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Integrity. Funny thing. My ex, a pos, lied to my kid sister the most atrocious lies, as to others. My sis, left bloody and thrown from a car, my ex not only denied helping her when I asked, heard me curse my father the same, then lied to my sis saying I said she deserved it.
Its probs the grossest action to me ever. She did this after beating me up, destroying everything I own, and leaving me behind a store after kicking me out because she is an abusing pos and I called her out one night. It was Valentines. She lied to my whole family, of abuse.
When she was actually the drug addict, the drunk, the abuser. She lied atrocios lies, that lasted 3 years. She told people I abused her for calling her a cunt for doing this. She LIED to everyone.
She lied to hide her abuse. She lied to hurt not just me, but out of pure spite and to isolate me from help from her. She lied to a little girl left bloody, bruised, hurt beyond words. To spite another.
This little girl, told me she had cancer the same day.
26 years old. It was one of the cruelest days. I didnt think it could get worse. But, her lies to everyone of me being upset of her original abusive ways, and her lies to everyone, were twisted against me further. By design.
Lies of abuse. When she wouldnt even lift a finger for the bloodied little girl.
It gets worse. This little called crying. Despite the previous lies, my sis always knew she had an open line to me, and called crying, screaming bloody murder one night..
Im not a woman she screamed. Clutching her stomach she said. Her cancer left her unable to have children. It was like hearing a cry from Saving Private Ryans opening scene.
My ex, after the call ended, said "She is just a little girl who cant have what she wants." With such snide callous and oblivious to an empathy, as my ex is true a sick person- more on this soon.
Teared up a little on that last one, excuse the spelling.
I left her that night. Called her a cunt for a month, more. And Im the bad guy. She lied more lies to everyone. TO EVERYONE! To make me into a bad guy for being upset about all this. She mocked my tears for the previously told lies, then this...dude...
This was 2016. These lies, among lying to everyone to hide her abuse, her drinking, her drug use, lied to everyone about me. To this day. Funny, I go 36 years of life with an impeccable reputation, until her. Simple math.
Only as of a few days ago, my kid sister believed all this. 3 years of lies, lies of abuse, lies to destroy a family, and a man whose reputation was unassailable. It gets worse...
This woman, then lied atrocious lies to the police in the same manner. Saying I even forced her to meet me one day. Lies...
She begged for me to come home after 3 months of fighting and me being away. I had a guy give me ownership in a magazine, just give it to me, integrity, reputation, she cried for me to get home. I get there, she is selling coke.
Im the bad guy. I leave town. She calls 4 times and send multiple emails after two days of no communication. I reply. Im made into a monster for this.
I tell her to meet me that day. She lies and says I forced her to meet to the police, she purposely left out emails to this regard to them, lied about any communication as well.
She even told the police we didnt speak at all for three months leading to that, meanwhile, we lived together for one of those months, and I have 400 communications from subpoena granted records.
She mocked me getting them. Laughed, theyll never subpoena my phone records, its a misdemenor. She hid it all, lied about forcing her to meet, and even lied about being in communication before I went to her house to find her selling coke.
She said I showed up out of the blue. The week before, mt magazine was specifically invited to a benefit event to raise funds for juvenille diabetes, in a known cluster area. My reputation gave that opportunity to me.
She told police I never told her I was back in town from that function... But, it was our anniversary the week after the benefit, I purposely didnt go to an event the next weekend, as I was set to emcee and host a party, she knew this, she lied.
She lied about living together, working together, lied about begging for reconciliation, she lied of me forcing her to meet me, lied of me not telling her I was back home, she lied about 3 months of communications, all knowingly to police....
Worst of all, she continued lying of such horrible things to my sister. As was her norm. Lies of abuse. Lies that cost me more than I care to share, mainly, and most importantly, to my family and troubled kid sister. The police, meh, my sister....i draw the line there.
She continues telling these lies to my sister, among the many new lies. She never apologized or owned the previous ones. I am this monster to the one person I care about than any other person.
Sure, its a kid sister, but in my case, its a bit different. Our mother was supposedly murdered.
All they found were fingers on the side of the road. I just found out it was plural from the person who supposedly found them. That was a tough phone call. All the while Im living through the greatest abuse and lies Ive ever endured.
I helped raise my kid sister. She said I gave up my early twenties to help at home. A compliment I never wanted but true. I helped save multiple family businesses and at every opportunity helped family.
But, there were 3-5 years me and this little girl, as my Father was gone 3-4 days a week, it was just us two. Every weekend.
I only joined myspace to keep communication with her. LOL.
And, my ex, purposely lied the ugliest lies for years to this little girl, when it was her who wouldnt lift a finger to help her, lied about me when she was abused, but then turned my being upset into more lies of abuse.
She then, continues to twist my sister for sport, goes out and gets high, drunk with, and uses her even lies more lies to the cops to get me in further trouble, while with this little girl.
Im, of course, the bad guy. But.....
I found old messages where after going to a doctor and being told I was the one being abused by this drunk crazy bitch, did she previously admit to lying about such horrific things said.
Funnt thing, these messages, my sister just saw. But, my phone was hacked and facebook breached and it, so far was the only thing deleted. Go figure. Before theses messages, which shows years long campaigns of lies of abuse to everyone were deleted, i sent copies to everyone.
In fact, my phone was hacked and words from a conversation one night at 7pm ish, showed up in a post I didnt make the next morning. At 5am ish, and my post was foreshawdowed by a post my ex made at 11pm after my convo with a friend....
1. Private conversation 7pm (line 2 in second image)

2. My ex's post foreshadowing.

3. David fkn Copperfield posting on my page.
I told a friend I had a leak in my game at 7pm the night before. Then my ex makes a post foreshadowing things, then boom david fucking copperfield.
Ive endured the most ugly lies for years, to those I love most, and things I would never come close to saying. Then more lies, then get attacked and hacked. Only for my ex to double down more lies to my sister.
I downloaded everything. Scared af. I have a no contact order. And some fuck is hacking my phone, and putting private convos, with my ex's name on my page, foreshowed even on hers. Im livid.
I find a messages from her in the download. They are after I sent a letter to her whole family of all her lies and abuse in 2016, it shows she lied to my sister too. Then fo figure, it gets David Copperfielded. But I sent that bitch to everyone in my contacts...
Here is the message from where I was tired of abuse and lies to everyone when I was never anything but a good man. Then a message thread where she finally breaksdown and owns some lies... docs.google.com/document/d/1bH…
Especially lies of abuse to everyone. Lies to my sister and family. A years long effort, actually, she would mock me through it all, as during the years long lies to police.
Fuck David Copperfield. I got it still. No hack will scare me. And Im so glad I got hacked, ascmy sister would still believe this cunt. This cunt was willing to destroy a family already hurt light years beyond anything Id wish on anyone.
She was willing to take my life to hide her abuse. Split my family to hide her abuse and ways. She tried to kill me. My family. On purpose to hide cocaine and her abuse. She was willing, and acted with intent, for years and years on end.
She was willing to contiue lying to a little girl about the one person that never her side. Good or bad, when she her self couldnt answer the phone from her own daughter her own daughter had to make a rule, that if she called mom had to answer.
Im thankful for all of this, and today, I just cant hold it back anymore. I live in a sustained attack of lies and abuse, hacks, and a years long campaign of malicious acts, most importantly to the one person I cant live without in my life.
I almost quit a few times. My ex, just before the hack, would tell my sister there is no helping me. Knowing, though, the whole time she lied to the police, but has manipulated and lied the grossest lies to little girl, thrown from a car, bloodied and abused who she wouldnt help.
Before #metoo there were gentlemen. And women like my ex, who lie of abuse, lie to police, lie to abused little girls to manipulate them, all the while hiding her abuse and destroying a gentleman, but also a family, to hide their abuse, is unacceptable.
Im not done...my ex lied to the police more. She was suppose to meet me, but went and got high with my sister......
They were sending photos, getting high, and the whole time my ex was lying to my sister, not only of the years of abuse, but the new lies to the police, turning my sister further against me. Mocking her lies earlier to the police the whole time.
She told the police nothing of being in communication with me. She told them nothing of sending me pictures, with my own family no less, she just lied to everyone and tried to make me into a monster for being upset of years long lies to hide and twist all her abuse.
They have regularly hung out since, and the years long lies of abuse continued. I have begged and cried for the truth only to be mocked and threatend with more lies if I prove her lies in court.
Here, just after she is sending me photos with my own family, lying to my sis the most abusive lies, I tell her Im going to prove everything.
You cant say, oh, Ill tell them I told you to leave me alone after sendind me photos, photos with my own family no less if you prove my originsl lies in court. You cant do that...... She did.
She lied to the police. She purposely omitted ever being in communication, omitted sending me photos, with my own sister no less and used me being upset of the years of the grossest lies to my sister and lies previously to police as ammo.
I cant tell you the pain of seeing your pillar of life being lied to, being manipulated, her abuse used against her by a person who wouldnt lift a finger to help her. Who also mocked her other struggles as she cried bloody fkn murder, as her whole life is scarred.
She does this now, while knowingly lying to the cops, while threatening to lie more, saying theres no helping me, and while my phone gets hacked and facebook has david fkn copperfield going to town.
Thank you David fkn Copperfield. You glorious son of a bitch. If whoever hacked my shit, didnt hack my shit, I wouldnt have gone through my shit, as I had faith in the justice system clearing up my ex's shit.
Fkn Copperfield even deletes proof she lied to everyone for fucking years, of abuse no less, so I have more impled intent, my sister sees shes been lied to and now knows my ex even lied about pictures she was in FFS.
My sister. So hurt. She deserves better. A little girl, to deal with all she has gone through doesnt deserve what her "friend" did. Nor what life gave her, and Ill always be there, I will not fade or give into hacks, lies, or years long attempts. I almost did.
I read what Copperfield deleted. I had my chance to gain at least my sister back. Prove the depth of my ex's lies, even I still lose in court.
Ive never been treated, accused, vilified, abused, nor done anything ever said of by my ex, Ive never cursed anyone before until my ex, and one thing my sister said, as seen in my message thread document....in fact...
I told my ex I loved her, Ill never forget the day...Super Bowl, my Dads side of the family all together, all thought better than us, but they blew through the families millions all looking down on us when we had little but, are coke heads and strippers, getting my sis.
My sis, when first meeting my ex, tells her I raise my hands to people. Im shocked, shes coked out, but knowing thats the last thing I ever do, I instantly see my sisters pain. So did my ex.
My sister was hurt. Bad.
No more. Especially by my ex. Especially this way. Ive lost a lot of faith in a good many things. Have been constantly attacked, by my sister even, but no more. She is learning a lesson. My ex is goingv to learn a lesson. Copperfield, yr magic is dated homey.
I blew out my back, after losing opportunities of a lifetime and got hacked on my birthday weekend, while enduring lies of my ex, while the justice system dragged its ass. They attacked at my lowest.
But thank you David fkn Copperfield for hacking me at my lowest. Making me look back.
Why this? Today? Im not going to endure another year of this.
I told cops two nights ago of my hacks...they say quit facebook. Bitch....I made a living here, Im a god damn victim. I had attempts made that could get me in serious trouble, posting shit with my exs name and work for ffs
For shit thats all lies, drugs, and abuse Ive already endured. For years long campaigns of lies to my family all the while being fkn mocked. Quit Facebook you short sighted no nothing. Further victimizing a victim.
My phone gets hacked. But victimize a victim. One cop said, theres no Facebook police. Just quit. Bitch, Im not quiter nor will I kneel to hacks, intimidation, threats of more lies, nor will I be vilified while I deal with Copperfield, my ex, and losing my life and health.
Ill not, either, sit idly by while the justice system does crazy fkn shit and as time passes shit just gets more fubar. Thats why Im here. Im fed the fuck up. And Im ready to go to jail for airing this shit out. Im being victimized, my sister being fkn lied to, and family hurt.
No mas mother fuckers.
Two subpoenas, 1yr+ old and still being served wrong. And Im told Im being argumentitive in court asking fkr SUBPOENAS being served before I go to trial. They tried to force trials without me ever getting a discovery and no subpoenas served.
I asked, is it normal to go to trial before seeing a discovery? I get called argumentive in court. FFS.
My first public defender lied about getting my phone records. Im like she lied, get my records. Im still in jail. Lawyer said he called Metro PCS cant get my records.
I get out. I call metropcs, still before I ever get a discovery mind you, they say "sure have yr lawyer call us." Im like, "what? No one called?" Them. Nope....
I email my lawyer, tell him everything is set, just call. My public defender has a melt down, starts cursing, say im not getting your records never call or email me again...
Well. My ex, says we didnt speak for 3 months....first sentence on the police report. Guess what? Of course we fucking did. Hundreds and hundreds of texts and hours of phone calls.
Enter new public defender, this dude....tries to have me plea guilty, presses and presses and presses. Nah. Then he says yr right, you have a good case. No shit mother fucker.
I didnt have the smoking guns though. I had gobs of discrepencies. Thank you divine timing and david fkn copperfield.
You see, I have gobs and gobs of funny things happening. Im tired of be victimized. Im tired of my family being lied to and abused. Messages being deleted and phones hacked.
I have other concerns. I reported the possibility of dirty cops around my mothers murder. And my life has been funny ever since and Im scared.
Not going into the new year like bitches. I did this a few months ago when my Copperfield went ape shit, but got too all over the place. So one thing at a time. I just laid out my ex the Princess Pinocchio. Yeah yr no real girl bitch.
Now this. At 19, I had a cop come to me, saying my family should know all about dirty cops by now, you know, my mother and all....i played dumb. Dumb AF. I just saved a family business, and then that. Think I want to get killed too? Fk no.
Well, I reported it a few years back. Boom. Crazytown. Main dick calls me back. Says dont worry kid, we know who did it. Dont worry. Scariest fkn call in my life. Hes the main dick from 20 yrs back.
Well, not a few weeks go by and I got 10 cops storming my apartment complex. They said it was a random 911 call. Right to my apartment. Meh...Theyre running up my block saying there he is, there he is. What? No ambulance, no firetrucks, odd...
Now....lawyers are lying....phone calls disappeared briefly from jail logs and Im told they disapperaed the same day my mothers case gets cold cased on Facebook. One call got cutshort after listening to it too. I swear on my mother.
In the call, it ended with her saying I did this to punish you for your mouth. Thats not on the call I heard.
Also, some chick here is asking to trade cut off fingers for candy on Halloween. Me. Cut off mother fkn fingers in my mother fkn DMS. Imagine that shit?
Now, I got my ex's bank records being subpoena, again a year and half old which will prove she lied about FUCKING BEING TOGETHER TO THE COPS being hand served to the bank. A real laywer said thats not how ya do it, and its common knowledge.
In court, because I want those god dam records, my lawyer said he hand delivered them, him and the judge play this well ok but if they dont come in you know what to do....
This same judge called me delaying, waiting for his approved records SUBPOENA that will prove not only communication but togetherness. They knew you dont hand deliver bank records.
Bank records. My ex knows she lied. Willing to lie again in light of me getting the records. Bitch was sending me photos days before this, with my sister no less. FFS.
But I got the whole god dam place, my ex, odd fkn bullshit that im not fkn carrying into the new year mother fuckers. This shitshow ends.
Now, all this happens, then enter David fucking Copperfield
Phone gets hacked, conversations the night before gets used in posts the next day with my god damn ex's name on it, and the last line something my public defender says, and deleted message threads. Like what universe are we in. What dimension? What astral plane?
I boiled over then. Not this time. No more lies, no more threats, no more intimidation, no more random fuckery, no more hurt to family. Im not quitting fkn social media bitches and im going full Festivus on this mothet fkr.
Sober. Pissed. Scared. Public Defenders leading questions on me the other day, I call him Otto now, like I feel Ive been thrown under a bus and Otto is the Simpsons driver. So, Otto....
And then the state attorney...dude. Fucking shitshow I was 21, chick picks me, i live in thr nicest neighborhood in a suburb of Tampa, Land O Lakes. 10 cops hunt me down and pull me over. Find a joint. In court, the state says.....
These 10 cops, staked out, literally in front of my house, watched me come out my huge front french doors, street lights everywhere, said crime in my neighboorhood was the same as the Southside of Chicago as justification for pulling me over. For a joint.
Literally. Southside of Chicago. In the nicest neighboorhood in Tampa suburbs. I had seats in my swimming pool. Southside of Chicago. For gods sake. These people can say and do anything here.
No fucking more. I gave everyone time to be fkn cool. I took the fkn high road. Always taking the high road. Im not going to stop that but im not going into 2019 a victim no more. Im not going to have my sister fkn lied to by Princess Pinocchio.
Im not going to lose any more opportunities because of this shitshow. Im not going to quit fkn social media for this you backward fuck sticks and Im not going to hide getting hacked.
Bitches aint got shit gotta make shit up. Bitches get told their may be dirty cops, my shit gets raided, that intimidation, but my story aint changing. Hers did. Cops running random 911 calls. Cutting jail calls short. Delaying subpoenas for YEARS!!
Whats next? Who only fkn knows...better be something better than this one sided life long fuckery of my family you cunt twats.
Meh. 1. Dont fuck with my family. They are off FUCKING limits. 2. Thank you David fucking Copperfield. 3. Divine timing is a thing because without the hack, my ex lying about more pictures being sent to me my sister would have continued to live under manipulation.
4. We deserve way fucking better. Especially her. A little girl, with no memory of her mother, an absent Father and a brother who gave his whole life for his family deserves better. 5. Way fkn better.
6. Yeah its only a misdemeanor but my integrity aint for sale. Aint charging no shit to no bullshit game. We dont play games. My family was built to fight those who play games. And ive got all of this, all of it. And im setting the new fkn bar. Teaching lessons.
7. Ruin my life for begging for the truth. Lie to my sister for years of abuse, take advantage of her, no fkn way. Try to destroy my family. My name. No way.
8. My town deserves better than this shitshow, everyone knows Florida is fuckered up, and Ill tell ya its a top down effect. And Im done. Fkn done. Hack my phone, while Im injured, while I beg my family for truth, while my ex mocks shit. Dude ...
9. Then make more of a victim out of me? Are you mother fuckers nuts?
Happy New Year bitches. Except a few of yall, yall deserve karma. I pray upon the universe to deliver it. Until then....
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