@Daniel_Samy_ Read below where I demolish your idiotic claims about Vedic Scriptures like ‘Veda says Earth is flat’.👇🏼Don’t respond until n/n.
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2/n Do you think that there is no end of Earth? And if you think so then there is no bigger kook than you. Because the end of our atmosphere is considered as end of Earth and beginning of outer space. So definitely there is end of Earth, it is not an infinite space.
3/n Since the Earth’s atmosphere attenuates as the distance from the liquid/solid part of our planet increases and as it has no specific upper bound (beyond convention) this question, at first glance, might see nonsensical.
4/n However when one considers that the well-defined boundary between our atmosphere and ocean/land (less caves) is actually what defines the Earth’s surface. From a topologist’s point of view both the planet and its atmosphere are bounded by the same “surface”.
5/n Read this Daniel, the bot.
6/n And let me come back to Richa 15.7.1 of Atharva Veda.
It talks but about creation of Sea & most importantly it doesn’t talk about if the ‘Subject’ travelled from earth itself. It’s actually talking about the travel distinctly away from earth.
7/n Let’s rewind theories of formation of Oceans
A) First, it is theorized that it was formed with water which came from the inside out from earth
B) Earth didnt contain any water when it was formed & it was instead brought here by other sources as they hit the young planet.
8/n Mr Bot Daniel, hope you understand how Atharva Veda 15.7.1 actually corresponds to creation of Ocean where the idea has been presented with personification (manwikaran). Since you claim to know Vedas you must be knowing the idea of abstraction or else explain flying horses.
9/n The Richa RV 6.62.1 reads as below bot:
स्तुषे नरा दिवो अस्य प्रसन्ताश्विना हुवे जरमाणो अर्कैः।
या सद्य उस्रा व्युषि ज्मो अन्तान्युयूषतः पर्युरू वरांसि॥

Read actual translation below unlike what you pasted from random blog
10/n We call Ashvins, who are adored with rik mantras.
We hymn the gods of heaven who preside (over the worlds).
They with the rays (usra) of the dawn
carry the wide-spread radiance to the limits of earth.
11/n Below is Interpretation of RV 6.62.1 by Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati:
हे मनुष्यो! (जरमाणः) स्तुति करता हुआ मैं (अर्कैः) मत्रों से (या) जो (व्युषि) विशेष दाह के निमित्त (उस्रा) जिनकी किरणें विद्यमान वे (प्रसन्ता) विभाग करने वाला (नरा) नायक (अश्विना) व्यापनशील...SC attached
12/n ... बिजुली और अन्तरिक्ष(अस्य)इस (दिवः)प्रकाश के तथा (ज्मः)पृथिवी के (अन्तान्)समीपस्थ पदार्थों को(उरु)बहुत(वरांसि) उत्तम वस्तुओं को(सद्यः)शीघ्र(परि,युयूषतः)अच्छे प्रकार अलग-अलग करते उनकी(स्तुषे)स्तुति करता हूँ तथा (हुवे) ग्रहण करता हूं, वैसे इनकी स्तुति कर तुम भी ग्रहण करो ॥
13/n Stop misinterpreting. The Richa 6.62.1 never talks about end(as edge) of earth but only about limit and extents. Who said Earth globe doesn’t have limits. PS:We even use Limit (calculus) to calculate Surface Area. Well is volume infinite that it won’t have limit?
14/n Daniel, last time I only gave you plain translation for RV 10.58.3 but your bot mind didn’t understand. Let me elaborate it for you.
यत्ते भूमिं चतुर्भृष्टिं मनो जगाम दूरकम्।
तत्त आ वर्तयामसीह क्षयाय जीवसे॥
15/n Attributes for RV 10.58.3
ऋषि: (Rishi) :- बन्ध्वादयो गौपायनाः

देवता (Devataa) :- मन आवर्त्तनम्

छन्द: (Chhand) :- निचृदनुष्टुप्

स्वर: (Swar) :- गान्धारः

Pl note that the Richa is about Mann.

Below is explanations by Sanskrit Scholar Brahma Muni Ji👇🏼
16/n interpretation:
(ते) हे मानस रोग में ग्रस्त मनुष्य ! तेरा (यत्-मनः) जो मन (चतुर्भृष्टिं भूमिम्) चार अर्थात् ऊँची, नीची, गीली, रेतीली, तपाने-सतानेवाली, विभक्तियों-स्थलियोंवाली भूमि को (दूरकं जगाम) दूर चला गया है उस (ते तत्…पूर्ववत्) ॥३॥
17/nमानस रोग के रोगी का मन भ्रान्त होकर जब-“मैं ऊँचे पर्वत पर हूँ,मुझे कौन उतारे,मैं खड्डे में हूँ,मुझे कौन उभारे,मैं रेतीली भूमि में पड़ा हूँ या मैं कीचड़ में धँसा जा रहा हूँ”आदि प्रलाप करे,तो उस समय उसको आश्वासन दिया जाये कि हमने वहाँ से तुझे बचा लिया है आदि।...
18/n... इस प्रकार उसकी चिकित्सा करे ||
Attached are few other translations that I had shared earlier too.
As mentioned earlier this Richa is talking about Mann/ Mind. It’s talks of mind diverting in the four directions. The attribute isn’t for Bhoomi but for Mind’s diversion.
19/n The Richa further affirms that ‘we bring back your diverted mind as you live to dwell in this world.’
Daniel I’m sure that you too use sentence ‘Which world are you in?’ when someone is lost in indifferent thoughts.
20/n Now let me give you strong references for how Hindu philosophy saw but earth as Spherical & not flat.

Daniel did you ever hear word ‘Bhugol’ or your ear couldn’t as it’s Sanskrit & has Hindu/Sanatana Origin like Bharat Mata?

Bhugol literally means spherical earth.
21/n Following are few shlokas from Shrimad Bagwadam Purana:

न वै महाराज भगवताे मायागुणविभूतेः काष्ठां मनसा वचसा वाधिगन्तुमलं विबुधायुषापि पुरुषस्तस्मात्प्राधान्येनैव भूगाेलकविशेषं नामरुपमानलक्षणताे व्याख्यास्यामः । (SB 5.16.4)

Notice word ‘Bhugol’. Further👇🏼
22/n मूर्धन्यर्पितमणुवत्सहस्रमूर्न्घो ।
भूगाेलं सगिरिसरित्समुद्रसत्वम् । (SB 5.25.12)

The concept of Uttarayana and Dakshinayana.

Uttarayan will be the part of the year when the sun comes “north",while Dakshinayan will be the part of the year when the sun will go “south".
23/n Uttarayan is the long time between the Makar Sankranti (Hindu New Year, the day the Sun enters the Capricon constellation) till the Karka Sankranti (the day the Sun enters the constellation of Cancer).
24/n Its vaguely the two halves of the year, when the days are longer (perihelion) and the other half in which nights are longer (aphelion).

Now how does the Sun come “north"?
25/n You might have noticed during January, the Sun looks quite bigger. The solar eclipses during that occur during this time are not full eclipses, coz the moon cannot fully cover the sun, leaving a golden bangle like outline to the eclipse...contd from 26/n
26/n This happens because the earth comes closer to the sun during this time. And how is that possible? Beacuse earth has an elliptical orbit. This is why the term “Uttarayan" was developed, which means Sun comes north, aka, earth goes to the south end of the orbit.
27/n The opposite end of the elliptical orbit when the earth goes far away, thats the time it seems Sun goes (south), aka Dakshinayana. Most Hindu festivals are celebrated during this time i.e. from July to November.
28/n The last festival of the year is called “Devutthani Ekadashi" (the day the Gods wake up), also called “Chhoti Diwali (mini Diwali), which takes place 11 days after the festival of Diwali.
29/n These festivals which were meant to “ward off evil" were mostly celebrated in the night. And that was because during the “Dakshinayana” (aphelion), the nights are longer, thus resulting to good opportunities for crimes. Note that in India, this is also the time of harvest.
30/n So traders and farmers make wealth around this time. It was neccessary to have festivals in which people stay awake in the night, joyously, so they could protect their wealth.
31/n Temples would be opened and their people would jointly hide their jewels and ornaments at the temple, or the festival site. This also explains why the idols are later shoved away in water once the festival is over.
32/n The thing that most naysayer like Daniel find “strange" in which we drown the God's idols in water. Thats because those festivals of Dakshinayana & because we believe in re-incarnation (Durga pooja, Kali Pooja, Dussera, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Jaggantha Ratha Yatra).
33/n The last festival, the day our god's “wake up", is I am pretty sure the day when the earth starts moving close towards the Sun.

So Hindus not only knew that the earth is round, Hindus also knew the earth moves in an elliptical orbit.
34/n And the fact that Hindus also knew that the Sun is also moving in its own axis and also has its path in the galaxy, is still a mind boggling fact, only discovered a few decades ago.
35/n This is Varaha Avatar of Maha Vishnu - 3rd Avatar He took on this World if not mistaken. The world was always understood as spherical
36/n Aitreya Brahmana of RigVeda 3.44
“The Sun does never set nor rise.When people think the Sun is setting(it is not so).For after having arrived at the end of the day it makes itself produce two opposite effects, making night to what is below &day to what is on the other side.
37/n Having reached the end of the night, it makes itself produce two opposite effects, making day to what is below and night to what is on the other side. In fact, the Sun never sets….”
38/n More Truth:

Yoga Vasishtha-Mahārāmāyaṇa, Book I: Vairagya Prakaran, Sarga 26, Verse 34:

धरागोलकमन्तस्थसुरासुरगणास्पदम् ।

वेष्ट्यते धिष्ण्यचक्रेण पक्वाक्षोटमिव त्वचा ।।

39/n Sri Rama: This globe of earth, the seat of all the Suras and Asuras, and surrounded by the luminous sphere (of time) in the manner of a walnut covered by its hard crust, subsists under His command.
40/n Spherical Earth. Space & Spatial directions

Yoga Vasishtha-Mahārāmāyaṇa, Book III: Utpatti Khaṇḍa, Sarga 30, Verse 6-13:

यत्र यत्रोदिता संविद्येषां येषां यथा यथा ।

तत्र तत्रोदितं रूपं तेषां तेषां तथा तथा ।। ५
41/n नेहैव तत्र नामोर्ध्वं नाधो न च गमागमाः ।

अन्यदेव पदं किंचित्तस्माद्देहागमं हि तत् ।। ७

उत्पद्योत्पद्यते तत्र स्वयं संवित्स्वभावतः ।

स्वसंकल्पैः शमं याति बालसंकल्पजालवत् ।। ८
42/n श्रीराम उवाच ।

किमधः स्यात्किमूर्ध्वं स्यात्किं तिर्यक्तत्र भासुरे ।

इति ब्रूहि मम ब्रह्मन्निहैव यदि न स्थितम् ।। ९

श्रीवसिष्ठ उवाच ।

ससर्वावरणा एते महत्यन्तविवर्जिते ।

ब्रह्माण्डा भान्ति दुर्दृष्टेर्व्योम्नि केशोण्ड्रको यथा ।। १० ।
43/n अस्वातन्त्र्यात्प्रधावन्ति पदार्थाः सर्व एव यत् ।
ब्रह्माण्डे पार्थिवो भागस्तदधस्तूर्ध्वमन्यथा ।। ११

पिपीलिकानां महतां व्योम्नि वर्तुललोष्टके ।
दशदिक्कमधः पादाः पृष्ठमूर्ध्वमुदाहृतम् ।। १२

वृक्षवल्मीकजालेन केषांचिद्धृदि भूतलम् ।
ससुरानरदैत्येन वेष्टितं व्योम निर्मलम् ।। १३
44/n Translation for 40-43/n👇🏼

6. These different motions appeared to them with respect to their own situations, as they saw them in their different sides.
45/n 7. Here there were no ups and downs and no upside or below, nor any going forward or backward. Here there are no such directions as men take to be by the position of their bodies.
46/n 8. There is but one indefinite space in nature, as there is but one consciousness in all beings; yet everything moves in its own way, as wayward boys take their own course.
47/n 9. Shri Rāma said: Tell me sir, why do we call upward and downward, forward and backward, if there are no such things in space and nature?
48/n 10. Maharishi Vasishtha said: There is but one space enveloping all things, and the worlds which are seen in the infinite and indiscernible womb of vacuity, are as worms moving on the surface of water.
49/n 11. All these bodies that move about in the world by their want of freedom (i. e. by the power of attraction), are thought to be up and down by our position on earth.
50/n 12. So when there is a number of ants on an earthen ball, all its sides are reckoned below which are under their feet, and those as above which are over their backs.
13. Such is this ball of the earth in one of these worlds, covered by vegetables and animals moving on it, and by devas, daityas and men walking upon it.

Sun never Sets/Rises

The Vishnu Purana [Book 2, Ch 8, p 218-219]:👇🏼
52/n Whilst the Sun,who is the discriminator of all hours,shines in one continent in midday,in the opposite Dwípas, Maitreya,it will be midnight:rising & setting are at all seasons & are always (relatively) opposed in the different cardinal and intermediate points of the horizon.
53/n When the sun becomes visible to any people,to them he is said to rise;when he disappears from their view that is called his setting.There is in truth neither rising nor setting of the sun,for he is always; & these terms merely imply his presence and his disappearance.
54/n It is clear that the rishis knew that the Sun was static and it was the Earth that moved, and that’s why, when it was day at one place, the place on the opposite side had night. The explanation is as clear as any scientific description of a phenomenon would be.
55/n Not just this, they also knew, everything was made of matter, whether human, mountains or trees and all finally decay.

Everything is made of Matter and All Matter Decays

Yoga Vasishtha-Mahārāmāyaṇa, Book I: Vairagya Prakaran, Sarga 27, Verse 33:👇🏼
56/n सर्वत्र पाषाणमया महीध्रा

मृदा मही दारुभिरेव वृक्षाः ।

मांसैर्जनाः पौरुषबद्धभावा

नापूर्वमस्तीह विकारहीनम् ।। ३३

[योगवासिष्ठः/प्रकरणम् १ (वैराग्यप्रकरणम्)/सर्गः २७]
57/n Translation:👇🏼

Sri Rama:Things that are called mountains are made of rocks,those that are called trees are made of wood, & those that are made of flesh are called animals, and man is the best of them. But they are all made of matter, and doomed to death and decay.
Further: The knowledge about 10 Planets.

10 Planets
Yoga Vasishtha-Mahārāmāyaṇa, Book III: Utpatti Khaṇḍa, Sarga 30, Shlok 1-2:👇🏼
59/n श्रीवसिष्ठ उवाच ।
पृथिव्यप्तेजसां तत्र नभस्वन्नभसोरपि ।
यथोत्तरं दशगुणानतीत्यावरणान्क्षणात् ।। १
ददर्श परमाकाश तत्प्रमाणविवर्जितम् ।
तथा ततं जगदिदं यथा तत्राण्डमात्रकम् ।। २

[योगवासिष्ठः/प्रकरणम् ३ (उत्पत्तिप्रकरणम्)/सर्गः ०३०] Translation👇🏼
60/n 1. They passed in a moment beyond the regions of the earth, air, fire, water, and vacuum, and the tracks of the ten planetary spheres.

2. They reached the boundless space, whence the universe appeared as an egg
They also knew that about the geological erosional process which surpass human timespans by millions of years. Here Shri Rama himself is talking about these geological changes.
62/n Geological Erosional Process

Yoga Vasishtha-Mahārāmāyaṇa, Book I: Vairagya Prakaran, Sarga 28, Verse 1-9:

श्रीराम उवाच ।

यच्चेदं दृश्यते किंचिज्जगत्स्थावरजंगमम् ।

तत्सर्वमस्थिरं ब्रह्मन्स्वप्नसंगमसंनिभम् ।। १
63/n शुष्कसागरसंकाशो निखातो योऽद्य दृश्यते ।

स प्रातरभ्रसंवीतो नगः संपद्यते मुने ।। २

यो वनव्यूहविस्तीर्णो विलीढगगनो महान् ।

दिनैरेव स यात्युर्वीसमतां कूपतां च वा ।। ३
64/n यदङ्गमद्य संवीतं कौशेयस्रग्विलेपनैः ।

दिगम्बरं तदेव श्वो दूरे विशरिताऽवटे ।। ४

यत्राद्य नगरं दृष्टं विचित्राचारचञ्चलम् ।

तत्रैवोदेति दिवसैः संशून्यारण्यधर्मता ।। ५

यः पुमानद्य तेजस्वी मण्डलान्यधितिष्ठति ।

स भस्मकूटतां राजन्दिवसैरधिगच्छति ।। ६
65/n अरण्यानी महाभीमा या नभोमण्डलोपमा ।

पताकाच्छादिताकाशा सैव संपद्यते पुरी ।। ७

या लतावलिता भीमा भात्यद्य विपिनावली ।

दिवसैरेव सा याति पुनर्मरुमहीपदम् ।। ८

सलिलं स्थलतां याति स्थलीभवति वारिभूः ।

विपर्यस्यति सर्वं हि सकाष्ठाम्बुतृणं जगत् ।। ९

66/n Sri Rama:
1. Whatever we see of all moveable or immovable things in this world, they are all as evanescent as things viewed in a dream.
67/n 2. The hollow desert that appears as the dried bed of a sea to-day,will be found to-morrow to be a running flood by the accumulation of rain-water in it.
68/n 3. What is to-day a mountain reaching the sky and with extensive forests on it, is in course of time levelled to the ground, and is afterwards dug into pit.
69/n 4. The body that is clothed to-day with garments of silk, and decorated with garlands and fragrance, is to be cast away naked into a ditch to-morrow.
70/n 5. What is seen to be a city to-day, and busy with the bustle of various occupations, passes in course of a few days into the condition of an uninhabited wilderness.
71/n 6. The man who is very powerful to-day & presides over principalities, is reduced in a few days to a heap of ashes.
7. The very forest which is so formidable to-day appears as blue as the azure skies,turns to be a city in the course of time,with its banners hoisted in theair
72/n 8. What is (to-day) a formidable jungle of thick forests, turns in time to be a table-land as on the mount Meru.

9. Water becomes land and land becomes water. Thus the world composed of wood, grass and water becomes otherwise with all its contents in course of time.
But what really will blow ur mind is the revelation that our ancestors knew about the Gravitational Force and Electromagnetism, thousands of years ago before the Western world came to know about it. It wasn’t Issac Newton who discovered Gravity.
74/n Electromagnetism, Gravitational Force, Spherical Earth

Yoga Vasishtha-Mahārāmāyaṇa, Book III: Utpatti Khaṇḍa, Sarga 30, Shloka 25:

तादृगम्बरमेतेषां महाकाशं ततं स्थितम् ।

आजीवितं प्रगच्छद्भिर्विष्ण्वाद्यैर्यन्न मीयते ।। ३१
प्रत्येकस्याण्डगोलस्य स्थितः कटकरत्नवत् ।

भूताकृष्टिकरो भावः पार्थिवः स्वस्वभावतः ।। ३२

यः सर्वविभवोऽस्माकं धियां न विषयं ततः ।

तज्जगत्कथने शक्तिर्न ममास्ति महामते ।। ३३
76/n भीमान्धकारगहने सुमहत्यरण्ये नृत्यन्त्यदर्शितपरस्परमेव मत्ताः ।

यक्षा यथा प्रवितते परमाम्बरेऽन्त-रेवं स्फुरन्ति सुबहूनि महाजगन्ति ।। ३४

[योगवासिष्ठः/प्रकरणम् ३ (उत्पत्तिप्रकरणम्)/सर्गः ०३०]

77/n 31. This world is the sphere of these living beings; but the great space (mahākāsham) spreading beyond it, is so extensive, that it is immeasurable by the gods Vishnu and others, were they to traverse through it, for the whole of their lives.
78/n 32. Every one of these etherial globes, is encircled by a belt resembling a golden bracelet (Electromagnetism); and has an attractive power like the earth to attract other objects. (Gravitational Force)
79/n 33. I have told you all about the grandeur of the universe to my best knowledge, anything beyond this, is what I have no knowledge of, nor power to describe.
34. There are many other large worlds, rolling through the immense space of vacuum, as the giddy goblins of Yakshas revel about in the dark and dismal deserts and forests, unseen by others.
81/n Dr. C Sagan (1934–96)-Legendary American Astronomer, cosmologist,astrophysicist, astrobiologist,very famous for his research on extraterrestrial life & author of more than 20 books & presenter of one of the most successful TV series-Cosmos, including a book of the same name.
82/n This is what he said about the timescales of the Universe mentioned in Hindu scriptures:

“The Hindu religion is the only one of the world’s great faiths dedicated to the idea that the Cosmos itself undergoes an immense, indeed an infinite number of deaths and rebirths.”
83/n It is the only religion in which the timescales correspond, no doubt by accident, to those of modern scientific cosmology. It’s cycles run from an ordinary day and night to a day and night of Brahma-8.64 billion years long.
84/n Longer than the age of the Earth or the Sun and about half the time since the Big Bang and there’re much longer timescales still.”
Source: Cosmos in India-presented by Carl Sagan, Timeline; 5 min. 55 sec.
85/n RV 1.33.8
चक्राणासः परीणहं पृथिव्या हिरण्येन मणिना शुम्भमानाः । न हिन्वानासस्तितिरुस्त इन्द्रं परि स्पशो अदधात्सूर्येण ॥

चक्राणासः परीणहं पृथिव्या translates to ‘people who reside on the surface of earth circumference...’

Circumference definitely denotes circle, isn’t it?
86/n YV 17.2
Refer SC attached (not your tweet).

O Agni, may these bricks be mine own milch kine: one, and ten, and ten tens - a hundred, and ten hundreds - a thousand, and ten thousand - a myriad, and a hundred thousand,....
87/n .... and a million, and a hundred millions, and an ocean middle and end, and a hundred thousand millions, and a billion. May these bricks be mine own milch-kine in yonder world and in this world.

Pl note, it mentions the numbers upto ten raised to the power of 12...
88/n ... in steps of powers of 10, namely ayuta (10 raised to the power 4, or 10K), niyuta (100K), prayuta (1million), arbuda (10 million), nyarbuda (100 million), samudra (1billion), madhya (10 billion), anta 100 billion) and parardha (1trillion).

How’s it possible without 0?
89/n Really @Daniel_Samy_ ?Well the shloka reads as below:

yathā hi coraḥ sa tathā hi buddha |
stathāgataṃ nāstikamatra vidhhi |
tasmāddhi yaḥ śaṅkyatamaḥ prajānām |
na nāsti kenābhimukho budhaḥ syāt

Here buddhaH = should a wise man & not Gautama Buddha, Daniel. 😂
90/n Detailed translation👇🏼
yathaahi tathaa hi = It is an exact state of the case; saH = that; buddhaH = a mere intellection; choraH = (is deserves to be punished) as a thief; viddhi = and know; naastikam = non Vedic; atra = here;...
91/n ... tathaagatam = to be on par with a mere intellectual; tasaat = therefore; yaH = he who; shaN^kya tamaH = is the most suspectable; prajaanaam = (should be punished in the interest of) the people; na syaat = In no case; buddhaH = should a wise man; abhimukhaH = consort;...
92/n naastikaa = non Vedic .

"It is an exact state of the case that a mere intellection deserves to be punished as it were a thief and know an atheist to be on par with a mere intellectual....
93/n ...Therefore he is the most suspectable and should be punished in the interest of the poeple. In no case should a wise man consort with an non believer/Vedic ."
94/n Well @Daniel_Samy_ before proving these claims by you wrong I want to ask you following:
If you want to compare Prophet MD marrying Ayesha with Rama marrying Sita etc then do you accept that Rama, Sita, Krishna & Siva are historic (not myth?) If not then this is bull shit.
95/n So why the hell should I believe this bunkum idea of Adam? And keep your godly ideas in your pocket since I have never spoken about miracles by Brahma, Vishnu or Mahesha.

And now after having proven you wrong about your claim that Hindu Scriptures call Earth flat answer👇🏼
96/n 1)Why verses 15.19,20.53,43.10,50.7 and many more state that earth is flat?
2)Why 4.11 days men can inherit twice than women?
3)Why 4.34 days men have authority over women?
4)Why 21.31 says Mountains are like nails holding the earth together?
97/n 5)Why 54.1-2 talk of MD splitting moon? If you believe in it (that too for event in 7th century AD, why do u call Hindu’s superstitious when they celebrate Govardhan event?)
6)Why verses 91.1-5 says that moon follows sun (so anti science)?
98/n 7)Why does Quran says Meteors are stars shot by devil?

And there are many more mate should u be able to answer just 98 tweets so far. I’ll await your response but with logic. Don’t mess with me if u want to sell lies @Daniel_Samy_
N/n Bot do you even have personality? You don’t have enough kubbat to show your face and write real name.
Don’t feel jealous for what I’m paid. My works speaks better of what I’m few of which are Namami Gange, Surat Diamond Bourse etc. cc @mini_707070 @shakkuiyer @_NAN_DINI
Namaste 🙏 to all of you. This is a thread of 99 tweets. Request to read through & i apologise in case this time it became bit mundane. I have just put facts & facts.
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