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For all the #JFKJrLives Doubters!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You'll SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why JJr is putting dandelion under his chin?
Here is the answer!


#JFKJrLives Thread

"Put a dandelion flower under your chin & the degree of the glow on your chin will be the degree of your financial success."
3rd paragraph from bottom
Dandelion under the chin:…
Also a French game about putting a "Buttercup" under your chin (or dandelion)= if "yellow glow" then= "you like butter"- LOL!…

Dandelion under chin also tells how "sweet & kind" you are >…
#Trump tells the WORLD #JFKJrLives, a few months
after he stages his own death!!!!

MUST SEE ALL >>> videos, posts & interviews…
EXACTLY, she's alive, as you can SEE!!!
So that means, he is TOO!!!!!!

TOO many HOLES in MSM narrative about his death!
BEST 10 min video, SHOWING how it DID NOT happen, b/c DOESN'T pass the SNIFF TEST!!!

He told us WHO killed his father #JFK, by naming his magazine after him > GEORGE!!!!!

Follow our #JFKJrLives EARLY BELIEVER= @LizMCrokin on GAB!!!!!!!
As Twitter unfairly shut her 3rd acct down for telling so much truth about evil #Pedophiles!!!!!


Did JFK Jr call & TROLLED MSM about his own death!!!

If so=#FUNNY and #GENIUS!!!

Go to 50 second marker on vid below:

No such person, Todd, Petty officer!!!!
Oh Todd, where are you?
I think we know!!!!!

#JFKJr #JohnJohn #Kennedy #Trump #POTUS

Have u figured it out yet?

Trump keeps HINTING more & more #JohnKenneyJr is ALIVE -GET READY!!!!!!


India article is AMAZING!!!!!
"U r the son of a KING!!!", says lady who did NOT know WHO he was......

SON-Bush jr n Dallas for #JFK's assas too!
Guilty, bc he KNEW all this time/never said 1 thing! Recall Bush jr went MISSING 3 days when JFK Jr was gone/he should've been campaigning!



3 LBJ too

Never said Vincent Fusca is #JFKJR.
2 diff men, exchanging roles.
SEE #JFKJR's scar, when disguised as Fusca.

Hmm, WHY would Vincent Fusca be concerned w/ fingerprints?

He wouldn't, but #JFKJr would!!!
He cant give self away 100% before time!


Dont forget airing- Jan 3, 2019!!!

MSM will continue w/their same old narrative, dont believe it, just know #JFKJrLives, he OUTSMARTED [them]!!!

This is "Conditioning The Public" &
"Raising Awareness"!


WHO is behind POTUS?
YOU KNOW IT! >>> #JFKJrLives!!!

Thread w/OVER 200 proofs, pics, clues, facts!!

JFK Jr is ALIVE (wife & her sis too!)

Staged deaths to stay SAFE!


Trump: “You know if you run for Senate or President in 2000, Hillary & George W. will try to KILL you!”

JFK Jr: “Yeah, that’s why I am gonna fake my death & expose them once YOU’RE President!”

Credit to @JohnQSimeon for script!

Video proves death=fake!
@JohnQSimeon #CarolynBessetteKennedy
#JFKJrLives Carolyn, this is for u!

Copied from Vanity Fair article,
"Secrets & Lies"-mostly LIES, but here's true part.

Forgive me girl, for picking this,
BUT U KNOW it's true- LOL!!!

Thread -HOW Carolyn GOT HIM:
Ladies pay attention, u might LEARN!
@JohnQSimeon #CarolynBessetteKennedy

1-Van Fair

From the moment John laid eyes on Carolyn, he was besotted with her. “He lived & breathed Carolyn,” one of his friends told me, echoing the sentiments of many. “He could not keep his hands off her. He constantly stroked her hair.”
@JohnQSimeon #CarolynBessetteKennedy

2- Van Fair

Carolyn accepted John’s worshipful attention as though it was her due—as though he was lucky to have her, rather than the other way around. Carolyn’s aloof attitude set her apart from other women John had dated—...
@JohnQSimeon #CarolynBessetteKennedy

3- Van Fair

Jn had dated-Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Daryl Hannah & a number of lesser-known names. Many of those women had thrown themselves at John, which made him suspicious of their motives. Carolyn, on the other hand, appeared to be unimpressed..
@JohnQSimeon #CarolynBessetteKennedy

4- Van Fair

unimpressed by his fame, and in the end it was probably her posture of cool indifference, as much as her beauty, that captivated him.

Carolyn possessed another quality that attracted John,.....
@JohnQSimeon #CarolynBessetteKennedy

5- Van Fair

attracted John, who hated to be thought of as square. “She is the hippest person I ever met,” Jean-Louis Ginibre once said. “She is totally au courant. Very bright. There is nothing she doesn’t know. ...
@JohnQSimeon #CarolynBessetteKennedy

6 - Van Fair

She can focus on 1 person for 10 to 20 minutes & be totally involved w/this person. She is very intense, very touchy-feely, & can mesmerize a person.”

John once told a friend, “I’m attracted to strong-willed women like my mother.” ......
@JohnQSimeon #CarolynBessetteennedy

7- Van Fair

Carolyn was not just a strong-willed woman. She could be demanding, domineering/ according to even her best friends. Some people felt that John overlooked her faults b/c he was blinded by her glamorous Jackie O style...
@JohnQSimeon #CarolynBessetteKennedy

8- Van Fair

In her own edgy, modern way, Carolyn was as chic as Jackie; she dressed w/simple elegance that John adored. Like the ethereal Jackie, Carolyn affected an air of mystery/unavailability, which drove the media crazy &sustained the public frenzy-
@JohnQSimeon #CarolynBessetteKennedy

9- Van Fair

-public frenzy that John found exciting and fun. And, like Jackie, Carolyn was very controlling, which made him feel protected and cared for.
@JohnQSimeon #CarolynBessetteKennedy

10-Van Fair

An inveterate prankster, John eagerly endorsed Carolyn’s wish to keep their wedding plans secret. “This is one thing I’m in control of, not John,” Carolyn told a close friend. “No one’s going to know where or when we’re getting married.”
@JohnQSimeon #CarolynBessetteKennedy
11- Wash Post

"When I was a freshman & she was a big senior, she was incredibly sweet to me," recalled Claudia Slocum, a film prod coordinator in the District who went to St. Mary's High School with Carolyn. "I remember I burst into the girls' room....
@JohnQSimeon #CarolynBessetteKennedy

12- Wash Post
one day, just sobbing, probably over some lip gloss that my friends had made fun of or something, I don't even remember," said Slocum. "And she was there w/her friends, she came right over. She dried my eyes & tucked my hair behind my ears..
@JohnQSimeon #CarolynBessetteKennedy

13- Wash Post

& talked me up; & after that, she always smiled & said hi to me in the halls.

"I was always so impressed by that, because I was just a freshman & she was It. She was voted Ultimate Beautiful Person,' " Slocum said. Such a Beautiful Girl'
@JohnQSimeon #CarolynBessetteKennedy

14- Wash Post

The instant she said "I do" to John Kennedy two weeks ago, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy fulfilled that high school destiny and began a new iconography.
At 1 hr & 56 min mark of ABC 20/20 Special, aired on Jan. 3, 2019, "JFK Jr Final Days", John answers question of what his GREATEST FEAR is.
LOOK at his answer!!!!


VIDEO & LINK to other proofs!!!

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