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I have a few things to say about this piece that just dropped...

Why the #Bernie Movement Must Crush #BetoORourke…
The insistence by white male writers that there is a two-white-man race out there between Bernie & Beto is so deeply, stunningly misogynist, it takes my breath away.

How is it POSSIBLE that these folks missed the blue wave which was fundamentally female--driven by women voters?
Not just driven by women voters, but driven by women candidates. Left-leaning women candidates, including WOC who ousted long-time older white male incumbents like....Bernie Sanders.

How is anyone missing this fact?
It's a major reason why Sanders' numbers have plummeted.
"The Sanders partisans attacking O’Rourke — like Jilani, Sirota, Elizabeth Bruenig — are not representative of Sanders voters as a whole. This distinction is the key to deciphering the whole episode. Sanders attracts the intense support of a small left-wing intellectual vanguard"
"They see American politics in different terms than most Democrats do. The primary struggle in American politics as they see it is not between liberalism and conservatism, but between socialism and capitalism."

Wealthy small s socialists berating actual working class people.
How did this battle begin?
Simple: White male entitlement.
The presumption that white men DESERVE the presidency by virtue of longevity (Bernie) or charisma (Beto) never translates to women. It's solely the purview of men who own American political power and have for 242yrs.
I've been writing since January2017 that America needs a woman president. Not just because Hillary had the presidency stolen from her(whoever heard of a candidate winning 3M more votes and NOT being president? My friends abroad think it's stunning misogyny and voter suppression.)
America needs a woman president to break the yoke of male supremacy in this nation.
These hyperventilating pieces about Bernie and Beto and their contingencies are so out of touch with actual voters, and particularly the Democratic base, which is women and POC, not white dudes.
Every day people are in my mentions asserting "vote blue, no matter who!" like it has some kind of actual political meaning.
It does not.
It's a statement of blatant irresponsibility and lack of accountability.
You must choose the nominee with your votes--not depend on others.
I don't think all people left of center are interchangeable.
I voted for Hillary Clinton because she had the most progressive platform in US history and was best able to implement it as well as to listen to people like me who were further to the left than she (or Sanders) was.
I won't vote for just any Democrat. I'm aghast people even suggest Biden as a candidate. I can't actually think of a worst choice amidst the vast Democratic field. He's the furthest right of all the candidates and the least able to beat Trump. He was a bad candidate 30 yrs ago.
Bernie is also a bad choice, though for very different reasons. At least I feel Sanders is more reflective of my own politics. But Sanders has a 30yrs history of getting absolutely nothing done. Voters of the 2nd least populous state, pop 620k, seem not to care; they have Leahy.
As for Beto, I only know his voting history and if I was going to vote for someone with his centrist politics, it might as well be a woman like Kyrsten Sinema, who has a similar red state Democrat record.

I don't see that Beto moves America forward, charismatic as some find him.
What I do see is that Dem voters made a choice in 2016 and again in 2018 and that was to vote for women and POC and LGBT candidates. It was to shift the tone and the discourse away from the white male construct under which all of us were raised and with which we were inculcated.
This attitude that all Democrats are the same is revisionist ahistorical nonsense rhetoric with no basis in fact. Anyone who thinks Biden would govern the way Kamala Harris would is living in a bubble no different from Fox News.
What I miss most in the stolen #HillaryClinton presidency is not Hillary--it's what would have changed: That 50% female Cabinet & 40% POC Cabinet would have been revolutionary. Of course I & others would have carped if it wasn't left enough, but the goalposts would have shifted.
I've voted badly in my life--we all have, probably. I voted 3rd party for years because I grew up in a Socialist household and worked for the SWP. It wasn't until 2000 that I realized that I needed to vote to maintain progress in order to further it.
So while I totally understand the premise of Chait's title--Why the Bernie Movement Must Crush Beto O’Rourke--it still misses the point.
That isn't the argument. It's not the basis for 2020.
The argument should and must be, what do we do to enfranchise the 51% of Americans who are women? THE MAJORITY. What do we do to stop calling the politics of gender and race identity politics when the real ID politics is centering the small minority that is white men for 242yrs.
So while I fundamentally agree that Democrats are better than Republicans because I think the GOP is the party of racism and misogyny and keeping people poor and beholden, I don't believe all Democrats are worthy of my vote nor represents me.
So honestly, I don't care about the Bernie/Beto fight except that I see the Betomaniacs doing exactly what they accused the Bernie bros of doing in 2016 (which they are still doing, btw): The presumption that the rest of us aren't smart if we have zero interest in that candidate.
Neither Beto nor Bernie offers me what I need as a disabled lesbian in a mixed race family living in America's poorest big city (which is also majority POC) because neither's politics nor policies even recognizes my existence.

So fight on.
Neither of you will be the nominee.
LOL that the responses to this thread--a thoughtful disquisition--is just more parroting of "Beto2020" and "Never Bernie" and "any Democrat."

When I do this writing, I sure wish people would at least listen, as it is exhausting.
I--and you--deserve better than "any" Democrat.
And the coup de grace on this is that Breitbart made it a story.

NY Mag: Why the Bernie Movement Must Crush Beto O’Rourke…
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