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Timing is everything right?
I found an interesting correlation (or perhaps coincidence) today.
A @kelly2277 tweet this morning got me thinking about the Trump Tower/Alfa Bank Server comms and sent me back into my URL Project research.

The 10/31/16 @FranklinFoer piece piqued our interest, to say the least. Yet the server connection remains a mystery to this day.…
But what caught my eye today after combing through my own research was Foer's follow-up "Trump’s Server, Revisited" on 11/2/16.

This passage in particular.…
"[Vox's Timothy Lee] wonders why the largest spike occurs in August, after the party conventions"

See spike below starting approx August 4 2016

During this period Alfa "A" + Alfa "B" + Spectrum each logged its highest daily DNS query count (pre-Alfa Bank asked for comment 9/21)
Now quick refresh of what @TeaPainUSA laid out in 2017.…
Via @TeaPainUSA:

Generic voter rolls + Email addresses = Targeted Social Media contacts…
Thus @TeaPainUSA mapped out the operation and we all got an education in database replication etc. Incredible research, extremely informative...& we're still reeling

But how about that early Aug spike?………
I tweet a lot about Trump/Pence Facebook URLs & live FB dark posts I have collected. Over 3k tracking links & growing plus 800+ Cambridge Analytica receipts.

I collect more than just Facebook ads

While not as extensive as the Facebook collection (and not one Cambridge Analytica mention found), I also collect Trump 2016 TWITTER ADS. Shared here on the last tab:…
August 5 2016: Peak period in Trump-Alfa-Spectrum server comms commences

Also August 5 2016: Trump team implements interesting changes in their Twitter ads

Ads changed again(for good) - Monday, September 26 2016 was deleted Friday 9/23

& now details:
Between Aug 5-12, 2016, there was something new introduced to the tracking links in Trump's Twitter ads: specific TARGETING.

Target names:

Bernie Supporters
Male High Income
Pro-Trump keywords
Anti-HRC keywords
GOP account followers
The webpage the "Bernie Supporters" were sent to on DJT dot com is dead but lucky for us it was archived on Aug 1, 2016.…
🎯 more on Trump Twitter Ads targeted to "Bernie Supporters" in thread below:

The tracking links in Trump's Twitter Ads got more complex over time.

The first change was in late July.

Trump campaign put more information into the links to enhance their tracking/reporting.
Then we see the addition of Targeting info in those tracking links on Twitter ads launched August 5th to 12th (which happens to line up with major spike in Trump-Alfa-Spectrum server activity):

The tracking links in Trump Twitter ads appear in this format for about 2 months.
But during this same time period, Trump's Facebook ad tracking links looked very different vs links in his Promoted Tweets

Facebook links were more complex. Both RNC & Sprinklr platforms called out

Twitter looked like work of a different person/team

(L) Facebook/ (R) Twitter
Then on September 26, 2016, the Twitter tracking links start looking like the links in Trump's Facebook ads.

Sprinklr & RNC were around before this date -- they appear in Trump FB ad links since the RNC in July. Why did they wait to bring in the RNC & Sprinklr?

What happened?
Perhaps they needed Twitter Plan B

"On September 21st...the Times had delivered potential evidence of communications to B.G.R., a Washington lobbying firm that worked for Alfa Bank. Two days later, the Trump domain vanished from the Internet."…
Again, this may be a coincidence but given the timing I can't help but wonder:

Was Trump's Twitter advertising relying on the Targeted Social Media Contacts machine mapped out by @TeaPainUSA?

Is it why program changed drastically 9/26/16 just days after Trump domain deleted?
It doesn't end here. This is speculation but oh man the timing.. ⏰

August 5th, 2016:
▪️Spike/peak period in Trump-Alfa-Spectrum server comms commences
▪️Trump team adds targeting details in Twitter ad links
🔸Jill Stein Twitter ads....change
Please note for Jill Stein Twitter ads, the changes to her ads on August 5, 2016 are not about her tracking links. Jill rarely used a link in her ads (WTF?!), so no URL forensics employed here. Simple Twitter sleuthing

In most examples I include replies to prove it's a Paid Ad
But like Trump (& synched up timing-wise), I believe the change in Jill Stein's Twitter ads on 8/5/16 was a change in targeting

My research into Jill Stein's ads began as supplement to @LuluLemew's #Hindsight2016 analysis of Stein's organic messages

First Jill Stein Promoted Tweets pre-August 5th for comparison.

With these, note the key engagement metrics (likes & retweets) 🧐

July 12, 2016
Jill Stein Promoted Tweet - July 22, 2016

10K Retweets / 11K Likes

Also note: this is a PAID AD through which Jill Stein is driving users TO WIKILEAKS

Campaign dollars pushing traffic to what our Sec of State calls a “hostile intelligence service”
And about those campaign dollars driving to Wikileaks...

From 8/23: the only Presidential candidate using public funds. Our tax dollars at work (for Wikileaks)!…
Jill Stein Promoted Tweet - July 26, 2016

3K Retweets / 4.9K Likes

Note: this ad is one of the rare occasions where Stein includes a link to her website (and a proper call-to-action)
A few more Jill Stein Promoted Tweets from July 2016.

Again, take note of the Retweet and Like counts.

Damn she was going hard on Hillary..
Now look at the batch of Promoted Tweets Jill Stein launched on August 5th 2016.

282 RT's / 641 Likes ---- hmmm.. that's a drop

(All screenshots taken in July of this year so consider those counts final for the period these were promoted)
Another Jill Stein Promoted Tweet from 8/5/16:

77 RT's / 184 Likes -- no love?!

Did she suddenly stop spending money on her Twitter ads?
Something else happened to Jill Stein's feed on 8/5/16 as she launched a new batch of ads that got way less RTs/Likes than ads run just the week prior..


Suddenly 8/5 users start complaining re:Stein ads

Where were they before when she was racking up big numbers?
These observations signal a change in ad TARGETING.

Jill Stein ads prior to 8/5/16 got tons of RT's/Likes & complaints were confined to Replies to those tweets. Then 8/5/16 new ads launch, ratio tanks, whining begins 🤔
Then there's my (not)favorite Jill Stein Promoted Tweet from 8/5/16-

Check it out:

Stein: "Donald Trump says despicable things, but Hillary Clinton has a terrifying track record" 🤮🤮🤮

282 RTs / 641 Likes
And guess what happened the next day, August 6th?

Jill Stein had Assange as the keynote speaker at the Green Party Convention.

While Jill Stein Promoted Tweets later in the election seem to be nonexistent, RT showed her some love with a paid ad on the eve of the 2016 election..

One last thing about August 5th 2016 when the Trump-Alfa-Spectrum server comms spiked...

Breitbart publishes this little piece by Roger Stone
Roger Stone's position on the DNC hacking on August 5th was a quick change...
...From Stone's take re: that same DNC hacking just a week earlier 🧐

And he stuck to that new script.

AUGUST 5th 2016 -- Digital Blitzkreig?
Now slide this into that early August 2016 timeline.

I keep coming back to one name. A Manafort associate who Bernie employed as a top strategist in 2016.

Tad Devine

cc @kelly2277

On Aug 2, 2016, Paul Manafort Gave Konstantin Kilimnik 75 Pages of Recent, Detailed Polling Data

Read upthread & you may wonder if the 75 pgs was all TRUMP data

B/c just 3 days later:

Trump/Alfa server spike
Trump twitter ads target "Bernie Supporters"…
Don’t miss @LuluLemew’s super thorough timeline in the works..

We’re getting somewhere

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