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Um, research: French researchers reported that 52% of young women exposed to Francis Cabrel’s ballad “ Je l’aime à mourir ” gave their phone numbers to an average-looking young man who hit on them, whereas only 28% of those exposed to Vincent Delerm’s “ L’heure du thé ” did so.
One way to kill off the waning hours of New Years Day is to listen to amusant French singer-songwriters.

I don't necessarily recommend it. I just acknowledge it as an option should you have @YouTube at your house.
I don't know who the Fanny Ardant is, but I'm totally smitten.

"Elle est posée sur l'étagère
Entre un bouquin d'Eric Holder
Un chandelier blanc Ikea"

I now feel an overwhelming need to watch Anne Fontaine's "Augustin, roi du Kung-fu." Also, regretting naming my son James and not Augustin.

Not because I wish he would do Kung-fu, just because Augustin Binuche has a nice ring to it.
The remarkable, immediate (& startlingly angry) responses are quite clear: I need to catch up on François Truffaut's biography. Note taken.

Forgive me.
The obvious conclusion I'm drawing from this introduction to late 20th c French crooners is: there's a certain chattiness in les paroles that seems to work well for singers who have smoked two packs a day since they were eleven.
Like this:

Les hommes poursuivent ce temps
qui court depuis toujours,
voila que t'arrives
et que tout s'éclaire sur mon parcours
pendue a mon cou comme une liane,
comme le roseau de la sarbacane.
Le ciel s'est ouvert par endroits,
depuis toi.

It's like lesser Eliot.
OK, thanks for bearing with me. Here's the thing: the official video for "La natation synchronisée" is formidable.

It leads me to wonder why gifs from it aren't peppering my inbox more regularly.
See for yourself:
I wonder if Vincent Delerm ever feels lonely like the rest of us.
His Insta doesn't suggest he does.
I hope creative mastermind @helenblanchaert is having a nice jour de l'An.
I like her motto "Kleine dingen kunnen groots zijn."

Plus it's fun to practice my Dutch by whispering it. 'Goots' lives up to its billing.
The problem with a song title like 'Les filles de 1973 ont trente ans' is that it will date itself one day.
For instance, Sandrine Leprince is now 45. I don't know much about Mme Leprince other than that.
Or, for that matter, Katia Bocage. But I wish them both well this new year's evening.
I'm regretting the earlier tweet about ' Les filles de 1973 ont trente ans.' It feels a little facile with time.
You know who's got talent? @JeanneCherhal. What a lovely voice.
Speaking of: what about Anne Sylvestre?
Surely she likes New Year's Eve more than New Year's Day.
That was a pretty facile tweet as well, playing off her name. Now I think it's probably likely that Anne Sylvestre hates New Year's Eve. She probably gives herself over to something quirky like May Day.
Like you, I wonder who Anne Sylvestre's favourite saint is.
Il faut rien exagérer, on va pas s’ crever les yeux.
I had intended to sit down and read reviews of the Flowers and Ground 'Portraits of Wittgenstein, Abridged edition.'
I wonder what the unattenuated version looks like.
I'm very pleased to learn from the internets that Serge Rezvani is still alive.
Serge knew Truffaut.
And, of course Jeanne Moreau.
It's probably time to rewatch Jules et Jim.
You said, "I love you." I said, "Wait." I was about to say, "Take me." You said, "Go away."
Vincent Delerm would never have written a line like that.
And then, of course, there's Jacques Brel.
Weird fact: Jacques Brel died two days after Sandrine Leprince turned five.
I'd be interested in learning what Judith Butler had to say about that.
In fact, I'm kind of wondering what Judith Butler would do when exposed to Francis Cabrel’s ballad “Je l’aime à mourir” and Vincent Delerm’s “L’heure du thé."
Your guess is as good as mine.
(as they say at the end of the Pink Panther pictures) "Fin"
I note that no one has followed the handy hypertext link to 'see for themselves' in the past hour. I don't hold this against anyone, but surely the wit and wisdom of the above mentioned tweet will be lost on those who don't already know the video for "La natation synchronisée."
Unless--is it even possible?--everyone already knew about "La natation synchronisée" and didn't tell me?
Obviously I wouldn't put it past you or me. After all, I got a pretty significant eye roll from my daughter last night when I couldn't figure out how to take a selfie on my phone.
It's just that I never feel the need to take a selfie. In fact, in the world of high tech gadgetry--are you listening @evleaks?--I'm pretty convinced there's a market for phones without selfie cams.
Which seems like the pretty obvious solution to the whole 'to notch or not to notch' debate.
After all, I already know how many chins I have.
Speaking of synchronized swimming, it's been more than 34 years since the @theharryshearer and Martin Short "men's synchronized swimming" sketch on @nbcsnl.
No one had selfie cams back then either.
I have a sneaking suspicion that @theharryshearer has spent a couple hours of an evening listening to Jacques Brel. Or at the very least Charles Aznavour.
So that's where we are at the start of 2019. We've got that Trump guy in the White House, #brexit across the UK, Charles Aznavour is dead and I can't set the clock on my VCR.

Hier encore, j'avais vingt ans, je caressais le temps
J'ai joué de la vie
F••king Twitter.
[Happy new year, @jack.]
I'll bet that @realDonaldTrump character would be a lot less toxic if he spent his evenings listening to Charles Aznavour records instead of @FoxNews.
Or watching Truffaut films.
How cool would that be, to watch @realDonaldTrump live tweeting 'Jules et Jim'?
e.g., "Catherine's only a 4. I've had many more tremendous lovers."
e.g., "When you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything. When you're French you can only grab em with your tranquil smile." #SaSourireTranquilleLesSaisit
Update: I can't figure out which tab has 'The Best of Charles Aznavour' playing in the background. I need to stop it: my tweets are starting to get a bit maudlin.
I hate it when I make typos. "'Groots' lives up to its billing." I don't know what 'goots' is.
Turns out (Thanks @OED!) that 'goot' means "To obtain possession of (property, etc.) as the result of effort or (esp.) contrivance." A colloquial version of 'to get.'
Nice, but still not as grand as "Kleine dingen kunnen groots zijn" which, given our moment, seems like the ideal anti-body dysmorphia motto for young men raised on pornography.
Another Truffault film @realDonaldTrump could live tweet: Breathless.
e.g., "Why does Patricia want to be a journalist? Doesn't she know they're the enemy of the people? #JeanSeberg
e.g., "I don't get it. What's "dégueulasse"?" #TrumpTweetsBreathless
e.g., "You know who's dégueulasse? @NancyPelosi"

#TrumpTweetsTruffault would be more alliterative.

Also, there's nothing dégueulasse about @NancyPelosi. She seems like precisely the kind of smart, quick, sensible, pragmatic, savvy woman the world needs in power right now.
or "I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and 'Shoot the Piano Player' and not "lose any voters."
How was that callback to Charles Aznavour? Feeling particularly chuffed about that one.
You know who also died in 2018? France Gall. The internet tells me her father wrote songs for Charles Aznavour.
Her song "Ne sois pas si bête" is kind of the antithesis of Aznavour's "Hier Encore" I've discovered tonight.
Tomorrow night: my stream-of-consciousness musings on amusing German singer songwriters. So there's that to look forward to.
Okay, it has probably become pretty clear that I don't read @realDonaldTrump's tweets and am not exactly mimetically gifted when it comes to imagining his Twitter voice.
Having said that, I'll bet @BarackObama has tweeted about Jeanne Moreau's 'tranquil smile' before.
And even if he didn't, @BarackObama's still a mensch. Marilynne Robinson says so.
I'm trying to imagine how @realDonaldTrump would feel if his picture was this prominent on a movie poster for a film called "Chuck and Nancy."
La grande absente du titre
"What's Truffault's thing with women called Gene?" #TrumpTweetsTruffault
Let me be a little self-critical for a moment. What I find myself doing is trying to give Trump some humanity with these questions. I'd be interested to know if he has ever actually used a question in his tweets. Somehow I doubt he is that willing to be vulnerable.
I was watching the finale of 'The Final Table' on @NetflixUK and one thing that made me really respect @alinea's @Gachatz (Grant Achatz) is that he only asked questions.
Wouldn't it be cool to host a dinner party and only invite people who are allergic to declarative sentences?
How would I go about finding a database of such people?
I'm not entirely convinced I want to fill the table with people who speak in imperative sentences either. And those who exclaim can be tiresome.
What would that look like, @lucybug77, to have a dinner party peopled only with people like @Gachatz engaged in the Interrogative mood?
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