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This is what they have to do at this point. They HAVE to say this. It's the only way to KEEP HOPE ALIVE that Mueller's about to charge some people with real live honest-to-God Trump/Russia election collusion.

It's simply GOT to be THAT Michael Cohen in Prague in '16 with the money to pay off the hackers for hacking into & stealing the Hillary Clinton/DNC emails.

Do you know why?
Because it finally sunk in to their thick skulls that 'collusion' is a crime. You had a former FBI Director admitting to Congress just a week and a half ago he has no idea what collusion even is or if it's a crime.

And what is the Trump/Russia narrative the True Believers™ on the Left so desperately want to see confirmed by Mueller?

That the reason Hillary lost that 2016 Election to THIS GUY is...what?
REDO for typo:

Because it finally sunk in to their thick skulls that 'collusion' *ISN'T* a crime. You had Comey admitting to Congress just a week and a half ago he has no idea what collusion even is or if it's a crime.

They ferverntly believe Hillary lost that 2016 election because that eeevil Russians hacked her & the DNC & stole their emails, and WikiLeaks publication of it.

Which has ALWAYS been #FakeNews.

HOWEVER those emails got to WikiLeaks, they didn't 'cause' her to lose.
Democrats never lose an election fair and square, it's ALWAYS got to be because the people who beat them CHEATED somehow.

Their policies are too awesome!
Their virtue is too evident!

No, they HAVE to have been cheated!
And THIS is why even at this late date 'journalists' who should know better are still engaging in fantasy 'reporting' to keep the narrative alive that Trump only won because the Russians helped him by doing illegal hacking/stealing of documents.

And Cohen is the 'bag man'.
So here we are again with a major DNC Media 'news' outlet peddling the 'Cohen paying off the hackers in Prague' story from the Steele Dossier.

Because they can't let it go. Once they let it go they have nothing left.

ADDENDUM: note that McClatchy doesn't even go with "sources inside the Mueller investigation" or "former gov't officials".

Instead, they say "four people with knowledge of the matter" who claim knowledge that Cohen's cell phone was 'traced'while he was in Prague.
"...electronic eavesdropping by an Eastern European intelligence agency..."

Is as close as they get to saying where this 'new' information came from.

Remember, it's already been proven there was ANOTHER Michael Cohen in Prague, not the former Trump Org. lawyer.
Researchers I communicate with believe the entire "Cohen in Prague" story ended up in the Steele Dossier because rogue contractors using the NSA database when working for the FBI were allowed to 'surf' it looking for politically useful information during the 2016 election.
And one of these rogue FBI contractors surfing the NSA database looking for political stuff they could pass on to their political masters found some chatter in Eastern Europe about a "Michael Cohen" meeting some people in Prague.
So the bare fact the name 'Michael Cohen' ended up in some chatter picked up in intel intercepts was then spun into a story about how Trump's lawyer is holding a secret hush-hush meeting with Kremlin officials to engage in evil collusion & gets written up by Steele.
Here's where McClatchy blows up it's own 'scoop' right here:

"The new information regarding the recovery of Cohen’s cell phone location doesn’t explain why he was apparently there or who he was meeting with, if anyone."
So what is the 'scoop' here? The same thing the 'scoop' was over a year and a half ago when this story first surfaced: an intel intercept placed a Michael Cohen in Prague engaging in some kind of vague meeting, nobody knows who with, and it was almost INSTANTLY debunked.
The only new information here is that the intel intercept that placed a Michael Cohen in Prague back in 2016 came from a cell phone and it was an Eastern European intel agency that made the intercept.

No evidence is proferred that it's the RIGHT Michael Cohen.
But McClatchy goes ahead and advances the claim yet again it is indeed the RIGHT Michael Cohen in Prague, even though they admit they are using 4 anonymous people claiming this, who don't know who he was meeting with or why.
This is even stupider than the earlier story that had Paul Manafort SNEAKING IN AND OUT OF ONE OF THE MOST SECURE BUILDINGS IN THE WORLD to meet with Julian Assange not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES.

Remember that absudity?

I do!…
Somehow they HAVE to find a viable narrative to keep hope alive that places Trump campaign people working with Russians to meddle in the 2016 election.

So we end up with these absurd stories about Manafort sneaking into the Ecuadorian embassy 3 times & now this.
What is this, the 3rd or 4th attempt to resurrect the 'Cohen In Prague' story from the Steele Dossier?

They can't acknowledge Mueller is in the wrapping up stage, that he's almost done & they STILL don't have their precious Trump/Russia election collusion.
Mueller hammers people for BS statements to his investigators that get them 14 days at Club Med.

These people actually believe he's let Cohen & Lanny Davis lie to them for months about this.
NOWHERE in any of his Cohen filings does Mueller charge Cohen with perjury about Prague or any other type of election collusion.…
Mueller FREELY discusses Cohen's travels around Russia & meeting with Russians several times. Including evidence based on travel records they seized from Cohen, likely when they raided his office.
Think about what these True Believers™ are asking you to accept: The Mueller Special Counsel was *fine* with Cohen repeatedly perjuring himself to Congress about that Prague visit, if this McClatchy story is true.
"While this guy is cooperating with my Special Counsel investigation, I"m a-gonna let'im go in front of Congress & *repeatedly perjure himself* about this meeting with tha hackers in Prague."
.@paulsperry_ did a good job in this article highlighting why the "Cohen in Prague" dossier report was always absurd.

This was stuff created by the Clinton campaign to get media buzz during the election, then used to obtain spy warrants on Trump personnel.
Nobody was EVER supposed to closely examine that dossier after the fact. It's over 2 years later & Steele's sources for all this stuff are still - let's all say it together people! - shadowy anonymous Russians that the DOJ/FBI *still* hasn't interviewed/verfied at this late date.
In fact, according to Bruce Ohr's own notes from his meetings with Fusion GPS's Glenn Simpson, there IS a pretty good CANDIDATE for being a source of 'much of' the Steele dossier's Trump/Russia collusion info, and I wrote about that after @jsolomonReports broke the story.
Bruce Ohr in his notes following a meeting with Fusion GPS's Glenn Simpson revealed that the source of 'much of' the dossier's Trump Russia collusion info lives INSIDE THE US.

No, really. The FBI/DOJ had access to this info thru Ohr.…
And I did a follow up column asking what effort, *if any*, did the FBI/DOJ ever make to sit this 'former Russian intel officer who lives inside the US' down & interview him & verify this information he gave to Steele for the dossier?…
We just had Comey in front of Congress, on the record yet again ADMITTING the Trump/Russia collusion info in that Steele dossier was UNVERIFIED when the FBI used it to get a FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign personnel.
If you never knew or forgot already that was 1 of the biggest pieces of news to come out of Comey's testimony 2 weeks ago, you're listening to/watching the wrong 'news' outlets.…
Remember, NOBODY'S name was supposed to attached to the Steele dossier as it's allegations floated throughout the news media prior to & immediately after the 2016 election.

Steele is on the record in COURT saying under oath NOBODY WAS SUPPOSED TO KNOW IT CAME FROM HIM.
Think I'm making that up? I'm not: it's in an official UK court filing.…
To try save himself, AFTER HE AND SIMPSON both shopped the dossier allegations to numerous media outlets, Steele was forced to lie his ass off in a UK court & claim NONE of the allegations he got passed onto him by his anonymous Russian sources was supposed to be made public.
Oh hey anybody remember why & how Christopher Steele, that 'unimpeachable, trusted, his-word-is-gold-standard' witness got his ass FIRED by FBI?

How about...because the FBI had to do it after he got caught LYING to them about shopping his dossier allegations to...David Corn of Mother Jones?

"Not supposed to ever be made public" my ass.…
"Oh hey, I was just, you know, ANONYMOUSLY leaking my cool fun dossier Trump/Russia election collusion allegations to media outlets, sure, but MY NAME was never supposed to be public!"…
Steel is a lying weasel.

Sure, *BEFORE* the election, he was leaking his dossier allegations along with Glenn Simpson/Fusion GPS *anonymously*. Damn straight his name was NEVER supposed to be publically attached to it.

But Steele changed the story in court.
*AFTER* he got his ass sued by some of the people he named in his unverified dossier, all of a sudden this profolic leaker to news agencies is claiming the allegations in his dossier were NEVER supposed to appear in the news media, never supposed to be public.
Reminder: that leak of Dossier info to David Corn was just ONE of the times Steele leaked to media. Earlier he'd passed off allegations to Yahoo News.

You know, the Yahoo News article that Remember that?…
You're not supposed to remember after this lying weasel passed on his unverified allegations from shadowy anonymous Russians who were never interviewed & weren't eyewitnesses to the events they described to him, the FBI was forced to FIRE him for leaking to the media.
I still remember the months @AndrewCMcCarthy spent chiding people for thinking the dossier was THAT unverified, there must have been SOME real evidence or the warrant wouldn't have happened.

I recall how STUNNED he was to finally realize the truth.
We were told there was NO WAY a FISC granted this warrant based 2nd & 3rd hand allegations from shadowy anonymous sources, & this warrant was granted on the basis of STEELE BEING SUCH AN AWESOME, HONEST SOURCE.
We were informed by longtime LEO professionals that it would be simply IMPOSSIBLE for the Steele dossier, unsourced as it was, with it's Russian informants anonymous & beyond the reach of the FBI, to be the main evidence for that warrant.
"You don't need actual eye witnesses of any of these events. Sure, it's only 2nd & 3rd hand stories told by anonymous people that Steele won't identify to us, we still don't know who they are & haven't interviewed them. BUT GODDAMN HE'S SUCH AN AWESOME GUY!"

That SHOULDN'T work.

And right now we've got a DOJ IG carefully digging into exactly how this happened and to PREVENT it's ever happening again.
Literally EVERYBODY who was involved in these Steele Dossier/Crossfire Hurricane shenanigans has been fired/forced to resign or, as in the case of Bruce Ohr, demoted & sitting in an office somewhere until the time right, as with Peter Strzok/Lisa Page.
There's only one notable exception: Rod Rosenstein. And you all know why I think he still has his job. He's done a stellar job protecting all the ongoing investigations for the last year and a half from all the leakers in the media and in Congress.
In the next year a lot of things that have been hidden are going to be coming into the light.

Serious people are in charge of this, and they don't let ANYTHING leak. They show people things when they are ready and not before.
In the meantime, enjoy watching increasingly desperate people try to rehabilitate lying weasel Christopher Steele & his shadow, anonymous dossier sources & retread debunked stories like "Cohen In Prague".

And these anonymous sources didn’t have any *evidence* to show McClatchy this cell phone trace took place or that the cell phone in question belonged to the RIGHT Michael Cohen.

4 anonymous sources simply all claim to know something.
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