Here it is, my top 35 albums of 2018 thread. I will quite tweet this as it’s completed. Many hours were wasted painstakingly compiling this list. Enjoy, let me know your thoughts and put your own favorites / suggestions here.
35. Mewithoutyou - [untitled] - genre: rock/post-hardcore. The band returns with its best album in ages. A melodic and thoughtful affair. I had all but forgotten about this band but this album is a wonderful compilation of all the bands best traits.
34. Flatbush Zombies - Vacation in Hell - Genre: Hip-Hop. This album really hits on all levels. A perfect mix of aggresion, introspection, melodies and some really great features. This album takes everything they did well on their debut and improves it.
33. Obliteration - Cenotaph Obscure - Genre: Death Metal Everything and more that you’ve come to expect from these filthy old school death metal experts out of Norway. Black Death Horizon was always going to be a tough album to follow-up but Obliteration stay consistent.
32. Birds in Row - We Already Lost The World - genre: Hardcore - seeing these guys in a VFW in the middle of nowhere NJ in 2010/2011, I just knew they would be something special. What you have here is a beautiful and reflective album full of memorable riffs. Aggressively tranquil
31. Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love - Genre: post Black Metal: an interesting album where it’s opening track is a mix of everything that the band presents you throughout the record. A refined mix of instrumental post rock and extremely melodic black metal / 90’s screamo.
30. Khemmis - Desolation - Genre: Doom Metal - Maybe it’s the part of me that has watched LOTR like it’s a religion but album covers with wizards are just cool. The melodic vocal performance, massive riffs and top tier production carry this record throughout. Where’s my cloak?
29. Denzel Curry - Ta13oo - Genre: hip-hop - progression is the death of stagnation and Curry illustrates that throughout this album. This is a huge jump for DC in terms of lyricism and different style of beats he uses here. A ton of replay value.
28. Harms Way - Posthuman - Genre: getting run over by a truck - speaking of progression, Harms Way continues down the road of their industrial/Godflesh tinged hardcore with some really positive results. It’s still a two ton hammer to the face but with some great nuances.
27. Coheed & Cambria - The Unheavenly Creatures - Genre: Prog Rock - C&C, top ten band for me. I really enjoy this record but I don’t know if I’ve quite connected with it as a whole yet. It features many catchy choruses with memorable sing-a-longs but the rest is a mystery to me.
26. Scorched - Ecliptic Butchery - Genre: Death Metal - that incredible album art is worth the price of admission alone. Thankfully though there’s 37 minutes of ferocious DM behind it as well though. The low growls are fantastic and I’m in love with the drumming here.
25. Hissing - Permanent Destitution - Genre: Black/Death Metal - kicking off the top 25 is one of the most suffocating albums of the year. It’s claustrophobic, terrifying and any other adjective you’d use to describe your worst nightmare.
24. Alkaline Trio - Is This Thing Cursed? - Genre: punk - Now for something completely different, AT, a band who has seen me through the last 17 years returns with a really well balanced record. They play to their strengths and carry you - not drag you through this album.
23. Horrendous - Idol - Genre: Death Metal. I absolutely love this band. I discovered them years ago after Converge’s Jacob Bannon raved about them. Here they perfect their mid Death era style and it’s fantastic. Tight production meets technical prowess.
22. Craft - White Noise and Black Metal - Genre: Black Metal - Craft is a band that have spent nearly two decades perfecting their abrasive form of black metal. While that has not been abandoned, these black metal legends have added a great deal more melody ala Dissection.
21. Mournful Congregation - The Incubus of Karma - Genre: Funeral Doom. At 80 minutes through six songs, this album is a lot to take in but thankfully, all of its good. What holds this record together is the riffs. Slow, brooding and beautiful.
20. JPEGMAFIA - Veteran - Genre: Hip-Hop JPEG is probably my favorite solo artist right now. His flow is versatile and the whole album flows extremely well. From the production to the prose, this album does it all well.
19. The Armed - Only Love - Genre: Hardcore/ punk - if you like your hardcore unhinged and chaotic, I can not recommend this enough. My favorite modern drummer Ben K. Of Converge puts in an amazing performance, as does the rest of this mysterious collective.
18. Rebel Wizard - Voluptous Worship of Rapture and Response - Genre: Black/Heavy Metal. This album is AWESOME. Imagine if Bathory and Judas Priest had an abomination of a baby, this is what you’d get. I loved every second of it.
17. YOB - Our Raw Hearts - Genre: Doom Metal - After a brush with death via health scare, Mike Scheidt crafted this beautiful album and turns in his strongest vocal performance in their long career. Beauty in Fallen Leaves is my song of the year. Breathtaking.
16. Manes - Slow Motion Death Sequences - Genre: post-punk / electronic - Like their peers Ulver, Manes evolved from Black Metal to something greater, what you have here is a really melancholic album that relies heavily on programmed beats, operatic vocals and well placed riffs.
15. Tomb Mold - Manor of Infinity Forms - Genre: Death Metal - Here it is, the Death Metal album everybody is talking about and for good reason. This album takes everything great about the genre and turns it up to 11. Every moment is memorable here.
14. Immortal - Northern Chaos Gods -Genre: Black Metal - I won’t lie, this one surprised me. I found the last Immortal record boring, it turns out kicking out the face of the band Abbath was one of the best things the band has done in years. Feels like their late 90’s albums.
13. Imperial Triumphant - Vile Luxury - Genre: Death Metal - this. Album. Is. Filthy. The audio equivalent of a high class Manhattan brothel. This jazz influenced DM sounds like Krallice on the most expensive cocaine money can buy.
12. Thou - Magus - Genre: Sludge - Thou truly is a thing of beauty, they disappear for a few years and then throw a million beautiful albums at you. A perfect follow-up to “Heathen” and in many ways I prefer “Magus”.
11. Sectioned - Annihilated - Genre: Metallic hardcore If you like your music unhinged, then boy do I have an album for you. This album starts at 200 MPH and never slows down. If TDEP breaking-up still bums you out, pick up this album.
10. Hail The Sun - Mental Knife - Genre: Post Hardcore - I absolutely fell in love with this band. They play technical without being over indulgent and lyrically they have matured beyond belief since their first full length. I’m still amazed that the drummer does all the vocals
9. Vein - Errorzone - Genre: Hardcore - I’m just gonna get it out of the way, I love their drummer. Everything he does on this record is so interesting. Vein really revitalized my interest in hardcore this year, with a genuinely interesting and exciting hXc record.
8. Rolo Tomassi - Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It - Genre: Hardcore/punk/rock - The album of their careers (thus far) is extremely powerful in both delivery and execution, I really feel like every album they’ve ever done has been leading up to this one record.
7. Outer Heaven - Realms of Eternal Decay - Genre: Death Metal - in a year where Death Metal reigned, this is their king. My favorite Death Metal album in years. The riffs are incredible, the album is cohesive and the vocals take me back to the powerful Behemoth album “Demigod”.
6. Night Verses - From The Gallery of Sleep - Genre: Instrumental post rock - This is a breathtaking album. By staying without a vocalist, they were no longer limited by his style, they were then able to create a rich, complex and layered album that is incredible.
5. Daughters - You Won’t Get What You Want - Genre: Punk/ post rock - You have to love it when a plan comes together. This album is so well executed that it’s almost hard to believe at times. This is t your older brother’s Daughters. This is a finely tuned and mature hellscape.
4. Bosse-De-Nage - Further Still - Genre: Black Metal / 90’s Screamo - This band has always been a favorite of mine, from the insane prowess of their drummer to the storytelling lyricism, this blend of two genre favorite’s is BDN at their absolute best.
3. Cult Leader - A Patient Man - Genre: Metallic Hardcore - Wow, just wow. What would you get if Tom Waits and Neurosis formed a hardcore band? The answer is in this album. A perfect balance of aggression and melody, this album weaves in and out of different genre’s with grace.
2. Altars of Grief - Iris - Genre: Doom/Black/Death - This album was an unexpected surprise for me this year. A beautifully told concept album about religion, death and the grief of watching a loved one die. Beautifully bleak and flawlessly performed.
1B. Voices - Frightened - Genre: Prog Black Metal - I absolutely love David Gray, the man is a genius and I will be cheating here, he released two albums this year and they will be my co-album(s) of the year. “Frightened” is the perfect follow-up to 2017’s Akercocke release.
1A The Antichrist Imperium - Every Tongue Shall Praise Satan - Genre: Prog Black/Death - An absolute masterpiece, Akercocke’s David Gray’s other 2018 release is a journey of incredible song writing. Not a second on this album is wasted with filler. The perfect mix.
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