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So this morning a friend on Facebook posted something about #PMBinAkwaIbom "empty stadium". I usually avoid him after 2015 election since he was part of Jonathan guys & I know how painful it could be to miss such #FeedingBottle that PMB took away. Well, #MyConversationWithPDPs
#MyResponse started: "Brother rest, no empty stadium anywhere, you only chose to post the last moment when people were already going out......PDP cannot win Akwa Ibom, take that to bank! #MyConversationWithPDPs
Then he said : Enjoy the illusion

And I said: Less than 50 days, I will remind you here......You know I will!
Then he said: let Buhari sign the electoral reform into law, if he is not afraid. We all know it, APC is not preparing for election. They are preparing to rig. And even at that, they will fail woefully..

I responded: Allow them to be crying ahead of time
Then he posted why Buhari refused to sign electoral bill:…

#MyResponse: Lol, can you dispute any of the ERRORS he pointed out to the lazy NASS? Mention one of the errors he raised and dispute it Sir, don't be shy😅😅😅😅
He said it's obvious I don't know anything about the bill...

And I responded in kind....3rd law of motion: Action and reaction are equal and opposite abi🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
I went ahead to show how Saraki EXPUNGED card reader from the 3rd bill sent to PMB....
We are still good atink😜😜😜😜
My friend said: Here is the reason Mr incompetent refused to sign the bill…

I simply ask him to read it : You are the one that should read to educate yourself, "Mr incompetent" was sound enough to show you and your educated NASS their avoidable errors.....
He said: what you have there is an old letter. Here is the excuse giving by the President after keeping the bill for one month for not assenting. Bear in mind that one of his aides, the AGF was a part of the bill drafting committee. Please read and stop spreading misinformation😇
So I started: You see how you suddenly went MUTE when I showed you that your Saraki and Dogara EXPUNGED card reader COMPLETELY from the bill they presented to Buhari. You wanted him to sign the bill that PDP goons secretly removed card reader from, he refused to sign it... came online to say "this is the 4th time", I showed you what happened the 3rd time....You did as though you didn't see it. This is how to argue: When you raise an issue and I respond, confirm or counter what I said with your facts, then we move ahead from that point.
...You know I'm not one of those you push around online. Simple question, did PDP EXPUNGE card reader from the electoral act when they presented it the 3rd time? YES OR NO?
Let me take a few time to respond for the sake of others you've been misleading, and you know i really have time to dispute everything you say online, but I chose to ignore you. Henceforth, till February, expect my response to your posts:
Feb 14, the 1st bill, which had 43 clauses, muddled up the election sequence. I'm sure I don't need to explain the election SEQUENCE to anyone on your timeline, that should be simple enough....
Was revised as 2nd Bill of June 26 with 41 clauses; after which @bukolasaraki shutdown NASS 4 long recess....The 3rd Bill of Aug3rd, which completely EXPUNGED mandatory use card reader for accreditation had only 15 clauses..Do you have anything to counter what I've said so far?
The 4th Bill, the most recent reintroduced card reader as indicated by PMB ab initio, with many new changes made by NASS, which created new confusion..
let me put it here for you and others to search out and dispute:
These are amendments of amended amendments that PMB rejected:
Section 9b(5) as amended.
Section (18)(1)(4) as amended.
Section 19(4) amended.
Section 30(1) amended.
Section 31(1) amended.
Section 31(7) amended.
Section 31(2 to 4) deleted.
Section 36(3) amended.
Section 44(3& 4)
Section 67(a, b, c, d)
Section 87(2), Sec 87(14)
Section 112(4)
Saraki shutdown NASS from July 24-Sept 25, then extended till October 9, making it 11 weeks recess despite that NASS is far from meeting the 181 days mandatory sitting-in plenary, in a legislative year.....Did you guys say anything to this aberration of National Assembly?
Saraki was running around playing politics in the fear of not to be impeached...After wasting 11 solid weeks, 11 weeks without legislation o. When it pleased Saraki he reconvened, then reintroduced all manners of amendments to an act that has been amended thrice....
COMPILED: The 15 Letters Buhari Wrote To The National Assembly During 11-Week Recess..…
The issues raised by Buhari is here....Now who is "incompetent", Buhari or NASS and all of you defending such elementary errors of NASS?
Again, which part of WHY Buhari rejected the bill are you contesting here, calling him "incompetent" is not part of this discourse, let's dwell on the issues...Like I told you, I have your time Sir. Let's play the game!
My friend responded: I assuming that you understand that we are dealing with the 4th edition of the bill as presented to Buhari.....👇👇👇
So I said: Bro, you should create time for further argument Sir. 🤣🤣🤣

You came up with " And for your information, the bill has been submitted four times"...You went ahead to say "The conclusion, this government is afraid of a free and fair election".....
Based on what you said, I took you back WITH ACCURATE DATES to the how it all began from the 1st one submitted......the 2nd one, the 3rd one, the 4th one......

I challenged you from the first one that "Mr incompetent" rejected to show me what you objected in WHY he rejected it.
I showed you in this OPEN DEBATE how Saraki led NASS EXPUNGED CARD READER from the 3rd one SUBMITTED to Buhari, how Buhari "Mr Incompetent" FOUND OUT that 109 members of SENATE and 360 member House of Representatives could not SEE that the CARD READER had been EXPUNGED...contn
and it took the "Incompetent" Buhari his analogue brain to detect such. More than that, my educated brother Ernest still came online to blame Buhari for rejecting it 1st, 2nd, 3rd time abi?
If you are competent and you are blaming Buhari for rejecting the bill that Card Reader was EXPUNGED from, don't you think I should embrace the wisdom of "Analogue incompetent Buhari" who could see why the CARD READER MUST be RETURNED to where Saraki EXPUNGED it from?
Now to the 4th rejection: I showed you how Saraki shut down NASS for 11 weeks, played around while your likes hailed what eventually became his failure of #LootNaijaToGrowNaija Presidential ambition.
I remembered you praising Saraki for not opening the NASS and saying now"Buhari is begging him to open it"...... 11 weeks was enough to RE-introduce the card reader he EXPUNGED to the 3rd bill, and return it to PMB but, he was running around since you guys were hailing him.
After closing NASS for 11 solid weeks which you saw nothing wrong with till date, he came back and still tampered with the bill thinking Buhari would not go through it again....In case you forgot again, I will put it here, and I expect this to be an intellectual discussion.....
Section 9b(5) as amended.
Section (18)(1)(4) as amended.
Section 19(4) amended.
Section 30(1) amended.
Section 31(1) amended.
Section 31(7) amended.
Section 31(2 to 4) deleted.
Section 36(3) amended.
Section 44(3&4)
Section 67(a, b, c, d)
Section 87(2), Sect 87(14)
Section 112(4)
Suddenly less than 120 days to the general election, they dropped the bill on the LAP of "Mr incompetent" to sign and you expected the "Analogue Buhari" to sign it with his eyes closed abi?

Buhari said it's too close to the general election and I agreed with him.
Buhari mentioned other SPECIFICS like Section 63(4) of the "old" electoral act addresses the issue of COUNTING of votes and forms. This subsection says the presiding officer should #COUNT AND #ANNOUNCE the result at the polling units.
The amended version by Saraki NASS to this subsection STRIKES OUT "COUNT" and simply states that the presiding officer should ANNOUNCE the result....Simple question sir, why did they STRIKE OUT the word "COUNT"?
Another elementary FLAWS that Analogue SLOW Buhari pointed out to the able bodied digital NASS members: Section5 of the Bill, amending section 18 of the Principal Act should INDICATE the SUBSECTION to which the SUBSTITUTION of the figure "30" for the figure "60" is to be effected
"Section 11 of the Bill, amending Section 36 should indicate the subsection in which the provisio is to be introduced...

I want to ask you since you already know the answer: Which SUBSECTION should we put "30" for the figure "60"? Subsection 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,.....WHERE Sir?
If these your digital mind like that of NASS members could make these basic elementary errors "innocently" and you need this "Analogue incompetent Buhari" to point it out, don't you see that there's a big problem with "competent digital people"?
If you didn't see anything wrong in NASS going for 11 weeks BREAK while the Executive dares not go for a break even on weekend, yet your grouse is with the "incompetent available man" in Aso Rock, don't you think even God has no need of your "competent" ever absent NASS members?
don't you think even God has no need of your "competent" ever absent NASS members and their supporters like you to from Nigeria?

Like I said, I will be waiting for your response. Note Sir, don't try to avoid me because I will henceforth come for you till the end February 2019!
Well, since he's not responding to that convo again, I will drop the mic....
Since una don invite us back to facebook earlier than expected, make we kuku carry Politics enter facebook for the next 50 days ahead also...Na una call us, we don leave una before. #LetTheGameBegin
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