGSFP ( Homegrown school feeding Programme). She expresses her gratitude for the programme. #SIPInvests
Ahmad Rufai sells onions and is a beneficiary of @Trader_Moni at Central Market, Kaduna. #SIPInvests
Nafarnda Joy is an @npower_ng Beneficiary from Yola South LGA of Adamawa State. -#SIPInvests
Another @npower_ng beneficiary under nPower Agro is Musa Ahmed from Yola North LGA of Adamawa State. He said the programme has helped him a lot, he was able to farm and harvested 120 bags of rice. #SIPInvests
Fatima Adamu, a School feeding programme Beneficiary, @NHGSFP in Yola South LGA of Adamawa State. She spoke in fulfulde. #SIPinvests
David Edward, an @npower_ng beneficiary under N-Teach from Yola South LGA of adamawa State. #SipInvests
Mohammed Aliyu, Numan LGA, Adamawa, N-Build Beneficiary under @npower_ng. #SIPInvests
Musa Aminu of N-Agro serving at the Agriculture Department Of Kaduna North LG has been able to set up a mobile accessories shop with the stipends he has been getting from @npower_ng. He’s one of the Batch A Beneficiaries #SIPInvests
Abdullah I Hamman Audi, N-Build Beneficiary under @npower_ng from Numan LGA of Adamawa State. “We were jobless before the coming of this programme”. he said. #SIPInvests
Zainab Karaye sells clothing materials, kitchen utensils amongst others at Karaye Road, Kaduna. She is a Beneficiary of @MarketMoni under @NSIP_NG. According to her, she was given 50,000 naira loan and she invested it in her business and it boosted her business #SIPInvests
Shehu Umar Farouk. @npower_ng Beneficiary Under N-Teach, Serving At GSS Badarawa, Kaduna State. He thanked the President for the initiative because it has made it easy for him to support his family. #SIPInvests
Another beneficiary of the programme is Ezioba Uju Who spoke in Igbo language, about the CCT programme, she spoke about how it has impacted her life. #SIPInvests
Musa DanDubai, A meat seller at Central Market Is a @TraderMoni beneficiary wishing Buhari comes back for a second term because of the impact of the @NSIP_NG. #SIPInvests
Ibrahim Aliyu at Central Market Kaduna got the @MarketMoni loan of N50,000 to improve his poultry business. He talks about how he has been able to increase the number of his livestock to expand his Business #SIPInvests
Abubakar Nuhu Wali. Beneficiary of @MarketMoni of N50,000. He is also the leader of the beneficiaries at BakinDogo Central Market. He appreciates President Buhari for ensuring the programme gets to the grassroot level. #SIPInvests
@dr_khalidz in a group photograph with some of the beneficiaries of @NSIP_NG #SIPInvests
Lukman Yunusa speaks in Yoruba. Sells tomatoes at Central Market, Kaduna. He is a beneficiary of GEEP @MarketMoni of N50,000. #SipInvests
Aisha Yusuf Imam, a @npower_ng Beneficiary under the N-Teach Scheme for Mustapha Model Primary school, Yola South LGA, Adamawa State. #SIPInvests
From left to right, comrade Jika AbdulHameed, State Coordinator, YESSO, Adamawa State, @shawttynatt, Alhaji Usman Sali, the State Focal Person, Adamawa State, @dr_kalidz and our contact person @Abbasalty in Adamawa State. #SIPinvests
After losing her husband, Hauwa Abubakar from Mubi LGA of Adamawa State through the @NHGSFP programme of @NSIP_NG is able to cater for her three children and also started a small food business for herself. #SIPinvests
Mary Anieto is also a beneficiary of Conditional Cash Transfer from Awka North LG. She spoke in IBO. #SIPinvests
Mary Udeorah is a widow, she is also blind. She is grateful to be a beneficiary of CCT, a programme under @NSIP_NG which caters to the poorest in the society. #SIPInvests
Augustine Obikwelu is another CCT beneficiary under @NSIP_NG from Ifitedunu. #SIPInvests
Adaobi Nwaeze, another beneficiary from Umunnachi, Dunukofia LG. #SIPInvests
Sunday expanded his business and is now selling up to 70-75 crates of egg weekly from his farm. Courtesy the loan he got from @Trader_Moni. #SIPInvests
Ndoeche Sunday Amarachi quit his teaching job that was paying him less that 30,000, when he got into the @npower_ng programme. #SIPInvests
Clement Okeke, a CCT beneficiary, a @NSIP_NG programme from Umunnachi, Dunukofia LG, Anambra State. #SIPinvests
Chinelo Okongwu is also a CCT beneficiary. #SIPInvests
Veronica Okeke. Also a beneficiary prayed for President Buhari for introducing the @NSIP_NG. #SIPInvests
Group photograph with some of the beneficiaries of CCT and some of their Cash transfer facilitators in Anambra State. #SIPInvests
One of the cash Transfer Facilitators in dukunofia LG, Anambra State. #SipInvests
Peter Oformukoro, N-Agro beneficiary, Agharha-Otor, Ugheli Delta State. These images are from his farm. #SIPInvests
More products from his farm. #SIPInvests
Mrs Mary, a CCT Beneficiary in Kaduna State is really thankful with the assistant they are getting from PMB because the money is really helping them in so many things. May God make them continue the good work they (Buhari Admin.) are doing in the name of Jesus. #SIPInvests
@IsaOzo with Mariya Saidu Idris from Kadage Village In Kaduna state. One of the CCT Beneficiary. #SIPInvests
Grace funmilayo is a @NHGSFP cook from Oyo East LG, Oyo State.
She said pupils are coming back to school, the market men and women we buy foodstuffs from also appreciate this initiative and they are praying for Mr President. #SIPInvests
James Hycent, an Anambra Indigene that is also a Beneficiary of the @MarketMoni under the Yola North LGA In Adamawa State. #SIPInvests
Lawal medinat is another @NHGSFP Cook from Atiba LG, Oyo State. She said From the advent of the school feeding program, kids have been returning back to school, whenever we also get money to buy foodstuffs, the foodstuff sellers also benefit from the scheme indirectly.
Iyaafin Abidemi is from Oyo East LG. She is also a @NHGSFP Cook at the Oyo School for the handicapped. She said they thank The Buhari Administration for creating an opportunity like this, we pray this program continues. #SIPinvests
Adamu Saudi, @MarketMoni Beneficiary, Yola North Of Adamawa State. The Market Moni have been able to boost his business and change his economic status. #SIPinvests
James Hycent, an Anambra Indigene is also a Beneficiary of the @MarketMoni under the Yola North LGA of Adamawa State. #SIPInvests
Mr Azeez Tijani is the Baale (Village Head) of Aguo Village in Oyo State. He said This is the first time since I was born that I will receive any help from the govt, the CCT has been really helpful, and we say a very big thank you to President Buhari. #SIPinvests
Zainab Husseini is a CCT Beneficiary From Chikun LG in Kaduna State, According to her, Before the assistance from Govt, she barely eats once a day, but now she can afford 2-3 squre meals a day and she even started a small poulty all from the stipends.#SIPinvests
She prays to God to the Govt from all the evil people against them. #SIPInvests
Oyedepo Saheed is also a Beneficiary of the Conditional Cash transfer from Aguo Village, Oyo LG, Oyo State. He said the money they gave them monthly is really beneficial to them, “We thank President Buhari & his Vice Prof Osinbajo, they will continue to move forward". #SIPinvests
Khalid Attahir, the chairman of Ranatafito (Market Traders) a Beneficiary of @MarketMoni, Yola North, Adawawa. He said it’s not easy to get loans at banks but the @MarketMoni scheme gave them easily, they are able to run their business smoothly without any hitches. #SIPInvests
Mrs Mbah Felicia Onyinyechi (N-Health Category Of @npower_ng) of Chachanga LG of Niger State said President Buhari is the first President to ever remember the poor. She said she has remained idle since 2009 without a job until the @NSIP_NG was initiated. #SIPinvests
Lidya Musa is a Conditional Cash Transfer Beneficiary from Girei LGA, Adamawa. She has been able to buy livestock for breeding and sales, she has also been able to pay the school fees of her kids from the proceeds. #SIPinvests
Lidya Musa is a Conditional Cash Transfer Beneficiary from Girei LGA of Adamawa State. She has been able to buy livestock for breeding and sales, she has also been able to pay the school fees of her kids from the proceeds. Thanks to President Buhari’s @NSIP_NG #SIPInvests
Rifkatu Philibus, from Worodole ward in Girei LGA, Adamawa welcomes @shawttynatt and @dr_khalidz and is happy about the conditional cash transfer. she hopes it continues because it changed her life and the life of many others. #SIPInvests
Nasir Nuhu, @npower_ng Beneficiary under @NSIP_NG From Igabi LGA of Kaduna State. He said the school didn’t have an economics teacher until he came and he counts that as one of the benefits of the NSIP. #SIPinvests
Ruth James from Girei LGA, a Beneficiary of the conditional cash transfer of @NSIP_NG thanks the Buhari Led Government for this social investment program as she is able to buy and sell her Maize and chicken effortlessly. #SIPInvests
Aisha Ibrahim from Girei LGA of Adamawa State whose Husband abandoned for over 5years said she appreciates the assistance she’s getting from the Conditional Cash Transfer, as she’s been able to fend for herself. #SIPinvests
Nuhu Haruna, a Market Moni Beneficiary from Yola North in Adamawa State. He said they enjoyed the benefits and he is utilizing the money for his business and wants it to continue for others to also benefit from the @NSIP_NG. #SIPInvests
Mario Adamu is the Desk officer, conditional cash Transfer in Girei LGA of Adamawa State. She has more than 3,000 Beneficiaries in her LGA and the beneficiaries are making best use of the money being given to them. #SIPInvests
Hamad Umar, a shoe trader and a Beneficiary of @MarketMoni from Yola North LGA in Adamawa says the scheme really helped him expand his business and many others, he also prayed for the President and his entire government. #SIPInvests
Abdullahi Yahaya, @npower_ng beneficiary serving at FUT Minna Staff School, Bosso LG in Niger State. He thanks the FG for bringing the @NSIP_NG initiative to help them. He has been able get married & also been able to take care of his parents. #SIPInvests
Mai Borno Hammawa from Girei LGA in Adamawa State is the conditional cash transfer facilitator. #SIPInvests
Yari Abdullahi is a @NSIP_NG beneficiary under CCT from Aguo Village, Oyo State LG, Oyo State.
He thanked President Buhari for what he has been for them. #SIPInvests
Iyewolea Olufunke, Aguo village. Oyo State. She's also one of the beneficiaries of the CCT. "The money assigned to be disbursed to us monthly gets to us in due time, we use this money very well & it is helping us well, God bless the Buhari Administration". #SIPinvests
This is Bello Waliyat, @npower_ng Beneficiary under (NTeach) in Niger State serving at Tunga North Primary School. She said she’s been able to do side business using the N-Power stipends. She prays that Baba Buhari wins 2019 election so the programme can continue. #SIPInvests
Isa Aishatu Muti. @npower_ng Beneficiary in Niger State. She said before N-Power, she faced a lot of problems bt after she’s been able to take care of her family & even receive her dad’s prayer every time because she sends part of her stipends for her parents upkeep. #SIPinvests
Mrs Adeniyi is a trader in Bodija Market and she happens to be a beneficiary of the @TraderMoni initiative of @NSIP_NG.
"We don't want the government to stop this initiative because some other traders have not been reached, we thank the Buhari Government". #SIPInvests
Mohammed Ndakotsu, @npower_ng Beneficiary (N-teach) serving at FUT Staff School, Bosso LG of Niger State. Says he’s an Engineer by profession but the N-Power has helped him gain experience in the teaching sector. #SIPInvests
This Augustina Jonathan. @npower_ng (NTeach) Beneficiary from Niger State. She said prior to N-power, she was on the street but Since the commencement of the programme, it has gone a long way in impacting her life, her kids are in school & she can feed her family. #SIPInvests
Abdullahi Abubakar, @npower_ng Beneficiary, Yola South LGA of Adamawa State. #SIPInvests
@dr_khalidz in a group photograph with some of the N-Agro and CCT Beneficiaries in Adamawa State. #SIPInvests
Umar Ibrahim has been able to own side businesses like photography and Farming from the proceeds of the @npower_ng under N-Agro scheme, he’s from Yola South LGA and also the state coordinator N-power Volunteers forum. #SipInvests
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