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Part 1

For over 20 years, this is how events would play out when China announced they intended to send either a probe or a manned mission to the moon.

- China makes the announcement
- Nothing happens
- They never speak of it again

Here’s why...
Part 2

Certain factions within the U.S. - mainly the old guard system in CIA / NSA / U.S. military created by the late @GeorgeHWBush as D/CIA and his predecessors - knew the truth of what we found...and who we found...on the moon with the Apollo missions.
Part 3

As a result, this faction would bribe China to quietly scrap their plans in exchange for whatever they wanted.

China could never prove what was going on up there, but took the deal from the United States.
Part 4

China’s long term plan for dominating the APAC region and kicking out the United States was a multi decade, multi generational plan.

Bleed the U.S. dry with bad trade deals and, when needed, get another big bribe from U.S. Deep State by threatening a lunar mission.
Part 5

China knew that this plan would end in one of two ways:

1.) Economic collapse of the United States; or


They knew the U.S. Deep State and western affiliates would never willingly handover APAC hegemony to China.
Part 6

So why did the United States under @realDonaldTrump allow the Chang’e-4 mission to proceed?

Because Trump disclosed everything re: the moon to Chinese President Xi Jingping, but President Xi and PLA high command thought they were being played for fools.
Part 7

So @realDonaldTrump — with backing of now white hat controlled CIA, NSA and Pentagon — tells President Xi to proceed with the Chang’e-4 mission to the dark side of the moon.


“You don’t believe me, President Xi? Go see for yourself. We will not stand in your way.”
Part 8

China successfully lands Chang’e-4 on the dark side of the moon and...well...wouldn’t ya know it? Everything @realDonaldTrump and white hats disclosed to President Xi and China is true.

So why did POTUS do this and what’s the end game?
Part 9

To bring an end to the brinksmanship between the west and China and to signal to President Xi that, under Trump, the old guard in the west is truly gone and we seek a new era of cooperation.
Part 10

Everything China has done and pushed for since the formation of the CCP since the end of WWII has been for on end goal:

Revenge against the west for the colonial era imperialism which, in less than 100 years, destroyed a culture and people which endured for thousands
Part 11

At this moment, President Xi Jingping and PLA high command are debating what to do now that their Chang’e-4 mission proved tha everything disclosed to them by @realDonaldTrump was true.
Part 12

How do you make peace with your biggest geopolitical and economic threat back and show them that the “old guard” in the west is truly gone?

By telling them the entire👏fucking 👏truth👏and, further, telling them to go see for themselves.
Part 13

That’s not only how you end a trade war with China, but how you forge a new partnership and a new era of cooperation rooted in mutual interest of the greater good.
Part 14

@realDonaldTrump showed China he acknowledges their role as a world power and, in letting China in on whole truth of one of the majestic secrets, has proven to President Xi and PLA that our two nations do not have to continue on a road of either economic ruin or WWIII.
Part 15

You’ve never been alone and the truth of such fact, in the modern era of humanity, has been unequivocally known for close to 80 years.
Part 16

Edward Mitchell, Buzz Aldrin, and many other former Apollo astronauts have either outright stated or all but stated that we were “greeted” upon landing on the moon by other beings who observed us from a cautious distance.
Part 17

The Apollo missions did not end due to “budgetary concerns” and “only finding moon rocks”.

The space program was continued, but chopped up, compartmenralized, and split amongst MIC Contractors (Raytheon, Boeing, Northrop, etc.), CIA and NSA, and U.S. military
Part 18

Yes, we did actually go to the moon. That said, trickery was applied for operational and national security. At the height of the Cold War, we were not going to take the risk of having astronauts die in a launch failure in a broadcast for all the world to see.
Part 19

The Apollo astronauts were sent up a few days to a week in advance in a covert launch. The audio broadcasted on July 20, 1969 was the actual audio from the advance, covert launch and landing (albeit edited and censored as needed).
Part 20

The footage seen on July 20, 1969 was shot in advance of the mission on a soundstage in Burbank, CA. So yes, the footage seen on July 20, 1969 was not live and authentic, but it does not mean we never landed on the moon.
Part 21

Also, at the time, broadcast technology was not advanced enough for the video signal to pass through the Van Allen Radiation Belts intact and uncorrupted.
Part 22

All is known by @elonmusk — revealed to him in the recent past as to why, at this current time, @SpaceX is grounded from doing a flyby of the dark side of the moon.
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