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2. Section 2.4 "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security."
3. "...provide new guards for their future security."

To have New Guards, you must destroy the Old Guard!

"You are witnessing/watching the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD.

Is this part of the "Old Guard"? 👇
4. One of the most secretive of societies in America, the Bohemian Grove:

"After 40 years of membership, the men earn "Old Guard" status..."…

Members are bankers, politicians, world leaders, judges, royals, etc.

They worship the evil false god moloch.
5. Sacrifices (mock or ?) are made to the false god moloch at the "cremation of care".

In bible times, a fire was made in the belly of the statue. Worshipers sacrificed their newborn babies in moloch's fire. Wickedness beyond measure! And our leaders worship this false god!
6. "What happens when you are a THREAT to the MSM/OLD GUARD?
Threats/scare tactics deployed.
Fear not.

Drop 1792? AUGUST, 2018?
7. "The Insurrection of 10 August 1792 was a defining event of the French Revolution. The storming of the Tuileries Palace by the National Guard of the Paris Commune and fédérés from Marseille and Brittany caused the fall of the French monarchy."…
8. French citizens and faithful PATRIOTS united to reclaim their nation from the Old Guard, the dirty king!

"The walls of Paris were plastered with recruiting posters whose opening sentence, "To arms, citizens, the enemy is at our gates!" was taken literally by many readers."
9. "Prior to new platforms [networks] connecting people….
Did the OLD GUARD 'learn' from this mistake (2016 election) and now tasking all new platforms [networks] to censor?

Purposeful mis-information is a crime!
10. May be reaching here:

August = 8th month, drop 2032. (82032)

820 is uniform code of military justice authority.

An article 32 hearing is the military equivalent of a civilian preliminary hearing to determine if military charges are filed.…
11. "You are watching/witnessing the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD.

Sometimes you have to do a little digging to find something applicable. Sometimes you don't. This one hit with power!
12. Bill proposal 2296 - The Guidance Out Of Darkness Act

This my attention! And, it's more than just a great title. It's a proposed bill to correct obama's, old guard, unconstitutional habit of circumventing due process to pass new legislation.…
13. This drop is actually filled with great insight BUT, since we're talking about the Old Guard.

"[MUELLER] designed to demonstrate to foreign players that OLD GUARD still pulls strings."

Drop 2381
14. There was a LONG silence from Q after this drop - 23 days. Because it was so sobering. Section 2381 is the US title code for TREASON. If there was an active coup to usurp the president using foreign - Russia or 5 Eyes - help, that is TREASON!…
15. The statement about the old guard in this drop is identical to the previous drop I quoted.

"[MUELLER] designed to demonstrate to foreign players that OLD GUARD still pulls strings."

Foreign players told that the Old Guard still able to pull strings.
16. That's an important observation. The likely synopsis of that statement is...some foreign players are getting nervous! The #DeepState had become worried that their dark alliances with certain nefarious people/governments were about to fail. This "reminder" was to pacify them.
17. But what of drop 2397? Did you know that US code section 2397 was a short lived law allowing other countries to charge a fee for importing to the US and for the US to charge a small fee to export to other countries? Sounds fair, right? Well, GHWB omitted that law in 1990.
18. But, GHWB only addressed out end: "I determine that it is not in the national economic interest to impose the fee described..." Apparently foreigners can still charge us! That's what Trump has been exposing, we're being ripped off!…
19. Look at the the day 2397 was dropped.

November 3rd, 2018 was the 44th saturday of the year, in the 44th week of the year. obama = 44th president

Nigeria quotes Trump's to justify killing protestors -…

Caravan to sue Trump…
20. My point? It looks like Q was right. The world was still testing the water, still emboldened. There was a lot of news that day obviously, but those really stuck out.


21. Code section 2461 allows for civil action to collect fines for anybody that violates rules of congress.…

We often focus on treason, but there's also going to be THOUSANDS of lesser charges brought against many players, costing them their jobs and $$$!
22. "You are witnessing, first-hand, the demise of those in power [OLD GUARD]"

Drop 2604. Oh boy!

"10 U.S.C. § 2604 - U.S. Code - Unannotated Title 10. Armed Forces § 2604. United Seamen's Service:  cooperation and assistance"…
23. I have done some research and I believe this code section provides all the authority DJT needs to contract prison barges to house and transport criminals who need to be incarcerated and or transported after sentencing for federal crimes/military tribunals. And guess what?
24. Prison barges are reportedly on the East Coast AND the West Coast, loading up, preparing to head to GITMO. That being said, section 2604 would be used by POTUS to provide funding and resources to the folks operating those ships. AMAZING!
25. Our Declaration Of Independence tells us it's our right and duty to provide new guards when we are betrayed by our own leaders. Are my "discoveries" in this thread what Q intended for us to learn from the drops? Maybe, maybe not. But I learned a lot while digging! -End
26. P.S.

I wrote about the drops on the Old Guard, chronologically as they appear throughout Q's drops. Did you notice the story told with the meanings I found?

1690 - There is an old guard, and they're being torn down!
1792 - A revolt is happening to overthrow the evil.
27. P.S.S.

2032 - Military hearings!
2296 - Guidance Out Of Darkness
2381 - Treason defined
2397 - Effort by cabal to rally foreign players - disinfo
2461 - Assurance lesser crimes will be also be charged
2604 - Prison barges for the guilty!

Interesting how that worked out!
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