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the "Weiner Laptop" was a STING Operation,
as I said back in May 2018.

now it is confirmed.
2. don't you remember Anthony Weiner?

the New York DEMOCRAT congressman,
>> Best Friend with Chuck Schumer ( @SenSchumer ) ? <<

the sexting scandal with a 15yo girl, which brought Weiner in JAIL ?

you can refresh your memory here:
3. quote:

"in 1985 Anthony Weiner joined the staff of Chuck Schumer.
He worked in Schumer's office for 3 years"

"in 1988 Chuck Schumer encouraged Anthony Weiner to become involved in politics"

Anthony Weiner and Chuck @SenSchumer = long-time Best Buddies

same hobbies?
4. here is a more recent photo of Chuck Schumer, for your pleasure, with his Beautiful wife Iris:
5. Anthony Weiner was the husband of Huma Abedin.

Huma Abedin is the long-time *personal aide of Hillary Clinton,
(*personal aide in many aspects...)
official title: "Deputy Chief of Staff"

Huma Abedin was Vice Chair of HRC's 2016 disastrous campaign
6. Hillary Clinton often said that she considers Huma Abedin

Huma Abedin is a mussslim.

who do you think officiated the Huma Abedin / Anthony Weiner wedding?
7. oh yeah... Bill Clinton.

8. What a NICE Family, the Clinton Family:

Hillary Clinton
Huma Abedin
Anthony Weiner
Chuck Schumer @SenSchumer
Bill Clinton

Craig Livingstone
Cody Shearer
Sid Blumenthal
9. in 2011 Weiner was caught sending explicit sexx messages
and photos of his [Weiner] to several girls and young women:

10. due to the ensuing scandal,
in June 2011 Weiner was forced to resign from Congress.

@SenSchumer was in deep trouble too, due to his long-standing friendship with Anthony Weiner
11. now remember: the NSA has EVERYTHING.
on EVERYONE on this Planet.

all emails, phone calls, text messages, social media activity,
internet browsing.


remember Snowden.
12. the NSA has also the ability to "see" the files
on your computer/smartphone,
and read what is written inside,

thanks to "backdoors" installed in every Microsoft (Windows),
and Apple Operative Systems, and in the computer/smartphone motherboard
13. so, since 2011 the NSA had everything on Anthony Weiner:
all his lurid emails, explicit [Weiner] photos, social media messages.

14. now connect the dots...
15. Fast Forward to 2016.

do you remember the "October Surprise" ?
16. Rudy Giuliani and Erik Prince talked about a mysterious "October Surprise"

remember: Rudy Giuliani had been the Major of New York,
he had several high level contacts inside the NYPD, and inside the FBI field office.

Erik Prince (Blackwater) also had many insider sources.
17. Rudy Giuliani: "I'm talking about some pretty BIG SURPRISE"

This interview on Fox was filmed on Oct 26, 2016
13 days before the Elections

check at 1:40 onwards
...but watch the entire video - it's a treat
18. if you have watched the above video, you will also notice that Rudy Giuliani
was pretty confident that Trump would WIN the Elections

- and FACTS showed that he was right.

cc @RudyGiuliani : well done, Rudy!

that interview on Fox was filmed 13 days before the Elections
19. September 22, 2016 - 48 days before the Elections

Rolling Stone publishes an article claiming that Anthony Weiner engaged in sexting with a 15yo girl.

20. a Laptop Computer and phones owned by Anthony Weiner are seized by the New York Police Dept.

the famous WEINER LAPTOP.
21. later it was revealed that the WEINER LAPTOP contained 650,000 emails between Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin.

22. as we know, there are rumors that there are also some nasty videos on the WEINER LAPTOP.

videos involving HRC and Huma Abedin caught in nefarious activities
- very bad stuff.

and I do believe that the rumors are true.
23. Checkmate
24. in the beginning of this THREAD I wrote:

The "Weiner Laptop" was a STING Operation.
25. since May 2018, I suspected that the "Weiner Laptop"
was a STING Operation.

26. since 2011 the NSA knew that Anthony Weiner had this "hobby" about showing his [REDACTED] to young girls.
27. by mid 2016 the NSA knew what was contained in the Weiner Laptop.

The NSA knew that all these 650,000 Hillary Clinton/Huma Abedin emails were in that Laptop,
and the Classified emails (SAP),

and those nasty videos.

"We have it ALL"
28. I have NO DOUBT that someone at the NSA whispered the information to the Mil Intel guys working for Trump.

persons close to Gen. Mike Flynn, who had been the Director of the DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency - Pentagon, Mil Intel.
29. by mid 2016 the Trump / Mil Intel Team was well aware of the importance of the information contained in the WEINER LAPTOP.


They wanted to get their hands on that laptop, so they organized the STING Operation.
30. The TEAM tricked Weiner into sexting with the 15yo girl, knowing his "hobby",
they told the NSA to whisper Weiner's illegal activity to the NYPD.

The NYPD caught Anthony Weiner in the act and arrested.

and his precious LAPTOP was seized by the NYPD...
31. Checkmate!
32. Brilliant operation!

this is Military Strategy at its finest.

fool the Enemy, set a trap, and get it!
33. Therefore the Trump/ Mil Intel Team got all the 650,000 HRC/Huma emails,
with all her dirty stuff in it, and the CLASSIFIED stuff.

plus those nasty HRC/Huma videos.

oh my!
34. and more:
they had all of that ON RECORD (filed by the NYPD) - for future Prosecution use.

(future means IMMINENT)

think about it...
35. in the beginning of this THREAD (at #1)
I also wrote that it is NOW CONFIRMED that the "Weiner Laptop" capture
was a STING Operation.

Why ?
36. FBI Anon wrote, on July 28, 2016:

"And I have said more leaks will come.
The time is not right yet.
Expect an October Surprise"

Answer 5-069
37. Nailed it!
38. FBI Anon: "Expect an October Surprise"

This shows that, as early as in late July 2016,
FBI Anon knew about the "Weiner Laptop" STING Operation.
39. as Q often says:

"We have it ALL"
"We see ALL"

Weiner's laptop is an important part of that ALL
40. now you can enjoy Rudy Giulini's laughs again...

and you will understand why he laughs
(Oct 26, 2016)


41. for reference:

this was my original [THREAD]
on the Weiner's Laptop STING Operation

written on May 6, 2018:

42. the interview with Erik Prince (US Navy Seal, Blackwater)
mentioned above, from 2016:

- Bill Clinton went to Epstein sexx island 26 times
- HRC went to Epstein sexx island 6 times
- Loretta Lynch (DOJ) blackmailed NYPD Officers to keep silent

43. the NYPD Chief said:
“What’s in the Laptop is staggering, as a father it turned my stomach”

“There is not going to be any escape from what we found"
"We have copies of everything"

"We will ship them to Wikileaks,
or I will personally hold my own press conference”
44. and WHERE is Huma Abedin NOW ?

she became close friend with the ex-wife of sexxual abuser Harvey Weinstein...
oh well...

45. is Huma Abedin still working for Hillary Clinton?

or has she spilled the beans about the evil deeds of the WITCH?

did Huma Abedin cut a Deal with Prosecutors to get a milder jail sentence?
46. check this:
it's the SECOND post that Q dropped,
just the day he first appeared on the Boards

it was October 28, 2017

is Q hinting at something here?
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