1/ As we look forward to 2019 and all of the amazing things that are to come. We must first look at what has got us to this place we find ourselves today. #TheGreatAwakening of an entire planet. The change of a society from a malevolent one bent on our destruction to one that
2/ Is about to break our chains free of this matrix and usher in a new world of peace, prosperity and unity. A world where all people are looked after, as it should have always been.

In the year 2018 we have seen the very near end of ISIS and peace and de-nuclearisation of
3/ the Korean peninsula. (2 things that people never thought possible) literally fixed in 12 months.
Now if that isn't cause for you to start thinking something trully is happening I don't know what will.
4/ news.sky.com/story/kim-jong…

We have watched as Saudi Arabia purged hundreds of corrupt princes taking back nearly £100Bn, this included Prince Al-Waleed.
5/ Barack Obama's mentor and the one who paid him to go to university, the same Prince who has large stocks in Twitter and other US companies.

We've seen missile attempts on Trumps Plane Air force One, DEFCON warnings over Hawaii (real). We've watched as energy directed
6/ weapons, and culprits tried to burn down California, destroying hundreds of homes and people. Electrical attacks on the infrastructure of the US. Major sky events such as the big blue flash over New York among many other instances of large booms and irregular earthquakes.
7/ (Possible theory is that underground bunkers were being taken out).
Not to mention the countless military aircraft being taken out in the sky and or crashing. And the countless air force presence carrying out operations in the skies over America and the world. (Yes we
8/ have anons who watch the military aircraft daily)

You tell me if you think there is a shadow war going on? Is it not obvious yet?

We've seen the death of john mcain (The father of ISIS alongside Obama). Who was actually executed for treason.
Watch this:

"Its been 24 hours since John Mcain was put to death"

Right in Your face! ☝️

Then we have the eventual "death" of Ex President Geroge H. W. BUSH who was for all intense purposes the man
10/ who vocally first mentioned 'The New World Order' and was one of the main players behind the death of JFK.

See here:

He had massive connections to the Nazis through his role as Director of the CIA. You can't even make
11/ this up, see the image at the bottom. This came from trumps Instagram, it's literally someone taking a picture of his coffin through a hole that can only be described as looking like the punisher face, one of Q's favourite posting photos. If you think 2 of the most
12/ treasonous criminals in America "dying" 2 months apart is a coincidence considering the evidence to support what is going on here then you must try harder to understand.

This is a systematic, complex and very real situation that is occurring. Piece by piece they are
13/ picked off, until the time comes when the public is to know of what has been happening, shown the evidence, cry out for justice and begin the process of healing and waking up this planet.

We are also witnessing the implosion of The European Union, the Nazi ideology raring
14/ it's head is there for all to see. An EU army will never become a reality because in the new year the exposure of their complicity in the crimes against humanity and their involvement in Uranium 1, Spygate, the Iran Deal and much more will bring down this sick and evil
15/ beurocracy. We are watching as populist movements sweep the continent, migration pacts are declined and thrown out, yellow vest movements started in France, that show NO signs of slowing down are now finding their way across all countries of Europe and are even spreading
16/ as far and as wide as the American continent and Canada.

20/ trully is a world waking up, saying no to tyranny and opression, saying no to globalism and becoming sovereign nations again. All working together for the sake of this continent and this planet as a whole.

Now we have trump about to take on the fed. The single biggest
21/ control mechanism on this planet, the institution that controls every country on earth. The place that controls the money, or should I say... DEBT!
Believe me when this evil falls the world economies will shift and reavaluate and debt slavery will be NO MORE!
22/ politico.eu/article/donald…


It's no coincidence that in Trumps Presidency they have raised the
23/ internet rates around 4 or 5 times I believe it happened only once if not at all under Obama. They are literally trying to tank the economy, that is their last throw of the dice. But it will not work because trump is a mastermind of business and economy and the good guys
24/ have all this planned out and ready to go. It's just a matter of time. The end of the Fed is near.

Just to prove to you how evil and controlling the Federal Reserve is take a look at this:

25/ politicalaffairs.net/how-the-us-fed…

Oh let's not forget that Trump is recalling all of his military and pulling out of Afghanistan and Syria very soon. Is this not what you
26/ all wanted? What we all thought might happen when world peace is brewing?

Trump has alliances with China and Russia on the surface they may seen sketchy but under backchannels they are all working together to oust this evil satanic cult from our world.

2019 is going to
27/ be the year of Disclosure.
It's going to be the greatest event you have ever witnessed, or will ever witness in your lifetimes. Military tribunals of ALL convicted cabal players. Exposure of all the nefarious activities they have been doing.

This is going to unravel
28/ everything you ever thought you knew to be true. Reality itself is about to change. This is no ordinary 4 year election. This was about getting someone in place to do the necessary work that needed to be done. Trump took on the job, now the military are going to work.
29/ 2018 will be remembered as the Year of Q.
The year we learned about our plan to fix the world and went to work to turn it into a reality.

We thank all of the white hats out there and we thank President Trump for having the courage and the bravery to take on this deeply
30/ entrenched enemy.

Look back to the start of 2018.
We're we ever this unified?
We're we ever this informed?
We're we ever this good at discerning truth from bullshit?
Have you ever seen events like this happen before in the space of 12 months if ever?

Ask yourself
31/ these questions, look back on your own 12 months. Has it changed? Have you become a more confident and happier person? Have you made new friends?

Q brought this movement you see before you today simply by asking people to research for themselves and allowing them to
32/ learn intelligence and how it all works.

This trully has been the greatest year in living memory.

2019 will eclipse that.

2019 will be GLORIOUS.

Game faces Patriots.
A new world is on the horizon!

Have an amazing New Year it's going to be the greatest ever seen!
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