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As I talked about two weeks ago, & @jsolomonReports then had source/s confirm to him, Flynn was working in conjunction with the DIA!

The disgruntled spook schmoozing with the Russkies/Turks looking to sell his services to the highest bidder as a lobbyist was a cover.
As I wrote in a column written on the day after the Dec. 17 Flynn sentencing hearing [not published until Dec. 21], @senjudiciary chair @ChuckGrassley sought back on Aug 25 2017 to have key information from the DIA declassified.

His request was denied.…
Here's that letter from @ChuckGrassley to then-Sec Def Mattis & DIA Director Vincent Stewart in which he relates testimony/documents shown to his committee by DIA personnel in a classified briefing back in May 2017.
There have been THREE MAIN NARRATIVES as to why Flynn is rolling over & pleading guilty. I discussed in that Dec. 21 column what they are, and then I focused on the THIRD narrative.
Here's what I had to say about this 3rd narrative at the time:
And here's how that column ended, with me introducing the Grassley letter, and the fact that his request to have this DIA briefing information declassified was turned down.
Here's something people need to understand about intelligence work: unlike people such as Hillary Clinton, a true intelligence patriot like @GenFlynn is *not* - I repeat and PAY ATTENTION HERE!!!!! - *NOT* going to reveal classified information/operations to the unauthorized.
If that information is *still classified* then Flynn is NOT going to reveal to the Judge, the prosecution team or ANYBODY ELSE unauthorized to know it.
"But Brian, that doesn't make any sense to me!"

Great! That just means after watching dozens of people in high profile cases mishandle/reveal/leak classified information due to incompetence, corruption or criminal intent, you think EVERYBODY does that.

It's not true.
True intelligence professionals who honor the code will not reveal classified information to people who are not authorized to know it. EVEN TO SAVE THEMSELVES FROM JAIL OR WORSE.

You struggle to accept that?

Not my problem.
General Flynn is not Hillary Clinton or James Comey or or Andrew McCabe. When it comes to classified information, he PROTECTS IT. He will not leak it even to save himself.

Don't lump him in there with those losers.
If people inside the IC were exerting pressure to keep this info secret, they had good reasons for doing it. There would be ongoing criminal investigations and/or intel ops. We found out just before Flynn's hearing on Dec 17 there is INDEED at least ONE criminal case.
When Flynn created the Flynn Intel Group, it quickly garnered the attention of some Turkish/Russian agents looking to find a way to play the lobbying/bribery game to try to influence US policy.

Flynn was VERY accomodating to these people.... 😎…
And now we know at least SOME of those people are in serious legal jeopardy.

So everything is NOT what it seemed.
I see in my comments people are already assuming something I myself am now walking back: that Mueller's SC team had access to this classified DIA info.

Where would they get THAT from? Flynn? Hell NO. The DIA? No. The prosecutors working the lobbying/intel cases? NO.
Ponder this: The SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE had this classified DIA briefing back in May 2017. Aside from ONE LETTER Grassley wrote asking for declassification on Aug 25, 2017, there'd been NOTHING until I & Solomon brought it up the week of Flynn's sentencing hearing.
NOBODY leaked this classified DIA info in a YEAR AND A HALF.



No matter how loudly TV talking heads shriek they want to know eveyrthing RIGHT THE HECK NOW.
I've had to reconsider earlier statements I made about the leak concerning the Andrew McCabe grand jury. I know think that leak DIDN'T come from the good guys. That leak came from the bad guys as a 'heads up!' to certain people.

So we're not even supposed to know about it yet.
So ponder how *professional* these silent people are being about their jobs, their prosecutions, their investigations, their countintelligence ops and the counter-COUNTER-intel ops they are running.

You don't know & you're not SUPPOSED to know until they are ready to go public.
"But Brian....I don't *LIKE* the fact I'm not supposed to know yet!"



Life's not fair. It's full of stuff we don't like. This is one of them. Deal with it and cope with it in your own way.

You know, the kind of DOJ/IC that LEAKED STUFF constantly to drive political narratives & target people?


The people doing the *real* investigations inside DOJ/IC aren't leaking.
I'm getting the vibe that Solomon's sources are not inside the DOJ/IC, he's being shown this stuff by somebody inside the Congress, likely inside the SJC who's not willing to wait for the coming Trump declassification & is trying to 'hurry' thinks along with this leak.
REDO: I'm getting the vibe that Solomon's sources are not inside the DOJ/IC, he's being shown this stuff by somebody inside the Congress, likely inside the SJC who's not willing to wait for the coming Trump declassification & is trying to 'hurry' things along with this leak.
And...starting a column on all this.

Should be ready by tomorrow....

What better way to help expose the Turkish/Russian lobbying/bribery nexus inside the US that's been affecting US foreign policy for years than by setting up a sting luring in the same people who've been funneling $$$ to the Clintons & the Podestas? 🤔
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