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Does everyone want to see a convoy go to Ottawa? Do you really want it to be successful; to win hearts and minds to our cause? Because with my experience with these things, I want to share w/ y’all what will work and what won’t. #convoy #yellowvests #giletsjaunes /1
Since these convoys and rallies have gained momentum, we’ve seen a groundswell of support. But it was not always this way. I can recall going to rallies with only 30 ppl there, where we couldn’t get media coverage to save our lives. It felt hopeless. Ppl were hurting. /2
When people get wounded, they lash out. They look to whoever is going to tell them what they want to hear. There are so many charlatans and con men in politics. It disgusts me. I’ve never been paid to do what I do, and I ain’t asking you for money. I’ll gladly do it for free. /3
And so will other ppl in this movement. I don’t have a marriage, kids, a truck payment or a mortgage, but there’s ppl who do AND STILL put their entire lives on hold to work and build this. And now after 2-3 years of putting in the work, things are finally blowing up. /4
And after we get to this point, now all of a sudden there are new ppl who see dollar signs. Ppl who see an opportunity to piggyback their own movement onto this one. People who are green as grass when it comes to politics. /5
For a movement to work, it needs clearly defined goals, moral and philosophical grounding, and hard workers(the hands and feet) led by strong leaders. It’s about appealing past partisan calls to get conditional supporters/opponents or those with a neutral stance to change. 6/
So u understand why this #yellowvest movement is not what these rallies were started for. You understand that w/o singularity and uniformity of purpose, this rally won’t succeed. The yellowvests are threatening to destroy everything myself and others have worked so hard for. /7
This isn’t about Alberta Separatism or the UN or illegal migrants. It’s about an economic crisis facing our country. It’s about pipelines. IT’S ABOUT RESOURCES, FOR FOX CREEK! IT SAYS IT IN THE GODDAMN @rally4resources NAME! It’s a rally FOR something, not against anything. /8
Honestly, @VestConvoy? Are u having your own cross country rally? How many rallies did y’all do over the last 2 years? Why the hell do u take credit for stuff like the rally in Rocky Mtn House? Why do I see @canadaaction’s “I ❤️ oil and gas” logo photoshopped on yellow vests? /9
And your go fund me has amassed $50,000. You guys sure didn’t take long after getting into the activist game before going straight to the money collection part...I only hope that money gets documented and that people don’t confuse these guys for organizers. /10
This is my issue with Yellow Vest. It attracts the kookiest, most fringe ppl who only want to tear shit down. The Yellow Vests in France are cool, but y’all are not on their level. You don’t understand and represent something entirely different from why #giletsjaunes started. /11
You can’t even come up w/ your own original symbol. U just copy theirs! WE WEAR COVERALLS IN THE PATCH, NOT A LITTLE VISI-VEST!!!! Instead of coming together as Albertans/Canadians 4 pipelines, you want to hijack a rally around a consensus issue to get your own pet issue over./12
The Forgotten Man says no.
Do u want rallies with tens of thousands of ppl, using the MSM to reach folks across the country and w/ high profile federal and provincial politicians? or do u want rallies w/ a few hundred who get smeared by the media and laughed at by normal ppl who got hobbies and a life? /14
Do you want to see Trudeau voted out of office? Or do you want to make a spectacle of yourself and bitch and complain for the next half decade? Keep talking about George Soros and the UN Migrant Compact...some ppl cant build nothing, they just like to tear things down. /15
I might be an iconoclast, but I’m not just about breaking shit. I want to do more than just attend a rally so I can hoot and holler about what a schmuck Trudeau is. I want to fix the problem. I want to successfully hold the govt accountable. #yellowvests make that harder. /16
We’re going to keep it to pipelines. That’s why we started this movement. Because whatever your politics, it’s accepted that the record of both our provincial and federal governments on the energy file has missed the mark. /17
This convoy has the potential to be a defining moment in our country’s history. Albertan’s could say enough and take control of their own destiny. If we do this right, we could alter the course of Canadian history. Imagine standing a rig on Parliament Hill... 🙂/18
Or it could crash and burn. I hope @VestConvoy wants to work with the organizers of the real convoy. I hope they weren’t serious about wanting to dox the phone number of my friend Nicole. That would be unfortunate... /19
What I’m asking for is to put your trust in the ppl who have been doing this stuff for a hot minute. We can talk about other issues, but let’s keep it focused on the govt as it relates to pipelines. /20
I don’t want to see ppl talking about national socialism and having “88” written on their vests. I don’t want to see ppl calling for PM Zoolander’s to be hanged. I dont want fights w/ those little Antifa cosplay anarchists. And ffs, I don’t want to hear the word “treason.” /21
I want thousands of good Albertans supporting a rally that goes across the country. I want to know Trudeau is sweating bullets and Scheming Gerry is being kept up at night from the stress. I want to turn people across Canada against this oil and gas hating govt in Ottawa. /20
Make it about yellow vests and you will only help Trudeau, give the media a chance to silence our voice, and ruin everything some very dedicated ppl have given up their normal lives to build. /23
Ultimately, every chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Understand why we want to reorient what this convoy is about. Because I don’t know about you, but if Trudeau wins re-election, I can’t make this my life for the next four years like I’ve made it for my last four. /24
Here’s where I need your help #ruffnecknation. Covies > visi-vests. Tell the guys with the tinfoil hats that this is about pipelines, not migrants, the UN, separation or George Soros. If they dont listen, ditch them and come hang with us. /25
Just try to understand. Go with people who know how to get media and politicians and business people to help us. Go with the ppl who are professionals. I just want to win. Sorry to be long winded. /26
This is the biggest opportunity we’ve ever had. Let’s knock this one out of the park. With love and affection I remain,
Respectfully Yours,
- Bernard
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