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Thread: On Firing Mattis – a Contrarian View

1. A number of my retired military pals (including some Marines) have opinions contrary to all the gushing praise of SecDef Mattis these days.
2. Before we start, it is always good to remember this axiom. When all of official Washington sings the praises of someone – with almost no dissent – your political antenna should be quivering BIGLY! Here’s just one red-flag example:
3. I don’t remember Democrats praising Mattis before his recent letter of resignation, do you? And they only praised McCain and Bush 41 after their deaths because those two were used as political battering rams-of-the-moment against @POTUS, too.
4. SecDef Mattis has had a storied and colorful career; because of his well-known penchant for quotable blunt quips, his reputation – the “Myth of Mattis” – precedes him.…
5. But does his career and do those quotes translate into the conservative we’ve all thought him to be, or is he something else entirely? Excerpts from two articles below align with the thinking of many of my pals and me. Here we go beginning with this 2017 piece:

6. Mattis has made a couple of moves which can only be explained by his being quite ill-intentioned. [I]n written testimony to his Senate confirmation hearings Mattis stated that “Climate change is impacting stability in areas of the world where our troops are operating today.”
7. General Mattis would have read up on the matter enough to know that it is a discredited scam, and then decided he would come out as a true believer anyway knowing full well the political consequences of that. Global warming was Obama’s leitmotif.
8. In his global warming stance, General Mattis may have declared his allegiance to the old regime. And then there is the matter of Anne Patterson who, as US ambassador to Egypt from 2011 to 2013, was an enthusiastic supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.
9. The Egyptian people hated her while she was there, hated her as much as they hated Obama. Ms. Patterson was fully on board with Obama’s desire for Islamists to take over the Middle East.
10. And despite knowing this, as he must have done, Mattis nominated her for the post of undersecretary of defense for policy.
11. If you can judge a man by the company he keeps, Mattis scores poorly on that as well.
12. Currently Mattis is Secretary of Defense, General John Nicholson is in charge of the Afghanistan campaign, General Joseph Dunford is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and General Joseph Votel is commander of CENTCOM.
13. Back in 2007, then Colonel Nicholson was in charge of Task Force Spartan, which had responsibility for a patch of Afghanistan that included a village called Bati Kot.
14. On March 4, 2007, a Marine special operations company, Fox Company, was ambushed at Bati Kot, successfully fought their way out of the engagement and returned to base. Whereupon they found that they were falsely accused of indiscriminately killing civilians.
15. Within days, Fox Company was ordered out of the war zone under a cloud of shame.
16. In May 2007, then Colonel Nicholson addressed the Pentagon press corps via satellite from Afghanistan, saying that what the Marine unit had done in Bati Kot represented "a stain on our honor" and a "terrible, terrible mistake’.
17. Though later exonerated by a court of inquiry at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, the Marines of Fox Company had their reputations and careers ruined.
18. Such is our now-general Nicholson who used an opportunity to thrash the reputations of some under his command so as to appear virtuous, and thus advance his own career.
19. His chief enabler at the time was Votel, then Deputy Commander of Regional Command -- East, to whom he reported. Mattis, then CENTCOM commander, and Dunford, then ISAF commander, were also involved in the witch hunt.
20. In 2016, General Nicholson told the Senate Armed Services Committee that "Since 9/11, the U.S. campaign in Afghanistan has largely defined my service." So that is 17 years of failure and counting.
21. Trump, like Lincoln, is going to have to keep firing his generals until he gets someone who is on his side.


Read the rest here:…
22. And here is essentially an update of that article which I find to be the coup d’ grace insofar as Mattis is concerned.

23. Since that article, Mattis's charge sheet has expanded somewhat. Trump wanted to get trannies out of the military simply because of the costs involved in having them. Mattis pushed back and slow-walked the order.
24. Gender dysphoria is one of the worst mental illnesses, with a 50 percent suicide rate. Who in his right mind would leave people suffering from this condition near weapons or machinery? Someone who ranks ideology above effectiveness and unit cohesion would.
25. Mattis argued the case for staying in Afghanistan, overriding Trump's gut instinct. There is no point in staying in Afghanistan. When someone stops paying for the imported grain that allows Afghanistan's population to double every 25 years, then Afghanistan will collapse.
26. Mattis's reasoning for staying in Afghanistan is that we either fight them there or fight them here. The opposite is true. By continuing to feed them, we are creating more future terrorists. The way to keep this country safe is to forbid them to enter.
27. Then Mattis did something that is either inspired or shows that he has a tenuous grip on reality: he ordered fighter aircraft availability to jump to 80% by September 2019 while at the same time reducing operating and maintenance costs.
28. Mattis's order is looking delusional. For example, the F-35C had a 15 percent "fully mission capable" rate in 2017. For the USAF's F-35s, Lt. Gen. Jerry Harris said in a congressional hearing in March that "the newer F-35s with 3I or 3F software were available….
28A. … to fly 60 to 70% of the time, which is a good number, but that the Air Force's 100-block 2b and older F-35s' availability percentage sat in the low 40s. He said the cost of operation differed based on production block and usage but was approximately $50,000 per hour."
29. Mattis seemingly ordered the increase in availability without looking into the causes of why aircraft availability is so low.


Here’s the rest of that article:…
30. My turn. Mattis was and is an Obama general. Obama by and large picked social liberals and people he could control. Birds of a feather, one might say. That’s strike one.
31. Mattis’s pushing for increased readiness was/is a laudable and appropriate goal; however, ignoring the damage done to readiness by Obama’s cockamamie leftist personnel policies is myopic at best and criminal at worst for a Trump SecDef. That’s strike two.
32. And then there is the “suicide pact” among Tillerson, Mattis, and Mnuchin wherein all three would leave if one “became a target of the president.” Never mind duty & honor; it’s all about the politics and perpetuating the image. Strike three in my book!…
33. But wait, you say; that’s just a foul tip that the catcher dropped because Tillerson bit the dust and the other two didn’t also resign. Okay, then here is strike three.
34. It turns out that the report of Mattis’s resignation because of policy differences related to the Syrian withdrawal that the legacy media have been running with is completely bogus.
35. The real story is that, in a small meeting where @POTUS selected Gen Milley as the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mattis threw a temper tantrum acting like a 3-yr-old because he thought it his prerogative to pick the Chairman, not @POTUS.
36. In short, it was an unprofessional epic meltdown by the SecDef that led @POTUS to request his resignation – and the media spun the “policy difference” as relating to the Syrian withdrawal as opposed to the real reason, i.e., the selection of the chairman. Strike three!
37. I just don’t believe the Myth of Mattis – particularly when official Washington is virtually united in his praise. That’s the worst possible tell there is in my book. Sort of like all of official Washington heaping praise on Comey and Mueller.
38. Except that we’re finding out the sordid facts about both of them these days, aren’t we? Which makes all of that Uniparty praise hollow indeed. Think about that for a second, too, before jumping on the Uniparty bandwagon about Mattis’s resignation, too! ///The end.
Addendum: More on SecDef Mattis

A1. What a great piece from American Spectator! A couple of excerpts:

A2. If Trump Derangement Syndrome has evolved into a full-fledged malady impacting half the American population, it now seems to have spawned a new ailment: Mad Dog Disease.
A3. The basic symptoms are the inexplicable sorrow being expressed by anti-war activists, flower-bearing peaceniks, who incomprehensibly cannot sleep, eat, or otherwise function now that James “Mad Dog” Mattis no longer is our Secretary of Defense.
A4. They can’t handle it: Who will protect us, if not our sweet beloved Mad Dog? It is a thing….[I]t was time for him to step aside from the President’s cabinet because he differed from the President on so many policy issues.
A5. He did not share President Trump’s views opposing transgender social experimentation in the armed forces. He disagreed on the initiative to launch a sixth unit of the armed forces, focusing on a space force.
A6. He opposed moving our Israel embassy to Jerusalem. He opposed pulling out of the Paris climate accord, and he opposed pulling out of the disastrously myopic Iran Deal.
A7. He even demurred on the President’s decision to impose tariffs on foreign aluminum and steel in order to protect and foster America’s home-grown aluminum and steel production capabilities.
A8. He did not share the President’s view that the military and its budget will need to be part of building the Wall along our southern border, and that fight looms larger than ever as the new Congress enters, intent on withholding funding for the Wall, ….
A8.1. …almost-certainly assuring a showdown over the use of defense funds for homeland security.
A9. Remember: it was not that long ago that our defense and national security were in the hands of Obama, his revolving door of Defense Secretaries — and Susan Rice handling, uh, intelligence.
A10. Those were the people freeing murderers from Gitmo to murder again, while justifying the releases as needed to bring home Bo Bergdahl, a coward who is lucky he was not shot for desertion, but whom Rice said had served with “honor and distinction.”
A11. After we survived the psychological syndromes that the Obama Wasted Decade should have engendered, we have been inoculated. The Left media can go bark up another tree.



Read the rest of this excellent article here:…
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