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(Thread) Because events in #Alberta politics happened at such a rapid pace, I decided to use my Facebook timeline to compile all the controversial incidents and scandals involving the #UCP in 2018 - because there was a lot. #ableg #abpoli (1/48)
Methodology: I'm not compiling silly gaffes that went nowhere (such as Jason Kenny's finger bowl comment), incidents like "So & so said something stupid on Facebook five years ago" unless the person became a candidate... #ableg #abpoli (2/48)
...nor am I compiling things that cannot be directly linked to the #UCP, such as the hoodies calling for @JustinTrudeau to be executed or the ongoing death threats to him and @RachelNotley - even though there is likely a link. (3/48)
Lastly, I'm not compiling cases of Kenney liking or sharing items in support of the above or #Alberta separatism, largely because this will take forever if I do. #ableg #abpoli

Okay, here we go. (4/48)
Jan. 10 - #UCP releases draft platform that includes increased privatization of Healthcare and Education. The education is particularly noteworthy b/c of ongoing clashes btwn religious schools and the #NDP over #LGBTQ rights. #ableg #abpoli (5/48)
Feb. 2 - @Dfildebrandt pleads guilty to illegal hunting and is thrown under the bus the same day. His dismissal and the reason given for it are largely inconsistent with incidents to come. #ableg #abpoli (6/48)
Feb. 9 - Following the lifting of a publication ban, it is revealed #UCP MLA Don MacIntyre has resigned because he was charged with #sexualassault & interference of a minor. He will be in court this January. #ableg #abpoli (7/48)
Feb. 12 - @jkenney tells US pro-#Trump website he would allow free vote on issues like #abortion - prompting the #NDP to pass a "bubble zone law" to protect women receiving the service. The entire #UCP caucus boycotts debate over the bill. #ableg #abpoli (8/48)
March 1 - Kenney comes out against #safeinjection sites (well documented as saving lives) in #Lethbridge. He will later come under fire for suggesting #police aren't doing their jobs. #ableg #abpoli (9/48)
March 15 - After making a lot of noise about #rural #crime, entire #UCP caucus votes against addition $37 million for policing during Committee of Supply. They will later vote against addition funding in the 2018 budget. #ableg #abpoli (10/48)
May 3 - #UCP barred from marching in #Edmonton #Pride parade & tries to claim they are victims of discrimination. Party eventually decides to hold fundraiser near the parade. #ableg #abpoli (11/48)
May 6 - @jkenney's "Grassroots Guarantee" website goes offline after #UCP delegates vote to rescind #NDP's law protecting members of Gay-Straight alliances. He he wont support such a policy and that reporters can "take that to the bank" but.... #ableg #abpoli (12/48)
... on Dec. 18 he tells a town hall in Brooks that their fight to stop GSA-members from being anonymous will stop the day he's elected. #ableg #abpoli (13/48)
June 22 - @JKenney comes out against #equalization formula he previously defended while he was in @stephenharper's cabinet (when it was decided on.) His supporters appear content to blame @JustinTrudeau regardless. #ableg #abpoli (14/48)
July 11- Don MacIntryre's replacement, Devin Dreeshen, hides in bathroom to avoid answering questions about his involvement in #Trump campaign and photos of him in a #MAGA hat.

He ends up winning the byelection by a landslide.

#ableg #abpoli (15/48)
Also July 11 - #Calgary #UCP deputy whip @PrabbGill resigns after video emerges of him appearing to be involved in ballot stuffing. He later tells the legislature he is innocent and was forced out, and that the party pushed him to run in an "ethnic" riding. #ableg #abpoli (16/48)
July 16 - Expense reports show #UCP hosted fundraiser/recruitment dinner and billed #taxpayers ~$7000. Party repays funds once the story goes public. #ableg #abpoli (17/48)
July 19 - @edmontonjournal editorial board calls out #UCP & allies for fearmongering over #Alberta #education curriculum updates. This is notable mainly because of the dramatic editorial shift the paper has later in the year. #ableg #abpoli (18/48)
Aug. 7 - #UCP denied permission to march in #Calgary #pride parade and once again claims they are the victim of discrimination from #LGBTQ community they've spend last few decades fighting every step of the way. #ableg #abpoli (19/48)
Sept. 12 - During forum at Bonnyville-Cold Lake-St. Paul nomination, all three #UCP candidates voice support for #private health care. One goes so far as to tell voters the party's plan "Will hurt". #ableg #abpoli (20/48)
Sept. 17 - In face of ongoing gaffes and controversial comments, #UCP member suggests downloading entire Facebook & Twitter history to vet candidates. By look of the next few months, the suggestion falls on deaf ears. #ableg #abpoli (21/48)
Sept ~15-19 - @jkenney makes surprise visit to #India. During the trip, he is referred to as a "minster" (even though he isn't one) &brags about #Alberta's low #taxes & strong business environment - completely contradicting everything he's said to date, #ableg #abpoli (22/48)
Sept. 23 - Foreshadowing what's to come, three #postmedia columnists write identical columns spreading misinformation about #NDP's relationship with @Tzeporah. The #UCP had & continues to dox her until overwhelming told they're being completely creepy. #ableg #abpoli (23/48)
Sept 29 - #UCP candidate Dale Johnson is disqualified after it is revealed he paid ~$5000 to a bookkeeper he fired after an affair with her ended. Critics note treatment is inconsistent with how @JasonNixonAB's handling of a similar incident earlier.... #ableg #abpoli (24/48)
.... where Nixon fired a woman who complained about #sexualharassment from a contractor right before #Christmas. #ableg #abpoli (25/48)
Oct. 5 - Footage surfaces of @JasonKenney making keynote address at #homeschool conference that teaches #creationism & #homophobia as if they were facts. #ableg #abpoli (26/48)
Oct. 7-15 - Soldiers of Odin post photos of members posing with #UCP candidates at mixer. @jkenney at first claims they were from an unnamed separatist party trying to sabotage him, but... #ableg #abpoli (27/48)
... the soldiers leader confirms they had RSVPed to event and #UCP knew who they were & what they stood for. In spite of this, two candidates stick by story that they had never heard of highly public paramilitary group... #ableg #abpoli (28/48)
.... and the third candidate, Lance Coulter, says he knew who they were & talked with them because they were polite. @JKenney immediately disqualifies him from running for the party.... #ableg #abpoli (29/48)
...Coulter would go on to say "I was disqualified because I refused to lie when the party asked me to, unlike the other two candidates." #ableg #abpoli (30/48)
Also Oct. 15 - @JKenney tells #Calgary chamber of commerce he plans to freeze #MinimumWage for youth & does not want to get bogged down in public consultation - a complete reversal from his "grassroots guarantee" #ableg #abpoli (31/48)
Oct. 24 - A leaked fundraising letter for a #UCP PAC says on Sept. 6 @JKenney made a number of promises to car dealership owners behind closed doors, including banning Asian right-hand driven vehicles... #ableg #abpoli (32/48)
... as well as reversing #labour changes made by the #NDP that would give parents time off to nurse a gravely ill child or spouses to escape domestic violence, and allow car dealerships to regulate themselves with no oversight. #ableg #abpoli (33/48)
Oct 30 - After a grassroots journalism site reveals @jkenney call-centre manager also happens to own a #whitesurpremecist army surplus site, the @CanadianForces says they are investigating him. He is later kicked out of both the #UCP & the army. #ableg #abpoli (34/48)
Nov. 11 - #UCP's John Carpay compares #pride flag to #nazi swastika in speech. In spite of the media firestorm, Carpay remains a member in good standing. @jkenney insists decision is up to the board, contradicting previous high profile expulsions. #ableg #abpoli (34/48)
Nov. 16 - @UniteAlberta - @jkenney's annonymous twitter account, caught cyberstalking vocal critics such as @KikkiPlanet after they post comments from her dating back several years. #ableg #abpoli (35/48)
Nov. 20 - The @edmontonjournal - the only #Canadian newspaper to ever receive the Pulitzer Prize (ironically for standing up to political interference in the news) literally sells its front page to the #UCP. Other #postmedia papers follow suit... #ableg #abpoli (36/48)
... it should be noted a lot of hard working, truth-dedicated #reporters work for #postmedia (many informing this list). But unfortunately they do not seem to have much support of their editors or management... :( #ableg #abpoli (37/48)
Nov. 21 - @JKenney proposes selling #FirstNations land in #PeaceCountry to reduce #Alberta deficit - apparently oblivious to the issues raised during the Truth and Reconciliation talks. The idea is slammed by chiefs and conservationists. #ableg #abpoli (38/48)
Also Nov. 21 - In the same speech, Kenney says he has already set up a transition team for his inevitable electoral victory. To put this into context, the @albertaNDP did not set theirs up until a roughly week before their 2015 victory. #ableg #abpoli (39/48)
Nov. 30 - Audio surfaces of @JKenney from year 2000 bragging about overturning first gay spousal law in 1989. His efforts prevented people dying of #AIDS from seeing their loved ones on their death bed. #ableg #abpoli (40/48)
Dec. 5 -Losing candidates #Calgary-East claim nominee won by fraud and one resident says her #creditcard number was used to purchase party memberships without her permission after she got automotive work done. #ableg #abpoli (41/48)
Dec. 7 - Former #Calgary-High River constituency president says she was sexually harassed and then dismissed after she complained to party about it. #ableg #abpoli (42/48)
Dec. 11 - Audio surfaces of plan to run "kamikaze" candidate to smear @BrianJeanAB during #UCP leadership race. Elections Alberta has hired a former police officer to investigate the allegations. #ableg #abpoli (43/48)
Dec. 21 - A sworn affadavit from #Edmonton-Mill Woods says @jkenney convinced him to pay $6000 in cash for memberships for his neighbourhood & hosted severl Eid banquets for the #UCP, then never heard from party again. #ableg #abpoli (44/48)
A few takeaways from this list. 1) The #UCP appears content to continue the back-door dealings the PCs were loathed for & only seems to express remorse when caught. #ableg #abpoli (45/48)
2) The party is very clearly under the influence of religious zealots who think the #LGBTQ community is a threat to their safety and appears willing to do anything to appease said zealots. #ableg #abpoli (46/48)
3) The party also appears to be indebted to big money. Most of the policies that have emerged over the last year favour the extremely wealthy who can afford private health care & education. #ableg #abpoli (47/48)
In conclusion, let me just note this list is probably not exhaustive. I tried to limit it to the issues that actually matter or should ring alarm bells for voters, particularly with social media enabling more and more misinformation to affect elections. #ableg #abpoli (48/Fin)
I just realized the @jasonkenney named here is not the @jkenney of Alberta politics. My apologies.
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