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Thread: Reality Bites – for the New Democrat House!

1. Happy New Year! And I do believe that that is not a cliché – particularly insofar as 2019 is concerned. Let me explain.
2. San Fran Nan and the rest of her lefty colleagues in the House are singing “Happy Days Are Here Again,” just like they used to do until Ronald Reagan wiped the floor with them back in the 1980s.…
3. Democrats already passed a couple of bills to reopen unfunded federal agencies – which will go nowhere without funding for the Wall. And there are already rumblings of impeachment legislation circulating among fringe (and even some leading) Democrats.
4. From the above NYT article: “[T]hey approved a suite of new rules that will set the tone for their majority, including a measure — opposed by liberal members — to require that any policy mandating new funding be accompanied with corresponding tax increases or spending cuts.”
5. “Another chge would automatically raise the statutory limit on the nat'l debt when the House approves a budget, avoiding politically difficult votes each time the ceiling is reached, which dogged Reps & led to a series of fiscal cliffhangers during their yrs in the majority.”
6. Democrat spending bills will go nowhere, and their caucus is more left-wing than ever. Their base is itching for investigations, “protecting” the Mueller witch hunt, and ultimately impeaching @POTUS. Same with their billionaire donor base who have invested heavily in this!
7. So notions of ‘unity,’ ‘bipartisanship,’ and other feel-good statements made by some in the new House are going to fall by the wayside, especially as we slip into presidential campaign season again later this year. (Fauxcahontas is already on that warpath now!)
8. Here is an excellent summary of what portends for the “Pelosi House”:

9. More than a quarter of them are freshmen, many are young, and two are self-avowed democratic socialists. They are inclined to believe history began when Barack Obama entered Mile High Stadium in Denver.
10. It's an impression encouraged by cable news, which spent the run up to Pelosi's investiture celebrating the youth, diversity, and ambition of the House Democratic freshmen.
11. And yet, for all the talk of Alison Spanberger and the "Badass Caucus," of how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib "aren't going to take no for an answer," of grand plans for a Green New Deal and Medicare for All, there remains the inescapable reality of power.
12. Democrats don't really have it. Indeed, they have even less than the last time Pelosi became speaker. Yes, they can fire their subpoena cannon at the White House.
13. They can interrogate cabinet officials, subpoena Jared and Ivanka, leak scoops to reporters, maybe force a cabinet official or two to resign, if any are left. When Mueller delivers his findings, they could begin impeachment proceedings.
14. But impeachment, like progressive legislation, won't get far. A decade ago the House could pass bills and hope that Harry Reid would persuade his Democratic Senate majority to support them. All Pelosi had to worry about was President Bush's veto.
15. Pelosi has to deal with Mitch McConnell's Republican Senate even before her policies reach Donald Trump. Not only must Pelosi balance the progressives against members from swing districts. She has to manage her comrades during a rowdy and unpredictable presidential primary.
16. The partial government shutdown is a prelude to an unpredictable two years of conflict, deadlock, breakdown, acrimony, dissatisfaction, and annoyance.

17. Pretty much on target – except for the absence of discussion of other activities that are well down the path to completion:
17A. A couple of more OIG reports to come on Clinton’s email server investigation and #Spygate, with the potential for a real re-investigation of the classified info mishandling crimes and also sedition/treason among the DoJ/FBI/CIA cabal.
17B. Potential declassification of one or more FISA warrant applications that will expose the Deep State cabal and their international partners in their illegal spying on Obama’s/Clinton’s domestic political enemies – especially the Trump campaign.
17C. The investigations of the Clinton Foundation by Huber et al; the corruption is wide and deep and reaches into the bowels of DC (both parties). The Left is all a-dither because Ed Meese met with Huber and disclosed the ongoing investigations!…
17D. Rolling up Chinese spies. We’ve already seen some of that action in 2018 (DiFi’s “driver”/office manager and the Huawei telecom company CFO). There will likely be many more, as this excellent article attests:…
17E. And I believe news will be broken soon on that notorious 5 January 2017 Obama White House gathering of outgoing Obama political appointees (in what was billed and propagated by the Obama media as the “by the book meeting”):…
17E1. The purpose of that meeting has been deliberately obfuscated, and we will find out its true purpose over the next few days and weeks. I will leave you to speculate on it.
18. And of course the Democrats/Left and their media sycophants totally ignore the following facts in their celebration of Democrat control of the House of Representatives:
18A. Many important federal agencies, e.g., DoD, were already forward-funded by the previous Republican congress (the shut-down has no impact!). Social security checks and other federal disbursements are still flowing.
18B. The Republicans not only increased their control of the Senate, but several RINOs were replaced by Trump allies, making the Senate a backstop against any Democrat House nonsense, including impeachment actions.
18C. Treaties and foreign policy are the province of the Executive branch and the US Senate, not the House. Good luck with impeding any China deal struck, San Fran Nan!
18D. Federal judicial nominations will also proceed apace, and there’s nothing the Democrat House can do about them. Does anyone serious believe Bader-Ginsburg will survive the next two years? I look forward to Amy Coney-Barrett on the USSC (told you it’ll be a Happy New Year!).
18E. Final aces up the president’s sleeves include lists: the list of ~265 congressmen whose sexual harassment settlements were paid for by taxpayers and also the list of phony journalists paid by the Democrats via Perkins Coie and Fusion GPS to propagandize/lie.
19. To wrap this up, the public is firmly behind the Wall; let the Democrats hold the government shutdown hostage if they like. San Fran Nan and the rest can be added to the Trumpenfreud list at the president’s leisure.
20. On balance, let the Democrats pass their left-wing bills, run their inevitable investigations, and hold their almost certain impeachment hearings; their futility is inevitable, as there are plenty of counter-actions available to the president and his congressional allies!
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